100% Bitcoin Portfolio – Is This Guy CRAZY? 🤪 Crypto Zombie Knowledge Bombs


Welcome, everyone, is the cryptologic super, super excited to have back on the show. K-Dub, or as you might know him, the crypto zombie. Crypto zombie, how’s it going? Very, very awesome board in quarantine, but glad to be back on the show. LA really appreciate it. Well, the great thing is that crypto keeps us very, very excited all times as so many damn things happening out there, as wild out for anyone who may not be subscribed to the crypto zombie yet. I’ll even link down below. Go and check k-dub out. He’s just got an amazing channel, always giving fantastic information on what’s happening in crypto on all the latest insights. So definitely check that out. The beat down below. But we’re gonna be talking today about bitcoin. We talk about top portfolios, the markets, a whole bunch of fun kind of stuff. So stick around. It can be a great chat. Lots of value coming here. So I want to start off with a bit of a fun question for you, K-Dub. Have you become a bit coin maximalists? Oh, man. That’s so you’re just coming out with the hard right and the right the guns then. All right. Well, OK. No, I’m gonna say off about no, I’m not a Bitcoin maximalists because I do believe in different types of progressive technology. I don’t think Bitcoin is the be all end all solve everything. And to be quite honest with you, I’m not even sure if I’d want some of these technologies, you know, for example, like smart contracts or, you know, oracles on Bitcoin specifically, I like what it does. It’s money and it’s hard money. And that’s what I like about it, among other things. But you might even be referencing this. Maybe you saw my video. I did recently come out and admit to that to my audience that I had sold off my altcoin positions and I moved them into bitcoin. So it wasn’t like I necessarily sold them for losses. I sold them into bitcoin, because right now I really believe that Bitcoin is the hedge. I do believe that that’s what people are looking for. It’s the household name. I think that Bitcoin is risky enough right now, you know, and I’ve seen that if you go on Google Trends, for example, right now, inflation hedge is at the highest search volume that it’s been in over a year. People are not cool with what’s going on. They see the Fed printing all this money. They’re seeing the devalue of their fiat and they are looking for something. And right now, even if you’re trying to buy physical gold that’s not available to the average person, they have to wait months to even try to get their hands on it. So the way that I see it is I think that right now Bitcoin is sort of, you know, the boat sort of, you know, just chugging along, dragging necessarily the old coins along the bottom. And I think that we need to see that bitcoin surge first for me to really get that sort of optimism for the old coins. Now, I am an old coin trader. I’m going gonna be completely honest about that. I used to hold old coins years ago like just Hoddle till the death. I became more of an old coin trader. So for me, I’m really looking for that confirmation. I don’t care about timing the bottom. Then for me, I don’t care if I missed the first 20 percent, 30 percent, 50 percent move. I don’t care. But once I can see that confirmation that we have that all season really back again, then yes, I will definitely look for an investment. That’s part one. Part two. Do I believe in all coins? Yes. There are actually some projects right now that I could tell you that I have my eyes on. I think they’re great projects. They have great teams. They have great ethos. And I think one of the biggest problems with the crypto community is you don’t have to necessarily be invested in something to not like it, like AI actions can the poor. A lot of projects. There’s plenty of projects I mentioned on the channel that I am not affiliated with, that I do not own anything and I have not been paid by these companies. But I like what they’re doing now. So I mentioned it. So if you ask me right now about some old coins I have my eyes on. I’d be happy to rattle off some names. But for me personally, right now, I’m fully in bitcoin. That’s just what I’m doing for the time being. That could change tomorrow, you know? So hopefully that was kind of a way to I really knew the answer out. I really appreciate that response. K-Dub, because I think it just underlines this necessity to maintain flexibility in the markets. It’s like you said, most altcoins are down just unbelievable amounts right now. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for trend reversals to happen to actually enter these positions. There’s nothing wrong with, you know, waiting on the sidelines. There will always be opportunities, right. There will be new cryptos coming that to have these exponential gains. There’s some cryptos out there right now that are people aren’t paying attention to them, have big gains. And we see the technology stack outside of bitcoin really, really doing some useful things. Like you said, you get smart contracts and oracles and all this stuff that just doesn’t need to be clogging up the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin’s doing the digital gold thing. It doesn’t need to do smart contracts and all this other kind of stuff that other cryptocurrencies are doing. Exactly. I mean, even just just to rattle off something that we’ve talked about previously on the channel is like privacy coins, you know? I mean. Yeah. I mean, you may see Monaro losing a bit of value potentially. But what is your real reason for for owning it? You know what I mean? Like you may see other value. You know, I want to be able to transact privately. Maybe there’s something that I want to do, you know, with somebody that I don’t necessarily want there to be a trace of. I’m not advocating for anything specifically, but if that’s a need of yours, then you will see value in that. You know, and some people may say, like the price is going down. Well, it all depends. You know, I don’t. At the bit you know, when I first got into crypto, I did. I was, you know, you can’t not look at the dollar value, but after a while you do start to look at it in sets in Bitcoin. You know, I care about my bitcoin value. I know I know what bitcoin or at least I think I know I have a lot of faith in Bitcoin’s price moving forward. So for me, I’m trying to just stack stats as much as I can. The dollar value doesn’t really faze me because I know the dollar is just going to lose value over time anyway. So, you know, these people, when they talk about these crazy, you know, predictions of Bitcoin going to $2 million, five million dollars even, and people say that will never happen. Well, you’re comparing Bitcoin to today. You’re not even considering I mean, we we saw more money get printed in just the past couple of weeks. The Fed’s balance sheet essentially doubling. You know, it’s insane. I mean, I was watching a documentary on the, you know, in the United States in the 1930s, which is what some people are comparing, what we’re going through right now. They’re talking about like losing like like double digit billions on the stock where people going nuts. Now we’re talking about injecting multiple trillions like this is a different ballgame. And any of these predictions that seem outlandish yesterday, I would not bet against them, to be honest. That’s that’s something I think that a lot of people don’t fully appreciate. It’s just because you’re sitting in the dollar or the euro or the yen or the British pound and you think that these are strong currencies. None of them are strong. They’re all inherently weak because they’re built on the faith of the government. Right. That is what is backing all of these fiat currencies, the faith that they will be able to repay the creditors. And that’s that’s not a strong foundation. That’s not mathematics. That’s not gold. That’s that’s not any of this stuff. It’s just printing, printing, printing. And the potential to have hyper inflation like situations happening with these major fiat currencies does exist. You know, people all over the world have been caught with their pants down. Basically thing all my my currency is fine. Everything’s fine. And they wake up one day and they’re standing on a bank line trying to get ten bucks out of the bank, you know? Yeah. That can happen to anybody. That’s that’s the thing. I wouldn’t move on. I’ve got a different question for you here. Do you think that Bitcoin is still a tool of the revolution? Right. There was a lot of talk, early days about Bitcoin, you know, being a really revolutionary piece of money or is it just become a tool for people to get rich? I said it still is a good tool. I think in general, I mean, you know, yes, hopefully a lot of people, you know, speculators, they want to get rich. In fact, Satoshi himself admitted if you actually look into some of his, you know, posts that he did back when he was still alive or wherever he may be right now, you know, he actually mentioned that speculation and greed were going to be potential drivers for Bitcoin, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that, you know, Bitcoin still does make you a true owner of your assets, and it still does. You know, I want to advocate for, you know, circumventing sanctions. But realistically speaking, you know, you see a lot of people moving into gold. Try sending a gold bar across the world in under 10 minutes for 70 cents or less. It’s not going to happen, you know, and that gold bar can be confiscated. Someone can come in and take that from you. You know, with Bitcoin. I don’t you don’t even own your house. The bank does. They just let you keep your shirt and pants here, right? Yeah. So for me, I like the fact that it is my bitcoin. You know, it is. You know, I don’t know for me, no. It is still an amazing tool. And I still think that the revolution is there. I just think that it kind of plateaued. And then to get to that next level after like you had the cypherpunks and the geeks, then you sort of had the speculators come in who wanted to make all the money on it, which is good. You need speculation in any market. And answer your question. I’m going to have to go with both. I think it’s both something for people to potentially get rich and be greedy about. But I also think it’s an amazing revolutionary technology. And, you know, for all those people, like, well, my coin is faster than Bitcoin. Yeah, well, I can 51 percent attack your coin for three thousand dollars an hour. So. Yeah, I mean, good luck with that one. You know, like all my coins faster than yours are. Great. So I