You’re Federal Reserve, manage our money supply. Don’t mismanage it by printing trillions to bail out huge multi-national corporations. Okay. No, Jerry. What’s going on, guys? It’s K-Dub here with another episode of Crypto Zombie. Welcome back to the Channel. Hope you’re having a great end to your weekend. Great start to your week. Really depends on where you’re watching today’s video. However, at the time of making this video, we are seeing some red across the markets. We’re seeing bitcoin sort of pushed down. We did have a little bit of rejection around the seven thousand three hundred dollar level. Lots of people calling for an eight thousand dollar Bitcoin. Is that possible? Well, we do know that we have the bitcoin having coming up in about 22 days. So is an eight thousand dollar bitcoin possible? Well, I do want to go into some short term analysis. We are getting very close to a critical level. You can see right here we do have a lot of resistance coming down. So I want to talk about that. I also want to go into one crazy bitcoin chart. Now, you guys are talking about, you know, sort of coincidences between Bitcoin and the stock market. Well, I’m and actually show you a really cool chart from 1996 to 2000 in the Nasdaq that could give some hints as to what could happen for Bitcoin moving forward. Also want to talk about the fact that we have three billion dollars worth of quote unquote, dry powder ready to potentially ignite a crypto currency markets. And also, we need to talk about the fact that Teather has printed half a billion dollars. What is going on? Does this mean that the whales are going to move into Teather and we’re gonna have a dump? Or are they looking to use the tether to buy more bitcoin and pump it? That is all we’re going to talk about today. If that sounds good to you, you know what to do. Also, today is your last chance if you’re looking to get your hands on the free ledger, nano s drop a comment below and we are giving that away tomorrow. Also, if you guys checked out, Ledger is doing a 27 percent off deal if you want. I do have links below. You can check that out if you want to get one today or if you want to try to win one. You can drop a comment without further ado if you’re not subscribed. Consider it. Let’s dive in. OK. Having a look right here, we do notice that Bitcoin is still maintaining this sort of yellow uptrend. We are above the hartline of the original ascending pattern. Right. So we are still sitting above previous resistance. You can see right here we did break above the 50 day moving average. However, currently we are being held down by this resistance that started all the way up at around the ten thousand five hundred dollar level. You could see it held us down here, down here. Then we took that major dump. And currently it looks like we are being held down again. So granted, we are above the 50 day moving average. We are currently below the resistance. And if we can’t break above this resistance, we do risk falling down maybe to around six thousand eight hundred dollars. Now, obviously, if we fall down to that level, we would close the seemy futures gap that was basically started on Friday. That gap sits around seven thousand eighty dollars. So we may come down just to close that super quick. However, I do want to just break or actually show you this news that came out for the attempted break. This is from crypto Yoda. Letters from day go by. OK. If you’re following him and he’s talking about a correction or a reversal and he says the make it or break it moment is approaching, I’m not going to go into the whole newsletter. Essentially, if we scroll all the way to the bottom, if you guys want to read this, I will drop it below. He says any break of seven thousand four hundred and seventy five dollars might lead Bitcoin to a strong breakout. Now, if we can break and hold above eight thousand dollars, he says this would be very bullish and would increase the chances of a major spike, wiping out bears and igniting a brand new rally. Now, we had actually talked about these levels back here. If we had gotten above sort of the right here at this green line, I have it around the seven thousand nine hundred. So that’s basically the eight thousand dollar level. And he does say the daily e-mail cluster above needs to be broken first between seventy six hundred seventy nine hundred. Any pump failure could lead to a violent reversal down. So caution is advised. And of course, we have been rejected again for the third week. I mean, technically, if you count these little Wix down here, it’s almost been going on for five weeks now at around the V.P. VR right above my head at seven thousand two hundred dollars. We need to break above this. We need to hold above this on the daily for some bullish momentum. Right. But essentially, that’s just what’s happening short term for Bitcoin. But what we need to talk about is the fact that bitcoin priced in gold is at its lowest level in four years. You can look at the stock to flow analysis over here by Plan B, which I’m not going to lie. This model has been getting a little bit of flak lately, however. What do you guys think? Why is Bitcoin trailing behind gold so bad right now? Why has gold really been acting as the store of value, do you think? It’s just because it’s easier for, you know, investors who cashed out of stocks to get into gold since they usually buy them from the same people? Or do you think it’s simply because gold is better or maybe because it’s been around longer? Right. So that is the question. Right. But we do have the bitcoin having coming up in 22 days now having a look right here at this tweet. You can see there is an amazing. Relation between the Nasdaq Internet market cycle, by the way, this is from DIY investing