Mortgages, necessities, car payments. Bitcoin’s one of the last things that they’re going to buy is any of anything. If these guys are holding Bitcoin, they’re going to liquidate to pay for what they need to take care of most and hopefully do it soon because at some point you won’t be able to do that very easily. Who else looks in the mirror and says, I need a haircut? I know every damn day I look in the mirror now. I need a haircut. I need a haircut. Getting back, I started hang over the years a little bit. I just can’t hang with that. Can’t hang with it. You know, you guys who have hairdressers and people like barbers that live with you. Has a lucky guy. Just don’t know what you got until it’s gone. And of course, I know a haircut is probably just something stupid to complain about compared to some of the other things that we just don’t have right now because of the lockdowns. Basic doctor appointments right now are so hard for people to get. If you’re neither dead nor dying, it’s like it’s hard to get into a doctor. You know, it’s very it’s just insane. Everything is insane. But here today, today, we’re that’s what we’re to talk about. We are going to talk about insanity. We don’t talk about the craziness. We’re gonna talk about just like the woe factor of the market and bitcoin and just everything going on. Let’s just have that kind of conversation. Let’s lead off with this. My tweet, I put it earlier today, every banking institution in the world uses fractional reserve banking. You deposit one hundred percent. The bank uses 90 percent. And 10 percent of your actual money is reserved. The Fed and all central banks put I don’t know, I put out it’s supposed to be put put the reserve to zero. OK. The reserve is zero. This will bleed all markets, including Bitcoin. Now we’ll explain how it can be bitcoin here in a second. But yes, basically, if you deposit this, imagine right now you’ve got millions of dollars in the bank. Okay. Let’s pull Donald Trump. Millions and millions and millions of dollars. Thank God I can’t do that. Well. I can’t sound like that much of a crazy person. But imagine if you had millions of dollars in the bank right now and you find their fractional reserve is at zero. Has to trust the FDIC to insure that money. That’s actually just really insane. And many of you right now are saying, well, bitcoin is the answer. Bitcoin is the answer. No. Bitcoin clearly has not been the answer. Okay. Bitcoin has not been the safe haven to go and put your money. Okay. As a store of value. But what Bitcoin has been is the safe haven to move your money from one country to another, which we’re going to address that also. Okay. I won’t tell you what’s going to happen to bitcoin. Twenty twenty is going to impact bitcoin and even your bitcoin bitcoin you have in your wallet. It’s going to impact that bitcoin too. We’ll explain how that’s going to happen. But going back to the tweet game with this federal fractional reserve just basically going to zero, there’s no fractional reserve, no reserves there. This is chaotic. That means the money that’s in the bank, the money you put in the bank, zero reserves on that. This is going to bleed the markets. Why is this going to bleed the markets? Because of the irresponsibility. Right now, what we’re seeing is a synthetic solution to fight the corona virus. That’s what the stock market that’s what the Fed is doing. The Fed is trying to fight this virus by synthetic means, by manipulation, by doing things that you can say are very unethical, things that are high risk. And these actions are causing investors, especially investors, a lot of money, gay to be actually a lot more conservative. And yeah, you might be saying, well, the stock market’s increase in stock market’s done. Well, this is true. It has done very well. But how much money that we print. Think about this. In 2008 when we had the market crash of 2008. We did quantitative easing that we did now, but nothing compared to what we’re doing right now. The Wall Street market cap rate is like twenty two or twenty three trillion dollars. Eleven trillion of that. Eleven trillion of that 22 to 23 trillion dollar market cap is quantitative easing money. Now, think about that for a second. That funny money, that quantitative easing money was used to hold that market up. It’s exactly what we’re seeing happen right now. It’s all synthetic. Your investors, your people and you people aren’t done right. You’re real. Investors aren’t dumb. This is all being held up synthetically. Something else you think about a case, we have all this quantitative easy money coming into the market, pumping the prices, holding things steady. They have unemployment at 17 million in three weeks, 17 million Americans. That’s just Americans. Can you imagine what the unemployment rate is around the world? A third, a third of renters, United States, one third of renters were unable to make their rent this month. They estimate that it was almost the same amount of commercial renters that could do the same thing, either make their store front rent. I mean, it is insane what is happening. It’s just a matter of time before these numbers, these numbers start to catch up to the B.S. We saw that happen in 2008. When the market was crashing, right? Nothing was nothing was really. The markets weren’t reflecting what was actually happening. It got to a certain point. We just couldn’t deny it anymore. That was becoming very blatantly clear that the market was held up as strictly manipulation. The same thing is going to happen again. And this is where it’s going to bleed us. You see, they take that fractional