Bitcoin 10% Fall, Officially In A Recession, XRP Upside, Binance Card & Rushing To Buy Bitcoin


Hello everybody. Welcome back. Or another video I do hope that you’re all doing well and that you’re all having an absolutely wonderfully. Incredible day. To. Start. Things. Off. Major announcements regarding relief packages announced by various governments and monetary bodies. Couldn’t bring respite to investors as stock markets around the world experienced a massive sell. Bitcoin experienced a similar fate. And lost more than five hundred USD is that a frozen SpongeBob but is that major stock indices around the world slumped on Friday. The International Monetary Fund’s managing director. Kristalina. GEORGIEVA. Announced late on Friday that the world economy has officially entered a recession. Similar to the 2008 sub prime crisis era. Friday witnessed a surge in selling. The Dow Jones entered or ended at twenty one thousand six thirty six while the S&P 500 finished today at two thousand five hundred and forty. One the government of India announced a relief package of I don’t know what those words are on Thursday and on Friday both the Sensex and the nifty opened higher. There was also great anticipation from the Reserve Bank of India’s announcement as to what would happen at around 10:00 a.m.. The RBI did announce some extraordinary measures. Keeping in mind the unusual circumstances here is the actual. Economic Times article. Says IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva. Is that we had. We have entered recession so as one might expect. Markets around the world tumbled usually. How it works out is. We only hear that we are officially in a recession or that things are. Whatever whatever when things have officially gotten bad. We were told months ago that we were probably going to enter a recession. And that it would get worse. And this seems to be what’s happening. What is currently going on does not appear to be. It’s not on the verge of disappearing within the next week or two so one must only assume that this is going to continue happening to world markets for at least. Another two months. We’ve had news the last couple of days where people have indicated a lot of. Major banks major. What have you analysts within the market not within the cryptocurrency market but the traditional market who have stated. That this will probably not be mitigated and or swept over until sometime in 2021. At the same exact time as all of this was happening like I read a bit ago bitcoin‘s price also fell. I think it fell a bit more than five hundred give or take a couple of hundred dollars. And as such the wider cryptocurrency market fell. However at the moment there is no official word as to why the cryptocurrency market fell we know that Bitcoin fell but why did Bitcoin fall. Of all the reasons I could find. The first one is that the Dow Jones is down. The major point being that the head of the International Monetary Fund. Openly said we are in a recession. The second part being. Bitcoin’s price dropped by nine point one percent. As it broke below critical support from sixty four hundred and sixty eight hundred range. Bitcoin’s price at around 330 this morning on the 20th of March is around sixty one eighty. Coincidentally. The drop occurred in the hour following the CMC closing as the Bitcoin futures markets the one hour chart on Coinbase shows how the price dropped by three hundred dollars 4.5 percent just after expiration on monthly closing for March. So a lot of people as you might have imagined do not care for bitcoin futures. For some reason even though we are not the same market in many other. Futures markets may not be actually denominated directly in bitcoin for some reason which makes not a lot of sense. Bitcoin’s price follows the traditional futures markets of its price which doesn’t make any sense because Bitcoin’s fundamentals haven’t changed depending on what other people who are not within the cryptocurrency space think about where bitcoin‘s price should be. So what we’ve seen before now we are currently seeing now is that if enough people with enough money and the traditional market in the bitcoin futures market which is not pegged to the actual crypto itself. Say or believe or think that bitcoin future price. Will be around forty two hundred. We always end up filling the gap as it were and bitcoin‘s price swings depending on where that goes. Once again this does not make a lot of sense because they are trading in fiat not an actual Bitcoin. So if the actual. Scarcity of bitcoin was taken in mind as all of this was happening then bitcoin‘s price would probably be a lot different. Also keeping in mind that in 2018 we were 2018 happened in 2019 we were told. That the futures market is only was only allowed to go through as a way to. Control bitcoin‘s price because the market was getting too happy. That’s literally what they said. The futures market was largely in the back ward Asian. Lower prices in the future. Since the drop on the 13th of March. Presently the prices are beginning to reach parity with the futures month. The closing yesterday suggests a neutral. Sentiment and there are the numbers right there. The CMU contract expiry on the twenty seventh of March yields negative prices suggesting that traders likely close the short positions causing a sell off which once again makes no sense because