WTF!! $1,500,000,000 USDT PRINTED!! BITCOIN BIG MOVE – Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Krypton here on Earth. I will take we are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at 8:00 a.m. Sunday, European time, where I come to like an atomic clock each and every day. Look, we have so much discussed whether the supply of Teather is going wild. Absolutely. While they’re printing like crazy like they’ve never done before. Right now, if we look at KOIN market cap coined by precast, you can see that there is number four in the near future. We might potentially see that they’re even surpassing X-ART P. And then in the near future, it might even surpass eath. And believe it or not, many if group that becomes big that there might even be number one. But see how close they are now to sufficing exampIe in terms of market cap, because here is the markup of that six billion. It jumped up like crazy during the past the time, as you will see. And obviously we see a lot of momentum right now in the crypto markets. And look, the whales are really looking at this. We have some important metrics to show you both on chain and off chain when it comes to exactly what’s happening to the standard, how it’s being used and how it’s going to be deployed. We’re talking about 1.5 billion guys. I mean, it’s amazing, 1.5 billion. And the total market cap of Teather right now is just above 6 billion. So you see how big this move is in proportion to the entire to the entire at that their market cap. They literally printed 1.5 billion. So we we’ll be talking about this. This may be the Teather bailout as sonic assets in the chart that we’ve been looking for after Teather. We will be talking about the situation with the trust list Bitcoin on the east and how bitcoin is going to be used on EEF. And then afterwards we’re actually going to go into Q&A and then I have other news as well. Brad primarily one of the most important news will also cover today is the situation with analysis analysis. They did the report on crypto usage amid amid this crisis, this health crisis we see globally. And guess what? The way Bitcoin is used is now changing and changing for the better. Merchants are becoming more active amid amid this crisis because obviously it’s a health crisis. But primarily, it’s also an economical crisis right now is transitioning from health to economical crisis. As we also see in the data, as you can see, initial jobless claims in the U.S. is at 6.6 million. We’ve never seen anything like that. I mean, if you look at the scale, this is more than the Great Depression, really. The economists now are saying that this is going to be worse than Great Depression. The good thing with this I mean, the good thing, nothing is good with this. But the more positive thing with this is that if the illness disappears quickly, it might be so that we can restart the economy quicker this time than in Great Depression, because the dominoes might not be fall, might not be falling as some as much. And, you know, one guy goes bankrupt. He cannot pay his loan. The bank goes bankrupt because nobody can pay them. And so these dominoes start falling. In this case, the system might be made to be more resilient. We’re going to see I guess we’re going to see. But hey, welcome, everyone who is watching this live. We’re going live right now on Ivan on take dot com slash live. If you’re watching this on YouTube, you have already missed the livestream. So you need to go to Atlantic dot com slash live here, subscribe button there. Their heat alerts, those vacation button all should be checked if you’re watching. And yes, welcome. How you doing? I see Showboat Baggins in the chat where risk group to you’ll die. I don’t see crypto Yoda today. Bernard. Michael Gold. Bianca G. Donatello. Johnny. Fred. Hi, guys. Hi, guys. I guess. Amazing. Amazing to see all of you here. George Sonnett. Get Eamon, Eamon, Eamon, very committed viewer, Eamon, as well as many of you. Many of you. The West. Armstrong there is Shil. Bye. See you again. Mansell’s if you have a good name, it’s easier to remember like Schubert. He steals so much attention from the chat because you you like saying it like she’ll be begging. OK. You’re not done. storyland. Welcome, everyone. George Krypto, Yoda. There. I see you there. I see you guys. How are you doing? How are you doing? Let me know where you’re watching from. Let me know how you hydrating. Because today we have water, but as always, alcohol, black off the no milk and no sugar involved. Now, we do see dramatic numbers in unemployment, obviously. And the good thing as well is that some companies are really stepping up right now. And, you know, that’s declaration with kryptonite. Right now, they are removing their fees. If you buy a for crypto with credit card, you know, the reason why you usually have high fees on credit cards is because you can have a chargeback issues with greatest cast as a merchant. You always want to be protected against chargebacks. So that’s why they usually have a bit higher fees on credit card. But now they’re removing that. I mean, there is no fee for buying crypto right now with credit card even though they are taking a risk because there’s always going to be a guy that’s a guy or woman that tries to trick the system and they do chargeback after they pay. We see it as well. When because you’ve run online businesses for quite some time, my team and I and we’re doing it in as well. I mean, always someone will do a chargeback just to mess and try to get free money back. And the grocery shopping. Up to 10 percent back. Food delivery up to 20. So hey, Kim Dotcom is really doing a great job. And if you go to Ivano, take dot com slash deals and you can find the link below. I don’t think that large deals. You can use the link and sign up and get $50 