reserves as zero banks are taking that money and utilizing that money to pump up things synthetically that things are still going to fall. But these things don’t benefit you. They benefit your bigger corporations. Right. And they’re going to bleed. They’re going to start to bleed. And as we have seen, every time the traditional market starts to bleed, the crypto market bleeds as well. So if you think Bitcoin is going to walk away from this unscathed, I’m telling you right now, this system right here, fractional reserve banking going to zero, will slowly trickle as way down to the bitcoin market. It will and is going to hurt Joska, I think, as people start losing their asses. Where are they going to come up with the money to really go buy bitcoin when they have other things to take care of? Mortgages, necessities, car payments? Bitcoin is one of the last things that they’re going to buys. And if anything, if these guys are holding bitcoin, they’re going to liquidate to pay for what they need to take care of most and hopefully do it soon because at some point you won’t be able to do that very easily. Now, many of you guys right now probably sit there thinking, why are you so bearish right now in Bitcoin whenever everything you’re saying solidifies the case for Bitcoin? Well, yes, it’s true. Bitcoin can’t have these problems. It can’t exist. These problems cannot exist. But there is a massive weakness in Bitcoin that’s created by all of us because our focus is to get wealthy with USD, with bitcoin, not wealthy with bitcoin, meaning everyone wants one bitcoin hit a million dollars. Everyone’s a bitcoin be worth a hundred thousand dollars. It’s very hypocritical to sit there, say the one thing that’s a solution needs to be tied to the problem, and that’s how you going to measure your level of wealth. Everyone says, well, one bitcoin is going to be my retirement planning is one bitcoins to be worth a great amount of money. But you’re still you’re still perpetuating that broken system. Now, if you think Bitcoin itself isn’t broken, that’s not true. Bitcoin. Okay, the price of bitcoin is actually heavily determined by this entity right here. bitfinex bitfinex is one of the is the entity basically with USD. They own USD USD. T is the backbone OK for bitcoin? It is our fed, it is USD. She acts as her fed. Inflating is as necessary. You print more USD T to pump that into the markets. You increased prices of bitcoin. I feel like all this chaos owes me correct bitcoin. It is. Bitcoin is in for a massive correction and I really don’t think that I personally don’t think at the end of this bitcoin ID be lucky if you very lucky to be able to sustain a $3000 price point. And again, many of you guys write me saying all you’re crazy, you’re crazy. A lot of people buying. No, no, there’s not. There’s not enough people buying it. There really isn’t. I’m a show you something right now. Okay. This is off Mazari. This is where people go when they want actual factual numbers on what’s happening with Bitcoin. I want you to look at this. Bynum’s BTC USD t you’re telling me that is the backbone right now of bitcoin? You are telling me that seven seven hundred M.E. Almost a billion freaking dollars is pumping through 24 hours in the past 24 hours. Unbind and USD. Come on. Come on, guys. Look at the closest competitor coinbase right now at one hundred forty three million. Now you might be saying all the agents trade the trades. I create a trade like crazy. The Corona virus has got a massive grip right now on the Asian market. Okay. Yeah. You want to watch the news? Believe news. Great. But you need to look into people who are actually there. Did you know 21 million cell phones disappeared off their networks a few weeks ago? Twenty one million. That’s 21 million people. They disconnected from having any kind of outreach. I’m telling you what’s happening there is really, really not good. It’s not. It’s very bad. It’s a matter of fact that Chinese economy right now is being held up by PPE, personal protective equipment. They’re selling off medical devices and medical equipment around the world. And COBA 19 testing around the world is actually what’s holding them up. Every country, a nation is rethinking their relationship with China already making moves. Pull things out. Look at Japan. Japan said, hey, listen, you know what? We’re going to spend billions of dollars to get our produce, our producers, our factories, our manufacturers out of China. Here’s some free money. Come back home. Let’s do this. You can see that same song happen around the world. People are going to pull out of China. China will not be the manufacturing king of the world after this. Right now, a lot of these people know that what you’re seeing with BTC USD T, this is it’s it’s the same damn thing the Fed is doing. Okay. This is not. It’s very synthetic. It is synthetic. And it’s necessary because so many of these projects right now, especially finance, is dependent on the price of bitcoin being up. And if you think that the big guys right now, the big giants, not crypto space, are you thinking, oh, bian’s is too big, nothing will happen to them, they’re not going to bleed. Nothing’s gonna happen to them. They’re not going to lose. Well, you talk about why are they going to. Why are they going to pump this? I’ma tell you why. Because organically, what’s happening? They’re bleeding bitcoins. They are bleeding bitcoins, just like all your other giants are. Look a bit Max has been leading bitcoin since black Thursday. Since black there is a bit mixed. Users have withdrawn bitcoin from their exchanges in droves. A March 13 bit held