IS THIS IT! Bitcoin and Chainlink Price Prediction Technical Analysis – LINK BTC Targets April 2020


What’s going on, guys, I hope you are having a fantastic day. We’ll be taking a look at Bitcoin and chainlink today doing a deep dive into the high timeframes. Very sad to be in this video for you guys because we’ve been hovering around these areas for a very, very long time. And I believe they were coming to decision point and it’s very, very close. So we’re gonna be taking a look at all of the key areas that I’m watching or the areas that I will be taking trades out as well. And I’ll give you guys all of my targets as well. If they play out. So without further ado, as you can see, Bitcoin is still hovering around that six thousand eight hundred dollar mark. It’s just had a pullback, a little bit of pullback from about sixty nine hundred. And we are up 1.3 percent overall. And as we can look at chainlink, we are actually down a 1.7 9 percent. That’s the critical area as well, guys, is at three dollars and 33 cents on the high timeframes. Looking pretty interesting. So we’ve been on women bullish on chainlink for a while now. And we’ve actually been bullish since Friday before he made that big move to the upside. So if you guys were actually Chaiken this coin out and you guys were following the channel, we had some nice trades. But now that I look at the charts today, I’ve actually looked them a few times. It does look like some interesting things are showing on the high timeframe. So we’re gonna take a look at that as well. But as you can see, market cap off crypto, $194 billion Bitcoin dollars still hovering around that 64 percent mark, which it has been for about two or three weeks now. So without further ado, I do have one announcement that I wanted to quickly tell you guys, if you are in my private VIP discord, go ahead and check out the educational channels. I have posted a very interesting video for you guys that do want to learn how to trade and learn my strategies is going to show you exactly how I sculpt lower timeframes and there’s a lot more to come as well. So one of them is about 40 minutes long. And one of them is about 15, 20 minutes long. So go ahead and spend the time on learning exactly how to read these read these charts and actually trade these charts as well. So there’s some interesting stuff there. If you’ve missed it, go ahead and check it out on the beginner education channel. So without further ado, let’s get right into technical analysis. We are on the four hour time frame right now. And I just want to give you guys a quick recap. We do this every single time. I know there’s a lot of new people that watch my videos and there’s a lot of new people in my group as well. So we’ll quickly draw the charts instead of arm basically having a drawn up chart already. As you can see right here, we actually had a rising channel. So a rising trend line that the price action going up if you need to trading a rising channel typically does break to the downside. That’s exactly we saw here. We broke to the downside. We came back up here. We retested twice over here, but we came back up and actually retested this trend line. Once again, beautiful retest. And we have gone to the downside. Then we came up and we went to the outside once again. So are we doing basically what we did over here, just over here as well? Well, that’s very, very possible. And you do see that the four hour is about to lose PMA. It’s it’s testing it right now. So let’s see if it can break it. Let’s go into full screen here. And the stochastic are under a lot of pressure, so they might actually cross back down here. And we do have a bullish cross on the mcadie, but no momentum here. So I don’t actually like to look at this until we see some momentum pick up. I’m not going to really care about this, to be honest. And so, yeah, that’s what we have on the four hour timeframe. I would get my pivot’s up here, so bear with me. This is exactly what we’re going to be looking at here. And I’m going to make it very, very simple for you guys. I use my pivot. So I obviously trade on horizontals as well. And these are good. Just my horizontals for the most part. Obviously, I trade the smaller ranges as well and I’ll have to figure those out myself. But as you can see, this pivot indicator shows that things are very, very well. Shows the area’s very, very well. We’ve actually come down. We’re looking at this in the group. So really, these areas can be used as scout positions as well. You could have put in a long position here and you can see that we got bought up a little bit. And overall, we’re still in the middle of the range. So I don’t really like this range. We could go sideways for a very long time. But overall, if we do break this to the downside, I do believe that on a four hour basis, if if we close below the S1 support, we can actually work our way easily down to the as to support a six thousand five hundred eighty six. But ultimately, I think that this will if we do get tested again, this will break and we’ll come to the downside. But as I said, we’re still in the middle and we haven’t actually broken this depending on the time that I upload this video. We may actually get this bounce to the upside and go to the pivots on a four hour or nine hourly basis, which is actually at 7000 and $40. Now, I will show you guys some things that is concerning for the people that are looking for this to bounce and go to the upside. But it doesn’t mean that