ALL FIAT COLLAPSING!! BITCOIN $288,000 in 12 Months – Argentina, Stock To Flow, BTC BULLISH MODEL


And we’re alive. Yes. Well, it comes as another episode of Good Morning Group down here on Ivan Ontake. We are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at 8:00 p.m. Central Time. Yes, I come to like an atomic clock Asian every day. Today, we will be discussing some big, significant events. Number one, fiat currencies across the world are collapsing as we speak, literally as we speak. It’s not some kind of exaggeration. We’re seeing the Lebanon collapse. We discussed it last week. Today, we’re going to focus on the urgency them and what happens there. And, you know, Argentina has a tradition. The government has a tradition of stealing people’s money. We’re going to discuss the court a little effect the court, a little event which happened 20 years ago, approximately. I will explain to you how the government stole 75 percent of people’s wealth in Argentina and why you should really keep it in mind, because the same thing will happen again, not only in Argentina, but in many other countries. Most probably we will see similar events like Court A and you should really know it. It’s when the government can really take your money. Also, you know that Bitcoin is up against old Fiat this year. Already it against all Fiat. We are up. So really remember that Bitcoin is the refuge, the global refuge for wealth, financial refuge for everyone, no matter the skin color, the religion, the language, you speak, your sexuality, you are welcome. We have a radical, absolutely radical inclusion in Bitcoin. So that is going to be number one. Number two, we actually have a crazy two hundred and twenty eight thousand dollar prediction from plan B, from stock to flow model. Now, the thing he has done is that he modeled Bitcoin in terms of clusters, in terms of stock to flow clusters. So basically, you know, in Bitcoin, we have all kinds of different narratives. We’ve had through the years, like each cash, like censorship resistant gold, like cheap payments network, like programmable shared database and so on, so forth, reserve currency for crypto. And we see how these different narratives have changed through the years. And the reason why they change is because the Bitcoin mechanics change. Bitcoin today is not the same Bitcoin before the last hubbing, because the mathematical properties and the financial properties change of this currency. So it’s very important to disguise that really whenever we have a hubbing bitcoin completely shifts, shifts, its form is shift shape. It’s really shapeshifting each and every time. And we move from one use case to another to another. And in the next tubbing, we’re going to see a completely different Bitcoin with way stronger fundamentals. And this is how this model predicts that the next cluster of stocks will flow. You see these different clusters. If you extrapolate, the next cluster will take us to two hundred thousand dollars, two hundred twenty eight thousand dollars. All in all, we will be discussing this a lot today as well. And this is a very important topic, very key topic to understand. We’re going to discuss about the job market in crypto because cracking is hiring like crazy. Three hundred and fifty people, they are adding this year to the company and so many other things as well. Guys, welcome, welcome. Welcome. Everyone who is watching when. I want to. Com slash Leive. How are you all doing? As I told guys in the chat. Before we do have some helicopter actions here in Stockholm, we have soldiers dropping from helicopters, some kind of exercise they have. We’re gonna see what happens. But literally before we went live, I saw helicopters and then soldiers dropping down and helicopters flying very, very low. Basically, it was like five, 10 meters above the rooftops. It’s it’s insane. We’re gonna see what happens. But welcome, everyone, on to the concept live. Let me know exactly how we were doing. Exactly. Animal in this helicopter money. We’re getting helicopter money. Welcome, everyone. I see the first donation from crypto fruit. I like your unicorn picture. Thank you so much for the nation. And let me know where you turn from a secret to your back. Sebastian. George cryptid tax fixer atomic clock. Gabriella. My topper. Great. The crypt of Farzat Izak. So many people. So many people. Global commune. So amazing to see. Let me know exactly where you are chugging from. And by the way, we have another donation from Harold. Exactly. Exactly. Thank you so much. And also, I have some good news as well from our company. Our company has success successfully. We have successfully completed a tax audit. And it’s it’s amazing. So if you want help with taxes in Sweden, just reach out contact at. I don’t think that’s. Com because, look, we have successfully passed all our tax audits because we have been controlled by the government. You know, they checked our books. All is fine. All this fantastic. Why? Because we work with the best people in Sweden when it comes to crypto and when it comes to accounting. So if you’re not in Sweden, I can not help you. But if you are in Sweden, you are tax liable in Sweden. Contact at. I don’t think that. Com is your email. If you have any issues or whatever, because, look, we managed it with perfect score. I can tell you that. Now, moving on to the markets before we do that, we have some some identified flying object. You know, that they basically released now this footage. The Pentagon has declassified this and it’s basically you have files that have basically been confirmed, I guess I guess it is this UFO. So I guess we do have UFO confirmation or just some kind of anomaly, maybe some issue with the camera, really. I don’t really know too much details about exactly what we’re seeing, but it is unexplained aerial phenomenon. So they they cannot explain it. And people start to speculate, hey, maybe Satoshi was some kind of, you know, being from another planet with higher intelligence. He gave us Bitcoin and then kind of disappeared. People in crypto, they go wild mentally sometimes when when they see something like this. And the bitcoin is really the gift to humanity in many ways. But look, we’re going to see what the hell this is. Let me know what you think and whether it is a UFO. Now, we don’t know when it happened. Maybe this happened like 10 years ago. Maybe it was recent. We don’t know that. So let me know in the chat exactly what you think. What’s your view on this is right now? Now we have Bitcoin at the Plaza, zero point sixteen percent web ethe at the mine is Groupon two percent. All in all, quite stable market to date. This fantastic this fantastic Tuesday morning. Choose the morning we’re having right now together. Looking at the big winners Web Aive DEFAT Project amazing 13 percent start stellar, 12 percent digital futures, 10 percent still futures. I wonder when we will have digital Expressen when they actually have their project in in check Lisk at eight percent, Web synthetics at eight percent. Really time for synthetics to recover. So it’s good to see to see this. Now, looking at the biggest winners, we losers more correctly, we have Hive completely collapsing, by the way, 