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Some guys is K. today is Wednesday the twenty second of April two thousand and twenty and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about the new trade set ups and I’m sending out for free all my telegram announcement channel if you’re not yet subscribed to that you can just click the link below is entirely free and you’ll get regular trade set ups as well as updates but more importantly I’m putting out information that helps you limit your losses so that a potential losing tried can be turned into a winning trade so if you like the idea of that and you know yet subscribe just don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell and if you enjoyed this content don’t forget to drop me a line so let’s kick it off and talk about what I’m sending out now so of the last couple of months as many of you know I’ll be busy with my profits not the two point indicator which we have also cultivated by the white of cats the crypto I’ll go try it out which will soon be a standalone products that will help you or to make any indicated that you want now we have some massive developments this just happened all profits not about taking daily for cats were you can now exit on in the case is about to really really big thing to show you something pretty cold in the second but the main purpose of these videos is to talk about the trade setups so this was the first one I sent out on Monday I’m gonna be sending these out every night and yeah this is this is footage has also so this is the format I’m sending out on putting the the price on targeting the trailing stops and the truth of the size of the trial on each tried I’m also putting out the blaze on the on the king side between two dollars and ten cents and two dollars twenty three you can see here and my stop loss as well now tells us right now is currently sitting on the just above the initial buy price I took this as a small bite into this is leveraged by ICIJ loaded up on the lotus has also quite bullish on it if you want to use leverage you can do Suggs oval on Pfenex but just be aware I’ll put a link below to find Mexican long short that would just be aware that shots all different to that of the.

What’s on trading view which is why I’m not currently using leverage trading for it myself but how you might want to check it out yourselves I’m so right now we’re currently in the money which is tried they’ve got the same on a else as well exactly the same ascent of the tried sets up and I’m following it as you can see I’ve got fifty percent in the money that’s what fifteen percent of the money about fifty percent of my order has been filled and still got my DC item the bottom here the two point nine four takes on a semi trailing stop as well so I’ve done all of that I’m currently winning and also again on bitcoin let me just bring more of that one of my other screen over that we got bitcoin currently seventeen percent in the money as well all of these are using trailing stops and and stop losses now the reason for that I’m gonna use on this site is at like seven eight see that I’m not the reason that we use to try and stop to get easy theory M. as an example sigh this was my eighth short that I put out no I entered this tried twice so I can see a descending channel appearing on the sixty minute charts so I was going to targeting down about he right about a hundred at one hundred sixty four dollars fifty now we did go down to one signaling that my body’s going was one seven three one seven four my stop loss was one seven five now if you take a look at the Ethereum shot right now we would have been stopped out and we would have lost money okay if it wasn’t for the trailing stop now this is a really important thing site this is my enterprises line it is dotted line have won the seven three fifty that was my entry price now what happens is when I set my trick us of just got back to him I’ve got my my trial starts at one seventy so if you just go back to a theory and we can say that when I entered the trade which was let’s just see the time that I sent a sample to say we send this as an event on Tuesday acts nine run at ten AM like I said.

I’m just about to say ten AM on the theory of so choose day was what the twenty T. yes.

The fast side as you can see here that I entered right on this lie in that that that you can see what I see in detail they’ve got an idea into that so we got like a soft I feel tail lights up.

How does waiting for price so I feel here okay the short flight out quite well and it crossed down as you see here which is the main you can see what happened is it went below this that is the first Green Line this late long Hey this is my take profit trials so basically what happens here is the trial looks in I’m because it had a two dollar tolerance for change this Saddam is going to change the value on a second because eighteen cents so it’s accurate and we can say is what it does is it locks in at this at the one seventy and then if there’s a two dollar movie would have looked in it one sixty-eight and as soon as I thought now I know I didn’t get in this right until then I missed out from this one sixty-eight lakh that which actually that missed out slot anyway but as you can see it pulled back and then it stopped out straight to white one seven so you know I did it one seven three so I did not lose anything on that tried to break even tried even the fees would just about cover it.

Sarginson stupid updates making noise in the computer in the face of just about covered on blind dates are then entered the tried again which happened I’m sorry that’s the first one that and you say when it went up about to stop and at the same time I got stopped by entered into the trade and as you can see here is come down again and it’s crossed the dotted line and then it stopped me out again at one seven safe sites what this is done let me just visualize that for you so you can just say a little bit better with that within circles so I first go in here my luck would have started here. One seventy but then it pulled back here and that was the point in which I came out and then went back in again here.