they are not trading in bitcoin. They are trading in fiat and it is what they believe the future price of bitcoin would be. Not what it should actually. Be. And the other reasoning seems to be at least at the moment. After trading from the range 64 50 to 68 50 for the past eight days bitcoin‘s price finally made a larger move. This time to the downside as a digital asset dropped eight point seventy two percent to a daily low of sixty 68. The move somewhat mirrors the performance of traditional markets which also closed the day with losses pulled back during a time of rioting and traders are attempting it though there was something else in this article I guess not. Earlier this week Quinn telegraph contributor. Bill Lobel. Commented that the likelihood of Bitcoin’s price reaching ten thousand before May. Is slim to none. He explained that Bitcoin is trading up against what is a fundamental decision point at sixty eight hundred. Its previous support. Now acting as a resistance in the top of the high volume node. Which is dissected by a diagonal resistance trend line which dates back to made two thousand nineteen. So. Your reasonings are. Stock market went down. Therefore Bitcoin went down. Futures ended therefore Bitcoin went down and the International Monetary Fund has officially announced we are in a recession. Therefore Bitcoin went down. It could be accumulation of all three of these. I believe. Any news myself of an actual correlation direct correlation exact correlation between Bitcoin and the traditional. Markets is very slim. I think fear induces fear so it is definitely possible that if other markets drop that we could see some type of a drop. But once again the actual fundamentals of Bitcoin itself have not changed. We have seen a. What is being called a capitulation of the amount of miners on the network. I.e. a lot of people have unplugged their computers or are not actively mining and or securing the network. If you look around there are a lot of people who are or were mining bitcoin who have actually contributed a huge amount of their computing power to stop the current situation that’s going on or to give. People the computing power they need to find a solution. So this could be a major thing a lot of. Major crypto mining facilities have announced. Yes we are diverting a large amount of our power. It could also be that people are simply. Usually what happens is that people who mind bitcoin when they have to pay their electricity bill they sell off some of the bitcoin to be able to pay the bills. If bitcoin‘s price is too low can’t really pay the bills you end up. If you mind 50 bitcoin at the end of the month you have to sell off 55 than you are at a. Loss. So. At the moment that’s the news that we have. For that there is of course no. Actual definitive answer. Bitcoin still works. Bitcoin is still chugging along. Nothing has really changed except that we are. And don’t be surprised. If by next Wednesday a chain analysis and a bunch of other companies come forward. Announcing that it was just Wales. While selling off. Once again people are trying to make. Hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in this market. So at this point I. Just believe that they’re capable of anything when trying to. Make sure that they profit greatly from any upswings that we could. Potentially see in the future. Crypto currency market continues to be volatile with price swings affecting a host of alt coins at the drop of a hat. The volatility in the market today was perhaps triggered by bitcoin sudden devaluation a few hours ago following which the king. Coin. Almost fell to. Sixty one hundred. I’m seeing a lot of articles as well as one might imagine. This one says neo Raven coin bitcoin‘s price. I’m talking about the downtrend. I don’t know why they chose Neo and Raven coin in particular. All crypto currencies are down. I think the only things that are up right now there’s always that one anomaly coin. The coin you’ve never heard of that for some reason is also creating a lot higher and stable coins. At least at the. Time of me making this video. The other part says over the past five hours crypto currencies across the board. Bitcoin to XP have not performed well. Surprise right. Since the daily peak at sixty seven hundred bitcoins price fell to sixty fifty. Drop of 10 percent in a matter of hours. METIRIA for instance has collapsed by 8 percent while SRP has drawn down by 8 percent actually when I looked at the prices unless something has changed over the last 15 minutes or so. SRP was actually down only around 1 percent and I don’t know if that suggests the momentum from yesterday that we had. There’s like a bit of an upswing that has also taken place. Yeah. Without having to read through the entire thing. There’s a couple of analysts who think that the. Pushing down of prices could lead to a. Monumental movement upwards. A lot of people are saying that the fact that X our Peace Prize has collapsed. Completely from where it was before to around 10 cents. Or rather even that a lot of other coins haven’t collapsed that there’s a lot less trading volume going on. No one really wants to. It’s odd. It’s just how things are. Nobody wants to trade. A falling asset which is really weird because we end up having huge amounts of volume as prices are going up when people could have bought when the prices were lower. As