could steal your money faster. I mean, like what’s more important to you? Security. You know what I mean? Or getting there in 10 seconds. You know, I mean, you take your pick, but for me, I’d rather use the strongest network on planet Earth. Let’s just put it that way. This is this is something really important to highlight. Actually, what I think is kind of funny is how just unimaginably irrelevant some of these altcoins are that no one even bothers to 51 percent attack them, think they don’t care. It’s worth it. It’s not even worth getting into Xélan anyway. There’s a place to sell them. There’s no buyers like it. Okay, great. I got like half the supply. There’s nobody buying it. Like a thousand dollars of volume. Like I said, even for some, this is the this is the crazy thing is even for some of the bigger proof work coins. You know, they they suffer from those same vulnerabilities of being able to be attacked for, you know, a cheap enough price. They are nice hashtable. Right. And people aren’t doing it. That says a lot that they haven’t gone out of their way to actually attack these different cryptos. It’s just. Why would you. Why waste money? Just keep making money mining bitcoin or doing whatever else you’re doing, mining theory or something like that. So it’s very, very interesting, actually. Yeah. I mean, you’ve also heard a lot of talk of the whole proof of stake revolution. But I mean, you know, then we go back basically to twenty, seventeen and have like thousands of new consensus mechanisms. And it’s just like, where does it end? You know, at some point let’s just you know, you have the Bitcoin standard. You have the proof of work. OK, I get the energy consumption thing. But look, it’s going to work itself out just like everything is going to work itself out. You know, the amount of energy that it used to cost to run a computer in the 1950s where they were the size of your refrigerator, you know, versus, you know, having this thing in the palm of my hands, like, don’t worry, guys, like, we’ll find a solution for it, you know? And, you know, as far as the I just want to make another thing, too, as far as like what value is. This is a little off topic. But when they talk about gold value, I do think about, you know, you get a guy like Peter Schiff coming out and he mentions things about, well, you can use goals for jewelery and you can he’s goals for electronics. It’s like, yeah. But you do know that the guys that build electronics want to make a profit on it. Right. So if gold does get expensive, really expensive, they’re probably going to opt for something else that isn’t gold. So they can still sell their iPhones for the same price and have the costs be lower if their circuits are now double, triple, quadruple the price it was. It’s a really good argument for me like, oh, we use it in electronics. It’s like, OK, you know what I mean? Until it becomes too expensive and then they switch to something else. So off topic. But it just made me think about when you hear a lot of the intrinsic value argument, you know, over versus gold, bitcoin, silver, stuff like that. Yeah. So that value is a very interesting thing because it value really comes down to, well, what is it that the market has decided? What is it that we have decided to give value to? Right. If you think that Bitcoin. I don’t know what’s inside a $7000 is too expensive. Well, then that that that doesn’t equate to the value for you. Right. But it’s very interesting the way that we assign these things now. What does global. We’ve talked about your I guess your crypto portfolio right now, your hundred percent in Bitcoin at the moment are still trading small coins. But outside of cryptocurrency investing, I mean, I’ve been thinking about, you know, getting a little bit of gold recently, but I haven’t actually pulled the trigger. Just like a little like a trinket amount, not like, you know, 10 percent of my wealth into gold or something like that. But what I want outside of crypto is catching your fascination and your interest. I mean, are you are you looking to get into stocks as the stock markets are kind of down or are you just sitting on a bigger cash position? Are you thinking about me begin to real estate? There’s a lot of things to invest in outside of Bitcoin. You know, I’m a simple guy and I used to honestly not be able to sleep at night when I used to have like 50 all coin positions open and I’d be up at like 3:30 in the morning. So I couldn’t even imagine the real world being invested in stuff. But for me, before we had all this madness happen, I was. Now I can’t do anything because the whole world is shut down. But I was focused on real estate. I do believe that, you know, just as bitcoin is limited, the earth is limited. We only have one earth with so much land on which you build upwards. So I do believe that there will be a huge demand for places to live. And I do think also, like just being someone from New York, I’ve seen sort of now a shift in people being even like worried about living in close environments now in New York City, wanting to expand out to like the countryside. So I actually do see people looking to maybe not necessarily buy homes, but like country country houses and stuff like that. So I’m definitely looking into real estate gold. You bring up gold. So I was kicking