$12M Bet on Bitcoin to Crash (Crazy BTC Manipulation?)


Do you guys remember the great bull run of April twenty twenty? It was epic. The price surged to nine point two K was the time of our lives. People were picking out lamb bones and measuring yachts for helipads. The question people want to know now is, was that it? Is it over? It’s what some traders are saying. Find out if they’re correct. Let’s get it. Welcome to deploy Crypto News Edition once per day. I’m here to break down the biggest news stories in the space for you. So if you want to know where Bitcoin and all coins are heading to complete, make sure you hit the subscribe button and join both my telegram groups, the big squad, for just regular crypto chat and also Bitcoin traders to discuss trading strategies. A great place to bounce ideas off people. All right, guys, today we are mostly going to be focusing on the price of Bitcoin and where it could be going. We’re going to be taking a look at whether or not all coins will be pumping as well. Later in the video, we’re showing you guys a new IOW def that is making huge waves that I just put two thousand dollars of my own IWC into. And I’m looking to make some bigger turns on that. And at the end of the video, I’m also going to be showing you guys why one whale believes that Bitcoin is going to absolutely crash. And I want to give you my opinion on that. All right, guys. So here we are. I’ve got the by bit char pulled up on trading view. And I want to be honest with you guys. I lost a lot of money today. I made a trade and I lost a considerable amount of money on this buy signal right here. Now, here’s here’s the important thing. The important thing is when I saw this bicycle here on Famo Trender, I said to myself, I feel like it’s about to pop. I mean, we had just gone up to about nine K. It pushed back down. I bought somewhere in this range right here. And I was excited. I thought, man, we are really going to pump. So I went with irresponsible leverage. Not 100 hundred exec. Somebody messaged a friend of mine who created this foma trender indicator and said, man, I traded seventy five X and I lost my money. You can’t trace every five x twenty five X as irresponsible leverage, which may be about where I was at today. But here’s the thing, guys. This is what happened. I made this trade and it was not. There was no reason for me to make this trade. Because when you look at the famo trader indicator or Foma Train or indicator here, it gave the buy signal. But we were still in the in the sell zone. So what you want is you want to line this up. Your buy indicator with the Green Zone. So right here, for instance, you get the buy signal. It’s in the Green Zone. That’s how things line up. That’s how, you know, to fire the trade. But I got a.. I decide, you know what? I’m just gonna fire off a trade. I’m going to gamble a little bit here. I’m going to go and just go on what I feel like the market is going to do. I didn’t wait for the confirmation. And I got absolutely crushed. So just, you know, just a reminder, when you guys are living trading and you’re using indicators. Wait for them to line up. Don’t be like me. Don’t be a degenerate gambler and things like that. Because if I would’ve waited, you know, I’ve seen we’re clearly in sideways action here. We’re in an accumulation zone, you know, similar to where we were about here, similar to where we were right here. We’re just in one of these accumulation zones. And that’s OK. But sometimes people really feel like they need to overtreat. And I’m certainly guilty of it as well. So if you do want to leverage trade responsibly, don’t go 75 X, you guys can check out by bit use Mylie and you can get 90 bucks for free. But just make sure you’re being responsible. Don’t don’t take a big loss like I did today. OK. So we’re going to take a quick look at the markets here on Claymore Capital. Com Bitcoin come in 1864 theorem to 14 X. Arpey was a twenty three cents drop down to twenty two biggest winners a day H bar. Coming up, huge or 20 percent gainer today. That is a beautiful chart. Biggest losers of the day. We got U.B. T coming in at second with a five and a half percent drop. It is on quite the correction over the last couple days. But what I really want to show you guys is the Bitcoin dominance level. This is a huge number that is tied to whether or not all coins are going to pump. Right now, it’s come in at sixty five percent. Well, we want to see is that number come down when you pull up the chart? You can look. You see, there is a very clear correlation between the Bitcoin dominance level and the rise of all coins. So you look here, Bitcoin dominance level goes down. All coin levels go up. And for all coins season to happen. That’s really what you need. The biggest all seasons were when these coins were peaking the highest. These to this spot right here and then this part right here, kind