And as you can see here it crossed the line from my lock and then went back over here very very quickly these tries very very quickly now I’ve given updates on this as well so explained the I came out my age you’ll come back into it and they all my Sims instantly got hit and you see the time’s cover like I said I’m doing all the real time updates so you guys can see exactly what I’m doing and I’m taking the same tries out don’t forget this isn’t trading advice this is just to try that I’m taking and I just figured I would put it out that you guys get safe so in this instance a K. as you sail into this line here with these green circles are not any point to come across that before hitting this one seven two mark so I didn’t lose anything that’s the importance of it all the other tribes are in the money as you’ve just saying so we’ve got the the XRP long that was in eighteen thirty we currently all this just check over on my other screen we currently on eighteen fifty five die Zeit this marginally in the money I love the game changing money this is just all about risk management now that we got the else tried again as I just explained you know that was you know buying in at two five ten and then we check it out we’re two five thirty six again you know like I said in the money and then lost it again the bitcoin tried which is doing quite well now that that was quite a Brul water bodies are in on this but that’s because I’m targeting is a swing I’m targeting I Graham who kind of got a trial stop of a seven four fifty now off to be transparent here this is just a small account on the twenty five X. going full out going for the whole thing here this isn’t the main tried this woman’s ended at six eight nine six as you can say that is actually in the mine tried for may I am waiting on the sidelines to gets in at six six six eight six six yeah I’m waiting for a bounce out I will say that so if you just go over to my.

The thing here on this my my my answering accounts you see here the tribes haven’t traded yet the guy that having triggered yet so for that reason I’m not really going to include that but they all working out in the money so that’s exactly what I’m doing now and I just thought push that out let you guys know about today it’s a great white to unit manager risk and I’m sending out on every set up like I said all of the details that you need side to it just makes it completely symbols if you want to copy my trades you can do so now the one thing I will say as well is I’m obviously busy with my indicates a profit school professional about you don’t don’t get nervous and cats let me just show you this this is a one hundred percent success right sets up for the auto trade them now I want to explain quite a few things area we do have access and the back test isn’t one hundred percent true when you view it on the basic view you have to drill down into what many view and even seconds VACC when I drill down we can say this number’s gonna change it was a slightly I’m a bit that’s allowed in this case it didn’t because if this is a pretty good set up maybe federal then to thirty seconds animal change. Okay because not enough data for it said if you see that but what it what I want to explain is the back test isn’t a guarantee is only showing what happened in the past and what we are currently working through at the moment is to realize that when we find certain settings we got a hold on the settings button this guy‘s hundreds and profitable these are lead that these settings are once you apply when there is a bull trend as you can say about it longs on this one guy so you can differentiate between take longs only shortly and bodies then we look for other algorithms and other that sets up the only successful will have a high success rate when there was only short trends then we looking further out and we’re looking Hey wait a minute this setting is only good on the weekends all this setting is only good with chop once we got like four five different setting than what we’re able to do is we are able to flick between the two automatically so that when you set this up you can go right this is the best setting for loans this is the best and visuals this is the best settings for chop and this is the best settings the weekends because the volume is finna and you can just set and forget and let it ride I say said forget that he’s not quite the case we have an incredibly active discord server and what we have is a page called feed the cats the feed the cat we have all the guys the all killing it with like ten streets in arrive did nine streets in arrive all that sort of thing and they are sharing their winning settings that he S. so that if you’re struggling with this I think these guys will die let we found this really good setting for this particular market period so you know when the last look inside with us shop whether it’s long train with her short trend thank you means he’s doing all of that now if you are interested in getting involved in profits not but we do have a special offer right until the end of might is point one BTC fortis golden point one BTC people the indicator and cats we were going to be charging for cap but we decided not to because you do need a premium all pro version of trading you in order to run the old.

I try to as such we thought it was on the fed to paas on the savings to you guys to have now taken white thirty three percent of the cost so it’s no point to be DCP discord and the indicator and Capt however until the end of the month it will be point one BTC for all of it so you can still get involved it is not too light and we have some massive developments that are occurring not one of the last things I wanted to talk about was all exit on indicates that okay so let’s take a look at this short trend here gonna watch like the short trend here at the short trend it would have flagged and you can see here with a flag on open at around about seven thousand one hundred and fifty four that was that that was the price of this council opened to that size opened at seven one five full and you can see here that is not not not actually closed not very far because what we do is we actually set it so that you close by percentage or by dollar value so we settle it as if the economy of place to try it now this is a tiny tiny tried box what we’ve now looks that we can now exit all on our own another condition which is indicates that crossing right so check this out so this time and that he this line in the middle of the Bollinger bands okay the moving average guy so we can have we can have exit on Bollinger bands moving average cross will be BMI’s we call it so in this instance now we all right with the settlers because he has a slight bounce here what we can do is we can set set the tolerance of one of two dollars which we’ve got already built in but check it out so this prevented at seven one five full it would’ve gone all the way down all the way down and then it didn’t cross properly into here at six one nine six nine one three that is a move of two hundred and forty four dollars million now the only leverage these absolutely monsters and we have just managed to get that implemented so that is a massive massive developments happening on cats you may want to check that out I’m gonna leave it at that I hope you enjoy the video I’d like to see you over in the.

Telegram don’t forget to click that link will also include all the links to profits Noida follow the developments my subscribe hypnotic eyes his bow and I’ll be back with another video very soon.


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