51 attack — how to hack bitcoin | Bitcoin Private case

51 attack can be a threat to all 2000 cryptocurrencies which exist in the blockchain industry.

Today Luis and Stan explain in plain language what 51 attack is. A range of altcoins including Vertcoin, Bitcoin Gold and Monacoin underwent the attack of hackers and suffered major losses. But NakamotoJedi’s attention was drawn by Bitcoin Private BTCP.

Investigation by CoinMetrics proves that someone hiddenly mined 2.04 million BTCP when it appeared during the bitcoin hard fork. In dollars it was $3.9 million. Obviously, Bitcoin Private cryptocoin has suffered from 51 attack.

NakamotoJedi has arrived at a conclusion that any blockchain can be hacked, even Bitcoin! it’s only about money. And how do you think, is BTC hackable?

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