Holy moly. I’m so hyped for today’s episode because what I found today and what I’m going to share with you today sets me very, very bullish. Maybe we have to wait a little bit longer as expected. But in this episode, I’m going to show you why I strongly believe that the price of Bitcoin will go up to approximately ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollars next year in two thousand twenty-one. Also in today’s episode, we’re going to do some technical analysis on the lower timeframe. The price of Bitcoin went all the way up to approximately nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. Currently trading approximately eight hundred dollars lower. We’re going to have a look at what’s up with that. So all that and more intercept sold. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on, everyone? Sunny, decree here. And welcome back to this episode. If you guys like this kind of content and want to support the channel, please make sure to leave like that is completely for free. Takes only one second and it’s very, very much appreciated. The Bitcoin whole thing is only eleven days away from us. I mean, I’ve been seeing this number in here when it was over two hundred and now it’s only 11 days. I think that deserves a countdown in every video already. So very, very exciting times. Also, if we have a look at Google Trends, I showed you this statistic already. But we have now almost three times the search results for Bitcoin morphing compared to the Bitcoin hovering back in 2016. We have to be realistic here. We do not really see an interest in buying Bitcoin all too much, but we definitely have an interest in the search term, Bitcoin, the whole thing. So more people out of the crypto space and maybe also some new people are interested in what’s going on right now and the price prediction off today. In the second part of the episode of the ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollars has something to do with the Bitcoin morphing, but also the stock to flow model. It’s going to be very interesting. But now let’s jump into the short term timeframes here. We’re looking at the one hour chart of Bitcoin and probably already figured that the price of Bitcoin over the last couple days pump approximately 20% corrected back down. So we are now approximately 13% higher as we were a couple days ago. Price of Bitcoin went back approximately eight hundred U.S. dollars. And I hope you gained something out of this volatility. Some people were taking profits. Some people were even shorting and making gains. You guys know if you can play this market, you can play in both directions. I personally still have my long on Fenwicks. For me personally, nothing changed. I’m still long from a four thousand six hundred and forty-one dollar entry point in here. And I’m not going to play the volatility right now for me personally. I’m more into swing trading. I’m trying to take that bigger swings. That is what I’m personally doing. And if you guys are interested in defence, exploit form a video, tutorials popping up on top of the screen right now and my sign up bling down below, you can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus, but this is only for experienced traders. And now let’s jump right back into the charts on the Bitcoin daily chart. There are two important lines I want to talk about. The first line is the 200 daily moving average. The good news is that we are still trading clearly above the 200 daily moving average and we’re kind of consolidating above the 200 days moving average. That definitely sets me very bullish. But the next important resistance line out there is a ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. We also have psychological resistance at 10000 to US dollars. But from what we figured the last time we broke above 10000 U.S. dollars, it was not really a hurdle that Bitcoin respected all too much. But ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars is totally different because what we have seen here from fourteen thousand dollars back down, we had here this 12000 dollar high and then Bitcoin form tiered for the first time at ten thousand five hundred dollars high, went all the way back down here to six or into the middle of the six thousand dollar range, and then went back up again and retest that the ten thousand five hundred dollars, but was not able to break that high in here. So Bitcoin was not forming a higher high and therefore it was not really confirmed that this is a reversal already. Bitcoin went back down again. You guys already figured that went all the way back down to three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, went up again and is now currently trading or topped out currently at nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. So once again, we were not able yet to form a new higher high. And that is very important, as I’ve already shown you in yesterday’s video. So for me to turn completely bullish in here and for me to talk about new all-time highs, I have to see Bitcoin breaking above the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar line in here. And if we can do that, well, then we can actually start to talk about new all-time highs. So far, so good. Nonetheless, two things I want to show you before the ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollar price prediction is once again the comparison Bitcoin with. Candles to the blue line. The S&P 500 mini futures. And as you can see, well, Bitcoin started to go down after the S&P 500 was going down in here. What we see right now is Bitcoin going sideways while the futures for the S&P 500 are going down. But we still have to admit there is a strong correlation still going on in here. So right now, the U.S. stock market is still the leading indicator. And the last thing before it’s going to get very exciting. We still have more than three billion U.S. dollars traded on 10 real exchanges with real trading volume over the last 24 hours. So. Well, the bears are fighting against the bulls and a lot of the bears are fighting against a lot of the bulls. That makes the price action that we’re seeing right now more significant. So all eyes on Bitcoin right now, pre hopping. Who could have guessed? All right. Now let’s talk about the topic which is hyping me up personally very much. And that is that ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollar Bitcoin next year in two thousand twenty-one. Yes, you heard that right. Ninety-seven thousand and potentially even more. And it has something to do with the stock to flow model. Some people were saying, hey, now to stock to flow model is broken and Bitcoin lost its track on the stock to flow model. But that is just wrong. We’re still perfectly on track. I’m gonna show you that right now. And this is absolutely mind-blowing, although we’re not at very high prices right now in the midst of eight thousand U.S. dollars. We are perfectly on track. If you have a look at the stock to flow modelling here, of course, with the 10-day average, there is a big bump in here because of the bitcoin halfling. But the three hundred and the sixty-five-day average is going up slowly. And what we’re looking at in here are the current model prices. And the 10 days would be at ten thousand U.S. dollars. A little bit higher than that. But the 365-day average model would be at exactly the levels where we are right now. Think about how accurate that is. That model does already exist for quite a while and is predicting with the 365 days average a price right now, a pre-hire thing of exactly eight thousand five hundred and ninety-six U.S. dollars. And where are we right now? Well, approximately two hundred dollars above that. So we’re still absolutely perfectly on track. And what’s interesting here is if we analyze the past, you can see here on the 10-day average, the whole thing happened. And then pretty much exactly one year off towards we had a new top in here in Bitcoin. Then with the second half in exactly the same year, we had the whole thing. And then one and a half year later, approximately, we had the top. So what we can expect right now is pretty much the same, that it takes one up to one and a half year. That Bitcoin is going to form not a new all-time high, but a new top. And that top based on this model right here is pretty much exactly by the end of 2021. And that is pretty much exactly at ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollars. And it does not matter if you have a look at the three hundred and sixty-five-day average model or the 10-day average model. They’re both predicting exactly the same price of ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollars. And if we go back to the bilks, take green here. I mean, here you can see exactly the same thing. If we count the weeks here from the whole thing to the first top, we’re talking about approximately or pretty much exactly 52 weeks. So one year and here the exact same thing from the second troughing to the 2017 top, approximately seventy-six weeks. So approximately one and a half years. So what we can expect, not just based on the stock, the flow model also based just here on the Bill X chart, on your BTC channel in here, a bitcoin price of approximately one hundred thousand or ninety-seven thousand U.S. dollars. That will be right about here by the end of two thousand and twenty-one. And look at that, how accurate that actually is right here, how accurate that matches with the BTC top channel. With the cycles in here, with the stock to flow model. With the three hundred and sixty-five-day average model, with the 10-day model, everything is still perfectly on track. So, yes, I personally believe that it is very likely that we’re going to see prices around ninety-seven thousand or one hundred thousand U.S. dollars by the end of two thousand and twenty-one. But that is it all ready for today’s episode. If you guys enjoy this content, please don’t forget to leave like thank you guys very much for reaching two thousand five hundred likes yesterday. And if you haven’t seen my Fenwicks tutorial, it’s popping up by my side right now. Make sure to check that out as well. Thank you guys very much for your awesome support and hopefully still a few in the next one by.


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