one says to finish off the price news. It says the Queen of cryptocurrency as very weird title theorem is following the king even even weirder. Any theory and price charts are once again a shadow of Bitcoin’s price chart. However on the other hand. Where the 12th of March Bitcoin price dip may. Be something normal for the king coin. It was nowhere to be seen for a theorems price charts although he theorem has been showing some independent movement for example in the past 24 hours alone theorems prices marked by zero point three one percent gain while bitcoins prices marked a zero point for eight percent loss. Any type of small. Anomaly in price will probably be a race anytime soon. A lot of people keep looking for like a. Not a divergence pattern but like a. Like an opposite correlation like bitcoin does well the new theory and won’t do well like the entire market is magnetized to bitcoin. There’s no denying this evening. I’ve been following this news for a very long time. I promise you in 2016 as other out coins were popping up the news was that at some point there would be a disconnect between Bitcoin and the other outgoings and it would kind of flow around themselves that is not going to happen anytime soon. It is not happening now wherever bitcoin goes. Everything. Normally. Follows once again if we have that anomaly. If you get news. If Bitcoin is dropping by 18 percent SRP is dropping by twenty percent. Neo is dropping by 14 percent. And we get news in that same exact day that he theorem is being bought up completely by Microsoft and all this other stuff of course he theorem is gonna go up in price. That didn’t actually happen that was just a. A random thing that popped into my head. Of course there will then be a difference in the actual price movements on that day. But as it stands right now. We are firmly magnetized to Bitcoin. This is why a lot of other people I don’t understand. Rather I’ll explain it to you this way. For those of you and I’m sure a lot of people get it. But for those of you who don’t think the success of Bitcoin is. Pertinent in all of this and that Bitcoin needs to die and the rest of the cryptocurrency market was exceeded. That’s not how it works. Bitcoin is the top of the market. Bitcoin usually more than not often is the complete market when people are talking about crypto currencies and when they’re talking about actual integration and putting it onto their platform they’re not talking about bitcoin gold. Be cash or be. They’re talking about bitcoin. So Bitcoin success means that your coin will also succeed whether you want to believe that or not if Bitcoin drop to zero right now the entire crypto currency market would be wiped out for about a good two years. And it would take about a good four years for it to completely recover. If you don’t agree with me I I could actually care less I know exactly how the market functions at this point. I’ve been here for a very long time. It’s Bitcoin. The point being. Everything. At some point in my opinion will be fine. It just takes time. We are in a very worldly panicked moment right now. It is OK to assume. That if other people are panicked that also crypto currency traders are also going to be panicked. It’s just how panic works. So there also may be a situation where they are selling things off just to either get extra funds to get necessities or whatever people. Need in their life. Everyone lives a very different existence anyway. Prices are down. No real answer as to why. But. When we eventually do. Have an upswing in traditional markets in the cryptocurrency markets we will probably see new all time highs. We will probably see tons of money. Flowing into the market. People making money. People cashing out people buying homes. I look forward to all of your. Very happy stories. Not joking either like I’m excited whenever this does all. When I use the word blow over but when it’s all done instead with the crypto market has finally. Return past. Double triple where it was all time highs. I’m excited to hear people writing in the comments section. I bought a new home I bought an island. I’m moving to Jamaica. I’m. Drinking a daiquiri on the beach. You know all those things anyway. Those are the price movements newsies. And without further ado. Are the words. There we go. The world’s largest exchange. Has unveiled the by nans card. Which is basically a visa issued debit card that would allow users to shop online. Or make payments with crypto from anywhere in the world convenient. The card is directly connected to a user’s by Nantes account. This is undeniably a huge step towards fostering crypto adoption by making an easy to use crypto currencies where everyday purchases and settlement of bills. But as they announce the news in a blog post on Thursday. Saying that users can now make regular payments using its newly unveiled buying ads card users will only be required. To preload their cards using either bitcoin. Or by Nance coin. I keep saying over and over Bitcoin is the name of the game and the only reason why finance added by an ounce coin. Is because they’re buying Nance. V by Nance card app. Card will then automatically deduct all payments or shopping expenses from the balance every time a payment is made. Logically the finance card is accepted by over forty six merchants in 200 regions worldwide both offline and online. With its card