when you sign up. So that’s good. And I will also be guessing $50 when you sign up. So it’s a win win win situation. And look, this is important because many people are struggling. And for them to get into crypto right now might be might be key in many situations, because as you see, the financial infrastructure is actually is actually failing. So it’s important to note it’s important to not let me put this below deck. Look, in the 24 hour situation, we have Bitcoin plus 4.5 percent. Something tells me that the newly freshly, freshly printed that other might have something to do with it. And by the way, let me actually this is higher now. This is. Yeah. I mean, we are at 6 foot 8 now and we have 2.9. The increase during the 24 hours. And the thing is, we were even higher. We broke seven. We went all the way up above 7k. But there we got rejected. And hopefully we can try out that level very, very soon. Again, where if at 3.9, very good performance over the past 24 hours, X-ART B 1.4. All in all, quite sideways. But we do see some momentum, guys. Momentum is building up more narrow, for example, 7 percent. It’s amazing looking at the biggest winners. We have a swipe, but there’s the volume. But the volume, it’s 3 million. I mean, not completely pump and dump, but hey, who, 102 percent? That’s amazing. That’s amazing. FLEKSER going to bite coin. Steam recovering a bit. Justin Sun is recovering. Narrow. Look, even a lot of other big coins are performing well today. And the biggest losers are Thor Ze People Saved on the crypto. That commercial is losing 1 percent. But look, really, there are no losers. This is the thing. There are no losers. If you don’t count the account, this Thor thing, but all the know, like minus 1 percent, less than 1 percent. Are these losers? Absolutely. And also not not no real losers today, guys. And also with declaration with by bit, you can get free margin if you use the link below. But be extremely careful if you are chasing this, be very, very careful with your stop loss of set them responsibly. But if you are trading, you can trade bitcoin to yours, SRP. You can go long. You can go short. Now, if you use Femm makes, which you also find the link below 4 and you go and sign up number one, you also get a free margin there. And if their side just could load a bit faster, it would be even more amazing. But they have gold. They have light coin. They have Tasos. They have a link as well. And they offer more assets. But Bybee has more liquidity. But both of them are amazing. So check out both. You find the link below for both. They are very similar in many ways. But the good thing with Fenwick’s is more assets. The good thing with BYB it is more liquidity. And you should always diversify. Have your funds in different in different exchanges. Don’t keep everything in one single basket. And as you know, we did release our defi course. If you go to occasional times on the com, you can check it out. Now, what’s important to note is obviously the Teather situation, whatever, whatever data aggregation site you’re looking at, whether it’s quite market cap, whether it is the quaint paprika, whether it is the coin geko what you will see if you go into the top coins you see now Teather being number four. This is kind of big. This is very big. The fact that there are a number for now there very close to REPL, there will soon be number three Teather. And what’s important is that if you go and you check the statistics and you check what’s actually going on, you will see some very interesting things. And that is number one, that during the past few few days we’ve seen some significant moves in terms of the market cap and that that’s seen everywhere. That’s in everywhere. And what’s more important is that now people are really starting to look at this carefully because sometimes. They increase market cap and you don’t truly understand what’s going on, whether it is that they just count market cap differently, whether it is that something else has happened. But as you can see, during the past days, we’ve seen this amazing increase from 4.6 all the way to 6.1 billion billion in tother. And sometimes this market cap increase is not because New Teather are entering the circulation, but because, for example, KOIN paprika or coin market drop or just stop calculating differently. So we’ve seen this in the past. So it’s not every time that you see this spike that there’s actually a new there. Sometimes it’s just that. For example, the ad that the Trump blockchain to calculation, because you know that whether they have coins on many different blockchains and a few weeks back, we also saw this increase in market cap. But what wasn’t that actually New Teather was created? This just that, for example, coin margin gap added the Tron version to their calculation. In this case is different. In this case it’s different because we’re really we really, really tried finding an explanation to this that made sense and where we didn’t have to say that they created new coins and that we actually saw more interest in Teather maybe is just different calculation. Maybe it’s just different way of counting, whatever. But we did not find. We did not find. So in this case, it seems that, yes, new coins are being created probably because they have more customers. That is that is what we want to believe. But you never know. But with great probability it is because Teather has new customers. People are depositing more Teather into their into their treasury, into more dollars, into their treasury. And so, of course, they are minting that there. And what’s important to note is where this money is going. And to get that, we do, of course, see on chain analysis and online analysis. By the way, something that Amum Crypto does a lot as well. So if you are interested in option analysis