BFL Bitcoin ASIC Teardown

The day is here! Nathan from Syn Shop, Las Vegas’ local hackerspace, helps me disassemble BFL’s fancy new ASIC miner. I see a bunch of chips and capacitors, he sees a lot more. Of course the one downside to filming in an active hackerspace is it can be a bit noisy, so please forgive the audio.

As promised in the video I did get ahold of the BFL folks and they confirmed that the ASICs in this unit are running at 170 MHz. They also inform me that unlike some CPU manufacturers I could name the thermal pads they’re using are actually pretty nice, at least as efficient as AS5 and replacing them with compound could result in coplanar issues with the chips. So yeah, don’t do what I would’ve done if I’d remembered to bring the Arctic Silver.

Accompanying blog post with lovely pictures:

Special thanks to Syn Shop for lending me space, tools and a brain:

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