of hard because this thing always pops up and I really hate it. That’s what she said. But anyways, guys, right now we’re looking at when you look right here at September of 2019, we are in a clear downtrend in Bitcoin dominance. It was it about 70 percent. It’s gotten down all the way down to about 63 percent earlier this week. And we want to see that continue to fall. And if we do, we could get the all coins season that a lot of people are thinking world get prehaps. So speaking of the happening, a big consensus has what is considered to be more accurate, having countdown. It basically goes off of the current hash rate, not the average hash rate over a period of time, which is number on the bottom. Here is what you get, which will get were the main bitcoin happening. Countdown, as you guys can see right now, we’re mining a little bit faster. So as of this moment, it looks like the having could be on May 11th, not on. Well, we’ll have to stay up to date and watch this. But right now, this really this article from Quinn Desk really points out how much faster Bitcoin is being mined at the exact moment right now. Bitcoin miners usually create six blocks per hour. They just banged out 16. So the excitement around Bitcoin to get as much mind as you can before the happening, before those blocks rewards are reduced is really, really key right now for miners. So we might see that happening speed up a little bit. Everybody wanted to be on the 12th. Maybe it could even be as early as the 10th. A while back when Bitcoin was really pumping earlier in the year, people thought it might even be end up being at the end of April. So we’ll just have to see and watch this date to see if it actually happens earlier than people are expecting. OK, so Bitcoin’s been doing really well, but is it over? Was that it? Well, let’s see what some traders are saying about the current price action surrounding Bitcoin. So one thing is when you look at the BTC futures, the aggregated daily volumes here, you will see that obviously we have had a huge surge in volume for futures trading. That includes by bit bit Max. Okay. Ex Bemax, all of these that we’ve talked about in the last couple of days. But Jose, if you look the last time it did really well, that was cell action. That was when the price was crashing. So the thing about futures trading is you can write it up or you can write it down. So anytime there’s a lot of action on the market, you’re going to see that surge, whether or not it is positive or negative, depending on how you look at it, buying or selling action. So as you can see here, we’ve had a huge amount of volume increase in the last couple of days. Now, some people believe that, you know, we’re in a very bullish, a very bullish scenario for Bitcoin. As you can see right here, a one guy says, one trader, a founding partner. It a bit bitches. New capital says ninety five hundred, though, despite the bullish action is a logical place for BTC to take a breather. And I kind of think I agree with him here because the question is, do we really want to surge to 10K and get rejected at 10K? Again, it almost seems better, in my opinion, for Bitcoin to hover right below 10K before the happening. The happening occur, maybe see the price retrace back to about 80, 500 somewhere around there before making that final push above 10K. And hopefully when that happens, we’ll never see prices below 10K again. So there are some more bullish scenarios here. One trader says, I personally think the local top is in little premature to call it. But looks like an SFP. Of the nine point two liquidity void, a bear has blown the F out. Believers, believers, euphoric, would want to see eighty four X hold for continuation. Otherwise, seven point seven K to ACA is the next area of interest to long. So those are some key levels to be looking at. Now, before you get to our story about a whale that says Bitcoin is going to crash. I didn’t want to talk to you guys a little bit about power mine. Now, I will say this. Thank you to Power Mine for sponsoring this segment. However, after I did this, I actually put more of my own money into power mine. But about two thousand dollars of ISC into power mine to stake to buy PPY mine the token. I put more money into it than I was paid to do the segment. So I want you guys to understand that this is something I really do believe in. I vetted the guys who are behind this extremely well. I think they would probably, you know, they’re probably knowledgeable about me vetting them at this point. And this is something that I do think is a really good opportunity for people that are into IWC or into making passive income with DAPs to check out. So let’s look at exactly what power mine is. Power mine diversifies the bank roll across multiple investments within different sectors and change of crypto. The end goal is to have as many different assets providing returns for