over on Twitter and essentially the Bitcoin market cycle. And you can see right here that although we do tend to think that it was correlated recently with the sell off, which it somewhat was correlated, you can see that actually the Nasdaq had a major sell off in 2008. I don’t have to remind you what happened. And that same sell off looks unbelievably similar to the one that we just saw for Bitcoin, as well as the crazy Internet market cycle from sort of nineteen ninety five to 2000 resembles exactly what happened in bitcoin from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen. So obviously Bitcoin tends to do this a little bit quicker. Right. Bitcoin moves a little bit faster. But one other one I want to point out as well as if you could see right here. He says betting against this worst idea ever, by the way, is pretty mindblowing. Right. He says Bitcoin literally looks the same as it does before every having twenty eighteen was the very first year we ever had real institutional adoption. And now you’re bearish. OK. Right. But I mean, currently having a look. It does look like Bitcoin is trying to push down right now. But keep in mind that when we do look at these havinga, it’s not like we’ve ever had, you know, a massive, you know, blast off pre having every having was very lackluster. And the real pump, the real bull run started after the having. And in no in no indicies instances. Excuse me, did we ever have a higher bitcoin before a having. So just keep that in mind. You know, people think we’re just gonna have this crazy blastoff. That’s probably not what is going to happen. But here’s the situation we had just 18 hours ago. A hundred and twenty million dollars worth of Teather minted at the Treasury. Now, we did have the CTO of Teather coming out and saying this is an inventory replenish. Note this is an authorized but not issued transaction, meaning that this amount will be used as inventory for next period issuance requests. Now, some people are saying this is not a good thing if they’re keeping it in the Treasury and they’re not giving it out and they’re waiting for when people are requesting more teather. Does this mean that they’re anticipating people to be panic selling their bitcoin and needing Teather so they can move their money into it? That is one theory, ok. Because you can see that there has been massive printing over here. And if we have a look at this article that came out from the crypto associate, they pointed out that three hundred and sixty million had been printed just this week alone. And this article came out three days ago, and according to Massara, is on chain effects. Teather has actually surpassed X Sarpy or Ripple by market cap. Now, I know if you’re using coin market cap, REPL is sitting at number three and you have obviously Teather sitting or X г.р number three, Teather number four. But if you come over here and you actually look at Mazari, you can see that Teather is actually sitting at number three. Now if you’re wondering why this is different. Well, Mazari sort of is a little bit better of a data aggregator. You can actually see, for example, the real volume for the twenty four hour bitcoin is only at around seven hundred fifty five million to go over on something like, you know, I’ll do it right now. So let’s go over to coin market cap and what is it at right now for bitcoin. It’s probably way higher. Yeah, it’s $31 billion. So you have to take into consideration, you know, wash trading. A lot of the volume isn’t exactly real. However, here is the kicker. So the guys over at Msorry, specifically the CEO has actually mentioned the fact that there is a huge amount of crypto sitting on the sidelines waiting to move into bitcoin. A theory, I mean, Sarpy. And this is in the form of, you guessed it, stable coins. New data shows that cryptocurrency exchanges are now holding three billion dollars in stable coins on behalf of their customers. Now, this is slightly more bullish than Teather minting it because this is actually physically sitting on exchanges, which, by the way, you guys should never leave your cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Don’t be crazy. Put them on something like a hardware wallet. Right. But hey, if you’re leaving them on the exchange to each his own. So they’re basically saying that these investors are in a strategic position to re-enter crypto essentially at any time. And to quote the CEO, he says there’s now three billion dollars of stable coins sitting on exchanges. If investors wanted to cash out of crypto completely, they would have withdrawn their funds to their banks. But they don’t. They’re keeping it in stable coins on exchanges. Instead, we’ve got more dry powder, as he puts it, held in the crypto economy than ever before in both retail and the market cap percentage terms. So what are these investors waiting for? Are they waiting for one last final dip to try to catch these super, super low prices? Well, that is the question, but it is a lot more bullish considering them holding it on exchanges rather than Teather waiting to mint it out. Usually that means they want to run away, right? They want to cash out. So take it however you will. Some people will think this is bearish. Some people think this is bullish. I think there’s a sort of middle ground in the boat. I think the 3 billion on exchanges is actually bullish. The tech, the teather being minted in the background that could potentially be bearish. So take it how you will. But $3 billion worth of dry powder. Ready to pump Krypto? Let me know what you think. But I want to just actually refer to a tweet from Min Kinne over at Icon, and he says Two years ago, crypto advocates were saying institutional money is coming. Nope, didn’t see it. But today I’m actually