$75,000 Bitcoin by August (MOST INSANE BTC Price Predictions)

Today we look at some incredible Bitcoin price predictions at some are estimating the price could go as high as $75k by the end of the summer. Some are calling for an outrageous $10 million bitcoin. Could we see it?

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  1. Charts based predictions are nonsense. Next mania coming some day, but not this year. All time high is going to be at least 100k, but not soon, and only with good economy. Bad economy: people sell bitcoin.

  2. Woo hoo! Hold on ppl things are about to go north just keep up the faith…. instead of leaving my savings in the bank with interests rates going to a historical low of below 0 pct I decided what the heck so I bought some BTC…. I feel it's gonna happen…I don't want to miss out on it again! Fool me once shame on me, fool me 2wice shame on me….love the content bitboy…. love everybody ☮️ out!

  3. Thank you for your advice I take everything with a grain of salt and do my own research. I think though you're on the right track. So many Americans are going to get left behind. Because they didn't listen to me they didn't listen to you they didn't listen anybody. I keep telling people and all they can talk about is how they want to get on video games and play them. I tell him hey quit playing video games like me and utilize your brain power for investing. no financial advice hear. You can look at blockchain technology and see the future. Is it that hard to see.

  4. Im Back!!! The Asia bullish. Remember when I Said, forget about USA, but First sorry for my América friends, but you need to dig that, USA is no longer the #1, its China!!! I told you from the beginning to invest in Asia coins and look how masive is going Zilliqa, Vechain, Komodo, etc. Thank you and everybody that invest in Asia coins are going to have a lot of money, simple as that. Only because Im not a YouTuber doesnt mean that I dont know. Dig it everybody, China!!!! CHINA!!!! Everything that Asia do, everybody in the Rest of the World Will want to have it. Simple, ITS a reset!! A New Monster is going to rule, and thats Asia. Peace!!

  5. Please respond!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think about this stock? Please post video if needed. I’m just curious??? Ticker (Fibk) and look at how it’s tied to (Finn) by the way I do not need financial advice i just need an opinion from a good friend!

  6. This is a hold different time then 2017. This is a hole new monster. I think we will see some things that's hard to believe In this Great Reset.

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