4 Reasons Why Bitcoin WILL Reach $1,000,000!!!

🎥: Here Are The Reasons I Believe Bitcoin Is Going To $1,000,000!!! – Bitcoin To The Moon!
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Bitcoin in my opinion actually has a chance to reach $1,000,000 in the coming years! In this video I explain why I believe this can happen with statistics and data to back it up! – Bitcoin is the future of money so strap in for the ride! – Tell me in the comments if you think it’s possible?

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  1. exactly mdx, the current financial systems days are numbered, the US debt clock shows exponential money printing, debt and liabilities on the tax payer. This will never be repaid and can't be repaid, most likely there is going to be a very bad crisis and bitcoin will do very well out of it. I have a fair bit of crypto but also precious metals, I don't have much company stock ether right now. gold, bitcoin and eos!

  2. LOL. BTC is dead meat. Until most boomers retire or die outright, the system will remain in bed with fiat. There is NO mass crypto adoption until then. 10 to 15 years to go. The only real change is generational, so wait your turn…

  3. It'll definitely get there but it wont be anytime soon. Most generation Z babies I speak too don't even understand how money works let alone manipulated so they aren't going to understand how bitcoin works. I also feel that most you-tubers aren't welcoming people into the space (although they think they are). If all your told is 'it's going to the moon' and regular Joe throws his money in, wakes up the next day to see it drop by 10%, he's packing his bags and leaving. Most people associate bitcoin with negativity. I totally understand the passion and I think your brilliant but we have to be realistic. Most money men recommend putting 2-5% of your net worth into bitcoin as a hedge. It's an asymmetric RISK and nothing is certain in this world.

  4. Oddly I was watching an supposedly free market economist took 1.5 hours in, beforefor he rubbished, bitcoin, that's after explaining how poor paper fiat currency is. Jealously I think. Your a legend, gud analysis

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