In this video is being quarantined during up with breakouts towards $8,000 or are we going to the scenario play out when we can break down out of this Barfly I was very very key resistance that Beacon needs to break for the Boston area to play out and also us Congress has made two separate proposals no one to give people to a number to Council rent in mortgage payments they say that this would be temporary but I’m going to explain to you why this would be a permanent solution and also this from the photo talks about ad54 reportedly lost 25 million of its total loss value in an attack and if you think that’s everything then I think that you should know better Welcome To The Moon when it is cold I might bring you this video and I will sort of you

anytime from in bringing up the daily moving averages because we can see how big can has successfully been keeping above this 20-day leaving average orders per pink line and we can also see how Bitcoin in the past few days has successfully broken back above the Green Line which is the 50 daily moving average to get the weather for the right there came back down retest xx support confirm support and now broke through the 50 and this is, of course, a good sign here the short term so why is Bitcoin not getting a bigger a jump to the upside after getting such a bullish signal well it is because of the massive resistance that is currently running into and to show you what I want to bring out the vpvr to just make this very very obvious to you can see the vpvr and this cluster of resistance is exam

where the price is currency and the biggest point of resistance is at 7.2 thousand and as you see this is basically exactly would become his current team we could have to break above 7.3 to break through the biggest photoresist this year, but I would say that I would like to see if it’ll break above 7.42 visitors successfully break through this resistance in vpvr and bring out these lines that have been talked about for the past few days would you see that one has successfully broken through this very key download we haven’t seen a reaction to the upside yet and like I said I really believe that this big closer resistance is the reason why we haven’t seen a bigger reaction even though we are seeing a bullish move in the vehicle priority so weird thing is that if it cannot get back above 7.2 k in a few days here

it’s very possible that we might bear scenario play out so that’s why we need to see me get back above 7.4 k and confirm this resistance classed as new support because if we can get a bit then, of course, this should now act as support and if I make a box out of this you can see her that this is basically the that needs to be broken in the immediate future and you can clearly see how big is trying a struggling and we already had one chest right there will be in here for the second test of his resistance if we come through this resistance that I think it’s possible that this was going straight up to retest the 200 daily moving average with the correlated with the 100 moving average this orange line, so the red and the orange the 200 and 100 are converging here give us a major point of resistance

approximately $8,000 next up is now known that the university will receive nearly 9 million dollars in aid from the Federal Government through the economic security act the department of Education announced last week and this makes you wonder why it hard getting a 9 million dollars for free when Harvard has a 40 billion dollar endowment I mean it cannot be hard to find other places where is 9 million would do much better rather than giving it to her and mixed up I found this cartoon is he British cartoon from way back in 1797 criticizing the government for abolishing the gold standard leaving the little man is all the sea of Kersey I thought it was very interesting to see this kind of scepticism towards how banks are handling money since all the way back 200 years ago you can hear the go

and we don’t hear how this paper are Fiat is that raining down over the common man and speaking of handing out money this is proposed by the US Congress 2018 monthly stimulus checks and cancel rent and mortgage payments for 1-year and it is all to give relief to people who are struggling financially currency or just as I said in this tweet you giving out free money to people and first world nothing is ever free there’s no such thing as a free lunch but basically what I said in the sweet is that free money is addicting and when people get dependent on these similar Straits which they will eventually it will be very very hard to get people off of these steam check and what I think is that this temporary solution will indeed be very much permanent just like all the other financial solutions that governments and central Banks

hundreds of years whenever they say that it’s temporary you can be sure that it is going to be permanent and I think this is no exception, so we’re basically saying universal basic income getting introduce your answer for the surges proposals but let’s see how this plays out guys, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand that eventually all of this financial steamer lead to huge inflation and this is just an image that I found of the prices in McDonald’s from way back in the 1970s, and this is an example of how inflation devalue the currency so a Big Mac back in the 1970s was only 65 cents and you had one coffee was always 15 sense so inflation through the currency of the value and we will see this consumer for the next decades and it will be interesting to see in 20-years 30 years down the line may be one Big Mac is going to cost you $1,000 maybe even

who knows there is actually no upper limit of how much one big can call and if there is anything we should learn from Venezuela CMC Bob way then it is that one Big Mac could easily call quadrillion dollars in the future but the value of a Big Mac would probably be pretty much the same but the price of a Big Mac would have changed and that’s a big difference between price and value and make-up bad news from the D5 World Chinese D5 protocol the force reportedly loses 25 million of its total loss value in an Audi for sale Chinese decentralized finance or D5 protocol that is backed up by multicoin capital has reportedly been exploited according to popular define monitoring the total value lock in US Dollar in the food was reduced from around 25 million to almost nothing in America of hours and earnings data reveals that the attacker has

the assets to two other platform name the compound and Navy and down here with the total value lock-in you were in the force and it was in a study of how do you get the whole dramatically it went down to almost nothing as the hacker or attack with your soul these funds and this, of course, leases with many questions about the risks of defy I will lead to this cryptopotato oracle down in the description but basically Delphi is still something new, and there will be risks involved with anything that is new and I’m not going to tell you guys what’s to investing want you to be aware of the fact that there is always risk involved when you are looking into these kinds of things and if you are looking for the safest place in crypto then it is Bitcoin energy what’s the safest way safest place in the whole world then that would be gold and personally I keep all my crypto in Bitcoin I have a small hint

Siri microphone you also but basically bacon is the name of the game for me now and it has been for the past two years and it will continue to be so for the next few years especially now the community financial crisis people will be looking for the sea for places to hide well northeastern risky places to hide that’s why I am very soon all coins leading into this for us a crisis in y ambulance on bitcoin gold leading into this financial crisis but this is a thumbs up if you enjoyed it a letter from the present 3000 like that would be great and if you see this but they’re right now in tomorrow


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