BITCOIN $13,000 BEFORE HALVING!! Ethereum $500? – Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes, welcome to another episode of Good Morning Gripped all here, although I’m not. We are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden, and we do this show each and every day at 8:00 p.m. Central European summer thing as I come to like an atomic location every day. Look, I don’t need to bring you the news. You know that the markets are green like a freaking leprechaun right now. They’re so green. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Bitcoin’s skyrocketing. We’re smashing all kinds of resistance levels were up 20 percent in the day, in the day. This is truly, truly bull market vibes. And so important to discuss really how to approach this situation, because while we’re amazingly green, also, you gotta keep your greed in check. You’ve got to tell your greed, go back into your cave and don’t come back because you need to be thinking with your head, not with your greed and not with your emotions. And so today we’ll be discussing really the potential of Bitcoin before the halving. I do think I do think that 13 came before. The hubbing is not out of the picture. Absolutely not out of the picture, especially as we’re seeing the Fed and everyone else across the world debasing their currency. And yes, they might try to do the mental gymnastics of saying that although we are debasing like crazy, there is still a lot of demand for USD worldwide. We’re printing like crazy. But look at all the demand and look at those mental gymnastics. Don’t hold long term because long term it is just supply and demand. I mean, long term is just how much you have produced versus how much it is on the market. So that’s very easy to understand. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about as well today as well. But, Amy, I guess you learned so much today. It’s amazing to see all of you who are watching. And I will not take dot com slash live. Welcome, everyone. Welcome. Also, if you watch on YouTube, but if you’re watching watching on YouTube, you should right now go to avidly dot com slash live and subscribe here. Click the subscribe button click. Enable Web alerts right here. A telecommunications do all of this good jazz. And that being said, what is going on? The Shactman. The chat is rolling like crazy. The chat is running like crazy. I see. Alfonso I see devil evil. I see crypto Hodda. Luis Valencia. Alfredo. Tiago. It’s rolling so fast I cannot even read. I cannot even really realize. That’s amazing. That’s exactly how it should be. I saw a donation here. From who? From you finally get to watch Delite. Nice, nice trade bitcoins safely from Chilla. Big shout out to Chile. So, guys, welcome, everyone. And the shot is absolutely insane right now. And what’s even more important is please let me know where you’re watching from. I want to feel our global community. I want to feel this greenmarket really going global, infiltrating all countries and really spreading the world word of Satoshi and spreading the Satoshi message across the world. Max Jocelin, can you please leave immediately? Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. And local. It is because people on YouTube don’t know what we’re doing before the show. So they they’re a bit confused sometimes. Do you have. Thank you so much for the nations. Let’s see who else is here. Justin, Justin. Good, good, good, good. Guys, look. First and foremost, it’s important to note, you know, I’m preaching a new concept here. I’m preaching a new concept to the crypto community. And this concept is something that crypto community needs to hear. Really, the first time I heard this was from Grandcourt Dome. But I never heard it in the crypto community. And the concept is the following. This is really the trademark concept. I’m sharing with you, but the concept is the following. Guys, you don’t want to get get rich quick. You want to get rich for sure. All right. You don’t want to get rich quick. You want to get rich for sure. So remember this. I mean, old deformable that you’re seeing. Please keep it in mind. Keep a cool head and keep. The greed in check. Because while it’s amazing that we’re going up and it’s very important to be in this market, I even said then, look, this was yesterday. This was before we reached nine K, but we’re at eight point two, eight point one. So I said this, but also said, but we’re going to nine gay guys, please remember that we are going. But you remember it in the rational way. Don’t remember it. Don’t think about the fact that we’re going to nine K or in this situation we are actually going to 10K. We are actually going to 10K. Think about it rationally and don’t think about it emotionally. So that’s the big difference that the big difference v you have coming with helicopter money. That’s amazing. And by the way, we have smashed a new record here on our own websites. Seven hundred and twenty people watching live. So that’s that’s key. Looking at the markets and I know why. Because the markets are so green is they’re so green bitcoin plus 20 percent. We have ethe plus 11 percent above X or P plus eight percent where bitcoin cash plus eleven. BSEE 14 is so amazing to see. Let’s see the big winners today. Sixty