and looking at glass, not go check out Amum Crypto. And what’s important is that we see this right here, this relationship between this stable coin supply ratio and teather on exchanges. First and foremost, let’s define what is this orange line right here? This orange line is the stable can supply ratio. And to put simply, it’s a measurement of the buying power of stable coins in relationship to the bitcoin circulating supply. So when you have the amount of bitcoin that is circulating and you divide that by the value of all of this bitcoin, you divide that by the the value in the stable coins, for example. Teather And all other stable coins. So you have the value of all bitcoin, you divided by the value of all stable coins. You get the metric, all of the buying power of stable coins. I mean how significant is this stable coin supply? How significant is it in relationship to the entire value of all bitcoin? Because if that is significant, it means that we have a lot of easily deployed capital on the sidelines. It is just waiting there is just waiting there to get in. And so obviously, if this relationship is getting out of hand, we have some important signals that we can use in our strategy that we can use in our trading. So basically, there is a whole article. I will link it in the chat. You can read it for yourself if you’re interested. But the most important thing here is that SSR stable can supply ratio is the ratio of bitcoin supply and the stable coin supply denoted in bitcoin. So obviously you have nominator, the bitcoin supply, you have the denominator, which is the this table can supply. And when the denominator when the denominator, which is simple as simple math is always when the denominator gets big, when the stable supply gets big in relationship to the bitcoin supply, the ratio gets low. So when the ratio of SSR is low, it means that we have a lot of Teather and a lot of other stable coins on the sidelines just sitting on the sidelines. So this is what we’re seeing right here. And if we zoom in in the past, in the past few days, we’re seeing this ratio go down a lot. So this orange line, it goes down like crazy during the past few weeks. So once again, what does it mean? It means that the amount of stable coins that is redzepi on the sidelines to get deployed in relationship to the whole Bitcoin supply is getting bigger and bigger and bigger because denominator in our ratio calculation is getting bigger and nominator is not. So this is what we’re seeing. At the same time, we’re seeing Teather balance when the changes go through the roof, which means that it’s very easily deployable into the market. It’s so easy to deploy because they are already deposited it and especially now during the past days we’ve seen this print as well and probably we’re going to see this grow and grow and grow even further because we don’t still don’t see all the data necessary yet here on this chart, because all of that debt, there’s still no deposit. In this calculation in India, changesto is not in this calculation. So probably this green shirt will grow even more. But basically what we’re seeing right now to summarize is that, number one, this ratio has never been lower basically than it is right now. This ratio of first to stable coins versus whole bitcoin supply and how much buying power it is, it’s never been this good in terms of potential pump because this is dam. That what you want to conclude? And I am telling you that this has never been this good in terms of potential pump of easily deployed stable coins being on the sidelines. And we do have proof as well, confirmation that they are being put on exchanges. So it’s not that it’s just being put into some kind of cold wallet for future use of this tether. It is on exchanges and it is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, at a moment’s notice into the order book. So that’s why it’s so important. Now, there has been a lot of discussion. Why is this happening? What is going on? Who is behind this? And we do have the guys from Alameda. You know that these guys are working a lot with FCX Exchange. So if you don’t know who they are, you should you should know them for sure. Alameda, guys. So they’re saying that there are a few different reasons for this. And during the past few months, we’ve been seeing just a trend that people are selling Bitcoin and putting it into use did seem to hedge positions. Another explanation is that people just want to reduce risk. So not only hedge, but also reduce risk. And this is LGC flow primarily from Asia. But what’s important here is that now we do see a very important time in this market right before the having a lot of people are preparing for this. And while this is more long term, he’s talking about really the past few weeks here, there’s a bit more long term view on this that he has Bitcoin has been going down in price doing the past few weeks now that we have this significant increase in other supply over the past few days. You’ve got to understand that big players are preparing. They are definitely preparing for what’s about to come. And they are lining up billions on the sidelines, literally seeing billions right now lined up on the sidelines. And this is not something you and I can underestimate, because if this supply keeps growing and we see even more money being added, which is not impossible, by the way, it’s not impossible to go to 7 billion in other market cap very, very soon, because this is a momentum that we’ve been seeing for the past weeks and especially now when the humming comes. A lot of these institutions and a lot of the LTC desks, their clients are gonna form way in. It’s a big probability. It’s not certain. Maybe it doesn’t happen, but at least there is a big probability that this former will continue and they are going to be on