it’s out of the question is never are the question, guys. And you should never be bias. You should never be too bias to one side. You should try to look at both sides. But we’re gonna be looking at some very interesting things. And I just want to give you guys quickly the area. So we’re going to mark them out here. We’re going to quickly mark them out. Obviously, this area has to break for the people that are on their phones and they can’t really see this. That’s where it is. And the pivot for the upside to break is seven thousand forty five dollars. If we break that to the upside, I will look for some continuation up. I’ll mind the trend line that we have here. But I don’t really care about it. I believe that the more important part would be the R2 resistance as 7000 $322. I’ll show you guys some even some more confidence that we’ll put in our chart for now. So you guys know exactly where I’m looking at. Remember, this is on an hourly basis. So your daily supports, your daily resistance’s, your weekly resistance’s and supports are all going to be different with the alleys, with the weeklies, with the. You guys get the point. I’ve said this many, many times. So let’s go ahead and check out the five minute really quickly here. Obviously, I’m just going to put on our pivot indicator and you can see how much support we have below. Obviously, we have the daily S-1 support, which we can see on this indicator as well. The prior daily low, which is right at six thousand four hundred thirty four, the prior daily low, literally. We do we just have to be there. And I believe that even if we don’t get it closed down, as soon as we break this low, we will get some continuation all the way down to the daily asked to support at $6300. And that’s actually near our weekly S2 support. So that’s why I’ve gone this up. I want to show you guys how important the 6000 $324 area will be. This area will have to get broken. Then we can move our way down to 5800. But a lot of people are saying that this might go down straight to 6000. I don’t quite believe that if we do end up breaking the support, obviously we haven’t broken the support yet. So we can go sideways, we can go up. But I’m just telling you the downside first here. So if we do break that area, then I believe we can have a flush move to 6000. And ultimately, I do believe that we can break it, but it’s an area that might even might see some big reaction. So it’s good to talk about. So remember, that’s $6300 area. If we come to the upside, we’ve got the weekly resistance right above that i2 resistance that I talk to guys about. We’ve got the weekly at seven thousand forty dollars and that’s what I just showed you guys. So that area will have to be broken obviously on a weekly basis if you want to be really safe. But I’m going to be looking for a four hour basis closure above that area. Then I’ll target the next area at ar3 Resistance at around seven thousand one hundred sixty eight. And obviously that’s a quick scalp and I’ll I’ll be happy with that. And overall, I like the looks of this. That’s basically just putting it into into perspective how risky this area is, actually. And if you want to wait for confirmation. It’s good to wait for this pivot to break a sixty seven seventy. And what I showed you guys on the hourly timeframes, around 60, 60, let’s say even 60, 70, 50 to be very, very safe. So now that we would talk about all the little targets that we have for the upside and the downside, we’re going to do a little bit of technical analysis on the high timeframes. We’re gonna start off on the weekly. Be showing you guys chainlink as well. But I just want to put this into perspective for you guys and actually show you guys exactly where we are looking at for a while. And obviously these pivot points are very, very good to actually have invalidation points. Have you stop losses right below or above? And these horizontals worked very, very well. And they’re obviously based on Fibonacci. These pivots are based on Fibonacci. So I’ll quickly show you guys how interesting these pivots are. Remember those levels guys are going to talk about them. But I just want to quickly show you. So these pivots are obviously based on Fibonacci. And I’ve been using them for a very, very long time. And we actually come down. We obviously have the 6 1 8 well, where we were looking for the eight thousand dollar mark. I’ll talk about that as well. We’re looking for the $8000 mark because obviously we had the pivot on a weekly timeframe. Your 6 and your 6 5 gone pocket. So it’s an interesting area. But we came up to the point five. And typically you will see the price action come into the point five. And the points X1 and rejected doesn’t have to get to the point 6 1 8. So could that have been our top as 70 400? And are we going to come down? So it is looking more and more likely, guys, because obviously we’ve broken the rising channel. The rising channel typically breaks the downside. We’re actually seeing the stochastic. Give us a little fake out here. You see this many, many times where people where people buy on this. And clearly, that’s not going to cross bullish if we actually do end up closing anywhere below 60, 700, I believe. And that is looking more and more likely now. I don’t want to get too bearish, but obviously I’ve been bearish on the longer timeframes are on the high timeframes for a very long time. I’ll show you guys on the moving averages, something very interesting. If we get rid of