two percent in some kind of weird streamer debt data coin. Forty two million volume nonetheless. Nonetheless. So but be careful a bit. See a coin 37 or Misick go 20 percent. Bitcoin eight. And look, bitcoin. Bitcoin is actually leading the old coin bag because for bitcoin to be amid the top five gainers of the day, it’s very unusual. It’s very unusual. It truly shows you how this is now going wild. Solid crypto. Thank you for the nation. I should mention. Thank you so much. Thanks. Look, for all of you who are in our academy. Please remember we do have our DFI Q&A. So if you are in our academy, we have our DFI Q&A and you will get an e-mail. It’s in a few hours with Amadeu brands from Maker that in a few hours who will have defied you. And then you can ask anything you want about the course content, but also anything you want about defeat. And also, please remember, as we are speaking, we’re continuing to move. We are at nine point four guys, nine point four. And if you are trading this, if you are trading this wave’s market waves. When we go up like crazy and sometimes we go down as well. You can make money both ways because you can long. You can sure you can do it on Bybee’s. We can trade bitcoin to freedom was SRP. And if you go to I will take that. Com slash Leive. You find this link where you can get the baby bonus. You can also get Flemming’s bonus and Tribbles combos. So go to the bonus land at the bonus land is exclusively it’s exclusively located in. I don’t think that. Com slash life. So go there right now, man. We are pumping like we speak and we’re almost man. We almost went to nine point five. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what’s going on right now. Now remember, in 2019 or more correctly. Yeah. Into the nineteen. It went from 10k to force and get in just a few days. Remember that. And in 2000 azy and we went from 10 K to 20 K in just a few days. It was really, really insane. How fast this moves really happened was they do happen once they do happen and we are now officially the top performing asset of 2020 again. Yet again, it’s not the first time as yet again that we are the best performing asset. And look, still the no corners still. They’re telling us that we are some kind of risky scam. It’s amazing that you’re still here. And still people are saying, hey, bitcoin is so risky. Probably it’s also a scam. Probably it’s also something that you should be careful about yet is the top performing asset of 20/20. And here is why. I do think I do think that amid all of this financial crisis and global uncertainty, him we are witnessing something that is very key and important. Bitcoin outperforming, outperforming stocks, outperforming gold, outperforming all other assets in 2020. It’s a fact. It’s a fact. Now, obviously, 2020 is not over. We don’t know what can happen in 2020 still. But until today, up until now, you are seeing Bitcoin completely outperform everything else. Now, whether Warren Buffett tells you that Bitcoin is some kind of rat poison or Peter Schiff says that bitcoins are not understanding economy and they are sitting with fool’s gold, you know. He calls Bitcoin fool’s gold. Don’t listen too much because they’re clearly they’re clearly not in this market. They’re clearly not educated. And we’ve seen it now for a decade. People declaring Bitcoin dead. Declaring Bitcoin a scam. This and that. But at the end of the day, the numbers they’ll form themselves will are the best performing assets of 2020. No question about that. No question about that. And what’s especially important is that we have recovered such an amazing, such an amazing loss we’ve had last month. So Bitcoin, obviously, last month we had the Black Thursday where we collapse. But what’s amazing is that the market is so strong. There is always demand. There’s always buyers of last resort that don’t let it fall too far. And we are now recovery. And we have recovered all the Corona Corona panic losses that we’ve had just for a few weeks. And all in all, we’re now the best performing asset in the world, in the entire world, in the entire universe, 2020, believe it or not, this is the fact. Now, while this is happening, obviously we have the Fed continuing to print and the US economy continuing to shrink. What does it mean? It means that more and more fiat, more and more can do rap. As I tell you, Fiat is like the candy rap you find on the floor. Those dollars that are basically worth the same as your Kanza rap. They are right now going to print even more, but the U.S. economy shrinks. So this means that more candy rap is competing for less services, more candy rap is competing for less productivity, for less offerings on the market, such as goods and services. What does this mean? It means that the currency is debased. It means that the currency is not really performing well. Long term. This is not something that you want to see long term. And all in all, you see that Bitcoins returns increased to 20 percent over the whole year. And we’re surging past Goldstar 12 percent and the Fed, as always, as always, making it very clear that they have an unlimited pot and that they will never run out of money. They make it very clear. And what’s important to see is that we do have unprecedented