Best Ever Bitcoin BTC Buying Opportunity Is Coming Up

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Bitcoin (BTC)

Is Bitcoin slowly going towards the perfect buying opportunity? Anything around 6K levels is going to scream a good risk-reward.

There will be a point in the future when Bitcoin has too many holders it won’t fall below certain levels no matter how crazy it gets, and no it is not the $10,000 level it is more below $6,000 level.

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Best Ever Bitcoin BTC Buying Opportunity Is Coming Up

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  1. This is a very powerful TA analysis/ advice. Not sure where to start from, I must say your level of sincerity is priceless and I can imagine some might not like it but this is some good advice you always tend to give. The 3 numbers you mentioned makes perfect sense. If you don't mind me asking, when do you think this drop will likely happen? anytime this week? I'm always looking forward to your bide since I sub to your channel.

  2. Depends on your perspective and time frame, BTCUSD is sitting on a gentle, daily uptrend line of support that starts on March 12. Breaks this on volume, and yes, $7,000 +- a few $hundred is probably next, based on the weekly candles. Don't expect $6,000 any which way.

  3. Russia is not banning crypto, they are looking at a way to regulate it. 6k!!!!! I’m not sure if you have missed the last dip and are day dreaming about it happening again to ride the train back up, it my correct to mid 7s but 6k or below, think that hair dye has got to your brain. Same for eth, 120$, think you need to change the name of the channel to crypto bear monster lol.

  4. If you're considering investing for long term (2 years) just get your allocation and be happy with it. Ignore volatility, and perhaps buy more at 15-20% pullbacks. Or dollar cost average.

  5. LoVE the hair. Love the new image.
    My first purchase of bitcoin was on the 7th of March at $9.1k. I thought I was getting a bargain cos it was at $11k the weekend…then 2 days later…the crash. Burnt a bit. I bought bits more, but wish I had deeper knowledge and experience …I would have bought a lot more at that point . But the zar value at the time was much better so actually in zar value, the price I paid was cheaper than what I’d pay for it today because rand tanked since March. But it did teach me to TRY be a little bit patient…little bit…

  6. Instead of don't listen to this or that YouTubers, maybe you should say watch it all and make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own actions and bad/good decisions, aka DYOR.

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