30 percent down and the same time, let’s be honest, they pump crazy. They pump like crazy during the past few few days and weeks. So 30 percent down doesn’t really matter if you look at the insane growth they’ve been having. Did you buy minus 20 by digits, but did you buy tools? Has been pumping? Whatever comes up needs to come down, at least for a bit. We have engine minus six percent. So those are the big losers now. Yes. Please remember just a few days left until our completely free webinar, a completely free webinar, which will happen on April the twenty ninth. We’re discussing how to stack massive, absolutely colossal, ginormous amounts of Satz in this bull market. If you want to know that and how you do it without taking risks. Go and click the link below for our completely free webinar for our completely free webinar. I see we’re breaking a record. More than 600 people watching live on our Web site. Guys, you’re amazing. Big shout out to you. It’s a record. It’s a record. It’s a record indeed. And to celebrate that, if you haven’t been in the free webinar, go and check it out. Also, as you know, we do have our collaboration with by bit. If you go to I went to the com slash live. You see this link right here. You can get nine dollars. Basically, you can then short, you can long. You can trade Bitcoin markets, you can trade the theater markets, you or some SRP. You can use leverage up to 100 bucks only if you know what you’re doing. Because to be honest, leverage only makes sense if you are good enough. Otherwise, you’re going to lose is just it’s just a matter of how these markets work. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to lose. But if you are interested and if you are chasing all reds into. Want to try. Go to the con slash live. Use this link right here. Also our femoris and crypt dot com links. So it’s all for our communities to go and use them right now. Look, we are witnessing something that we’ve never really witnessed before. To the scale on this scale, the fact that fiat currencies across the world right now, as we’re speaking, as you and I are communicating through the inshore webs, as I’m sensing this waves on the Internet to you, we’re seeing all of this fiat mass collapse. And just like I tweeted yesterday and this tweet went absolutely berserk, I tweeted that fiat currencies across the world are collapsing as we speak. Last week, the Lebanese pound lost 50 percent. And you already know that if you’ve if you’ve seen my streams, you know that they lost 50 percent. Absolutely insane. Argentina now close to hyperinflation. Two central banks worldwide are literally printing people into starvation. Time for Plan B. And it’s absolutely correct. Look at Argentina on local bitcoin, the day volume on local Bitcoin in Argentina on Bessel, Argentine Bessel. You see, it is skyrocketing because, number one, they are worried people in Argentina are worried what will happen with their money and what will happen with their savings, with their wealth. Number two, also, we need to recognize that a lot of this increase is due to inflation. We do see crazy inflation. In fact, if we switch to BTC instead, if we switch and we measure a volume in BTC instead of Bessel, you see that is basically the levels we’ve had in 2019. But but in terms of Basle, it’s absolutely wild. And this is the real tragedy. This is how people are losing money by the second. It’s insane. That’s still cele. We have. A situation where your money is being gambled with central banks, gambling with your money and printing, trying to stimulate, trying to do this. It’s all a big experiment experiment for them while people literally are losing the hard earned hard work money each and every second. It’s it blows my mind that this is still a problem in 2020. And what’s worse, not enough with inflation. What’s worse is that the government can literally take your money and do whatever they want. You know, we had this episode on Italy. We discussed that, hey, maybe Italy in the near future, they might withdraw from the euro. And there I speculated in that we do that. If you have euro in Italian banks, what probably will happen is that they will simply convert your euro to the new Italian currency, whatever that will be. And that it might be bad for you because look who once knew Italian currency, which is created really to to manage the debt, to pay off the debt, really, because now they can print it. So you would rather have the euro than the newly created Italian or indeed can be added. Maybe Spain, maybe Portugal. Really, it’s not only about Italy, just in general. I told on the stream that it wouldn’t surprise me that if you have euro in Italian, Spain, Portugal, whatever a bank account and and they decide to withdraw, it will mean that you’re probably going to be automatically converted. And I got so much so much heat for that. I get so much shit in the comment section, say, hey, Ivan, this will never happen. They cannot take my euro and convert it without my consent. Hey, Ivan, this is completely, completely impossible because it’s gonna be illegal for them to take my euro and convert to this new new Italian currency. Guys, they can do whatever they want. This has been done before. It will be done again. Your money in the bank account is not your money. Guys, they can literally do whatever they want. If they want to convert it, they will convert it. And you will not be consenting to the exchange rate. They will not even ask you about the exchange rate. And it’s so horrible because it has happened before. Read about the court little effect from Argentina because the court Alito effect illustrates this perfectly. What I am telling you. In 2001, 20 years ago, the Argentine government stole seventy five percent of Argentinians USD deposits to save the banks and the peso. So let me tell you exactly what happened. What they did was that they took your dollars. Let’s say you had a dollar in your bank account. They converted to Besso because one Pessl was equal to one dollar, according to the official exchange rate. So they forced you to convert your dollars for one bessel you had ten dollars. You get done Paiser right after they did so. Right after they did so they said OK. One, Pessl is no longer one dollar. We are not backing it. We’re not guaranteeing that one pessaries, one dollar, which meant that overnight they converted your dollars to one bessel, one dollar, one Bessel. Then they said, Okay guys, we’re not we’re as far as the government, we’re no longer guaranteeing the one two unpeg. So you’re on your own now. Which meant that one peso was only sorry, one dollar was now for pestles. It wasn’t one dollar, one Pessl. It was not one dollar for Pessl. So you lost basically seventy five percent of your money. Why? Because you were forced to convert. The government can do whatever they want with your money. You’re not owning it. You’re not controlling it. And this will happen again. This was 20 years ago in Argentina. Might happen in Italy, might happen in Spain, might happen in all kinds of conscious, maybe even in Sweden. Who knows? Really, it doesn’t matter. All fiat currencies go to zero. And also, there is no need to be super nationalistic about it. I know I