the Fibonacci, I’ll get rid of everything here. Every other movie average from the moving averages, obviously, they show you momentum, price action. And right here, what do you see? You see the 21 m.a, which is a low, low period moving average, and the 10 SMI, which is another low period moving average, actually giving a bearish cross here, the 10 SMI crossing below the 21 A.M.A.. We’ve been looking at this for a while now. I don’t see many people talking about it, but we’re really looking at it for a while now. And we’ve basically been looking for us to reject here and we rejected right near that. I would I would expect or I would count this as a retest of the moving averages. And we’ve come to a retest and gone to the downside so far doesn’t mean we can’t retest back into it, but it looks very, very similar to what we did over here. We’ve got a bearish cross. We went down a little bit, but we came back up and retested it and kind of faked out, then came back to the downside. And it’s around it was around $9000. Then we got a. Bearish cross. Then we moved our way into the $6000 zone. We went sideways for a little bit, then had the massive drop to the downside and we found our low at 7 at three thousand one hundred thirty six dollars around that area. So I think it’s very interesting that we got this. This can always give you a fake out, obviously. But if we go back on the price action, the last one, obviously, this one being a fake out to the upside. But obviously, we actually knew that this could be a temporary top at the least. And it was a temporary top and it was actually a big top now. But basically, we started loading up short positions at a $9000 area. And you can see that we were talking about the 10000 Farben dollar area having this trend line here. I just want to quickly talk about it. So this was an area that clearly this could have rejected very, very easily and this would have been a fake out. But this area, I feel like, is there’s obviously a lot of things are looking bearish here, guys. And if you look at the last bullish cross that we’ve got, you can get some nice bullish crosses as well. We went sideways, then broke to the upside for 183 percent. Obviously from this, the signal that it gave 69 percent if we keep going back on the price action. I do want to show you guys some more examples for the guys that will say, let’s actually go on to Bialek’s. So this is all of your Bitcoin history. Bialek’s you actually see let’s see over here. You see a bearish cross right here. Gives us a little bit down. You see a bullish cross here, which takes us to the upside. Bearish cross right here, bearish cross right here, taking us down for sixty nine per cent. Let’s actually count this one before someone says a still a 30 percent move after we got that bearish cross. Actually, we got a bullish cross here. My mistake. We got a bullish cross here. Then we got a bearish cross, which both of them were a little bit of a fake out. And then you also see back here, obviously getting a bearish cross, then a bullish cross, another fake out over here. But overall, it works very, very well. The low, low period movie averages. So they will show you show you price action really, really well. And let’s actually go on to the back, on to the gym. Teacher can see that Bitcoin is trying to push up a little bit here. So interesting. Let’s see what happens here. I’m going to try finish video pretty quickly. Yes. To get it out for you guys as soon as possible. The one day looking interesting because we almost closed above the twenty one EMC, obviously being above the 21 Yemma is good, but right now you see pressure on the price action actually coming down. So this was a pretty good close. Obviously, bulls could have taken it up, but they didn’t. And what you see is straight away, these stochastic coming to the downside as well. We were looking at this on the weekend. You see the moving averages getting into this hot area that we always talk about on the moving averages. For example, when you get into these hot areas and the price action isn’t really doing much. Usually you will see it test back to the downside. And that’s exactly what you saw here. We got into these into these resistances. So we had this resistance over here. And then you saw the max-d slowly. You can see how much confidence we have in these regions, how these weeks got caught here. A lot of confidence in this region we’ve been talking about in the group. But you can see it clearly, guys, when you draw something simple like this. Anyway, we got right to resistance. And as stochastic started turning around, our max-d is almost showing a sell signal. As you can see the momentum going to the downside and is giving us a not a sell signal. My bad actually a moving average crossed to the downside, meaning a bearish cross with the moving averages. As you can see, when we go up for a very long time, diverge away from each other, usually always come back down and test down, especially at these levels. So this is a critical level. And you see this many, many times, guys. So just like you saw over here, we actually got to this level, then ended up giving a bearish cross and you can see it a lot on the price action. And then you can also see that the view up did cross the downside money flow and tried to pick itself back up. But it did go into the red and it is expanding in the red right now. So that is also on the bear side. You see that the 10 SMI and the 21 Yanmei did give a