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My Interview with Roger Ver at Anarchapulco:

My work has been featured on “Entertainment Tonight” “The TV Guide Network” and “The Chelsea Lately Show” Click here to watch that 1 min skit (it was really fun to do and I think pretty funny 😉

My writing and columns have been seen in The Yogi Times, The Topanga Journal, In Touch Magazine, OK! Magazine, Z!nk Magazine and others. I have a documented history of accurate forecasts, including predicting the 2008 Housing crisis and the 4th season win for the Lakers in the LA Times as well as many other accurate predictions.

As far as I know I am the only psychic who was actually IN the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, buying coins and making videos back in 2016, and I was actually very late to the game as I had heard about it and considered it back in 2010.

It was in 2018 that the space became saturated with people talking about it and making psychic predictions. I did not discuss it in 2018 because this was a time of waiting, and that’s a pretty boring video. In late 2017 I wrote an article discussing how the crypto space was now in a hidden WAR and that this war would last for 2 years. We are coming towards the end of this war and at that point there will be a LOT for me to discuss in the crypto space.

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