myself for not buying gold. I don’t own any gold outside of maybe just some jewelry and stuff like that, you know? And then I had a look at the gold chart this morning and I was like, well, you know, gold had its low point in 2015. And since that point as of today, and we’re up at a high of over seven and a half years now it’s only up 65 percent. I think it’s just because gold is doing so well compared to Bitcoin that people are like, see, I told you that stupid bitcoin. But if you actually go to the same bottom November of 2015 and look where bitcoin was and look where gold was. Bitcoin is up over two thousand two hundred percent since that day. That has had its bottom and gold’s only up sixty five percent. So it’s like you got to pick and choose what you’re looking at. I mean, yes, the short term vision I am kicking myself for not buying gold, but honestly, Long-Term, I still believe in bitcoin. So for me, I’m still sitting mostly bitcoin. I do have a cash position, but it’s more for liquidity. OK. For two reasons I want to be able to scoop up opportunities. Should they present themselves like I’ll buy attempts if you don’t have chips. Guys, if the document if the stock market takes another massive hit, I might look into some of these companies, you know, things that, you know, are gonna be around, you know, household items. Even if you’re locked inside, you still need toilet paper, right? You still need, you know, paper towel, things like that, realistic investments. But for the most part, LARC, I’m going to just still stick with crypto. I mean, it’s for me, there’s no bigger transfer of wealth. That I personally think I will ever get an opportunity. I just don’t think that I’ll ever make the returns in real estate or gold or traditional stocks that you probably will be able to in Bitcoin. And then also having such a strong belief in its being a hard asset and what it stands for. For me, that’s still the place to be. Maybe people disagree with me, but for me I’m still gonna be hardcore crypto. Like even when. Even when the economy starts to recover. I mean, for me, it’s still just crypto. So Onda percent and Habre’s that I totally know how you feel is there’s so much opportunity. When I’ve been asked about gold before, I said, well Yavin gold, but like there’s just still it’s way more chance for gains for bitcoin right now. And yet like I said, like to as a trinket amount of gold just for fun. But really when you talk about like a giant passenger portfolio, man, there’s just so much more opportunity for bitcoin moving forward. I mean, this is this is the opportunity of a lifetime being involved in these markets. I know for anyone who’s newer to the markets, you’re listening to this. You see these kind of fluctuations up and down. You’re like, wow, I thought you guys said this was gonna be revolutionary money. Like a got to zoom out, look, look what’s happening farther down the road. Look where this technology is actually going. Look at the bigger picture of what’s being built here and look at. I know that also for new investors that we talk a lot about crypto on our channels. Obviously, that’s what we do. You know, k-dub and Iwere were crypto dudes, were big believers in the future of cryptocurrencies. But having multiple income streams and having a diversified portfolio, that’s not a bad thing. Right. Like you said, have a cash position. Let’s buy dips. There’s nothing wrong with that large. There’s nothing. Right. I mean, I remember people they used to call me like a sellout because, like, I would sell some bitcoin. It’s like, guys, I need liquidity, like, you know, for for average everyday things, you know? And I understand there’s supposed to be like, oh, you got to spend your bitcoin. I get it. I get it. But, you know, the gershwins’ law, you know, if I the piece of paper that was given to me by the government, that’s worth a hundred dollars. I have one hundred dollars versus dittos she?s that I that I believe is going to quadruple its value. You know, why would I not use the paper for groceries, use bitcoin to buy gum or coffee. I want to get rid of this crap that they you know, you get that stimulus check. I’m like, I tell you what to do with it. But, you know, buy bitcoin. It’s free money, guys. It’s five bitcoins by that guy, by bitcoin. Now, you make a really, really good point. I think that’s something that I get depending on what how you’re actually approaching this market. I think for people who do do more trading like you and I, you know, we’ve got regular trading profits coming in. Right. And you don’t have to. I keep both of those in Bitcoin. Right. We hope we hope we profit occasionally. Well, that’s right. I don’t always make it. I don’t always make a great trade. Lets us be on. Oh, no. Some traders out there, they they won’t admit that they screw up. I mean, I screw up. I just you know, I’m. But yeah, I mean, know, the equation is winning more than you screw up. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Any any trader who says they never lose a trader, they’re blowing smoke up your butts. Yeah. I mean dollar cost averaging in my opinion. You know, I wouldn’t. And this is just do what you want guys. You want to blow your whole portfolio, do what you want. I love trading, but for me, it’s just to try to acquire more. You know, my my trading position is I mean, if I’m using 5 percent of my portfolio in crypto bitcoin, that’s a lot. You know, it’s it’s just something to do, guys. I mean, don’t don’t don’t go blowing away the mortgage payments on it. You know, that’s that’s one thing. I just think people have to understand, because then it turns into gambling. And once it turns into gambling, then you’re completely missing the whole point. You know, it’s it’s I’m here for the revolution, man. But if I can stack some extra stats while I’m here and while I’m trying to get there, then that’s basically the point of it. That’s it, man. Now, that’s that’s a really, really good point. I think that a lot of people who might be newer to trading. Right, they look around, they see all these guys are making less money like, well, maybe some people to make money. But the reality is, lochbihler lose the money, too. And if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re gonna have lauran into law trouble, you keep your position size a small use a total. The total amount of your trading account should be a very small percentage of your overall portfolio. Keep the risk low, you stop losses, all that stuff. I still disagree with these leveraged. Like the leverage. Like I know it’s for gimmicks like the 50 X hundred acts. It’s just to be gimmicky. But you know what? At the end of day, someone’s going to use it. Yeah, I like it. You know, when it’s just like it’s I just I still have a problem with that. I think it’s way too high that they even offer that. I get it’s for a gimmick. But inevitably there’s gonna be some guy out there that’s like, oh, great. So it’s going to move 1 percent. I’m gonna make a hundred percent. You’re literally going to click the submit order button and it’s gone. Yeah. That’s like it. That’s how quick. It’s just it’s very, very risky. Very dangerous, but yeah, man. I mean, look, go to anybody watching right now. Just go to DCA, BTC dot com. Dollar cost average bitcoin and you will see that in the grand scheme long term. I mean, even if you had been buying bitcoin from you started on the day Bitcoin peaked at the top, you’re still up. I think it’s like maybe 30 percent today or something. And that’s if you were buying every week from the top. So just keep that in mind, too. Yeah. You know, when you’re freaking out worrying about gold. I mean, Bitcoin, even if you had bought the peak dollar, cost it, you’re still doing quite well. That’s a that’s it. You don’t have to trade. I think this is something really hit home for people that just dollar cost average. You know, it’s. One of the simplest ways for the average investor to just get in, have a position and be successful, actually. And that’s the really the important thing to underline is be successful long term in crypto investing, because the long term picture for crypto, we look back at all the guys, all they bought Bitcoin at $10 or one hundred dollars. They made all this money. Yeah, but that’s because they held onto their bitcoin. Right. To have it. Yeah, that’s right. Those guys went through brutal downturns. I mean what I was talking to Dan held the other day, you know, he he bought bitcoin and he’d interview about. Yeah, it was great interview. Absolutely. Thank you. And you know, he saw. He’s seen all of it. I’ve seen these massive crashes. Guy’s been in Bitcoin for, you know, what’s eight years now or something like this. And so my question for you, K-Dub, do you plan to still be holding Bitcoin in the year 2030? Yes. No hesitation. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, like, will I I mean, of course, I’m going to peel some off. I’m going to buy things, you know, invest in stuff. You know, of course, you know, I want to build that generational wealth for my family like we were talking about. I do want to own some. You know, I own a little real estate. I mean, it’s like nothing like I could. There’s a lot more I could have done and I will do once this gets over with. But I’ll do it, of course, man. I’m going to always have big. What is it like to be you have to try to own twenty one. Is it twenty one bitcoin to be in some kind of like a club or something like that. Know like the twenty one Bitcoin Glovers or something like that. Oh I mean yeah. I mean ultimately like you know after all is said and done if you know I could you know, get that accumulated. Have it hold it then. Yeah. I mean at least that I would try to. I don’t know. I don’t know the number man but Telia Hellyer I’m always going to hold bitcoin. Oh yeah. I feel the exact same way. And this is when I’m getting bitcoin. I think I get a lot of new investors. They they’ve seen the previous gains in Bitcoin. You think that that’s going to happen very quickly? You know, they they hear people who are bullish on Bitcoin. I’m very bullish on Bitcoin. That doesn’t mean it’s going to go to the moon tomorrow. Right. I am looking at that 10 year picture for bitcoin, a five year picture for Bitcoin. And there’s amazing opportunities for trading. And, you know, just investing at the lows, selling it, you know, portions of your portfolio at highs and stuff like this in between that. But that long term is buy and hold picture. The dollar cost average again. It you hold it. You wait five years, you wait ten years, you’re gonna have massive rewards. I mean, like I said, ninety