bullish crossy. I don’t really care about that. On the one day timeframe. But if we get out this actually I think it was let me see quickly moving average exponential. We get this. We will have the 9 on there already. I just want to quickly see this. For example, we are below the 9 Yemma as well. We’ve been below it since over here. So this has been actually showing the price actually pretty well. Obviously when we broke up above here, even if you bought the break above this. We had a big move to the upside $6900 from about 5000 980. So they wouldn’t be giving you a good skalp, obviously. Just take your profits quickly. Got to cross over here or got a bullish close above it over here. And we actually went above for a little bit. And then the same thing over here closed below it went down, closed above. It went up. And we did get this week down. But ultimately we went to the upside pretty well. And now we’re closing below it. So that’s obviously another low period moving average. Tell you things about the price action a little bit earlier than those high aperiod moving averages, and although it’s on a daily, it’s obviously working pretty well. So that’s really. I just want to show you guys that this is very, very, very, very risky right here. And for myself, I haven’t really been trading it that much. And if my strategy doesn’t tell me to trade, I will not trade. I’m a very conservative and very, very relaxed trader. And I just look for opportunities, guys. So I will take my small scouts. But obviously I cannot call my small scouts in the group because it is a little bit a little bit risky because everyone obviously manages manages their risk differently. And if you’re in a trade that only moves about $50, $20 and you take a few per cent scalp quickly. This is what I tried to teach you guys in the educational channels. So go ahead and watch those videos expand on your knowledge. And I think that’s about it for bitcoin. We don’t really need to look at anything else. I do want to quickly note as well, though, if we go on to GBC and we go on to the one week time frame, you see the exact same thing here. We actually got a got a bearish cost on the weekly timeframe. Now we’re getting some continuation. This is confirmed if we go on to this CMG futures. You see the exact same thing. So GBC and seemy futures showing the bearish cross to the downside. Let me take a sip of this water quickly. By the way, guys, let me know if my mike is working properly. Some people were saying in the last video, I don’t know what the problem is, but some people were saying in the last video that there was a little bit of a problem with it. If you ask could tell me what the problem is. If it is still there, let me know. I would really appreciate it because I only just recently got a brand new mike. And some people are saying that something is wrong with it. So anyway, let’s go on to chainlink u.s.-eu. I think that’s enough about bitcoin. I gave you guys my target. We looked at the high timeframes. We obviously looked at the momentum. Indicators to date is still up here for CMC Futures. But if we go on to the 12 hour timeframe, you see the CMC futures coming back down as well for the one day timeframe. You see them coming back back down as well. Excuse me for our time frame. I’m interested to see that. Okay. For our time frame is going up, but it’s it’s a low time frame, very low time frame. You see the RSI getting rejected by the A.M.A. so let’s see what happens here. I am really looking for this downside here, but I’m going to stay very patient. I’m not going to trade until this actually does get broken. So let’s go ahead and check Youtz Chainlink USD. There are some very interesting things to say on this. Obviously, we’ve been bullish all the way from down here. As soon as we break this resistance, we’re bullish on this price action because if I even drag this, you can see how how long, how long ago this was put on the charts. If I drag this to bring it to now, you will see that we actually broke above it. We finally broke above it. This could have been a scout position. You would have bought this. And then we actually waited for this to get broken on a four hour basis, put in a long position, took it up for very, very nice profits on the elite VIP pages for the group, came back down, retested. The EMI here actually got in a long position. I’ll show you guys that now. I’ll be showing you guys. I actually showed you a few, few times. I won’t show you. But we got a we got a position here. We had our long orders waiting. We’ll dip down. Our first order was at 2.9 5. And as you can see, this candle went to 2.9 2. So we basically caught this week very, very nice and took it to the upside for about 20 per cent. We hit three targets. Three of our targets were Mat-Su should be moved out of most of that position. And now it is still holding above the support. As long as it is above the pivot at 3.1, it is pretty good as long as it is above the support that I’ve drawn over here, it is pretty good as well. ISEF This pivot does break and this low gets broken at 2.9 to I’ll be looking for this to come all the way down to 2.5 7. First area would be 2.8 though. And I do see that there is some bearish divergence on the high timeframe. So that’s something that you guys should take note off if you’re still in long positions. This is not financial advice. Do your own research, but I am staying cautious with chainlink as well. You could also say that on the bullish