users don’t have to sell their crypto in order to make payments as they can effortlessly spend the amount they wish. To. While huddling the rest of their crypto holdings here’s the actual not a press release but the. Twitter press release. I guess this may also explain why finances finance coins price was up about a day or two ago. This is wonderful. This is also not the the last news that we have today are going to have sometime during the next five or six days about people doing this. A lot of this has been in the works for a while of course. But we’re seeing I’m seeing an uptrend in the amount of hold on. But now the computer is dying and the uptrend of. Companies who are now releasing. Either cards. And or phone tapping bill payment ways. As. The world is different. As you might have noticed and a lot of people are trying to move away from cash. So like I said a lot of these were already preplanned. I’m pretty sure by Nance has had this in the works for a while it just seems like a very opportune time to kind of release these things as a lot of people are trying not to. Deal with paper money people want to tap and kind of go on their way. But yeah that’s the binary it’s hard news. It’s cool. Wonderful. These already exist for many other. Platforms. Coinbase has one I don’t think the Gemini twins have one but I assume they’ll. Try and launch one around 2028 or something like that because that’s the speed at their. Currently moving at. But yeah as time goes on I think these will really catch on in the very beginning. I assume there will not be many people who will want. To spend their crypto we spoke about that before. A lot of people had an issue with me saying that I’m not spending my bitcoin until the price goes to a million dollars. We’ll see. Once again in 2007 2008. You also did not know that someone inside of their garage was going to create a new or something called the cryptocurrency that would have gone up by around two point two million percent. So no one knows the future. I say a million. I just had a rough number. I’m not expecting bitcoin to literally go to exactly one million U.S. dollars worth to be like. Now is the time. I can buy things. It just when. When it goes up by a lot. And I said that the price is an incredibly stable. And especially once I accumulate more ways of making passive income and that money can go directly into buying more bitcoin every single month. And I’ll kind of anyway. It’s more of an explanation I repeat. People take so many things that I say very very literally and I. Go outside and get some air like open a window or something like that. It’s like the other day when I mentioned. What did I say that I was born in 1927 and people were asking me if I was actually born. Do I sound like I was born in 1927. I’d be like a thousand and one years old. The point is maybe my sarcasm just isn’t. As understood. As. It should be. I don’t. I don’t know what what what people want for me anyway. That’s the by Nan’s card news. If you get one. I don’t think it was going to get one of these for a while. I’m just being completely honest. Now I know. No. Anyway. Next up. The number of retail investors that’s everyday normal people. Registering registering registering for an account with a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bit bank. Spiked by 40 percent in the week after the bitcoin blood bath the 12th of March meltdown saw the price of bitcoin dropped to new lows. At thirty seven seventy five and official blog post by bit bank market analyst u ya. Asset gala. Revealed that Bitcoin trade volume and account registration saw both a significant surge in the wake of the crash. Even the number of users going through know your customer. Things. Was above average on the day of the Bitcoin downturn in the days following. Hasegawa contracts. The current situation to the period between November to December 2018 with the price of bitcoin ground is down. In that case interest in the crypto market as well as a whole went down and bit banks daily account registrations took a hit. However the price. So a 60 percent rebound while sustaining high volume soon after the recent crash. Which suggested to Hasegawa the intent to buy the dip is quite obvious they said. When do we take the increased daily account registrations into consideration. We can once again deduce that the current market recovery is driven largely by retail investors. Thank. Goodness. Furthermore as Forbes reports this phenomenon is likely to be a global to be global as crackin a San Francisco based crypto exchange experienced a steep increase in account registrations after the 12th of March as well. I am. Thankful to the heavens. That people normal people retail people are finally getting it our understanding if whales are going to sell off. By all means please do so. I hope that the people who buy up after this sell off are people who can benefit from it the most. The everyday normal people who are trying to become millionaires not for people who are already. Multi multi millionaire is even where we stand right now with the current price drop. I am trying. Not to get my ID. It’s a bit of a shadowed hope if you will because I want bitcoin‘s price to fall lower. I want to be able to accumulate at a lower price. Not saying that I really I don’t want it to go down but I’m expecting it to trade a bit further. I don’t assume that next week will be all sunshine and rainbows. The exact opposite. So. Yeah it’s very nice to hear news like this it’s nice to hear. I assume Coinbase at some pays at some point will also release their numbers. Same with the Gemini twins. If anyone has gone to their exchange Bynum will probably also released numbers as well if they did see an uptick. It’s nice to know. That even with the news that we were getting yesterday and the day before about um local bitcoins and more people are using that as well. Please continue this. Bitcoin is for. The average everyday person. It’s not meant for. Multimillionaires. 