five percent of my bitcoin position is Hoddle position. The other 5 percent I play with I trade with, you know, and and I just always keep that in check. So. Absolutely, man. I mean, especially like when we’re talking about the the the the hyperinflation, the potential, I just feel like with Bitcoin, the upside risks outweigh the downside risks. Like, OK, yes. You could go theoretically from let’s say 7 K to zero. And that sucks, especially if I have a whole life savings involved. You know, butts could also go to 2 million. That to me is the supercycle. That’s crazy. Like that is crazy to not even want to own one. You don’t even want to just own one bitcoin. Just a. And in case you know what I mean. Like I just for me that just seems like a no brainer. Yeah. When it comes to every other odd ratio, I’m saying absolutely whatever you or you wait a decade to get a 65 percent return on gold. I don’t know, man. I mean, how it’s I don’t got that much time to, you know, like, you know, I’m I’m not getting any younger. So I’ve got to go with what I think is the best chance. And for me, it’s like not only does it have the potential chance of, you know, mooning, but I like to own my stuff, man. I do that. So it’s like a win win as such a good feeling. Just having that having it sitting there in your ledger and just knowing that you’ve got your bitcoin, that’s your big you know, and also to everybody out there, does a lot of just anyone watching is a lot of scams going out right now with extensions for Chrome and stuff like that. Just be very careful if you guys are using hardware while it’s always downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, just as a warning because I read a lot of people losing money because, you know, you’re giving it away to these scammers. So it’s it’s it’s kind of it’s that is that is a big thing that I don’t I don’t know if we talk about it enough, but the adoption curve is, you know, all these scams and the difficulties to do this and get involved in it really does turn people off. They just see this as such a grimy sort of playground for scammers. And then within the community, they come, you know, they click on a YouTube channel. They watch a guy like us. Then they start going out there. They see people like Craig Wright and all these. It’s just like, do you even want to be a part of. We don’t we can’t even get along with each other. Yeah. You know, anywhere. And there’s only scammers out there. It’s like. So I do think that it’s important for people that have been in the space to kind of like I hate to say it, but it’s kind of your duty to help the newcomers. You know, like it’s like pay it forward. Like if you have a friend that’s considering getting into Bitcoin, why don’t you consider taking an hour or two out of your day and really helping them to understand it? Because, you know, you know, they’re used to forgetting their password, calling up the bank and having it reset. You lose your private keys, you lose your money. That’s scary. You know, and I think that one of the one of the things about the crypto community is the ups and downs. Can really bring out some terrible just some terrible sides of people, you know, and and I just I disagree with it. The tribalism, like I said. Yeah, I’m holding Bitcoin, but I like old coins as well. You know, I’m in a theoryand fan. I like what Tasos is even doing. I love what Chainlink is doing with oracles. I like Corn Network for helping with interoperability. I’m a fan of. What they do with the scaling. I like that Monaro offers privacy. SRP the standard. I don’t. Whatever. You know, like this. The thing is is like I believe bitcoin is the first. If it doesn’t survive, it’s gonna be very difficult for the confidence of investors and the public to move into these other cryptos and the people that are here now. I think we owe it to everyone else to kind of be that bridge. You know, I know you have a a course that you offer as well. Check it out, by the way. I’ve I actually had the opportunity to preview the course. I checked it out before. Very, very awesome. Thank you for that laugh. So, yeah, I mean, you get the information. It’s out there. So that’s it. It’s so important. I think you made a really, really good point, too, that if you are someone who’s been trying to get your friend or whatever into crypto and you’ve got that knowledge, sit down and help people, man, it really just walk them through these steps, say, hey, you know what, I can do this. I can help you out. I can make sure that you don’t, you know, get scammed or whatever. And, you know, honestly, I’ve got a lot of emails and a lot of messages recently, a lot of comments from people. And please, if you if you’re out there and you look at something, you’re thinking, gosh, I don’t know if this is a scam. Email me. I’m always happy to have a look at it because I don’t want you to get scammed. And I’ve just seen so many people emailing through so many scams. Actually, it’s been over the last month, I think. Yeah, they’re bad. Like a big spike in the amount of people messaging me saying, hey, LARC, is this a scam? So guys, those overnight riches that are being promised by some websites, that’s not real. That’s not real. That’s not real. That is somebody else getting rich off of you. They’re getting rich overnight. You’re