In this video, big news for Bitcoin, one of the most reliable buy signals historically for Bitcoin just flashed a massive buy signal, just like MFM Crypto said here on Twitter. And he says also here that this happened eight times in the Bitcoin history and the average maximum return was over 5000 percent to the next top. And also, some people are saying now that Bitcoin is trading at fifteen thousand dollars in Lebanon. This is not accurate. But I do want to talk about what is happening in Lebanon with this big currency crisis that they have. And also, look at this chart. This is going to a new all-time high, breaching 6.5 trillion dollars. This is the total assets held by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is printing currency like never before. And if you think that that sounds interesting that I think that you should deflate. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl and I image being you this cryptocurrency video. And before I take a look at this crazy buy signal for Bitcoin, I want to take a look at this short term price action, because if we zoom into the 15 minutes chart here, we can see that because basically going perfectly sideways within this zone that I’ve previously I outlined here, this zone is between 7.6 thousand and seven point five thousand approximately. And this seven-point six thousand dollar level is a nasty resistance level, just like I’ve pointed out previously. And we can see how Bitcoin has gotten rejected by this level several times here. Actually, one, two, three, four, five. And then we saw a crazy week to the upside, but bitcoin came straight back down again. But basically, we can see that the point of most touches here is definitely a seven-point six thousand. And I’ve been talking about this level because historically it is very, very important. And when you look at the V.P. are you can clearly see that that is the case. Just like I talked about in yesterday’s video. And if we zoom back to the daily chart, which we can see here, of course, that Bitcoin broke out of this symmetrical triangle to the upside is running into this resistance of seven point six, approximately. The target, as I’ve said before, is all the way up at eight points seven. That does not mean that Bitcoin has to go to the target, of course. And in a breakout trade, when you do the trade, of course, it’s always good to put any stop loss above the breakout line, which means that when this reverses, if it were to revert to the downside, you were always going to be stopped out in a profit because breakout trading is not guaranteed. Actually, meeting the target is maybe only 60 percent chance or something 60 maybe 70 percent chance in some circumstances, but it’s not guaranteed by any means. That’s why we always have to keep an eye on this resistance and other types of resistance. One other point of resistance I want to show you is the weekly twenty moving average. And here you can see the purple line. It is the 20-week moving average. And Bitcoin has respected this level so many times. And usually, when we break above, it was a bull run. Will we break below it? We see a bear on bitcoin retested. This one right there. Got rejected. Came back down again. And as you can see, this is a significant level. And because basically adverting straight into this resistance right now and this is what we are at a critical point, because if you get rejected here, then we should expect more downside movement. And of course, a buy signal would occur if bitcoin breaks back above this level, just like buyback here. If you remember what we talked about when Bitcoin broke above here, that was a buy signal and bitcoin did indeed go up from that level. Bitcoin went up approximately twenty-three percent, a little bit more to the exact top, but basically that was a Bush buy signal. So let’s see if we can push above the twenty weekly and it is currently sitting at approximately seven thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars. But next up, let’s take a look at this buy signal. If you remember the collaboration I made with M.M. Crypto a couple of weeks ago, we talked about this hash ribbon and Evan Crypto was talking about all this. This indicator has led to very good buy signal historically. And this is what he said in this recent update. The Bitcoin shape indicator has remained just flashed a massive buy signal. This happened eight times in the Bitcoin history and the average maximum return was over 5000 percent to the next top. And this is the image he pointed out. I’m going to go through this in the chart in a minute. And also, crypto lock made an update here saying that the beacon has ribbons flashing by the last three times it happened, the price went up by forty-five percent. Two hundred and eighty percent and three-point two thousand percent. So let’s head right into the chart and take a look at this indicator. This is on the daily chart and we can see how if we scroll out a little bit, this is, of course, derived from the moving averages over the hash rate. And if you scroll back, just like we did in the collaboration with M.M. Crypto, we can see that previously these have provided very, very good buy signals. If you were to buy whenever this red area turns to green and basically the minor capitulation is over. So if this was a sell signal, then you sold right before the capitulation of from 60 to 3K. And then this was the area of the miner capitulation. And then right here is the buy signal. And without going into too many details about this indicator, because we talked about