2 and three or four years become multi billionaires. That’s not to the point of it. It’s meant to be the ease of use for everyday normal people to be able to send money. At will. Anyway I like news stories like this. It shows that adoption is continuing. And of course I mean. We all know that adoption is probably going to skyrocket the moment Bitcoin hits back above twenty thousand again because. Even more. People. Have the bells ringing in their head that sound it sounded better in my head before I said it. More people will understand. The future price prospects of Bitcoin. As the price goes up. But it’s this kind of photo that we need. For the market to go higher. Let’s move on. In probably and I don’t want to say one of my favorite news stories but I. I think decentralization is fascinating. A United States court order may have barred telegram from launching its block chain. But that doesn’t mean others can. So says that the ton Community Foundation a group of more than two dozen software developers and investors who are now discussing possible ways to launch the telegram open network without the messaging platforms participation. They said We consider it seriously. The group’s founder former communications manager at Tun labs for door school author of told a desk the community is now discussing options and no final decision has been made he said. On Tuesday. U.S. District Court Judge Kevin P. Castile. In New York ruled in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission of course you always rule with evil which asked the court to deem telegrams block chain tokens named grams to be securities and to halt their issuance to investors and the one point seven billion dollar token sale. Telegram filed a notice that it would appeal the decision. The foundation’s response underscores the limits of government powers to regulate open source technology. As with 3D printed firearms the state can stop specific individuals or groups from running code but if it’s in the public domain others can take up the mantle according to school out of. All the code needed to launch ton is already there. Published previously by telegram the community would only need to generate the first batch of transactions or genesis block and provide at least 13 computers known as validators to run the network. Strictly speaking no additional measures measures measures are required to launch Ton. By the community except for a consensus within the community. But in order to get recognized we will need to come to an agreement with investors at least with the majority of them. This is. The think about this. Think of how insane that is. That even despite a court order because of decentralization if the actual community says yes to this this thing can still launch they have to only launch the genesis block of themselves. As devs. And then at that point it kind of just goes to the actual community to be able to secure the network. Isn’t that insane to think about like this is this. This ties also loosely into the other thing we were talking about before. People who live in X country and they have family members in X country and that country the second country is under sanctions. And the sanctions don’t really come into play because you still find a way to send family to your. Money to your family to your money money to your family through through bitcoin. It’s incredibly fascinating even the way that. You can have a company fall like Telegram itself has fallen under. The. The legislation of the U.S. court and the S.E.C. saying that they can’t launch their block chain but as this is. One I assume this is open source. Someone else can take hold of it and say we’re still going to launch it. I don’t. I mean this is. It’s incredible because it shows. The power of decentralization and it shows the power of. The many. If that makes any sense not to get too. Political but it shows that. If you have two people saying no. And three hundred around them say yes. The yeses win. It’s very. So this is why I. Am a huge advocate for decentralization not only for things like this but just also. So we don’t fall into the same problems of. Over the past of things if it for computers go off line and you have three hundred the network is still active it’s all these things. It’s nice to see the continued growth of lock chain and the cryptocurrency space and even that goes in the same exact way of launching a cryptocurrency cards and stuff like that it’s. I’m very interested to see if this continues. If this. Actively works. And these people take the code and launch it and telegrams ton network does launch and then ton tokens do still get. Distributed or wherever how that actually ends up happening. We are probably going to see the exact same thing for what’s the