not. Yeah. Be careful. Lots. And that’s a thing like if you’re new to the space. Be very careful. Like I had I had a project reach out to me pissed. They were like, what’s going on? Where’s the video? And I’m like, what are you talking about? I’ve never even spoke to you. They’re like, we sent you the money. I’m like, let me see the screenshots. And it’s like crypto zombie with like two eyes. And I’m like, dude, I was a scammer. Like I say on my channel every day I’ve to places that, you know, might my official telegram or email. That’s it. So just be. Don’t even trust us, guys. If there’s somebody even in the comments. Don’t. Don’t trust anyone. That’s that’s kind of like the point, you know, like don’t trust the banks. Be your own bank. But don’t trust me. You’ll get there eventually. They don’t trust, verify. Very simple idea, but harder to bring out in reality, I guess. Now, next question here. We’re going to wrap up pretty soon, but it doesn’t worry you that we’ve seen Bitcoin being so closely linked to the traditional markets recently. Does it bother me? I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I wasn’t shocked a little. You know, like it did I. You know, because we had spoken about it. You know, I’ve been the guy on a channel like all when that when that moment comes, the recession and the bitcoin is going to moon. And then like it kind of didn’t. And, you know, we were I was like a little upset about it, you know. But then I kind of realized from a realistic perspective, the market cap of bitcoin is so low, it’s very speculative. There were a lot of people getting into bitcoin simply for the gains. They didn’t have that long term vision. Right. And people trade with emotion. So if you’re just here to trade, you start losing your money. Well, what is the first thing that happens to your mind? I don’t want to lose any more money. Then we have this pandemic come out. People are losing their jobs. Unemployment rates are absolutely through the roof. Right. It is totally understandable for you to want to be in a sound bump and I’m quoting sound, you know, fiat currency for the time being in a time of uncertainty. However, I did point out on my channel, if you actually look at the correlations, they do look somewhat similar. But actually what’s weird is a lot of people were saying that Bitcoin has been following the stock market. But if you actually look at the movement, Bitcoin had its hardest dump actually before the stocks actually had their bottom. So in a way, it’s like are the stocks following Bitcoin? So I don’t know, man. It was a little bit upsetting to see that. But I like the way that you saw it rebound back and how you saw that floor protected. You know what I’m saying? And then seeing that you were you were actually seeing Bitcoin get moved off of exchanges into wallets and not being moved, then it became clear to me that, oh, the people that sold in conjunction with the stocks were the panic sellers. They were the guys that were new. You were seeing a lot of addresses that had just recently acquired Bitcoin being the first to sell. And you were seeing older accounts actually accumulating and Hotaling more. So then what I realized essentially what it was was panic selling and new new comers to the space reacting. And I think now we’ve sort of put that floor in again and. Yeah. So, I mean, it is what it is. But like, you know, when you’re talking about something like stocks, for example, gold, multi-trillion dollar market cap, bitcoin, few hundred billion, it’s a lot easier to move, you know, I mean, so ultimately I was upset. But now in hindsight, actually analyzing the data, it was kind of to be expected. I think it was very normal. And I think, you know, a year from now we’re just going to like this is going nothing. Yeah. I mean, it was it was a week anyway. It’s I mean, we literally we went down to three thousand eight hundred dollars within 48 hours. We were back above the two hundred weekly moving average. I mean, you don’t see that in stocks. Internet stocks have not recovered like that. You know, so you just got to take it with a grain of salt, man. But, you know, people twisted however they want. Oh, if you’re anti bitcoin, you’re going to make it. And like people say the same thing about me. You’re pro bitcoin, so. Of course. Yeah. Well we’re we’re still down from twenty K. It’s like, OK, fine, you know, spin it how you want long term. Set the log view if you don’t believe in it. What the heck are you watching for exactly. Why are you watching a crypto shows. If you hate crypto go watch. I don’t know a stock show or go watch Jim Cramer. I know how mad money. I don’t know. I love those guys. Come to the comments section. Crypto is a scam. Bitcoin is a scam. Why are you here? And they’re always like the first comments you like. I swear to God, like some of my most negative comments come within like the first 10 minutes of me uploading the video. And I’m like, you are the definition of an Internet troll, like you’re just waiting, like, did you make a bad trade or something like. I’m really sorry this happened to you, dude. Below the top. And so the bottom, man. That’s what happens. I’ve done it, dude. When I first got into crypto with all coins, that was the first time and time again death at time. So a different story for a different