P mine holders and hedge the bankroll by being extremely diversified. Some of the current types of assets we’re in include both a theorem and try and Yoona. Swap Liquidity pools, bankroll, save bankroll, swap Tron Prime. We also have some exposure to staking tokens such as IWC, which is diversified across high yield nodes. Bitcoin interest earning positions and so much more. In order for an investment to happen. The bankroll has to fund it. It’s got to fit certain criteria of investments. The investment needs to have a great chance of appreciating and value in the future or producing cash flow. The daily distributions to P mine holders to on the profits the bank roll makes. So having a diversified portfolio and thoroughly studied assets is very important. The goal is to grow both the bankroll and the distributions, always from a fundamental investor and long term perspective PMA and simplifies having to spend countless hours researching multiple projects and provides the maximum level of diversification as an individual investor in order to match the diversification and hedging the P markets. It requires a lot of time, which most investors just don’t have. Additionally, the team and the core community members have been in crypto and in the DAP defy space since the start. So they have previous experience to use it. Pea mines advantage would be mine. You can look for time, efficiency, diversification, growing cash flow and risk hedging. Check it out today. If you want to check out a power mine, I will put the link down in the description. And then also, they do have a perpetual dice game coming soon. Right now is just taking. But there will be a dice game as well. So I will put that information down below along with our telegram link. But I do want to talk about this story because I think this story is very important, guys. Bitcoin will suggest BTC price will crash. Having is priced in others. The same thing we saw people saying during 2016. But check this out. So this is a Bitcoin whale. And ironically, it’s the same Bitcoin where we looked at yesterday who is down millions of dollars as he is shorting the market. Joe, Double 070, big trader on before next. He says, no, of course not. It’s not priced in. On the very day of the great happening, everybody will finally realize how underpriced BTC is. They will all rush to buy it in droves with their unemployment checks. Joe, you say that very sarcastically, basically implying that because the stock market will continue to not do well, that people are not going to have money to go and buy Bitcoin. He’s put his money where his mouth is. And you guys can see we looked at yesterday. He is down eleven million dollars in a short. Now, here’s the question that I would want to look at here, which is, is this a fake out by this guy? Okay, yeah. He’s down 11 million dollars and he is putting his money where his mouth is in a short. But he’s such a big whales that money is not really that significant to him. So a lot of times we seem whales manipulate the market. So is that his way of doing this? Is he trying to manipulate the market maybe to go up higher to the upside? We usually see whales manipulate market down instead of up. But if we ask during a big bull trend, then maybe we might see that change. So definitely something to watch out. In my opinion, I still think a look, guys, you guys know this. If you watch my channel. I am definitely more bullish than bearish. I’m bullish almost all the time. If I even say something relatively bearish on this channel, people destroy me over it and things like that. I am bullish. I do think that the president wins going above 100K. I think it’s eventually going to get to a million. I think that happening is going to see a huge pump. We will see a drop, in my opinion, immediately following the happening. I do think we will see that. But ultimately, the price is going up. And I think it’s going to go up significantly. We could see the price drop back in the 6000 to 7000 dollar range. But I would probably think that really the seven thousand dollar range might be where we end up before, you know, after that happening. Maybe if we get up high enough, it could drop back down to K or so. But, you know, when we have of saying this is definitely something we have to pay attention to. So let me know what you guys think. Tell me what your thoughts are on the Bitcoin happening. Do you think that we’ve seen the all of the pump we’re going to see before that happening? I think we have another leg up. Do you think we’ll break 10K, drop all those cancers down Downbelow in the comment section? I’d love to hear what you have to say. And I hope you enjoy this video. If you did, please make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to become a member of the big squad. Thank you so much watching. Have a blessed day, boy.


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