other one. But Chip A.O. telegram took time. Why can’t I you know exactly which one. Ken. Ken sorry for screaming Ken and kick. You’ll probably see the exact same thing. Some other company or some other developers just have to take it. Launch it as well. And then we’ll see tons of other cryptocurrency projects. I once again I don’t think we need a thousand or ten thousand coins but any other project that kind of got halted we’ll be able to do the exact same thing and even even better. I hope that legally they do whatever they can to actually launch these projects because it then puts them on a situation where. You can’t simply say. My coin is faster better stronger quicker than yours are the same exact nonsense we were hearing in 2017 and 2018 where everyone was like Well I have the new bitcoin Don’t you like my shiny new coin it’s a new bitcoin it’s like no if you all are able to legally do this you know in the other direction and have Dev simply launch all these products at the exact same time they’ll be able to fight against each other to actually prove who is actually more dominant who’s actually stronger who is actually able to manage the load of all these other things like it’s fascinating like it shows. The world isn’t free market is it free market. I don’t if it’s got free market the point is it’s like this. Launch if you want to or if you need to. Don’t tell us how amazing you are. Let the community decide which one is actually quicker and stronger that we want to rely on and lean on as the new source of decentralization who is so fascinating I love it anyway. Yeah. All right let’s move on before I can. Turn you blabbing on about decentralization. Let’s go let’s go let’s go. Go. It’s again to finish things off. Catch my breath. Rebel powered X R P L Labs has been working on the application zoom that is x u m m. For almost a year now. The application will allow users to store both crypto and fiat currencies like euros and dollars in their wallets. According to the lead developer of X RPA labs. V2 7 and. The project is now in its final stages and its public beta version will soon be available on the 24th. Okay. OK. He tweeted. The last lines of code. Last fixes last pages for the beta site. Yes we’re actually going to publish these zoom public beta to the Iaw app store and Google Play store today and quote before any of you go rushing to download this. Make sure that if you’re going to do this one this is not paid advertising it’s more of a. It ties directly into the buy announced news. To make sure if you are going to download this or try this how you’re getting it directly from their Web site a lot of people have been creating. Fake apps. Non-stop that have the exact same name like a slight variation of other major cryptocurrency phone wallets and. That leads to problems because you put your money or your crypto on these things. He tried to turn it on an hour later and your money is gone so make you make sure you’re getting it directly from them. The SRP l developer noted that as the publication’s beta has been released. The team will share the get zoom beta website soon. Okay. I’d wait and wait to get Zoom. Website is open. In January 2020. Wind had spoken to the A and B crypto. Noting that the project had been delayed due to technical errors. However. Wind wanted to say or to stay away from deadlines as he was worried about the security and usability of the applications suffering without having to read much further. Once again. Like I said we are I. These things have been in development for a while. But this seems like very opportune. A very opportune time to be able to release applications like this. The world is already moving into a direction where you can. Tap your phone or tap your car to be able to pay as we get more contactless. And more. I don’t want to touch that list things like this are going to continue popping up I wonder exactly. I mean it says store both crypto and Fiat. I assume the initial will just be SRP euros and dollars. We’ll see exactly how that ends up working out because so many things I mentioned before and the other video there there’s not a huge amount of people who want to sell their crypto right now. Like there’s not a huge amount of chance and I’m going to want to give up. SRP at 16 17 15 cents wherever it is right now. When the prospect of it going even a 10 x to a dollar 50. Are incredibly high. I had rather 10 x my money before I even. Think about. Doing anything with it. Anyway yeah. That’s apparently has launched it’s in beta testing so. If you’re able to test this go for it make sure you’re getting it from the proper place. I don’t think any of these things will really catch on for another two years. I think we need sky rocketing crypto prices. And or relatively future least stable crypto prices before any one. Who’s long term in the cryptocurrency space to even think about it. Like there is no. No. But good for them that these things are being developed these will help a lot of people there are tons of people actually who use crypto as their daily form a method of payment buying things. There’s a couple of cryptocurrency. Podcasters. What’s that guy’s name. Peter. I don’t know this guy’s name. The the what Bitcoin did podcast. He lives his life with bitcoin. I mean. He’s probably going to regret it in about 10 years when he sold all that bitcoin to buy bread and stuff