day, perhaps. But I like one more question for you. Do you think the bottom is in? Do you think the bottom is in? Was was that the bottom? Or do you think we could see a lower bottom coming in as the crisis rolls on? OK. Like a wick, like it’s like a like a wick or they call the scam wicks. We could see a wick maybe on the daily. Go down to like a crazy number like two thousand five hundred or three thousand. But as far as like a nice solid, let’s say weekly candle. Yeah. Bottoms in in my opinion. I don’t think we’re going to like that three the three thousand two hundred dollar bottom that we had at the end of the bear market of twenty eighteen beginning of twenty nineteen. I personally believe that that was the ultimate bottom. And the reason that I believe that is very simple. People simply stopped selling. So I don’t, I don’t believe anybody that decided they weren’t going to sell it three thousand two hundred then held it all the way up to 14 k all the way back down to the three thousand eight hundred dollar wick and is still holding it right now upon second return would then be like, I think I’ll sell this time. So in my opinion, I do think that the bottom, at least as far as three thousand two hundred goes, could we work below the recent 3 8? Yeah. We could work below it. But I don’t think you’re gonna see bitcoin trending like under three thousand four like multiple weeks or anything. Now I think the bottom is in and I think the closer we get to those levels, you do what you want. But you know what this guy over here is doing? I’m buying that dip. That’s why I got that cash position. Liquidity, guys. That’s it. So it’s absolutely nampai dips. If you don’t have chips, guys, it’s important you go less than to take home. And I actually think I just the quick follow quick up on that. Seeing Bitcoin under the 200 week moving average, that was a very, very, very rare moment for people to take advantage of. You know, it was crazy if that doesn’t happen very often, guys. So, you know, for the people that I know and I’ll be the I’ll be the first person to admit that I didn’t even take in much as much advantage of that as I should have, because that was some I mean, God speed, whoever traded that 48 hours. My God. It was just like frickin madness. It was like, yeah, but that’s bitcoin. I mean, and honestly, it’s fun. Let’s be honest. Like for me, stocks are boring. They are boring. Laboring. Yeah. Like, I get it. I get an excitement out of it. So for me, you know, I love waking up and seeing, you know, you don’t see bark patterns in traditional markets. You know, these crazy things that Bitcoin does. It’s yeah, you can say it’s manipulation, but I don’t know. I enjoy it, man, at the end of the day. And I think the same would go for you. Like I’d have to honestly say that, you know, they had the crypto influence, whatever they are, awards coming out, which I don’t really take seriously. They’re just for fun. I’m friends with everyone. I don’t care who wins. But for me, it’s like you got to love what you do to be in this space, you know? And people call me delusional. It’s like, listen, I love this. I love crypto. I love Bitcoin. I believe in it. I’ve done this virtually every single day for three years. I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon. I mean, making videos gets a little exhausting, but I don’t think I could ever get bored or, you know, tired of the concept of what bitcoin is and what it stands for and the real true meaning behind it. And I think A-pluses that, yeah, we’re probably going to all get mad rich by the time this is all said and done. So that’s just a plus, though. You know, at the end of the gains are now that this the both of, you know, hanging out here do and doing stuff in crypto meant k-dub. Excellent note. And this interview on ISSUES. It’s it’s such, so, such a damn pleasure to be able to come out here, make videos every day and feel to talk to the community. And it’s just it’s it’s my passion and it’s something I’m so excited about. And to be able to do that as the thing that I do, it’s amazing. And it’s great, of course, to be serving out here with lots of great content creators like yourself, K-Dub. So thank you so much for coming on today and having a chat with me. Absolutely, man. And I got to be honest, quarantine, it’s I mean, with the exception of going outdoors, my job really hasn’t changed much. So I’m very I’m very blessed to still be able to do this. AD revenue revenues. Horrible right now. Forget it. If you’re still my God, just forget the there’s the YouTube is dead. But that’s we can talk about that another day, man. With all the flagging of videos and the stylization, that’s a whole great topic. But LARC, I don’t want to hold you guys up. Everyone on large channel. Thank you for giving me the time. I know a little bit crazy. I talk too fast. I use my hands a lot. I’m from New York. What you gonna do? But I love you guys. Thank you. LARC is the man. He’s one of my idols. When I first got into crypto, you know, watching him make videos is what inspired me to start my channel. So every time I come on the crypto channel, it’s always an honor and a pleasure. Thank you, my friend. Thank you so much. Thank you. An honor having you on Kaito. We’ll see you next time.


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