side, obviously chainlink on the high timeframe, still very, very bullish, but on the even on the one day. So some medium timeframes are turning around. But I also want to show you that we are we could be in a ascending triangle with a fake out up here, but this is sending triangle would still be okay. And we’re in ascending triangle. That will eventually obviously ascending triangle if you need to. Trading is a continuation pattern, which basically always, almost always forms on the highs off the price action and then you get the continuation to the upside. So we do still have this pattern, but if this support breaks, I’ll be getting pretty concerned on this price action and looking for it to come down. You see the 4 hour stochastic under a lot of pressure here. There will be coming to some sort of support right here, as you can see. So we will have that support to come back up on the 12 hour is pretty, pretty scary right here, because every time the stochastic get to these areas, you will come down eventually. So this doesn’t have to play out straight away. But it is a it is a concern if you’re holding. If you’re holding big leverage positions right now with with, you know, high leverage, then I’d be very, very careful, guys. I know a lot of people get very bullish, but then the market comes back and slaps you in the face. You see the m.a being lost on the RSI as well on the 12 hour timeframe. The one day timeframe, getting some getting some resistance from this area. And obviously in the bullish controlled territory, you don’t see it stay in this area for very long. You don’t see anything. Stay in this area for very long. You will see a pullback. You will see consolidate just like you see over here. Let’s see, for example, over here, we saw it come down and we can’t think we came down all the way for pretty significantly, actually, 25 percent over here when we started turning around, became down 28 per cent. But that wasn’t from a bullish controlled territory over here. Let’s see the bullish controlled territory. We actually came down from it. Over here, you can see that this was on our highs the last time we were in the bullish controlled territory. And we took it down for, let’s say, 74 percent. But let’s just go and be pretty conservative here on this week down here where we actually had our bounce. We came down 37 per cent. So the daily Stoke’s being in this area. I want to basically tell you guys and show you that it is pretty risky and you won’t stay here for too long. Obviously, you can cross back in the stay for a little bit, but not too long, guys. I do think that this if the bulls do not make a move very, very soon. Find some support above the 3.5 region. Then we’re gonna be coming down pretty aggressively ultimately on a daily timeframe and next resistance’s 4.2 8. Our next support is the pivot at 2.8 8. So those areas for the bears have to be held. The 2.8 8 area, sorry, has to be held for the bulls for upside. That is pretty far away, but it lines up perfectly with our Orange 21 EMEA as well. So I like the looks of that. The view of crossing down, telling us they were coming to a temporary top and. Yes, so that it’s very, very possible that’s we are coming to a temporary top here. Obviously, we always look at the Bollinger bands as well. The Bollinger bands, when you come out of them with the RSI very aggressively, usually you will see the RSI come back and retest the M.E. when it does retest the AMA. It’s very telling of where the price action will go. Just like you see here, we came out retests or came outside the Bollinger bands, then retested the EMEA and broke it to the upside actually. So some very, very conflicting things on the charts. Obviously, Chainlink Weekly had better had hidden bullish divergence we’ve been looking at for a while. We’ve been analyzing it every single day as I have been for the past few months of my channel. That’s about it for me. I gave you guys all my targets, all the areas I’m gonna be watching. Obviously, if Chainlink does break this actually on a four hour basis to the downside 3.1 and also takes out this support, then I will be looking for it to come down to 2.5 7. I’ll probably be taking this train myself as well. If we actually break to the upside, obviously break the resistance one at 3.6 3 and take out this high. I think that instantly will get some follow through to 3-point 3.9 8 at the Resistance 2 and that would be my ultimate target for now. So you do see a very, very nice area as well. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy these basically price prediction videos or even technical analysis videos. I would really appreciate it if you did like and comment down below. It does help the child grow and I was watching the videos the entire way through, does help the channel as well as I do. Thank you for whoever is still in the video and spending your time with me every single day here. I hope that I can help you guys become better traders and possibly even show you guys some nice trades as well. Obviously never financial advice during research, but we do talk about the trades that I personally makes. Thank you so much watching ABC. Fantastic day. I hope you and your family are safe and I will be catching yours tomorrow or in the discord. And if you do want to join this good download description. My username. Add me and contact me. So thank you so much and I’ll catch you guys in the next month.


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