20% Dump! Must See! Bitcoin & Chainlink Price Prediction & Technical Analysis – June Targets 2020

Bitcoin halving targets, price analysis, news, update. Bitcoin and chainlink prediction. Halving moon!!
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Today we look at the bitcoin and chainlink charts. Bitcoin has just had a huge pull back and dump to the downside. This correction may have just started. We will be doing a bitcoin halving analysis to see all targets and predictions. Hope you enjoy.

Do NOT trade based on what you see in this analysis. Disclaimer – The content in this video and on this channel are not intended to be financial advice. The content in this video and on this channel are only intended for entertainment purposes only!

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  1. Hey CryptoNewton! Sth just came to my mind as I saw how new-subscriber-friendly you are. So I noticed that in every video you explain kinda the same stuff about the symmetrical triangle, multi month trendline, money flow index and so on. What about saving some time and doing for example a separate video at the beginning of each month explaining the major moves and patterns? Then during the daily videos you’d just put a link to it and say that if you don’t know what the symmetrical triangle is check this video. Then you’d save some time daily and tbh it’d be also nicer to watch for people who’ve been watching you for some time now, we kinda listen the same thing over and over again. That’s just an idea that came to my mind, I hope that useful. Take care!

  2. Job well done, your analysis is one of handful that are credible and down to earth,
    majority of videos are just parroting and lies, keep up the good work, you will have more
    subscribers soon. Many thanks

  3. Nothing sucks more than looking at charts and graphs. Like stocks its all manipulated bullshit at the speed of light. AI will he able to see the future and learn from the past a central bankers wet dream.

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