What is that. Everyone, welcome back their video and just as I predicted guys we see Bitcoin did find a bottom. It did bottom out. So Bitcoin is looking very very bullish. The overall crypto market is looking, fantastic guys. Everything is looking good. I called the guys. People are saying 4000 3000 even 1000 bitcoin I said No-no-no. Listen to me. Six thousand is the bottom at least for now. I do see 10000 Won the path to 10k. But this video is about bitcoin isn’t about that it isn’t about the crypto market. The top three best of coins to buy that are not top three best crypto basically all coins to buy there are not bitcoin obviously the real quick before we go any further guys hit I like one that subscribes and as you see right here daily videos one or two videos every single day as you see bam bam bam we get to get the point you and I mean we got daily videos one-two video each and every single day also check out my cryptocurrency videos playlist over 200 very very good videos. They all have over a thousand views. Very educational very interesting very knowledgeable and very entertaining as well as if you like day trading stocks or options. Guys check out my dating life. You see my trades your review I’ve been using the change over to your two years and also my equity and options traders get their first article as you see right here. I couldn’t see early optimism after Thursday’s massacre like winds up 10 percent. Guys I’ve been a fan of like going for a while and as you see the top 15 coin guys everything was getting killed. You know who was it. Ten and a half percent like point thirty six dollars bam I’m a fan. I also do like Stella but not going in long. I just think it’s a good token if you guys know the channel. I don’t like to read word for word like to summarise and paraphrase basically guys everything was going down everything was down. Everything is basic killing guys everything is dying but like going in a couple coins were actually going up they’re making money they’re profitable. So right here guys like when you see this article four hours ago like when it’s profitable we see right here Bitcoin at all points testing bullish break. Bitcoin prices rising steadily and again it did find a low. Higher lows and it did find a bottom and it is being very bullish momentum very bullish. Everything guys. People are buying volume use cases people are using it. People everything is going up to look at the chart they’re looking at a bottom. Is they by K. Yes but the high odds are I was right. I used my chart analysis of my technical analysis and also looking at time and sales looking at everything looking at markets guys reading the information combined with the chart and just knowing the news and how everything goes high or low charts I basically called they predicted it. I see nothing in the way I said five thousand I do definitely think five thousand is a lower percent chance than ten thousand I think one way ten K right now BTC 10k again a couple are coins I hear bitcoins pays. Obviously Bitcoin is the O’Jays number one but this video is our top three cryptocurrencies best all coins to buy other than bitcoin. I’m not the biggest fan of material to be very slow. I don’t like it. Bitcoin Cash I like but I like it when I hear a band like what. Let me just break it down real quick right. Likecoin is a must. You have to have a coin. I said 36 Bam already at 39. I have 20 percent of my new position in like coin 20 percent of my portfolio. 30 percent in chainlink 30 percent of my portfolio. Again 20 percent in bitcoins right there. That’s 70 percent. If you can’t do the math and then I have are right here 15 percent in Dash and 15 percent in bitcoin go. A lot of people said Bitcoin gold. Are you crazy? A lot of people slept on it guys but I personally like it. Look at this chart right here. Guys look at this chart. Bitcoin gold I was talking about it five dollars guys five dollars. Okay, now seven. That’s about 42 percent return. You’re welcome. You’re welcome if you listen to me you made a huge profit out there. Let’s get back to this article here in Oakland. They are pumping guys despite bearish crypto market I don’t like the word. I don’t like to read word for word as you guys know dash going on Tumblr dash Ben talking about Dash Dash is a one should definitely buy DASH is a dash in like coin obviously dash like coin channeling Bitcoin gold that’s what I’m holding. Again not investment advice just personal opinion just investment. Just basically it’s my opinion when it comes to investing it’s personally what I’m doing I’m not telling you what to do. It is educational and entertainment purposes only guys. And that’s pretty much just a quick video and we break it down chain-link I love chain link. Been holding it for a while have a bunch of it like when I’ve been holding looks like wins the 2016 dash I’ll be talking about dash all year long and Bitcoin gold like you made fun of me Bitcoin gold is good guys it is correlated to the stock market as quality to gold and obviously guys in charge are very similar as a bitcoin in the name and it’s very very cheap. Again I bought five dollars I just kept buying more or five dollars seven Mardy up over forty-five percent I want to save say 42 on average obviously it fell but everything you do guys everything you know I’m consistently profitable I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies since 2015 just before 2016 Rush again everything is pretty much good that’s about it keep those markets up Bitcoin down the bottom new highs is very very bullish again I like my video hit I like it they’re subscribing yes so much check out my channel great videos almost over two hundred billion in my cryptocurrency videos pays.


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