2020 Is Still Bitcoin’s Decade! Global Events Are Lining Up.


Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. Make sure you watch the entire video today or risk being at a disadvantage because what I’m about to show you are multiple current examples as to why I think that bitcoin will continue to increase in value over the next several years. If you do not hold any bitcoin today you are simply at a disadvantage right now because there is this monetary revolution that’s going on right now. And the only thing that you need to do to be a part of this is to own bitcoin because bitcoin is a peaceful way to opt-out of the current financial system. And the reason why you would want to opt-out of the current financial system can best be illustrated by our top three news stories today. Number one the Federal Reserve as of March 26 to 2020 is changing its policy to be that all depository institutions like banks now have a zero percent reserve requirement. It was 10 percent. Now it’s 0 percent. What this means to you is if you go into a bank and you deposit a hundred dollars into a bank that bank it used to have to keep at least ten dollars on hand. Now it doesn’t have to keep any of the deposits on hand for you to withdraw. They can loan the entire one hundred dollars out to another bank. So this is going into effect. Number two the FDIC the government agency that ensures the money that you put into the bank they’ve just put out a video press release directly to you discouraging you from taking control of your money. It’s discouraging you from taking your own money out of the bank. So this is what they said. We are living in unprecedented time at a time of a pandemic like this. It is a way too easy to get confused and to have fear about what you should be doing with your money in your account especially as you’re looking at the volatility in the stock market and the financial sector. This is what I would like you to take away from this. Your money is safe at the banks. The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks. Now thinking that it’s going to be safer someplace else you don’t want to be walking around with large wads of cash and you suddenly don’t want to be hoarding cash in your mattress. It didn’t pan out well for so many people. And I will tell you this. No depositor has lost a penny of their insured deposits since 1933 when the FDIC was created. So if you’re talking about having money in a safe place please keep it in an FDIC insured bank. So just to recap. Number one is that banks are no longer required to hold your money in the bank. Number two the government agency who insures your money at the bank they’re discouraging you from taking control of it. And now let’s go to number three the National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow has just put a number on America’s pandemic relief package. They are printing six trillion dollars. This is the largest financial package in the history of the United States. This is a record. So the total package here comes to roughly six trillion dollars two trillion direct assistance roughly four trillion in federal reserve lending power again. It would be the largest mainstream financial package in the history of the United States liquidity and cash for families small business individuals unemployed to keep this thing going. We’re headed for a rough period but it’s only going to be weeks we think weeks months. Not going to be years. That’s for sure. And hopefully, pave the way for continued economic recovery after this crisis departs. Thank you, sir. So I would think that in the coming years more and more people are going to choose to opt into bitcoin because we’re in a very unique time right now. This a very unique time. We’re the most people don’t know that Bitcoin is still around and has been around for eleven years. B Most people don’t know bitcoins primary value proposition and see the people who do know about bitcoin can’t articulate properly what bitcoins value proposition actually is. So if you know this stuff and if you hold bitcoin today you are positioning yourself very well in the future. And to go further I want to read you another guy’s opinion as to why he thinks that what the Fed is doing right now is very bullish for bitcoin. The reason bitcoins value may rise is because the Federal Reserve is doing exactly what it did in 2008 except on steroids and Bitcoin was created right after 2008 too as a hedge against it. So why wouldn’t Bitcoin be seen as valuable he gets into a little bit more detail. Let’s give you the backstory first. So as I’m sure you know during the crisis of 2008 the Federal Reserve of the United States of America printed 2 trillion. This used to be a lot of money in order to prevent a global credit bubble. In 2008 the Fed held almost one trillion in assets. But by the time they had printed the money their capacity rocketed by 3 trillion. Again it used to be a lot of money. Bitcoin was introduced the next year following which the cryptocurrency market we know today came into being. Back then the Federal Reserve printed that money and invested in new Treasury bonds with which the government conducted sales of these bonds every month to make up for its deficit. They termed such an action quantitative easing and we’re doing that again today a similar situation may be coming to the fore today after the massive collapse of the stock market this year the 12th of March the Federal Reserve’s latest efforts to save Wall Street put it in a position to bring out the blueprints of 2008. On the day of the collapse, the Fed announced that it will be utilizing the repo market again a repo or repurchased agreement is a form of short term borrowing mainly in government securities where organizations those who already own a lot of securities are allowed to borrow money at cheap rates. According to a statement from the Federal Reserve, it will be offering a series of 500 billion terms in repose till April 13th an amount close to 4 trillion and we know we have the six trillion of the relief package. So the question is what will be the impact on crypto with such aggressive printing. Whenever the financial system goes south these central banks print money. However, as people move towards the U.S. dollar the printing of such an enormous amount of cash depreciates its value. And we may see more and more people moving into crypto rather than fiat. So after the first printing cycle from 2008 to 2013, it was claimed that around 145 billion in the capital found its way to other assets like bitcoin like a theorem. That is a significant amount considering digital assets weren’t really mainstream back then and it didn’t get as much attention as they do now. However, we are entering a different phase altogether at the moment. The amount of capital moving into crypto assets during this printing cycle can be seen evidently more than the last. I mean the last one saw one hundred forty-five billion and people didn’t even know about bitcoin from 2008 to 2013. People know about Bitcoin now. So since the last printing cycle, the digital currency market has slowly solidified its position in the financial ecosystem and it goes on to basically say that the infrastructure that is around today is leagues better than back then. So there are just so much more on-ramps the awareness is so much more. You get the picture. And for our final story of the day, the CFTC has just defined what actual delivery of cryptocurrency should look like. Let’s read a few details and we’ll talk about why this matters. The U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission the CFTC has published its final guidance on actual delivery for digital assets Tuesday seemingly settling a long-standing question on whether a cryptocurrency can be delivered from one party to another. The CFTC shared a 35-page document stating that in its view actual delivery occurs when a customer has complete control over the asset and the offer no longer has any control over the assets. By the end of the 28 days after the transaction, the publication comes following several years of public input from exchanges and other stakeholders and it goes on and it shares the whole 35-page document. Basically what this means for you is not a lot but what this means for your bags and the industry is a lot because this is clear. Clarification regulations coming from the CFTC I liked what Quinn Telegraph said they said continued clarity from the CFTC shows the prevalence of digital asset trading in the mainstream world spurring responsive regulatory guidance. So really what this is are green flags clarity for people who are more used to the traditional financial space and just another green flag that tells them huh. This thing probably isn’t going anywhere. Doesn’t seem like they’re going to ban it because they’re regulating it. Huh. I guess let me figure this out. Look I could talk your ear off about this all day but we’re going to stop for now. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. We’re going to continue this discussion on a later date. If you’ve got value in this video or you want to support the channel hit the Like button right now and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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