damage from the corona virus. Unfortunately, in the whole world and in the whole economy. Now, we have amazing by the way, we have amazing initiatives by the communities to solve this. And one of the best initiatives that, by the way, I know that some of you guys that who are watching the stream have made you guys have been working on this because I know that it’s a few people in the chat. I don’t want to say who they are. Maybe they can say. Themselves, that’s wrong. I don’t want to expose them, expose them, but really they’re doing something amazing with recorded now record. Now, why is it so? Well, because they’re basically creating free tools for businesses, how to, number one, survive the situation and how to grow the situation with corona virus. Small, most small businesses are going to fail. But if you go to reek of it now dot com, you can download this first aid kit, which we discussed a few weeks ago. And this is basically how to assess your financial situation. You get free excel, you get free excel. And what’s crazy is that you just download it. You just download it like this instantly. You don’t even you don’t even have to enter your email. So they’re not collecting email. They’re not really wanting to have your information. They’re just giving you free tools. And now they launched survival kit. And Survival Kit is for businesses who are struggling right now. So basically, different steps need to make, for example, step one, make a list of your customers and how much revenue they bring in. Rank them from the largest amount, the smallest amount of revenue. This and that. I mean, really, this is coming from people who run multi million multi national businesses with tens and hundreds of employees, and they’re giving it away for free. So, for example, you can download the supply chain template is just a document, no e-mails collected. It is a pure, pure initiative coming from the right place, from the right place, from this, coming from the heart. Basically, they want to save as many businesses as possible by providing free tools and free material without even collecting emails. Call it completely for free. You just go there and download. But anyway, it’s recopied now dot com. A big shout out to them for doing all this work. And so, all in all, when you’re you’re seeing the economy collapsing, when you’re seeing businesses going broke. Money just keeps flowing from the helicopter. They just drop it like a helicopter manual. Right. What does that mean, Dan? It means more upside for Bitcoin. The biggest rocket fuel for Bitcoin is, of course, the Fed. It is, of course, the traditional financial system. They are the rocket fuel. There is fueling us. They are our movement forward. They’re driving us forward because it’s their actions that make Bitcoin important. So as we’re continuing to see this and we will continue to see more money printing is inevitable. It’s absolutely inevitable because the system is structured flawed. So the only thing you can make is to just expand the money supply and try to save the world with more liquidity by debasing the currency at the end of the day. So it’s inevitable that we will continue to see printing. And therefore, it’s inevitable, according to me, not financial advice, but according to me how. I’m saying to myself, it’s inevitable that Bitcoin will also continue to grow and also continue to go up in value. Obviously, that’s absolutely true, and that is absolutely something we’ve got to keep in mind. Now, whether we’re going to go 2008 before having or not, we will see. I think it’s a good chance. It’s an absolutely fat chance that will go there. And what’s even more important is to look at other coins, look at the old coin market, because you know that when we approached 10K, that is when the old ccan strategies for me at least kick back in, they kick back in because all coins will really perform like crazy. When we go to 20 K for one bitcoin, we’ll go to new all time high. And as I told you, is important at least for me to build to build positions already before already before the All-Time High in the different Alz. And obviously Ethe is probably going to be the coin that performs the best in this bull market in regards to risk reward ratio, because the risk in it is very small. I mean, it is already successful. It is already big. It is already huge. With DFI probably is just going to grow and grow and grow. But the risk reward versus other old coins is huge. If I mean, obviously you can bet on all kinds of other exotic assets, that will probably outperform each. But the risk is so big. I’m talking about the risk reward ratio. So that’s important as well to keep in mind the potential of other currencies. And obviously, without making it too complicated, just look at the market cap. Look at the market cap of Bitcoin to see where we’re heading. Right now, we are at one hundred seventy one billion, which is absolutely nothing compared to the potential. It is absolutely nothing compared to other asset classes like gold. You know, gold is approximately fifteen trillion. If you take physical and paper gold together, approximately 15 trillion and Bitcoin is 170 billion. So if gold is Dixon trillion and you know that gold is said to 2x to 3x, according to many