said that about Italy in the last Veja. I got many Italians racing. Hey, Ivan, you know, Italy, we it’s not that bad trying to defend. But look, why are you defending it? They’re not even on your team. Central bankers are not on your team, even if it’s the central bank in your country ahead. They’re not on your team, guys. So no need to be super nationalistic. It may happen in Sweden, may happen everywhere in the world. Just note that the only thing that you should be carrying about is you and your wealth and you shouldn’t be thinking about. Okay. This is really something that I need to be thinking about. We need to support the Bessel because they really wanted to support and protect the Bessler against capital flight. That’s why they converted everyone dollars. But are you really willing to pay such a price for it to bail out your government and to to bail out the bank? The bankers, are you or are you not? Answer honestly, because I don’t see any reason why you would. To be honest. And and therefore protect yourself, protect your wealth and protect your family. Is the only thing that matters. So look. Caught a little. If he is coming back, I can tell a little is not over. It’s not finished. It’s coming back worldwide. And. And Bitcoin is the only protection is the only antidote against DeCaro. Little effect. So please be aware. Don’t take it lightly. And remember, already this year, Bitcoin is outperforming all Fiat or Fiat is right now being outperformed by Bitcoin and. Steel and yet steel, if you ask your financial adviser, he will tell you, oh, man, you need to be careful, you need to be careful with Bitcoin, you to be careful with cryptocurrency sky, some kind of scam. Very volatile, very volatile. You better be in cash. Maybe the stock market will collapse. You can use your cash in the stock market. But look, tell that to people in Brazil. Forty four percent lost against Bitcoin. Tell that to people in there. What is this? Is that done with the flag, please, guys? Is it the Colombia? Sorry, my geography teacher wouldn’t be proud. I don’t recognize the flag, but it’s 28 percent nonetheless. Argentina, 16 percent. We have China. Even China, six percent. So all in all, Colombia. Exactly. Colombia. I thought I was told also Colombia. What is this? Indonesia. Right. Eleven. Web check. Rubab. But check. Is this anyway anyway. Don’t test my my geography skills. You understand that bitcoin is outperforming most of us. It’s outperforming most of the all of the fiat currencies in the world. So that’s that’s why it’s so important. Look, moving on, moving on. Not only is Bitcoin a true reliever, true reliever of the financial burden that many of us have because we do not really decide what we’re doing with our money. We don’t really decide how we’re gonna spend our money and how we can really manage our funds. By the way. I see. Or Lexing revenge on the krona is wrecked. I know. I know. It’s it’s a sad story. What happened to your vision, Krona? No vision economy is highly connected to the oil. You know that we’ve been. Oh, the helicopters are gone. Are gone. So we did not guess what. They’re gone. So you see, the Norwegian krone is so connected to the oil. That’s why we in Sweden, we always sell Norwegians that your days are numbered, guys. Oil is either gonna run out or it’s gonna collapse in Sweden, at least we have industry, we have global companies. We have global production. So we usually joke, you know, that, hey, individuals are richer, they’re richer right now. But but your oil gonna run out or it’s gonna go too negative. Well, exactly what happened. But anyway, it’s a strategy strategy that you had a Norwegian kroner and you lost thirty three percent against Bitcoin. Absolutely tragic. The same in Sweden, 50 percent. I mean, we’re not some kind of role model either. Swedish krona has also lost significantly, significantly, significantly. So that’s that’s why you need to understand the only financial global refuge you have. It is crypto. It’s global, doesn’t discriminate, radically inclusive. It’s radically inclusive. And that’s why it’s so key. Now, I want to also show to you this the fact that we are not only breaking ourselves free on the personal level, on the personal freedom level, but also when it comes to building new businesses and building new ideas. And they want to share with you this video from Jack Dorsey basically explaining why Bitcoin is so important for them as a company, as a financial company, because they cannot do their business, they cannot do their business without begging the bankers to let them do their business. And that’s not how it should be. That’s not how it should be. So let me know if the sound works. I think it should work. And let’s listen to our friend, to our friend straight from the U.S. broadcasting, Jack Dorsey. So let’s hear what he says. I believe that the Internet deserves and requires a native currency and a notary. I’m such a huge believer in Bitcoin because it is our biggest problem as a company right now is we cannot act like an Internet company to open a new market. We have to have a partnership with a local bank. We have to pay attention to different regulatory onboarding environments. And a digital currency like Bitcoin takes on a bunch of that away where we can potentially launch a product in every single market around the world. Because they’re all using the same currency. There you go. There is no need to beg some kind of bank to please let us collaborate with you. Please, please, please. Begging, begging the cartel, please open up. Please let me do something in finance. Please, please, please. You know, why is it so? Why? Because it’s a walled garden. That. That’s why. That’s why it’s so. And that’s also why you see that there is no way for us to break the walled garden that you remember yesterday with the Scotts. There is no way for us to break the walled garden. And by the way, big shout out to Alex Freedman. It is his podcast that we are taking this video from. I hope it’s okay, but be shout out to him. Go follow him. Leks Friedman, artificial intelligence spot. Guess one of the greatest podcasts right now on the planet. Absolutely. Planet. So I’m sharing it in the description, the Twitter. But look, you understand that we are breaking free on on a personal level, on the corporate level as well, because just like Jack Jackdaw says, why should we? Why should we beg? Why should we beg? But what’s important is that we will never break the. The walled garden. We will never get into the banking cartel. They will not allow us. Obviously. Why would they. Why would they invite us? While the. But you know, the crypto community. Do you think they will invite us? Absolutely not. So that is why we should not fight the old. Let them have the walled garden. Let them have the moat, like we discussed yesterday. Remember, when you are a business, you tried to build a multi around your business so nobody can attack. Nobody can start building a similar idea like you. So you build up a bunch of of moat, a bunch of walls. So you have regulation, you lobby for more regulation. So it’s more difficult for someone else to start. So this means that we need to walk around, just like Jack Dorsey says, when it’s a