three hundred six thousand eight hundred fourteen bitcoins by April 9th. This summer had dropped to two hundred twenty two thousand twenty five bitcoin. This represents a 38 percent decrease in bitcoin holdings, guys. That is massive. Can you do the math on that? Can you do the math on just how big of a number that is? I guarantee you right now I know is actually for a fact. I don’t know anyone personally and finance, but I know people from other exchanges. Okay, bigger exchanges. I promote a pretty big one on a constant basis. People are taking their bitcoin off of exchanges. People are don’t trust it right now. Is so much uncertainty, which is why you’re seeing bitcoin wall addresses go up because people are taking them off. The exchanges are just kind of like locking them now, like, OK, I don’t know what’s going to happen here. I don’t know how this is going get liquid. I don’t there’s too much uncertainty. People don’t trust the exchanges. There’s a lot less trading happened. Look at levers, trading platforms, for instance. They’re just their volumes are being shot. There’s not enough retail money coming in to really, really hold things up. Here’s what’s really funny. Bismack CEO hearthrug through Arthur Hayes guy, he actually said that this year Bitcoin was going a retest with $3000 region aerosol. No, it’s not going to do that. You’re just playing a game because you’re gonna go long. And everyone went long thinking that he was playing a game. He wasn’t dead. The three thousand our region. Now he is saying that Bitcoin is likely to drop between twenty one hundred and three thousand dollar range. And I do not disagree with him because I think what’s going to happen. All right. I’m very certain of this year see stocks plunge. I agree with them. Stocks are going to plunge. Okay. Right now, the Fed is holding things up with quantitative easing money, funny money, monopoly money, fake money to hold things up, allowing the big guys position themselves to strategize themselves. And then you’re going to see a massive dump in the market. You will you’re gonna see a massive dump in the market, because the data clearly says people don’t have money to spend right now and the government is too busy trying to give away free money. And the people are going to take that free money and spend it on necessity and not on the things that they don’t need right now. Things have really changed. The price of Bitcoin is going to get smacked around by this. I think a lot of people, especially your smarter investors, are taking advantage of this and say, you know what? It’s time to time to play it safe. Now, my look on the price of bitcoin is that this is my short to mid-term. I do believe absolutely do believe long term the rise of Bitcoin. Pick a number. I mean, you know, in a five year timeline, pick a number. We’ll probably hit their 10-Year line time, not a 10 year timeline payment. Speak straight. Pick a number. We will probably hit there. It’s very likely thing. It’s how Bitcoin works by think short term. I think so many people are gonna get crushed by the happing as a minor. As me talking to other miners, I’d tell you right now. Everybody is bearish. People are liquidating their equipment right now. They’re liquidating their equipment because right now they weren’t anticipating. It’s just not going to be profitable. So liquidate the equipment because there’s money there. Cause you can always buy back after the halfling is. Now you’re more liquid. Right. So, I mean, it’s it’s I don’t know. I can’t I don’t know how to communicate to you guys that the price of bitcoin is being bet against. So. Listen, that’s all I have for today. A lot of chaos out there. A lot of synthetic solutions to a real problem out there. How is all this going to end? I think with a whole new way of life personally, that’s how I personally see it. I think a whole new way of life. As a matter of fact, you want to interesting read Google Disney CEO. Disney CEO. And there’s a should be an article in there talking about his thoughts on what’s going to happen with businesses after this. Then it’s kind of funny is I don’t think he’s wrong. Like even the Disney Corporation is talking about, we’re going to do this. We get back to work with less people because we don’t actually need all these people. We don’t actually need all these buildings, you know? You know, I’m saying they’ve spent too much money on real estate. They just don’t need. And that’s the truth. They’re. It’s just not just a Disney corporation’s, it’s complex, but I have so many satellite buildings here and there. I think that’s the new way of life. That’s something new you and I see is a lot. I think commercial real estate is going to be hit the hardest on this. I think business is going to be more at home productive. I do. I think it’s gonna be a whole like a lifestyle change for the globe. I do think it’ll be for the better. I do. I think all of us were ready for something different. You know, really are not just not just from a lockdown, just from the way things actually have been. So, I mean, I think long term, I think there’s a lot of positive things that come out of this. Honestly, I do. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I think long term, even for Bitcoin knows me a lot of good things that come out of this. Listen, that’s all I’ve got for today. I know this is kind of a rant by decide to share all this stuff. So, yeah, hopefully all the guys are are safe. Keep your family safe. Hopefully guys won’t look like me with a big bushy hair. And yeah, until next time he’s out.


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