the sidelines until they really decide to go in and enter the market. Because at the end of the day, Teather is the first step you’re going to tether and then to bitcoin or vice versa. When you already have bitcoin and you want to exit the market for a while, you sell it to Teather and then you are on the sidelines. You’re not existing to Fiat anyway. So look, definitely something to keep in mind. This is very important to look at if there is any chance you should be looking at this. Obviously the bitcoin price, but also the teather supply and look at other supply could go down. They are burdening Teather with it when they need to pay pay back their their fiat. I mean, if this is Russians are withdrawing, they will have to burn the tether. So it does happen as well. But I mean, to be honest, we haven’t seen any significant burns since late 2008. And since then it’s only been going up and up and up like crazy. So, guys, keep that in mind. It’s big. It’s coming. And whether it is fake, whether it is real. Obviously, we don’t know. We all want to believe that it is actually new money and not just a bailout from Teather, but all in all. You also got to be practical. Obviously you can only control what you can, which you can control. You can only do an act on your own realities and on circumstances that you do control and know about. Obviously, we don’t know about exactly what’s going on behind the scenes in Teather. There is no audit. There is no transparency, really, which is a shame. It’s a shame. And it should be transparent. I wish it was more transparent so we can truly act on that. We can only speculate. But what you can act upon is obviously when you see moves happening, when you see moves happening, and now we do see a significant move going on. So, guys, that is the first topic. It’s very significant. Once again, I cannot highlighted enough and keep an eye on that. And we will be covering it here on the channel as well. Another big topic that I really want to cover is being in has been like that for quite some time. Really. It is a long term trend. It is adresses with balances over a bitcoin. So this is really good to see. Actually, if you look through time, the amount of people that have one bitcoin or more in their wallet is increasing. So we’re getting less and less and less centralized because the amount of addresses is increasing that have more than one bitcoin and that’s the gold as I think everyone should have. Now, obviously I’m out of adresses doesn’t necessarily correlate with amount of people or more correctly, it does probably correlate, but it’s not equal. So you cannot say I’m out of average. This is equal to amount of people because one person can have a hundred dollars. But that does correlate. It probably does correlate. And so we are seeing this upwards moving trend. The only time it really went down is after the bubble, because here is where everyone was kind of freaking out at the beginning of 2018 and selling and dumping. So when we do see a shakeout, we have this temporary centralization moves. For example, right here, Bitcoin became a bit more centralized in terms of who holds how much bitcoin. Here we saw another move when we saw this drop and bitcoin became once again more centralized in terms of huddling. So it is correlated with the price a lot. Sometimes not. I mean, sometimes produces is, um, proportionally big moves upwards when the price is not moving that much. Really. If you look proportionally. But mostly it is correlated with the price, the more price goes up, the more people are excited and obviously the more people want to hold Bitcoin and understand it. And during the past times, we’ve even seen the fact that when we see these big drops, Bitcoin also drops a bit in terms of centralization, decentralization of toddlers, but not a lot in proportion, really, not a lot in proportion. So as you can see, here is where we saw this. This local peak in the Hodler right here, you see the orange line. Then it dropped just like the price dropped and the price dropped all the way from 9k approximately or more correctly, from seven point eight. It dropped all the way to 5 ish as well as the Hotaling distribution, but then Hotaling distribution recovered very quickly and now is just continuing up towards all time highs. It’s always All-Time High, but the price is still down here. So look, it is sometimes correlated downwards as well. But mostly, mostly the Long-Term Trend is is upwards and correlation is stronger when the bottom price goes up and holders also go up. So just the amount the amount of holders with more than one bitcoin or one or more. One or more. And let me know. Guess if this is your goal as well, if you already are there if you want. This is not a question from the IRS, I can promise you that. But I think it’s a good, important goal. If you just have one bitcoin, you are set. I mean, you’re really set. You’re really set in this industry. Obviously, you can try to get more, but just try to get one bitcoin and try to get thirty two. If so, you can be part of staking and. Yeah, it’s a it’s a it’s a goal that I think everyone should should be having. It is the fact that you’re part of the 21 million club because obviously you only have 21 million bitcoin and if you have one of them you’re one of the potential. Twenty one million toddlers. But really it’s maybe just a 9 million club because imagine all of the coins that are lost. Now, many people have a lot of bitcoin. So all in all, just the situation of the matter that many clients are lost and some people are going to have more than one means that in reality there may be going to be seven, eight, maybe nine million people who can even have one bitcoin in reality. And you got to be one of them. I think so, too. Ether is the future of business, BTC, just the