new system. We cannot buy the old. They are just too fortified with Justin to walk around their system, just like Facebook did not invent the better newspaper. Like it better. I don’t know how people socialize before Facebook. You know, you understand how to compare it. But Netflix did not build a better TV station and an urban B did not build a better hotel. It’s all about walking around the moat, walking around the problem and and innovating. Now, shifting gears quickly, shifting gears quickly. We’re moving to Bitcoin stocks to flow. And while why we’re going to two hundred eighty eight K very soon. We’re actually at 228. I think this I think I messed up the numbers, but truly, whether it’s 88 or 20, it does not really matter. Let me just quickly double check. It’s 88 to 288. But what’s important to note here is that we are shapeshifting. Bitcoin right now is not the Bitcoin you knew from a few years ago. And it’s completely fine. And you see many people sometimes mocking, mocking Bitcoin that we’re shifting our narrative. You know, we went from digital cash. We went from that to cheap payments network. And you see here on the chart that in 2009, this blue area was the biggest. So it was a cash proof of concept, the biggest use case for Bitcoin that the community was discussing. And then you had the bit of cheap payments. I mean, people discuss that as well. And then a bit of the yellow one, which is censorship resistant, E. Gold here as well in the beginning. And then as we move, as we move to the right, you see how it’s changing. So digital cash is cash proof of concept. It basically went to zero. We’re not talking about cash anymore. And we haven’t since 2015, really, because here’s where the blue the blue portion went to zero superrich at desks. Amazing. Horst, you sent Bitcoin. We always send Bikash. Anyway, I think Bikash as well. Thanks so much. Cheap Payments Network. It also declined. And right now you see that digital gold is number one. I mean, that’s the fattest portion. Does the fattest portion the yellow one too, does the number one narrative we have as well, the green one, which is reserve currency for crypto here. And then we have the pink one, which is uncorrelated to financial assets. So you see narratives are always shifting, narratives are always shifting. Why is it so? Because Bitcoin is changing. Bitcoin today is not the bitcoin. 10 years ago or five years ago. Why? Because this toxic flow is changing. The scarcity is changing. Everything is changing. You know, 10 years ago, it would take one year of inflation to replace the full supply 10 years ago when Bitcoin really started. You see that we were about one in stocks with flow ratio. Now, for all of you who don’t know what stocks the flow is. Quick reminder, stock to flow is how many years it takes for new inflation to basically produce that much new money. So it is exactly the same as you have right now in circulation. So we have Circo things supply. And then you ask yourself, OK. Looking at the inflation, how much years, how many years, how much time will it take to replace the current circulating supply? Basically, to produce as much debt is currently circulating. And 10 years ago, it was one year in one year we printed as much as was already in circulation. And then we have been moving towards higher and higher numbers here and stocks of flow. And right now we are at between 10 and the hundred. So we are somewhere here in between. And obviously, that is a completely different beast than when it was at one or when it was at 10. And we are moving to 100 very soon. Basically, that will take 100 years to replace the current circulation supply only from new inflation. It will soon take 100 years. And so obviously, it’s a completely different asset with completely different mechanics, with completely different supply and demand and scarcity dynamics. So that’s why the narrative is changing, because the whole asset is changing. So basically, he combined the different stocks to flow clusters. And he tried to map them to different narratives. So, for example, Biscayan cluster number one of stock to flow was was it payments, proof of concept? Then you had the gold being here, Kluster, number three. And now we’re moving towards financial asset class number four, global macro uncorrelated financial asset. That is a bigger narrative right now. And you see that the next cluster, the next cluster will be somewhere here. And he also put gold and silver. But the next LASWELL probably will be somewhere here around gold that the stock to flow will go even further towards the right. And of course, the price will follow upwards if this model holds, because you see that as stock to flow increases, so does the price and the price. Exponential. We’re basically increasing in orders of magnitude on the price as the stock to flow goes up on the x axis and the price exponential goes on the Y axis. So when we will soon jump to yet another level of stock to flow and we will be even closer to 100 years to replace full, full supply, we’re going to build a new cluster around here of of Bitcoin’s stock to flow. And we’re going to have probably a whole other narrative. And if you try to extrapolate that, OK, first class, there were some was somewhere here and we had the total market cap of a million. When the stock to flow was about one, then we jumped to total market cap of one hundred million and stock to float jumped as well. Then stock to float jumped again. We went to 10 billion, then stock to float jumped again and we went to 100 billion. So now when stock to float jumps again, where will we be? Is the question in terms of total market cap. And if you do the simple calculation, you’ll see that we are going to two hundred eighty eight thousand for one bitcoin, two hundred and eighty thousand for one Bitcoin. And that is some ways to calculate the future price and have some kind of model of the future price. It’s not bulletproof, obviously, because it’s not even been peer reviewed yet. As he says, please be aware that this is only the first step and has not been replicated or reviewed. But this is an issue in theory. And the most important takeaway from here is that Bitcoin is a shapeshifting, just like water going from solid liquid gas ionized or like the US dollar going going from gold, basically backed by gold to paper bag by gold or actually more correctly, dollars going from being actual gold to bagged by gold to bag by nothing. It’s still called the dollar, but it’s a completely different beast. It’s completely different mechanics and completely different fundamentals. So is Bitcoin Bitcoin in stocks, a flow of one is not the same as Bitcoin. Stop to flow of five or ten or a hundred completely different concepts. So in terms of the timeline, I see people asking in the chat. What about the timeline? We are looking at twenty twenty to twenty, twenty four. It’s impossible to say. Could happen in 12 months. Could happen in twenty, twenty four months but 12 months. Completely probable. It is probable but also twenty is probable as well. So it’s basically timeline is always the most difficult. And that’s why bitcoin is more for holding long term. The timeline is impossible to say whether there’s