like that but there are many people who do live exclusively on crypto so. As always. A very special thank you to my patriotic supporters. Professor Wally from gun by university Yasha Hardy. Moon Man Hi SRP. Joshua vineyard and Martin Scheuer Joshua Garissa college hunger Lolo. Song follow a biblical phobia. The animal reader John Sampson Mr. Pickles that reminds me of that TV show Rug Rats. Yeah most of Romo bare bones mining town Somalis. Adam Grace sic Mohammed Roni M. ventures in Thailand Brady kneeled Jared Snyder wise night owl 2 for 2 to the world crypto jew bankroll network. Otto Miller easy crypto artist cold 3D. Nicholas rare earth one piece one love. Damian set soon on Nick Kenai and Richie Rich the three Vlad the Impaler. Crypt don’t be a shit mate. Praxis. Nick yellow body. Anthony Charles. Jim Garner. Jeremy Fox minting coins. Miller hitch test. Everyday concepts like date yes to crypto body make boat face anytime fitness monks corner staff ARF medic 17 make me a cake to grow. Much. Show me some on crypto with Lino. Crayola Michelle. You are L and hold on I have to sneeze. Thank you all very very much for your support. A huge thank you to everyone who is a member of the channel who click the little join button but low. At the moment. You see me scrolling down. The crypto currency market is in. It. It’s kind of a dark read. It’s a it’s a deep dark light read. I don’t know what I’m saying. Bitcoin is currently down by six point two percent. If your home is down by five point four percent SRP is down by one point two percent this is what I was talking about like SRP didn’t take that much of a hit. I’d also assume because. It was moving. Up Werder. Over the last couple of. Hours before this hit actually ended up taking place. Yeah. The markets in red. Not really much more to say on that part. Nothing is. A Nama seeing right now Al Gore. Is up by 8 percent. Maybe there’s some Al Gore news. Happening behind the scenes but. Yeah there was something else I wanted to say but I can remember what it was and that’s going to bother me. Like the moment I end the video it’s gonna be like oh that’s what it was. I can remember. Yeah I’m wholeheartedly expecting. Let’s see what plays out tomorrow. As far as we’ve seen already that the. Futures for the traditional stock market. I think if that goes down we’re probably going to see a downward trend in the cryptocurrency space. I think a lot of those things. The downward movements of traditional markets I think are usually just excuses. Or crypto to go down. It’s a good way to say well that one went down so that was going to go down. I think. The coordination of a downward movement is just something that we’re gonna see in play a lot of people do believe and I assume a lot of whales as well also believe that the cryptocurrency market will go up after the having. Any potential to push the price down to be able to accumulate more on another exchange or even just in general if we follow the trend. And also make sure accordingly that you are not putting any emergency funds into the market that you are putting what you can spare into the market as these dips end up happening. There’s a lot of money to be made. There’s a lot of 2 3 4 5 Xs in price. As things end up going forward. Once ko so close Cardon at 2 cents. Very close. I mean 10 to 15. How much would that be. Penn you would get 50. Oh that’s not too bad. I might do that. I was thinking of if you put. As difficult if you put it thousand to card Dano you would get a roughly around fifty thousand coins. As twenty X to fifty one to fifty one fifty thousand fifty thousand coins of two thousand and two will get you one hundred thousand Guadagno. Which is not too bad. If it goes up to a dollar. I’d have made roughly one hundred k. Which is also why I don’t keep putting money into Cardon. I don’t. Know. I think I I think I see the potential for movement. It’s kind of all just sitting there. And also one hundred K really does. It really helps my mind my property portfolio. I don’t know why I tell you all these things I think I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m so used it’s kind of like. Talking candidly to everyone out there. It’s kind of like I don’t even care anymore anyway. My thing is a lot of money to be made in the market. Once we end up. Moving back up. This is a. I don’t wanna say a brief hiccup. This this whole situation might be a. Very prolonged hiccup. Did you ever see that video. I felt so bad for her. That girl who had hiccups for like six months. It was terrible. Just as she woke up one morning she had it and I think she went to so many different specialists. She even had the hiccups while she slept. Once again I don’t know why I said that it is more of a. I thought of hiccups and I don’t have a prolonged hiccup in. Anyway. I hope you all enjoy it despite the prices going down. Hope you all have are having. A good day. Good morning. Good afternoon. Great evening wherever you are wherever you might be. I do hope that it’s fantastic. Hope you find something to do. As they go outside and ride a bike. Open a window. Get some fresh air. If you have a balcony you go on your balcony if you have a roof. Go in. I don’t know. Thank you all once again. We’re. Watching and listening. And I will most certainly. Be Talking. To you all. Soon. See you.


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