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Aiyo, what is going on with viewers of the tube? First, let me introduce myself as Tyler and I’m the host of the only Krypto channel that believes government services should stop sugarcoating things and tell it like it is. Thank you for calling the New York unemployment claims deficient. We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to make it cosmetically look like we are trying to help you. Old New Yorkers will receive full compensation. They are entitled to press one to eat my. First to you, Dr Chokey. For three, two to rot in hell. Here are the options again, press hero. Goodbye. You know how we automate. It’s time for Chico Crypto. Wow, Wee Waa. It’s all I gotta say about Bitcoin in the crypto markets pulling out Bitcoin seven day chart. Sharp bang. Solid upward bullish movements the entire week and over the past seven days, up over sixteen hundred dollars or about twenty-two percent. And of course, every other art coin is following what BTC is doing. All coins seriously green over the past seven days and almost every coin green over the past 24 hours. And you know what the moon boys are doing, saying having pomp. We are going to 10K and now use my bit leverage link, please. Now, I’m not saying we aren’t going to 10K. This is not the pre having punt because it actually is. But it’s Bill on shadiness and it’s not natural one frickin bit, which is so obvious to see when looking at the declining volumes since the mid-March crash, especially with USD. It’s been deflating down week after week. And as of yesterday, we were just over 100 million in 24 hour USD volume, which is peanuts. If you check out yesterday’s Teather volume, nearly fifty-eight billion dollars. And looking at the old USDOT, we need to look at an exchange which trades a good majority of these tokens buying and their volume is now over 80 percent. You at Dedi and looking at by nancies volume, which is 80 percent Teather. It has been declining to since March hurm, a declining volume overall and an increasing price. That is weird, wouldn’t you say? You would think with a pump over the past couple days, the volume would at least get to half of what it was mid-March. Right. Well, I’ll tell you exactly what is happening. Whales are in the process of liquidating BTC for straight-up USD. Most of the USD volume we are seeing is from those whales. They are doing it undercover, manipulating the prices with Teather. Most of that volume comes from them, too, which gets the markets pumping as they need phono and the crypto head still involved to market by their BTC as they slowly liquidate on the USD exchanges. So where does this Teather come from? The Teather cartel, which consists of a bit for next and friends. So let’s just go to their exchange before next their cold wallet for BTC since March and see what has happened. Dang, I love BTC and if we zoom into March, as we can see, they dip from over one hundred and seventy-six thousand BTC March 1st to just over one hundred and thirteen thousand. As of yesterday, 35% of the BTC from before next is gone or over fifty-two thousand BTC worth nearly half a billion dollars. And in my opinion, this BTC was liquidated for USD acrostic changes while the markets were manipulated upwards with printed teather are dumping their BTC while printing U. S DTG. I mean, one point two billion of them were minted this month alone. And whoever is behind all of it is a criminal mastermind. And speaking of criminal mastermind, we got to talk about a thug who we all know is a part of the Teather cartel as their exchange is providing over one point six billion dollars worth of U.S. D.T. volume per day. That is by naans. And we have shown that connexions time and time again between finance and Teather. Let’s rewatch now. Now, remember Xao Dong before next shareholder he is extremely tight with before next. Even posting this picture with CFO Giancarlo Devinney SC claiming to have seen Teather Bank accounts fully, fully, fully full. Well, XAO isn’t only a shareholder in Bitcoin ex, but he’s also an angel investor and in Viser and by naans, according to the first release of their white paper, need more evidence that Sisi is a part of the Teather cartel. How about this conversation with the crypto LA? Now I just want to ask you as well. There’s been a lot of accusations made against the guys over at Teather. How do you feel about that situation? What’s what are your thoughts on it? My general feeling is that there’s always more thugs in the community than there are positive things. So and the fun is usually more overreactive. I did meet with the key guy from next in person, as you did a couple of weeks ago. And we didn’t talk about this issue. And there was a couple of other guys who I trust. Pretty high degree. They said that I had to look at the accounts. Yes. He met with the Teather exists and a couple of people he trusts looked into their accounts. AK xiao dong. So obviously, in my opinion, they are close. But what does by naans received for being a part of this operation? What do they get to do by being one of the exchanges which receive a bulk of this tainted, stable coin? Pump and dump their shack coins. That is what the finance listings. And there I go. It’s the same sad story for almost every single one. Troy Iino, great example. Coins are listed and pumped with whale USDOT volume. But as time goes on, the volume leaves and price it deflate. Down. Same with every IPO. Severity is sometimes more severe like Perlin, sometimes not as severe like kava. But overall, the pattern is the same. Never a win for long term holders and consistently a long term loss. Which isn’t good for a coin looking for long term viability. But those are the IPO listings, which are disgusting in their own form. But by Ananth also pools the regular exchange listing and their most recent one with Salana, of course, is shrouded in controversy. Salana got the regular exchange listing earlier this month. And of course, the coin pops like a son of a gun April 10. Everyone was covering it. But since then, it has been deflating down. And so has the volume. Well, what are you going to do once the biomass USDOT whales get done with your coin? A project needs to market. Make a case. Get some frickin volume and point movement themselves. And like I said, once you go the way of the dark side of finance, there is no turning back. Solana has quietly unlocked eleven point three million tokens, move them for their operations, which should have been locked for another 10 months. And here’s a reply from the team. They admit they are unlocked on a loan to a market maker. And out of the team’s control. But don’t worry, we are not profiting from it. And a dumpster fire has started because of this. Ryan Shay, team member, as seen from their website, was on telegram. And he said to a member asking about this situation. Thanks for your concern. We’re sorry for the miscommunication and apologized for misleading our community. How so? Investors get lied to. And just a sorry bud. Well, that community, they wanted more information regarding the tokens of which community admen and manager Dunton Wilfred replied. Details of such are confidential and under NDA NDA. I wonder why and wonder who does those all that time. Who most likely got the tokens? Finance did my friends, in my personal opinion, as they have the largest basket of market makers in House and they’re buying and market maker program released seven months ago in September of twenty nineteen is the largest in the industry. So I just exposing what is going on people. This doesn’t make me bearish. Actually it makes me bullish short term as the regulators, they have their hands full with everything going down right now in the normal financial world. So guess what? They are going to play by Nance Tether and they are going to play hard, especially getting forma going for the BTC having. But long term, it isn’t good for the markets. I mean, if this two-person Chieko Crypto team can figure it out, it won’t be a long and tell the largest stable coin and largest change teather in finance. Have those mount upright on top of them. When will that be? Well, you never had a single look on Teather in Bit Phoenix when they were just a tiny stable coin before the twenty seventeen madness with a market cap in the millions. In April of twenty seventeen USD circulation was under 60 million, but in less than a year, by January 2018 it was over two billion. That is when I started coming from places like the New York A.G.. Two billion is a lot different than a million. Well, now it’s nearly four X larger, almost eight billion. And the higher that goes, the quicker regulators will zero in on it. And I would put serious consequences to come for those involved after the next massive run just over a year and a half away. Cheers. I’ll see you next time.


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