going to be this year or next month or 2024 is basically the whole cycle that in this cycle that we are right now in the cycle of Hobbins before. Right now and the next halving that is when this will happen. And just like here as well. All of this timeline is somewhere between the halving. So that’s what we’re talking about, because then the next halving is going to happen and then we’re going to see a whole other beast. Bitcoin is going to be something entirely different yet again. So that’s very important. And once again, not financial advice. Just how I’m thinking. Do whatever you want with this with this information. But it is interesting. It is interesting nonetheless. Let me know what you think. If you agree or disagree with this amazing, amazing model done by stocks, you flow by Plan B, we’re going to see what’s happening. But but. But but now, whenever you hear some kind of Bikash phonetic or BSB Phanatic complain that Bitcoin is changing narratives explain to them that Bitcoin is changing itself. It’s changed itself. The fundamentals are completely different. So that’s why it is also changing its narrative, because it’s being used for different things, because it’s different. Oh Horst, we have some Bikash. Thank you so much. BTC will probably soon be unusable for paying for Supercharges when lightning. No, no. BTC is usable. You can do instant with instant zero. Com. Supercharged because we’re not shipping anything. We’re not. And we’re not shipping anything. So you can do BTC if you want. You don’t need to wait for conformations and then we check whether the transaction got confirmed or not. So look, we don’t even need the lightning for this, to be honest. We don’t even need lightning hakes fanatic’s exactly when Hecks finance gone. Then you go and they say you’re going to explain what Bitcoin is horse anyway. It is a shelter two. Thank you so much. Obviously if you send Bikash we’ll take because that’s. You could even send. No, you cannot, son. That’s impossible. That’s impossible. And look, zero come for us. Works fantastically well. So please try. If you haven’t, you can. You can do superjet with Bitcoin. It will be instant. It will be instant. And for us, it works fine because we’re not shipping physical products. If you’re shipping physical products, you need to be careful, obviously, because that transaction is not fully confirmed. OK. Moving on, guys. We have a boom in the blocks in industry right now because as everything is collapsing, this is the time. So I guess this is the time to go all in. You guys need to go all in. Mentally, physically, professionally, with all your time, you need to go into crypto with your mental time, with your energy. And you see that we are expanding like crazy. For instance, our company hired 18 new people this year for academy. So, for example, if you are in the academy, you know that you get personalized that plan. You get the personalized personalized assistant that will help you to complete your study plan. You can reach out, take your time to them. We have staffed up like crazy because we are going all in in this bull market. And the same right now is going on in all kinds of different ignitions of crypto exchanges being one of them. So we’re seeing I can, for example, going absolutely wild, hiring three hundred and fifty people because everything is collapsing across the world in terms of fiat. So people are going back. They are going back to words towards sound money. And that is obviously crypto. So they come to crack and obviously they come to us for education. And that’s why it’s so important for you guys as well. If you’re watching on the live side, I would say the concept of check out the courses below, because if you are not trying to get full time into crypto right now, I think you are really misjudging the situation. If you really think it’s time for a career change, go to Academy Dot. I wanted dot com get certified. We will certify you. And the thing is, we are working together with industry leading corporations, as you can see on our landing page. Let me quickly show you right here when it comes to employment opportunities. We are working together with these corporations. So do not take it lightly. Go and get your certification whether you want to program or do business or blocking one to one or define web. So many courses, so many attracts is always something for someone become programming game program. I mean, it’s a lot it’s a lot of guys, whatever you want to do is in the academy. But I would say that’s com slash life academy. I little with a dot com, no slash live. I’m too used to advertising our life page. So it’s a Kazimi that islands dot com. Nothing else guys. Milda I was a dot com. And then if you want something for free, you like freebies. You’re a freebie guy. Freebie girl. You want something for free. Just that’s absolutely fine. Go and sign up for our completely free zero bezels involved. Zero pestles involved a completely free webinar where we’re going to discuss how to stack massive, absolutely colossal amounts of Satz in this bull market. Completely free. Absolutely free. And you sign up and only join if you haven’t been in this before. And if you haven’t been in decades. So this is on April twenty ninth. Go and click right now. Straight away. Don’t hesitate. Now moving on. What one to give a big shout out to krip dot com. You know I’m Houghtaling s.r.o.. You should know that and I’m holding mce also you should know that I’m a bit biased here when it comes to reporting, basically pumping my own bag some some people might say, but in reality we are working together as well. I’m holding them and we’re working together. And by the way, what is this. How is ave led than the coin working. So that’s a good question. Ave is a protocol for, for defi. You can, I mean it’s also like what you can do this loans man by Wiser’s slipping my mind you can do the what is called man. I do the loans, the quick loans. Flash loans. Exactly. See you guys remind me. And all of this, all of this D5 protocols are key. They’re key to understand right now. We’re also educating about them in our academy. So it’s key to understand. But right now, Krib dot com has launched a new new deal in the US. Basically, new gift cards are coming and they are expanding like crazy when it comes to supporting retail, supporting retail needs. People love gift cards. They’re launching on all kinds of markets in all kinds of countries, wherever you’re living. I’m sure there is a gift card and you can obviously back it by crypto. So that’s key. Big shout out to crypto dot com. And if you go to I went to the com slash Leive, you go to our life page, you can use this link and get fifty dollars for free. And we will also be guessing 50 doors when you use the link. Now this is keep. We have some interesting statistics about the age of crypto. And guess if you want to please write in the chat how old you are, because that would be fun to read. You know, it’s actually something we’ve been noticing in our academy as well. We have a lot of. Yes. 50, 60. It’s amazing to see it and it’s not something that you hear a lot. Usually you hear that crypto is mating, you know, mainly millennials. It’s not it’s not the older