macro analysts in the coming years. And so if gold is to go to forty five trillion to 60 trillion, is it possible? Is it possible at all that Bitcoin would go to 10 trillion? Of course. Of course. Of course. And 10 trillion from here is is a lot. I mean, we basically to do five X to reach a trillion, more than five X, basically six X to reach a trillion. And then we need to do tennis from there. So basically 60 X. It sounds insane. It sounds. Saying if you think about it, that Bitcoin might do a 60 X, and that is kind of the end goal. That is the end game for Bitcoin because debt is a 10 trillion dollar asset. And the measuring things in dollars doesn’t really make sense either, because the dollar is devaluing, it’s is debasing. So who knows whether we will even measure it in dollars. But if you count the value in today’s dollars, in today’s dollars, then it makes sense that we might go to 10 trillion, which is the end game for Bitcoin. Now, whether it will happen this cycle, this cycle of having you know, after the halving, we enter a new cycle, a four year cycle, or whether we’ll will have to wait until the next one. So the next cycle, which starts 2024 with the next halving, is it impossible to say the timeline is arbitrary? Look, the other timeline can be today or tomorrow or in the year. So that’s very difficult to say. But what is true is that long term, this kind of thinking makes total sense. Absolutely makes total sense. Now with if we can also. Absolutely. In the near future see a doubling and absolute easy doubling. Why is it so? Well, because look at the proportions. Bitcoin is right now approximately 50 percent from the All-Time High. Ethe is just a 25 percent, 20 percent even between basically twenty two point five percent. We are because we were above 10 above one K for one in the bull market. So it’s just the potential. So ethe from a risk reward is also good because it’s so far away from its all time highs that were reached in twenty eighteen. So that is why for for East to go to five hundred in the near future. It’s not that impossible. Absolutely not that impossible. So Bitcoin 13 K and ethe 500 gate in the near future is something that I don’t remove from the picture altogether. I think it’s absolutely possible. And to me that’s even very, very probable. But not financial advice. You do you. I do me. But I think those are the numbers that that this I’m looking at now. Obviously, obviously, it’s important to note we are above eight hundred live viewers on our own website. Guys, you are amazing. You are amazing. New life record. We’re smashing new life records just like Bitcoin is smashing all kinds of resistance levels. Now, I want also to bring some fad now that we’ve had our formal section. We also need to bring in some fad. Why is it so? Because expectations. Guys, please remember that after the having a lot of miners will struggle, they will not be in the great position. This means that many miners will have to shut down. They will have to shut down and liquidate their assets. And that’s key. That’s key to understand, Johnny. Thank you so much, Dandala. Johnny, appreciate you. Appreciate it. So they they might have to liquidate and sell their assets. So you understand that when they’re having hits, we might see a few weeks, a few months of sideways and even a bit bearish action. Please expect that and understand that that is on the table. That is on the table. Now, a bigger question is how far up will we go before the hubbing in the next 10 days and the year where I think Bitcoin has a great chance and the great probability of going to 13 K. And then when we hit the halving, maybe we’ll go back to 10K returns, the 10 K support, because so many miners will simply not be in the game again. So please remember that also we need to keep in mind the traditional markets, how they will perform and what will happen there. You know that they have been very strong during the past few weeks, but it’s going to be even stronger. Bitcoin is absolutely outperforming all of these guys with by miles length, miles and miles and miles length. But they’re are also very strong right now. What happens if they take a dump? If they take a hit? Will Bitcoin follow or not? Personally, I think we are in times where Bitcoin is going to decouple. I mean, it’s basically now that Bitcoin will probably decouple. And you see that if it is true, I mean, it is true that we do see a decoupling. And right now, we’re also the best performing asset of 2020. And if we can continue to at least be stable or slightly upwards when stocks dump, you see that? Now, we’re also uncorrelated. Imagine all the capital that’s going to jump into crypto, that’s going to jump into Bitcoin. They’re seeing they’re seeing the stocks going down. They’re seeing gold going up a bit when stocks go down, maybe about gold. Also sometimes follows, you know, and then they see Bitcoin being the number one asset of twenty twenty. And also it’s uncorrelated. And that was also had decoupled. So decoupling is another is another important variable to keep an eye on. It’s kind of our joker. It’s our joker, our our wild card that can really make this whole market go parabolic even more than we than we calculate with the homy. When you see big