In this video. Look at this, the bitcoin price is currently actually at an all-time high. If you cancel out the noise and only take a look at the one-year moving average. And also, just like I predicted, Bitcoin did come up and close to see me, futures gap and elsewhere. Take a look at this very important news story telling us that core market cap, which was bought up by Binder’s, is now ranking Bynum’s as the number one exchange. That’s very convenient. I want to talk about that. And if you think that that sounds interesting, that I think you should defiles. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl, and I’m here to bring you this cryptocurrency video. And what we can see here is that Bitcoin has now successfully bounced off of this EMEA ribbon or the daily timeframe. And as you can see here from their history, when a vehicle breaks above it, we usually go bullish. And this access support when we break below it. This is a better sign. And this ribbon acts as resistance. You remember probably what I said when we were down here. If Beacon breaks back above this ribbon here, then this is a bullish sign indicating yet another bull run, just like we saw back here. And this is exactly what happened here. And now we can see that we also successfully got a bounce of this from this support, which is this daily EMEA ribbon. So as long as we’re above this daily ribbon, we are still in an uptrend and we’re still looking bullish. So basically, Bitcoin is still in a bull trend and the trend is your friend. Let’s take a look at the see in the futures gap here because remember what I said a couple of days ago? I said if Bitcoin breaks above nine points, two thousand, then I think that the most likely scenario is that Bitcoin is going to go up and close to see me futures GEP. And you can see that this is exactly what happened now. Bitcoin came up and closed the gap. So now this. The biggest gap in Bitcoin history has closed. Bitcoin is still in an uptrend, though, so it is very possible that Bitcoin might come up and test this previous resistance at ten point five K. I think that it does seem like Bitcoin is heading to that direction. We are still in a healthy uptrend and we need to see the bears step up here if they are going to try to reverse this bull trend into a bear trend. And I also want to show you this very, very interesting chart, because Bitcoin actually just broke into an all-time high. If you cancel out the noise and just focus on the one your average price. So here you have the one-year moving average, basically. And it is currently breaking into all-time highs. And if you go to this chart, we can see here how we have this, a one-year moving average, which is breaking its All-Time High. And if I bring out the price, as you are familiar with it. And essentially what we see is that if we cancel out all of these extremes and only focus on the average price, the one-year moving average, then you can see here how Bitcoin is actually breaking into all-time highs already. And if we go into the log scale, then I think we can see that this is a very, very healthy trend, of course. Bitcoin is in an uptrend. And last time we saw Bitcoin in a bear market, this moving average was going down. And when Bitcoin broke back about All-Time High, it was right here. So right there. And so this moving average broke back above All-Time High before the price broke All-Time High. But the price broke All-Time High very, very soon after these events took place. What does this mean? Well, right now we are breaking into all-time highs from this moving average. This means that based on the previous bull cycle, the Bitcoin price will break the price All-Time High very soon. So this means basically that bitcoins go to twenty thousand sooner rather than later. And next up, macro investor Ron Paul expects that Bitcoin will become a 10 trillion dollar asset. Now he says that it will be 10 trillion if Bitcoin ends up being the future of the financial system. And it’s a little bit vague exactly what he means here. But if he means that Bitcoin will become the world reserve currency, then, in that case, 10 trillion is nowhere near the end goal for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price, bitcoin market cap could easily go to one hundred trillion. If Bitcoin takes over the pool of money, that is fiat money in the world, it is currently at approximately 90 to 100 trillion. I think that’s plausible. It is possible. And of course, there is a scenario where gold and bitcoin has to basically share this market cap. So, yeah, who knows? I mean, no one can predict the future. But what I do know is that field is a very, very bad form of money. While Bitcoin is a very, very good form of money and usually people tend to spend the bad money and save good money, just like when we had gold coins. And eventually, these gold coins were diluted with cheap metals. Eventually, people started to spend the cheap metal coins and save the gold coins, of course, because they were more valuable than the nominal value on the coin. And I think the same phenomenon will happen with fiat currency versus gold and bitcoin. And next up, coin market cap initially rejected the metric that now puts Bynum’s at number one. So why is that big news? Well, Binder’s bought Quoin market cap not very long ago. Some people claim that they bought a cotton market cap for four hundred million dollars. And obviously, it’s convenient now that Bynum’s owns Kormos market cap, that they put themselves at the number top spot for exchanges. And what they did basically is that they started to rank exchanges now based on Web traffic. So sites traffic rather than other metrics that have been used before. So no bindis are ranking number one. And this is the exact fear I think many people had when Bynum’s one of the biggest exchanges buys up the by far biggest exchange ranking Web site. There is a big dilemma here where maybe the objectivity of this Web site is extremely threatened. And, of course, Bynum’s will be favouring bindis on this Web site in Binder’s will, of course, do everything they can to make themselves look good in relation to others changes. So this is the first sign we see now that’s called market cap is not what it was before. And it is basically now very, very biased and it’s not objective. Of course, it’s not possible to be 100 percent objective. I’m not even sure that it was objective before Bonas bought it. But now I think we can definitely say that the market cap is now favouring bindis over all the other exchanges. If we click exchanges here, you will see that Bynum’s is ranking as the number one exchange. And this is because of this new web traffic factor instead of this liquidity or volume or whatever. So this is the important metric they are using now. If you click average liquidity here, for example, then you will see that we have another type of ranking. But please leave a comment down below what you think about this. I guess this was inevitable to happen at some point because, of course, big companies will eventually buy up these other companies. And from a strategic standpoint, this is very, very good for business, for obvious reasons. They can now do whatever they want here. They can list themselves as number one. And they can also probably monetize this Web site much better than current market cap was able to do before. But this is it for this video. Thank you very much for watching. And if you haven’t seen this one, it’s like right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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