people, but some youth. The statistics speak for themselves. As you can see, web of so many different age groups. It’s insane. It’s insane. And I saw I thought this was interesting because the equity market cap also noticed it. They noticed that, look, we have a lot we have a lot of age groups and them and 65 plus are overrepresented in many cases. It’s amazing. And I’ve been thinking, why is this so? Why is it so that that age group is somehow overrepresented? And in many cases, I think that older people just are a bit wiser. They’re a bit wiser when it comes to money. Maybe they’ve been through a few of the collapses and they understand that you cannot trust money while millennials, they eat the avocado. They don’t really care about what’s going on. They just want to have a fun time. They just want to have a fun time. And they relaxing and they haven’t been experiencing things. For example, they haven’t seen the court a little common bite them. You know, somewhere they they get really bitten. If you survives court lethal, you got bitten real time, I can tell you that. And it takes a bit of knowledge and a bit of wisdom to experience it. And it takes a bit of a bit of losing, a bit of losing money due to the fact how the monetary system is structured. Truly understand the issues, because I think most millennials, they don’t even care that much about how money works at all. At all. At all. So I thought that was very interesting. So let me know what you think, whether you agree or disagree. But that being said, I want to welcome our magnificent our respect, the Buhle Worldwide Superjet to the discussion. It’s my pleasure to remove this headphones because you know that we had a police helicopter wildness going on. Absolutely wild. It was. And actually, I want to show you. Let me see it because I have a recording. I recorded it on my phone. I just need to transport it somehow to my computer quickly so I can show it to her. It was absolutely insane. Basically, helicopters and I even Soss, you know, soldiers dropping from. But now they flew away and then they read quickly in the newspaper. It was a a some kind of, you know, practice. They are they they were doing Praksis. But anyway, let me guess how you are doing. And let’s do some Q&A. Let’s do some Q&A. The powerful chat. Exactly. The magnificence. Respectable and powerful. All mighty chat. Let’s see. Can I download this or not? Can I download this yet? So, look, let me let me quickly show you how can I do it without exposing some sensitive info? Let’s see. Can I do like this? OK. Yes. OK, let’s see. Ocelots it. So see, I’m using my private messenger, so I’m really taking a big risk showing you this, exposing my private messages potentially. But you see, it was basically here, the helicopter absolutely insane. So there you go, guys. There you go. There you go. I don’t know what the hell they were doing. Yeah. Yeah, insane. I really want to show this. So there you go. OK, moving on. What was going on with with the chat? Where were questions, guys? Where our questions told you to prepare questions. We have prepared questions, haven’t you? Can you explain a liquidity trap. Well, a liquidity trap and the crunch would. It’s kind of what we’re seeing right now. I mean, more correctly, it listicle the liquidity crunch. And that is the fact that everyone has loans denominated in USD. All right. But when everything is collapsing and when USD becomes stronger, it’s difficult to pay back the loan. So everyone wants to get the USD to pay back their loan. And they’re getting margin calls. You know that the stocks are falling. Stocks have been falling. All kinds of assets are falling. So a lot a lot of speculation in the global markets have been backed by margin. You know, people use margin all the time. And in global markets, the same. The same, the same. So when the value of the collateral falls, when you have, for example, margin, but you have some kind of stocks as collateral, if you have some other assets and they fall in value, you know what you have to do? You will be liquidated. If you don’t if you don’t fill up your collateral or if you don’t just close your loan. Don’t close your. If you just close your margin position, that’s also fine. But for that, you need dollars. So everyone needs dollars. Very quickly, in the global market, this is what happened in Lebanon. We discussed it. We discussed how Lebanon, their currency lost 50 percent of its value basically overnight. Why is it so? Well, because the government had a lot of obligations in the USD and the central bank. Really? What what can you do? Get that done today? What can you do? You can print money. That’s what you can do. So that is why the global finance system is collapsing as dollar becomes stronger. And it is becoming stronger against other fiat, against other Fiat. There is simply no no choice for many of the governments to simply hyper inflate, to success, to success. So that’s why that’s why. Guys, be careful, be careful. If it is the case that your country will be close to hyperinflation, what will happen? Your assets will probably be taken away from you, just like we saw with Court A. They will try to protect your national garbage currency if it’s close to hyperinflation. And when I say your garbage national currency don’t get old Patriots economy because these guys are not on your team. This your central bank is not on your team, guys. They’re not. They’re not just like the court. Alito even. Do you think the central bank of urgency and then the government of Argentina was on the side of the people when they took 75 percent? So, look, I know when I say, you know, you’re a national garbage currency. There’s always someone who gets upset. But you said, what about my national currency? You’re saying something about my national mike, my pride currency, my national pride. Guys, look, if they’re not on your team, we’re all crypto. We’re all we’re all in the same boat. And you understand that. When you see this code a little, you’re losing 75 percent. These guys are not on your team. All right. Anyway, moving on. So, yeah. So what would they want to say? Basically, when it is the case that a country’s is crumbling in terms of financials, they will not allow you to buy a dollar. They will simply take your dollar convert to garbage. Fiat currency. National currency. They will probably take your gold. They will probably take your assets. They cannot take your bitcoin. That’s what I want to tell you. Why are you not afraid of double spend the tax on your super chat’s? Well, because we’re not. Look, if somebody double spends or reverses the transaction, I will we will just blacklist them and we will not accept supercharges anymore. And I don’t think people will do it. Look at your. Voluntarily. You’re voluntarily doing a supercharged because you like the show. So why would you. So see you. Since you said that you could reverse it if you want. But but then we’ll just keep keep track of that then. Yeah. When you are shipping something physical, obviously I would not ship you like a computer if you bought from me with a one zero coins, but for us it’s just digital messages. It’s fine. What is your take on the Kleptocrat Fund Lagarde is talking about? Will it destroyed the EU union? Actually, I don’t know about the Kleptocrat Fund. I will I will note that Kleptocrat Fund, the interesting kleptocrat fund. So she is talking about it. Thank you so much for educating me. VLF. And that is why we do Superjet. And why would do this chat together that you guys can educate me as well and we can educate together. Thank you for this daily valuable show. Thank you. Thank you. Up NC. Also Bitcoin donation. Bitcoin donation, instant instant bitcoin the nation. So look, it’s all about the use case. We’ve made bitcoin work for us. Our use case. Instant transaction is fine. It’s fine. Yeah. With instant send. That’s you. Yeah. Get man horse. There there are many like Bikash also is my way more instant. And the eath is way more instant. So it’s not about finding better technologies. Just I want people to use bitcoin. People have bitcoin. They want to spend bitcoin. So that’s why we support zero conflict bitcoin. And for our use case, it’s OK. It’s fine. It’s fine. Solid crypto coming with solid five dollar donation. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Let’s see. Let’s see. Oh, he’s onboarding a bunch of people to crypto. Got it. Group to one link, man. What is one link? One link. Me big. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One link is like to shorten. But be careful anyway. We can be careful when clicking links in this chat. All right. Thought you taught us to spend the fifth and never the Bitcoin. If you want to spend the Bitcoin, you can do that. But I’m just saying that most people want. Most people don’t want to. They want to huddle. They want to huddle. And that’s why the merchant adoption is is low, because nobody knew, because nobody is willing to spend bitcoin for other things, like for for buying food and groceries. But we as a group to crypto livestream, obviously, we will support Bitcoin donations. Of course. Of course. Of course. Fiat is like chain for dogs more. You have further you go. Interesting. The more you have, the further. Yeah. I mean, it’s one way of thinking. It’s one way of thinking about it. But what’s important what’s important is that when you spend when you spend it, whether it’s bitcoin or if replenish replenish it. Can you explain me why I have three hundred K limit of buying crypto? I have no clue. Jared, you reach out to their support. Reach out to their support. Probably because of regulation. But I have no clue for support. Reach out to their supports him. I’m not really their support. I just like their products. But each and every detail and the rule of what. How it works. Take it with their support. Yeah. What is the best script exchange to earn interest on your trip. The welder menu. I mean, cryptochrome is one. That’s absolutely one. You have Celsius. You have block fire. You have next. So I am I’m really look, I’m I really wouldn’t be betting the farm on any of them. On any of them. Why? Because you never know. You need to be very rational in how you do this. So be careful. But those are the ones you can try. Answer the one you absolutely can try. If you even even get if you ever get the chance, Ivan, make sure you broadcast from the serving surface. I think we’ll all be on the surface of the moon probably at the end of this year. At least that’s that’s what I’m hoping for. That will be on the surface of this moon. OK, Andreas. When are you launching the central streaming many alternative media news would need to take to Andreas? Yes, we’re working on that. We’re working, working, but we need our core features. So next core feature is a super shot for mobile. So we have Superjet from Mobile, but not Krypto. So that’s our next thing. And what’s good to see, as I see people also writing. We have London real London real getting pissed off on YouTube. One hundred percent. He really got a major, absolutely major issue further with YouTube now. So he has collected he has collected like almost half a million bucks. London real dot com slash freedom, I think it’s called. So let let me just show it to man. What is it like? London real. That old TV slash freedom. Right. Freedom lets you. Yes. So they are collecting these funds and they’re going to build a blocking platform as well. But most importantly, they’re going to take you up to court and. Yeah. So go go and support them if you want, because, look, it’s freedom of speech and it’s not okay. Look, it’s not okay. Where are you basically? Because right now. Your audience can be taken away from you at any moment. So London rule, if you get really fed up. So he started this campaign and he is really working a lot on this. He’s basically establishing a whole trust, a whole trust where people can donate for freedom and and they will basically either either build their own so they have all the funds to build their own. That’s good because they have collected so much. But the next thing is really to to reach a point where platforms are being more like utility. So, you know, for example, electricity companies. Yes, there are they are private companies. Many of them are private companies. There is no way they can tell you you don’t get electricity because we don’t like what you said. Why is it so? Well, you could argue. Well, what they are private companies. They can do whatever they want with their private company. Electricity. Electricity. But some things are just utilities. It’s just that a utility. So when we’re speaking about freedom of speech, the way we speak nowadays, it’s through online. It’s is through through the online mediums. So, look, there are arguments to be made on both sides. I do understand like you to be speaking for all infrastructure, and that’s obvious. So to comment to say, hey, we demand that all content you have is there for it’s also not. That doesn’t make sense either. But there needs to be something that needs to be something in the middle. We’re going to see anywhere. I’m very interested how it is going to go. So that’s why I’m supporting it. Should we no longer be worried about bank bail ins? Now, governments have learned that they can use money printer. So Balan’s absolutely can happen. Depends on which bank and which country. And it also depends on whether your country is sovereign when it comes to the Fiat printing. Because Cyprus, they weren’t sovereign. So they had to beg the EU to do something. And then you said, OK, we will save you. You know that Cyprus, they don’t have their own currency. They have the euro. So they could they couldn’t just print their way out of the out of the situation. So they basically to beg Germany and Germany said, hey, you need to take money from depositors. You’re a big chunk. So you basically have to do a bailout. Yesterday, you were talking about how government has two choices, default or print. Can you describe what will happen if they would actually default? Why do they prefer to avoid that route? Well, look, when you print, everyone stays in power. Every every everything is the same. Nobody changes roles. Nothing is changing. It’s just that the population loses funds. When you default, then you need structural change. I mean, then you really need to go out, undergo a lot of destruction, both economically but also politically. Nobody