4 Ways To Get Bitcoin Anonymously


As I explained in my previous Bitcoin video, the whole Bitcoin blockchain is not private. It’s public. Therefore, if you do not buy bitcoins anonymously, your bitcoin address will be linked to your real identity. And therefore all of the transactions that you carry out with this address will be linked to your identity. That’s why it is very, very important to buy bitcoins anonymously. This is Z from Z security. And in this video, I’m going to show you the best four methods to buy bitcoins anonymously. Now, there are a number of ways to buy bitcoins, but not all of them are anonymous. So if you send money to this address using your bank account or using a service that verifies your identity, then your identity will be linked to this address. And then any transfer you make from this address will be known. And again, will be traced back to your real identity. So, so far we’re anonymous because this address is not linked to anything. Therefore, it’s very, very important that you buy your bitcoins anonymously. So the first wave of doing this is to create bitcoins yourself. And to do that, you’re going to have to mine bitcoins. So we said that there are computers right here, the yellow ones, and we call them miners. And these computers keep a copy of the blockchain and they use their computation power to keep the blockchain working. They do this by solving mathematical problems and calculating hashes so that the blockchain functions as it should. Now, these mathematical problems and the calculations, they take a lot of computation power and a lot of electricity. Therefore, not anyone can afford to do this. But if you can afford to do it, then it is a really good way of generating bitcoins anonymously. The next option is to use an exchange. Now, using exchanges is not anonymous because when you use an exchange, they will ask for your bank information and they will ask you to verify your identity. What we can combine using an exchange with what’s known as Bitcoin, Tumblr’s or mixers, these are services that attempt to mask where the money is coming from. There is a lot of debate about how good or how anonymous this is. It adds an extra step when you’re transferring the money. Therefore, it’s a little bit complicated. And because of all of this debate, I do I wouldn’t feel very secure or very anonymous by using this method. But this is a really good method because exchanges work all over the world. So if you couldn’t get bitcoins any other way, then you might have to use this way where you use an exchange with a tumbler or a mixer. Now, if you just go on Google and look for a Bitcoin exchange, you’ll see a lot of websites that will allow you to do this. Now, on Bitcoin Web site itself, you can see that they’re recommending the following exchanges. You can just click any of them to open their website. Now, the most popular one is Coinbase, which I already have open right here. As I said, this is really, really easy to use. All you have to do is click on get started. It will take you through a number of steps where you create a new account. It will automatically create a web wallet for you. So a wallet that you use on this website. It will ask you to verify your I.D. So as I said, this is not anonymous. But once you do once you create your account and based on bitcoins, you can use a tumbler service and we’ll talk about Tumblr services and mixers later on in the course. And when you do that, it will add a layer of anonymity and it will make it harder to link this account that you’re going to create in here with your bitcoin wallet, that you’re going to transfer the money to. The next option that we have is to use a bitcoin A.T.M. Now, this is a really, really good option because some of these 80 ATMs even accept cash. The only problem is not all countries have bitcoin 80 amps. So to check if your country has a bitcoin A.T.M., you can go on this website. I’m going to include its link in the resources, its coin, 80m radar, dot com. And all you have to do is just put your address in here or if you want, you can go down on this map right here. I’m going to maximize it and look for your country. You zoom in on your country and see if there are any £80m. Last but not least, we can use peer to peer services to buy bitcoins. Now peer to peer services allow us to buy bitcoins directly from the seller. So unlike coin exchanges, there is no middleman. There is no model institution. And if the seller is willing to give us bitcoins using an anonymous method such as by giving him cash, then this will be perfect. Now, again, going back to the Bitcoin website, you can see that the list a number of peer to peer services. Now, pretty much all of these services will either require to verify your identity or they will only use services that require your identity. For example, bitcoin right here will not ask you to verify your identity, but in most countries, the only method of transferring money would be a method that would require your identity. So you’re pretty much back to the start. Local bitcoin used to be a really good service that would allow you to buy bitcoins in cash. So you’d literally meet the person and give them cash and they transfer the money to you. Unfortunately, recently they stopped this and you can’t buy bitcoins with cash with local bitcoin and they also started verifying ideas. So again, this service is not very anonymous anymore. Pikesville, on the other hand, is a really good peer-to-peer service that still allows you to get bitcoins by literally given cash in person to the person that will give you the bitcoins. So it’s really, really good if you can find peers in your country and I will actually cover this in future lectures. 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