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  1. It's worse than that. Banks are the primary way of creating "New Money" If you want to borrow $25K for a new car the bank does not actually have that money in the vault, they "create" it when you sign the document saying you will pay back $25K (a loan) They have basically loaned you, with interest, new money they never had. That's why the system is always so desperate for people to borrow more money. Because without debt, there is NO MONEY. We have reached the point where we cannot borrow enough new money to keep the charade going. The banksters are now just handing out the new money without the pretense of having to borrow it into existence or even paying it back. And now you know why they can't stop. If they stop handing out fresh new money this all falls apart real quick.

  2. Re: banking question- Unfortunately I think we do need banks for loans on large purchases (Homes and cars) and to a lesser degree to offer security of our cash (until such a time as a bail-in catastrophe where they elect to steal our money)

  3. Friends, remember when the pizza was bought for 19000 btc, Bitcoin was ignored. "Pinetwork" is an open application because it has different features than other coins. You don't give anything. Just press the green lightning icon once a day from your phone. Scraping continues even if your phone is switched off. If you want to try "Pinetwork", a new breath in digital mining, from playstor, write vetuka in the final reference code and you will complete the process.

  4. If you take account of Gates new patent WO 2020/060606 A1 cryptocurrency system using body activation data..ect then yes! Though it seems visa is doing something similar!!

  5. BTC is gradually making it's way to 10k, the asset which is currently selling at 9.4k has been struggling for weeks now to break pass 9k and seeing it going up gradually means it has probably started a bullish tendency and it's going to break out soon. some are still waiting for the next dump so that they can buy. and majority of those who buy now lose all their money due to lack of good strategies or crypto knowledge as one may say. meanwhile i have been making profits with Benjamin Jackson's trading strategy and signals. i have been with him for almost a year and i have made over 50,000usd from trading with his strategy. He is the best. if you are in need of some assistance you can reach him easily through his telegram @BenjaminJackson. or. MaiI BenjaminJacksonTv@Gmail. Com

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