capital managers, wealth managers, you’re seeing all of this. So that’s important. If you think back on these times when the Bitcoin level hits to 70 to 80 K whilst there just the oh, man, I clicked. I clicked away while just a toddler well above while still just. Exactly. Look, even if you go to 70 and 80 K, it is just a 10x from here. Still only going to be at a a trillion more than a trillion, but approximately a trillion. And look, at the end of the day, it is big. One trillion is big, but it’s nothing compared to gold. It’s nothing. Even if a gold 10x from here was so, so early, was so early, it’s insane. If we go tennis from here, we’re going to be at one point seven trillion. So one point seven trillion is amazing. But still nothing in the in the broader picture is still nothing. Fed prince, the prince at one point seven trillion in the in the second. They can literally printed in the millisecond and they’ve done it. We’ve seen weeks with the five trillion. Six trillion. It’s absolutely insane. So even if we tennis from here, it’s still nothing. And so that’s why that’s why it’s important to look long term. But the timeline and the timeline is difficult. Obviously always the timeline. Even though I know that we will go to 10 trillion, will it be tomorrow in the year? In five years and 10 years and fifteen years? The timeline is the issue. But we need to look at what’s in front of us and look long term, but also manage the short term situation. Moving on, moving on, moving on. We have some other news that are important to discuss. We have, for example, news from our friends over at Krypto dot com. They are our collaborators we’re working on and I am holding their coin collecting. Thank you so much. Seven dollars. I’m Hotaling, their coin s.r.o.. Just full disclosure. But what’s important right now is that they do have the hubbing special. They’re giving away 50 percent off on bitcoins. So basically you can get the Bitcoin with 50 percent cheaper. 50 percent discount. Big fat discount. And they’re selling one million bitcoin with this kind of discount. And you don’t even have to stake S.R.O. Usually you need to stake S.R.O. to be in these kinds of of sales where they give discounts. But basically, they’re also giving away one. I mean, they’re doing these huge, huge holding celebration. So go check them out right now. Krypto dot com. If you want to get fifty dollars, you want to get fifty dollars, go to that. Com slash live. And use this link for Kruijff dot com. And yeah, don’t underestimate it because they are doing a great job and it’s amazing to work together. We’re going to see how their coin performs. What is their coin. I haven’t checked it in, in the wild but it is performing amazingly well, amazingly well. It was like two zero point zero five. Just just days ago. And now it’s zero point zero six five. So, yeah, it’s it’s even the coin is reflecting. Yeah. I mean, if it is performing well. No question about that. But then I also I’m also Houghtaling MCO. Let’s see how that coin is MCO. You know, it’s difficult to keep track of all of this exotic assets. Five point six. That’s great. That’s right. So all in all, they are performing quite good. And finally, another thing I want to discuss is the telegram situation. Basically, they have reverse older project. Probably we’re not going to have any kind of telegraph network or block chain because they’re saying that we will return everything to investors. We might have to return one point two billion to investors because it seems really on our tail. And they’re not allowing us to do business. They’re not allowing us to do whatever we want to do. So that’s why probably we might have to give it all back. And unfortunately, that is how it is. The innovation in this case is stopped by the regulation, by the regulation. If it room blocks are full, says crypto fruit. Interesting. Interesting. Interesting. Well, you see that it’s always like that when the prices skyrocket. And you also see, for example, the situation with Coinbase. They they got shut down yesterday for a few few hours because they always have technical issues. They oldest legal issues when the markets go up and when the markets rallying guys. That being said is so amazing that we have markets rallying. We see viewers rallying. We see jury, jury. Thanks so much for this kind words. I’m on your academy is amazing. Glad to be part of. It’s so good to hear jury. So good to hear. And please, if you want to participate in our Q&A with make your Dow and defy. I mean, any questions you have about DFI? We’ll have a Q&A for all academy members. And you can ask anything you want, anything you want. So in your profile in that guide them in. Just go and find that section with student usernames and webinars. And there you’ll see that defy. You may starting in approximately two hours, in approximately two hours. So you can ask anything you want. And that’s going to going to be amazing. All right, guys. More questions. I’m inviting the magnificent, the the honorable, the honorable Chad to the to the stream. Welcome. This is asking, Ivan, can you explain why the price of Bitcoin is different in Lebanon than in Sweden? So I guess you refer to the visa we did a few days ago about local Bitcoin in