Bitcoin price makes a big move today testing huge resistance area. A btc price breakout now could be the first step bitcoin bulls need to see the bull market sooner than later.




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  1. god bless you brother, I hear you, dont get over excited stay level headed and make decisions based on what's going on and uv really really helped me out a lot I just want u too know that thanks for helping come at this with a healthy approach I was losing I'm now winning and I feel as tho you have been a part that transformation much love and never stop you are doing so well these shadow bans are horrible but im here for the long haul, hopefully we will all be in our bitcoin space suits soon !!!

  2. They CCV, thanks for doing these videos. Since I only entered the crypto space this month I bought at 8800 and 8600 respectively. I am personally hoping for that higher low scenario where I can pick up some more at about 7000 🙂 keep up the good work! Your analysis keeps me from freaking out an buying due to FOMO. Everytime I am reminded that 6.5k is still 100% on the table 🙂

  3. Dan, I hope you could occasionally cover Ethereum TA. Seriously your TA on YouTube is the best, otherwise I wouldn’t ask. The percentage gains are going to far surpass Bitcoin.

    As always, thanks for these Btc updates.

  4. Guys we are in a long term pump chill out. Been holding BTC since 2014 not looking to sell. BTC will pump right after its taken a major dump possibly even hit the 5k. Im hoping it reaches 3k but lets be realistic… now with all these newbies getting involved some wallstreet hot shots are gonna buy it back up to 9k and from there 9-10k everybody is gonna fomo in and then dump at 11k back down to 8K and everyone will keep on fomoing in and well slowly pump possibly to the nearest satalite but not to the moon. Ive been fortunate enough to buy BTC when it was in the 200$ range and not too long ago i bought some more when it was dumping i bought some at 4k. Just a heads up guys fucken buy up ETH believe me its the next best thing period. i bought a shit ton at 20$ and i bought another 500 ETH with it hit 178$ i dont think its going under that anymore but in case it is im ready! Good luck guys and be safe with your money.

  5. Litecoin did good too.. I remember the Litecoin videos which is why I subbed back then. Not throwing shade out at you Dan, I still respect you. I just miss the LTC days.

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