this in the collaboration, but this is now flashing a buy signal and this means that on average. This should be a good place to buy Bitcoin. Of course, this is not the case in the short term because as you may know, short term, anything can happen. We might go up and then we might see another big dump to the downside. And so this is not something that I would use for short term trading. This is basically not a day trading signal. This is more like a longer-term swing trade signal, but more so than anything. This is a more accumulation signal. If you scroll back to the history, you will see that if you accumulate it and if you bought for the long term at these buy signals, then you indeed did very, very well in picking your spots. And by the way, if you have not tried three commas yet, make sure to go and try it that they have a free trial and only one day left for this big discount that they have. You can try out this starter pack. It’s only 15 euros a month and then you can upgrade to the pro-athletes stage. If you enjoy using three commas with three commas, you can set up trading Balts. It’s everything is very, very easy. You can make these dollar cost average Balts grid boards and you can do smart trading. They have so many interesting functionalities that the exchanges that you are using simply do not have. So click the link in the pinned comment. Go up here, click one day left to get this coupon. And next up, I’ve seen people talk about bitcoin trading at fifteen thousand dollars in Lebanon, but this is not true. This is a rumour that I’ve seen circulating before. When currencies are collapsing, it might sometimes seem like bitcoin is trading at these crazy prices, but it says here that with Lebanon’s currency hitting new record lows of four thousand Lebanese lire per one dollar, chaotic prices are being listed at Lebanese local bitcoins traders. As of this, writing spreads between listings on both sides of the order book appear to exceed 90 percent, leading to reports claiming that Bitcoin is trading for four fifteen thousand dollars in Lebanon. The spreads appear to be fueled by an extreme disparity between the market value and official peg of one thousand five hundred Lee repr U.S. dollar. As such, Bitcoin appears to be trading for a more modest 5 percent premium at seven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. But five percent is still a pretty big premium for bitcoin. I must say. So why is this happening? Well, the Lebanon currency crisis is a very severe and right now escalating the price of the lira went from three thousand litres per dollar two weeks ago to 4000 Lee repr dollar in the past few days. And the country’s central bank and bank duly bond has reportedly racked up 40 billion dollars in debt, including $3 billion in the past three weeks and seven billion dollars this year overall. And remember, when? When the currency falls in-country and they have a lot of foreign debt. This is a problem because now it’s going to be much more expensive to pay back the debt. And sometimes governments use the printing press as a weapon where they print currency, their own currency to pay off debts. And obviously, this is going to devalue their own currency. And this is something that has happened many times. And this is something that will continue to happen, especially now in this massive financial crisis we are seeing. And speaking of printing currency, the Federal Reserve balance sheet just reached a New All-Time high of above 6.5 trillion dollars. Look at this. Six trillion. Five hundred and seventy-three billion dollars. And as you can see, this is just starting to look completely insane. It’s going completely vertical, much worse than we saw back in the 2008 financial crisis. This was already an extreme reaction. What we are seeing now is completely unprecedented and is this is historical and I’ve talked so much about it. I’m not going to spend so much time in this video, but printing currency out of thin air like this always ends in disaster. And I believe that this will put further attention to Bitcoin, of course. And just a side note, the Bitcoin having is coming up in two thousand three hundred blocks. So only two thousand three hundred blocks left to be mined until the Bitcoin having and this having are taking place in this huge financial crisis while the Fed is printing trillions of dollars. I think this is extremely interesting and I’m very, very bullish for Baco for the long term. And next up, yesterday I asked you guys, you know that I’m a bitcoin maximalist. All the coins don’t really matter all too much. But for fun, please show me your favourite. All the coin. Well, I got so many comments here, hundreds of comments. And basically looking at all of your comments here. I think a Theorem Monaro and Extra P seems to be your favourites. But now I would like to do the exact same thing. But please, also below this video, no comment. Your favourite all coin, but also please explain why. Explain with at least two or three sentences why your favourite all coin will blow up in the future and why it will be good. Vestment personally, there are two old coins that I even consider, and it is ethereal and narrow. I don’t hold Manero at the time being. I do hold some a theory, but this is it for this video. Please leave with thumbs up down below. If you enjoyed this video, let’s see if we can push this to three thousand likes. And if you haven’t seen this video, this is right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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