Lebanon going to fifteen K when Bitcoin was still at seven or something. Well, you realize that the markets are not efficient. It’s impossible to use up. You use arbitrage to really take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities so their market to separate their market is separate, disconnected from the world. Which means that at the end of the day, the only thing you can do is to buy from local people. And when the currency, their currency collapsed 50 percent in the last week, 50 percent. Obviously, people are running. They’re absolutely running. Two words, two words. Safe havens, two words, safe assets. They’re trying to get hold of the dollar. But that’s really difficult. And they’re also trying to get hold of Bitcoin. So the demand goes up like crazy and there is not enough supply in the country. So that’s that’s how it is. Sweden is different because it’s all open and connected. And you don’t have capital in Lebanon. You have capital controls. You cannot even access your money in your bank. So how can you buy a Bitcoin with that money? It’s very difficult. So you take all the cash you have and then you run and try to get some Bitcoin, some bitcoin, at least. All right. You can not send it to Coinbase International. You can only go spend it the like in your cities. And so that’s why that’s why Ivan is so hyped. And he can see Supercharges if if you have. But I really appreciate man and view. View f one dollar. Yep. One dollar. One dollar. But when I’m explaining, when I’m explaining and when I’m in the in the mood I’m explaining like some kind of concept. I will delay the super chats a bit and then I will come back. But if it’s like a big superjet then of course I will say it. But when I’m explaining, I don’t want to be interrupted like each five seconds. But then, of course, I’ll go back and they’ll check. So thank you so much. Everyone who is doing this crazy supercharges truly appreciate you. Let’s see, Nate. How much more or less should I, d.E.A, when business is pumping so hard? Well, Nate, it’s important to note that it’s your personal strategy that you need to develop and it’s different for different people. But I wouldn’t recommend to make big bets. So always I don’t recommend Begue making big bets because tomorrow we can literally go down with 20, 30 percent. And the question is, can you really handle that or will you sell it at minus 30 or will you be able to handle it? Most people cannot handle they’re selling because they think we’re going to go down to minus 50. We’re going to go down even more, they think. So DCA is best to do with equal miles, like all access with equal amounts and don’t care about the price. We have your strategy. You followed your strategy. And otherwise, if you start breaking your own d.E.A strategy, you will also start dumping. You will also start dumping on the bottoms because now you’re afraid. And so as soon as you let your emotions take over your strategy in the upside, when we’re going up and you’re young, you buy more because we go up so much and you get formal, the same will happen. Exactly the same will happen when we go down. And now you sell like crazy because we’re going down and you think we’re going and going to go down further, which means that you buy at the top, you sell at the bottom. So therefore, you need to have the mind of steel. You have to have the discipline of steel if you’re following this, a strategy. But look at all that. It’s your strategy. So you need to have your own strategy and follow it. And it’s different for different people, depending on the age where you are in life. If you’re old, if you’re close to the retirement, as I tell you, it might be a good idea to be a bit more careful because, look, you might need the manual soon. You might not be able to be that long term in your investments. You might need it in the next two, three years or maybe one year. But if you are a young if you are 20, 25, you have the whole life in front of you. Obviously, you can make a bigger bet. You can make a lot more risk. You can take a lot more risk. It depends. And really consult with yourself when it comes to this. I’m not your financial adviser, but this is how I’m thinking. So that’s important. No one retires any more says than that. Well, if you it depends on the mindset as well. I like the mindset of not retiring that, yes, you might be getting some stuff from the government because you are you are old enough to get it, but always growing, always doing something. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. I’ve done so since government can shut down Bitcoin can. Do you think they could set some regulation in the future for a bit for Bitcoin miners and sabotage us that way? Well, you see, the Bitcoin mining is global. It’s a global business. Alexander So how will you do it? You could do it in your country, but it means that all the miners in your country will shut down. They cannot if they cannot do that. If I followed the regulation, they will have to shut down. What does it mean? Well, some other country sees their advantage. They see that, hey, now these guys cannot do their business. We will make amazing laws that you can make your business here. All of this is global. And countries obviously want to have an upper hand. They want to have an upper hand against other countries. So that is why you see some islands in the world with amazing corporate privacy, with very low taxes, because they’re saying, hey, get on with all your money here, come with all your money. We don’t care how you got that money, but we will take care of it. Why? Why? Because they want to have some kind of upper hand man. If you are an island in the middle of nowhere, you want to be able to to help with something like to to have some kind of service you can provide. So you’ve got to keep it in mind. And so that’s. Seychelle and a bit makes exactly the e-mails say, hey, you know, where is bith mix registered, where we’re all descript or guys registered in Seychelles? Why? Because they have amazing regulation. They are very liberal. So that that’s that’s why. And you realize it will be the same with mining. If somebody is trying to stop it, someone else will open it up and you can mine from wherever you want in the world. It’s very easy to set up, very easy to move. And what’s important is that you’re literally getting this digital scarcity. You’re literally taking this digital scarcity from the universe and web limited amount of bitcoins. So all countries should encourage their citizens to mine like crazy mine as maniacs. They have to their citizens. They if if they’re smart, they will tell their citizens. Guys, you have to mine like crazy. Become a mining maniac. We will subsidize your electricity, please. Mine, please. Mine as soon as possible. This is what I would do. Why. Why is it so important? Well, you realize there is limited amount of bitcoin and that is being distributed now to some countries that have big mining industries. Not that much to other countries that don’t have a mining industry. And if it is the case that Bitcoin will play some kind of role in the next financial paradigm, which is a great chance, the risk reward on this is so huge. You cannot miss it. You cannot miss it. So obviously, you want to have people in your country who have this bitcoin because then they have it in your country. They are contributing to your economy. They are consuming goods and services with that wealth in your country, paying taxes. And so that’s why that’s why every country should tell their citizens, go in mine. We will even give you a mining machine. We will call between ourselves. So they ship a huge container for our entire country and just mine go in mine anyway. Anyway, anyway, crypto hawk. Any concerns with you on a Chinese city currently has roughly 50 percent of bitcoin cash power among the various operations and pools. Well, once again, crypto hock. It’s a global business. And the thing is, right now, we are seeing centralization in China, as you say. But like we discussed yesterday, it’s all about people realizing how easy it is to start mining and that you can reuse excess energy, you reduce excess energy. This needs to go global and it will go global. So if you have some kind of power plant, all the excess energy you can just put into mining, you have some oilrig, you have some oil that you are not able to sell. Like we saw negative oil. You know, oil companies probably going to be one of the biggest miners in the near future. So it’s all about just people understanding, understanding the simple fact. As soon as you have a bit a tiny bit of excess energy in some kind of process, you can funnel it straight into crypto, straight into mining. Previously, you couldn’t use that energy for anything because it’s not worth transporting the energy to some kind of location where it can be consumed. It’s not worth it. But with Bitcoin, you can literally funnel it into mining instantly without any transport. So when this idea goes global, you see that it’s impossible to centralize mining because now mining is everywhere. Oh, my God. We’re seeing this trimmed down. Is is this is the central bankers guys. They’re coming after us. Let’s see. I need to change. I need to change two to two. Let’s do it to Felicity. One second. One second. One second. We’ll be back. This is what happens when your life. The good thing is the good thing is that that we have already covered the most important topics. Oh, my God. We have had issues with our ISP. So that’s actually not. All right. Let’s see. Are we back? Are we back? Are we back? Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. We’re back. We’re back. We’re back. Are we back there? We will be back in a minute. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Man, this is what happens when you do live. This is exactly what happens. But anyway, for all of you watching on YouTube, let me know exactly how you are treating this in the comments. What will the Bitcoin prize be at the end at the end of this hubbing cycle? Let’s see if we can get back online as soon as possible with the stream. That would be the ideal situation, of course, the ideal situation. But it’s always a let down when it doesn’t happen. I think we’re alive now. We’re back live. We’re back live. We’re back live. Let’s see. It goes. Go. We’re back. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, it is saurus man. It’s like some kind of conspiracy against me. Good morning, Crypt. We’re back live. We’re stronger than ever. We’re here. We’re ready to go. We’re ready to roll. Let’s do the math. The chatter is going absolutely wild. The shuttle’s going absolutely wild. Look, they’re trying to grab the stream. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I see nation. So that’s amazing. Let me get to Alderton donation that you guys have been sending while we were off air for a few seconds. Let’s talk about idee protocols, use cases. Yes. So that’s important. Self sovereign identity, SS, I.D.. Let me just write that down. I just want to go to all of you guys who did super chat while we were off air while we simply were were cut off. I cannot scroll further up anyway. Sorry if I missed Mr. Supercheap. Look what I was even talking about. I was talking about mining. The fact that, you know, when mining is being understood worldwide and it’s being all all excess energy is being funneled into mining from all kinds of processes, then you cannot centralize. You can centralize mine. It’s impossible. Now, let’s talk about SSI. Did you understand with Block Schenn, we will have global identities. It is just a matter of time. It can be very dystopic. I mean, in one way you can say that it is extremely dystopic. This whole idea of global identity. But just like they try, they’re going to try to push digital cash and we will be push digital. They will push it down their throat in one way or another. They will also push digital global identity. So that’s that’s just a matter of time. I think you should be expecting that. You should be expecting that. Now, obviously, it could be more efficient for some processes, like, for example, when you go to a hospital in one country, they have all the information from all other hospitals. You’ve been there in all other locations. And that’s, by the way, something that would be good for many people because why is it so I go to a pharmacy. They have no clue what kind of treatment I got in the past. I they they they don’t have any of my history and so on, so forth. But at the end of the night, was the recording still. Yes. Recording was still going. That recording was still going. So please account for that if it’s possible. So that is a good use case. That is a good use case. But at the same time, you also see that now you’re tracked worldwide. Now you also see that you are being surveilled. Surveillance, surveilled, how you say surveillance and you’re being surveilled all the time. So it’s it’s dystopic. And it’s also efficient. But we probably were probably going to see it in both ways. And look, technology can be used for good and for evil, just like the Internet. The Internet is amazing. But the Internet is also used to to surveil us all the time. So. Yeah. Martin, Kate, five dollars. Thank you so much. Thanks so much. What else? What else? What else? I just got my own twelve hundred deposit. Oh, the government from the government. The helicopter money and doesn’t raid does rate in South Korea. There’s already an icon with digital I.D. starting the next in the next months. Oh you mean the ICAM project. That’s interesting. Yeah. That’s a big Korean project. Thoughts on Tasos? Well, as I’ve been telling you, I think that’s what is very interesting right now. They are doing some amazing, some amazing work with functional programming and they are moving in market cap. They are moving in a market cap. And their biggest competitor right now is kind of downlow. So as long as long as does this key keeping growing and keeping developing, it is going to be in front Basker Donnellys also now. You know, we’ve had so many news from Khaldoun as well. So these two are very important to follow. In many cases they are similar is the same kind of mindset and a lot of similarities, but also in some ways different. So keep it in mind and keep an eye on both of these two guys. That being said, that being said, we will have to end it here. Thank you so much for the. Thank you so much for all the supercharges. I truly, truly appreciate. Appreciate hanging here with you. This amazing. What is it? Thursday? Thursday morning. Unfortunately, I have to go a bit quicker today. Yes, I know. Yes, I know. Yes. I have to go a bit quicker today. We have so much work to do. Our academy is growing like crazy. And I have a meeting right now in in 30 minutes, so I really have to go. Bye, guys. This has been an amazing time. And I’m telling you, the markets are going wild. Please keep your head cool. Keep your head cool. Once again, you don’t want to get rich quick. You want to get rich for sure. That’s important. And you know that tomorrow we will be back like an atomic clock. Like always at 8:00 a.m. Central European Time. Central will be on time, 8:00 a.m. We’ll be back tomorrow. If you are watching on YouTube, go right now to Ivens or the com slash live and subscribe here. Click the subscribe button. Click enable web dollars. Click enables vacations. And so it’s your part of the real community that is here every morning and you get action and suffocations from us and you cannot be removed when YouTube decides to remove things from their platform. So that’s important. All in all, have a good day and goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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