wants to do that. Why would you, if you are a politician, better to stay in power better? And look, right now, you also can blame the virus. So that’s that’s perfect for it for these guys, too. They know nothing will change, really. It’s only cryptid that will change things. Krypto is the only real thing that can move this world forward, because even if the economy collapses, they will say, oh, it was because of the virus. Who would have predicted that man? Who would have predicted this situation? I mean, we definitely couldn’t predict it. And the economy was fantastic. But, man, the coronis, you know, who would have thought? Who would have thought? So let us stay in power. And because it wasn’t our fault. So that’s what they will they will say, Ivan, the field goes to zero and BTC is at all time highs in what are going to convert, as you see. In what way are we going to convert BTC? Would you short the market? How to act? In case you can’t trust your banks and your BTC is at all time high. And you. So look. So number one question is, if all goes to zero, what do we measure? BTC and probably in commodities, probably in gold or something similar. Because I agree with you that measuring and fiat is meaningless long term. Would you short the market right now? Look, it’s all about how what your talents are. I mean, is your talents to play the market? Then you can short it. My talent is in education and building our educational reach. So that is what I am doing now. If you’re more spending time in the markets and you can and you see that, OK, you want to take a risk and short then. But for me, I’m just long, long term shorting the markets. It’s a bit too short term for me. So it really depends on who you are and what your performances. But for me, I rather put time and building out there Kazimi doing new courses because long term, long term, that will have more impact for me and for anyone. Everyone else. All our students than me trying to time the market in shorts. And yet because the tight look what the thing why is because it’s so difficult to get the timeline to predict the timeline. Now, if you think you can do that, then be good. But timing the markets is not a good idea generally. How? Because while we might be in agreement that the markets must go down the timeline, man, how will you get the timeline? It might happen today or in the month or in the year. How to act in case you can’t trust your banks and your BTC is all time high? Man, I don’t really sure what you mean. You mean that you want to transfer your BTC to fear when you sell. When you sell. Oh, so you have Bitcoin and you want to invest in real estate? Well, when you are investing in real estate and you can cash the whole thing, you don’t need to trust the banks, really. But you’re still trusting our government because the government can take your real estate away from you at a moment’s notice, at a moment’s notice when you need to defend the national currency or whatever they might tell you. Hey, guys. You know, we give. Give us the real estate. We give you this currency huddle with us, please. We need more hurdlers. We have more hurdlers. Otherwise we’re gonna hyper inflate or something. Look, they can take it. They can take it. It’s physical, is there. They know where it is. They can physically take it might sound insane. Some people might not believe it. But look at history. It has happened before. Your money in your bank account is not your real estate. It’s more yours, especially if you don’t have a mortgage. It is yours. But it’s just physically, they could take it. We might. Who knows what kind of political power will be in your country if it really becomes ugly. Just like Ray Dalio says, we need to be worried about populistic movements both to the right and to the left. Imagine that, because we’re closing the long term debt cycle. And usually that means a lot of agony. And when agony comes, you see that the strong leaders take the positions of power that happened in Russia in the 20s. You remember you all remember that happened in Nazi Germany. So, look, it doesn’t matter which which shoe, right or left. If you have real estate, the political powers might take it. Maybe they will explain that is for the best of society. All in all. Why would you sell your Bitcoin at the end of the day? Look, I think your best understanding would come when you see that you don’t have to sell. But if you want to sell it, you could sell and just buy real estate. You’re not depending on the bank. If you if because if you if you don’t have a mortgage, you’re not connected to them. You just own it. And that’s that’s fantastic. That’s fantastic. So that’s a good as well. Now, obviously, if you have a mortgage, then you’re still exposed to interest rates, you’re still exposed to central banks are still exposed to the financial perspective of your real estate. But if you’re fully cash it, then it’s it’s yours. It’s yours. But it still might be taken away from you. Unfortunately, unfortunately, property is largely flawed, in essence due to proprietary loss. All right. Right. What happened to BTC Times traveler? Well, his predictions did not really play out. So I think people just forgot him actually figure around. The timeline isn’t hard. Moving average cross at the same intervals pretty much. Well, timeline is I think it is hard. Maybe you think it’s easy. I generally think that guessing the timeline is part of it. I mean, even the rate that you couldn’t even you know, we discussed a lot that keep Schibetta. He bet against the market in November. But to my knowledge, she did not stick to that because if he would stuck to that, he would be in big, big, great position in the amazing, amazingly great position. So it’s very difficult. But anyway, if you think it’s easy. That’s amazing. Guys, I’ll see you all tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Central European Summertime. We’re going to see if we see another helicopter helicopter going wild tomorrow. Let me know if you think so or not or not. But I think we’ll manage as long as my adjusting to be more focused when I see it, when I hear the sound outside. And to be more focused. Anyway, see you all tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. Central European Time. And good bye, guys. Oh, somebody’s asking. What are you writing? Look, I’m writing. Number one, I have the topics. I have the topics. But also when I’m speaking, I need to write some important concepts because my my thoughts are sometimes before what I say. So I need to write it down. And sometimes I know that I said something and then I continue speaking and then I want to say something else in regardless. I just this is just mental thing. Mental thing to structure it. OK. See you all tomorrow. And goodbye. Yes. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Go to our webinar right now. Completely free smash the smash the link right now. Go and sign up for by bit. If you are a good outraising and they’ll see you all tomorrow guys and shout out to Krypto Hawk for the final donation of the day. Thank you, Ivan. Thank you, guys. See you tomorrow. And goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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