seeing genuine institutional interests. Recently talked to a few money managers. The world is changing. Be bold. Be strong, Hoddle. I actually retweeted this over on my Twitter and we’ve seen lots of people come out recently. Ari Paul, Adam Beck, Coinbase showing that there was not only retail interest but also institutional interests. You’ve seen greyscale bitcoin and a theorem actually skyrocketing as well as multiple people saying they’ve been hit up by very savvy investors looking to place million dollar, multi-million dollar investments into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, currently the price is pushing down. So that’s it. Everything’s invalidated? No, not necessarily, guys. Keep in mind, we are probably looking to close. You know that, actually. Are we close in the seemy futures gap right now? Hold on. Oh, well, obviously we can’t. Yes. Seven thousand eighty. Wow. Well, look at that, guys. It looks like we’re already pushing down to close the gap as we make the video. So we’ll see what happens as soon as the markets open. Right. You guys will probably know before I do. So having a look over here, you could see one thing I want to point out super quick was I know that a lot of people have mentioned, you know, all bitcoin is slow. High fees, et cetera. We do know that we have things like the lightning network. Well, interestingly enough, the liquid sidechain, according to this, the liquid dot net, the circulation trend has been steady for ninety six bitcoin on December twenty nineteen. And now it’s all the way up to 2000 LBC in a matter of just four months. So this is kind of interesting, right? So Liquid Network has maintained a strong uptrend despite all the pullbacks that bitcoin endured over the last month. This does not seem to have an impact on l BTC in circulation. So I just thought that was kind of an interesting statistic to see that this has been growing despite sort of the sentiment in the market recently. OK, so we have to talk about this. We had De Force, a Chinese decentralized finance DFI protocol backed by multi KOIN capital has reportedly been exploited. Yikes. Not good news for the DFI sector. The total value locked in default was reduced from around 25 million dollars to almost nothing. It went. It dumped to 10000. Well, it didn’t get dumped. Actually, what happened was basically there was an exploit. Yeah. So these guys are a lending solution for lend f got me representing an open source money market protocol. They were attacked according to a local Chinese outlet. The team has already located the problem and advised all users to stop depositing assets in the loan agreement. On the web, page on chain data reveals that the attacker has transferred the assets to two other platforms compound and a VHF. Not too familiar with that. But wowzers. That is not good. I don’t know what happened to anybody that had any of that money in there, but this is why DFI is very, very risky. And as much as I do like to support these advances, especially with things going on in a theorem, you guys know I’ve been a little bit skeptical recently. As far as, you know, allocating any of my capital to any altcoins until we do have 100 percent certainty about what’s really happening, you know, sort of globally right now and of course, in crypto. But man, when you see a chart like this that definitely makes you rethink where you’re putting your money. So, yeah, guys, like I said, put your money on a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. What do you lending out money for and doing all these things? See what happens. But I am sorry if this did affect anybody watching this video. And honestly, that really does suck. And I am sorry to hear about that, OK? But on the bright side, we do have some bright news. According to a recent LinkedIn blog post, blockchain technology is the most sought after skill this year. The post noted that the small supply of professionals who have the skill are in high demand. Moreover, while the virus pandemic continues to impact the U.S. unemployment rate, up to 22 million people who have filed for unemployment. You do notice that blockchain related jobs have been increasing. So, hey, maybe something to do during the time, right? Maybe take up one of these courses, learn how to develop on blockchains. So in turn, blockchain courses offered at universities are becoming more common as the skill is on the rise. Fifty six percent of the world’s top 50 universities offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain tech. That is a 42 percent increase from 2018. And I also think that, you know, somebody is looking at blockchain tech. They’re learning how to program. You’re going to kind of inevitably look at bitcoin, which is going to inevitably have you look at other cryptocurrencies and then, you know, maybe it’ll just get more people into the space moving forward. So that being said, that is it for me today. Thank you so much again for coming back to the channel. If you want to enter to win the legend A.S., today’s the last day. Drop a comment below. Anything makes you eligible. If you want to join my free telegram community, I do have a link above dropping that below. And also, if you just want to buy a ledger, they do have 27 percent off on their family packs. You could check out my tutorial that I do have just, you know, search crypto zombie ledger tutorial. And I do have the links below for that as well, but having a look at this chart, isn’t it a beautiful chart? That being said, thank you so much again for coming back to the channel. You guys. Rocky, the reason that I do this every single day, my name is K-Dub. This is Krypto Zombie. Until next time, stay Krypto. And, of course, peace out.


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