gold. I agree with you in some regards. I agree with you in some regard. We have, by the way, a surprise coming out soon in this system right here. We’re going to have our own coin for the church to experiment. We’re going to do experiments with our own coin for the super chess. So there you go. We’re going to be using. Of course, the theorem network for that. And we’re getting that. We’re going to try and experiment, guys, because, look, it’s about time we have a coin. So you’ll see you’ll see how it will work. But obviously, we’ve been thinking, should we do like something with Bitcoin? But you cannot build anything. It’s just a matter of life. Like on Bitcoin. You cannot build a lot that people will say, like, what about lightning? Well, lightning is cool. But I mean, we want our own coin. We want the fact that you can huddle. Ivan coin. Then the weather is going to be smash, smash or not. We’re going to sit. We’re going to see it finally. But yeah, we’ve verified on. But we’ll verify them. Nate, but I don’t want to deal with uphold. So that’s the issue with bad. I don’t even. That’s the issue with Apple. Why remove it? I just want my rewards without having to go through uphold. It’s a protocol. It’s a decentralized protocol that is bad. There is this whole basic attention token yet to get your rewards. You need to go and you to do KBI seemed to beg them to give you your money. And the way it’s structured, I understand why it is, of course, like that. But it’s very bad. It’s very bad. I don’t like that. That’s what one of the most basic things about the bat, by the way, is that they have upheld. So please, if you are listening and you are working with BAT, if you are some kind of community manager or decision maker, please remove, uphold, do something better. They are terrible. I hate them. They’re terrible guys. They’re terrible at being a a gateway keeper. They’re a gateway keeper to even get access to bad. Yes. All right, guys. Moving on. Moving on, Batman. Exactly. It’s like Batman, by the way. Did you see Joker the latest one? It was a few months back, maybe half a year back. Look, the behavior is changing. The behavior of Bitcoin users and holders. It is changing a lot right now. And this is changing, of course, in relationship to this virus we’re seeing in the world. XI analysis did this report. And what they’re seeing right now is a very important change in the relationship between the use of Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin. All right. What does this mean? Well, it means that usually the price of bitcoin and the usage of bitcoin is highly correlated. So when the price goes up, we see new merchants, we see new preachers, we see new leaders in the space. They all want to be in crypto. Everyone has a podcast on Crypto, Man. And I cannot tell you how many podcasts I was on in 2017 and I explained what Bitcoin is. That just started in 2007, seen to be crypto podcasts that are not even here anymore. They stopped after the bull market. So the amount of merchants wanting to be in bitcoin put guess as thought leaders, all kinds of different people who want to be in crypto. Obviously it does correlate with the price. When prices go up, then of course everyone wants to be here. Now when prices goes down, go down, we see people disappearing from the space. They are gone. And obviously merchants are also gone because they don’t see any customers. So they are just removing. They’re removing this this integration with them with crypto. So this is important. And what we’re seeing now is a change because you know that the prices of between have been going down during the past few few weeks. We are right now at six point eight. We’re trying to break seven, but we were at 8K just a few weeks back. So that’s a fact. But the correlation between the decrease in price and decrease in usage is not that big right now. Of course, it has decreased a bit, but not as big. So we see a weakening we see a weakening correlation between this whole this whole situation. So before we did see before this whole outbreak, the correlation was zero point forty seven in merchant services. Basically, when price goes up, merchant activity on services encrypted. That also goes up. And when the price goes down, it also goes down. And the correlation between these events was 0.4 versus 7. Now the correlation is just 0.2, 0.24. So that’s big. That’s actually very big. And this is the main thing to look at when it comes to merchants. Now, gambling and dark markets, they are seeing a bit of a different situation. But this is the one we care mostly about, just normal merchants. Yes, prices go down. Activity immersions also goes down, but way less, way less. So obviously we want this to be zero because if it is zero, then merchants don’t care whether the price goes up or not. And and the whole reason why we’re seeing this correlation is because people feel poor when price goes down and they don’t want to spend bitcoin. So merchants that are dealing with crypto, they’re not seeing customers wanting to even spend crypto. So that is the reason. But when prices go up, obviously, everyone is rich. Everyone has a newfound millionaire. You’re feeling but you’re feeling like a billionaire or when you are a new found like one hundred thousand there, you’re feeling like a millionaire or when you got your like ten thousand there, you’re feeling like a hundred thousand there. Obviously you want to spend that, you want to spend some crypto. So that’s just natural. That is how normal business cycles also work. The fact that when people lose their job or they get the cuts in their paycheck, always they’re going to spend as much or even if they have the job. Everything is fine, but just that their retirement fund has gone down by 10 percent, 15 percent. They feel a bit poorer now. We have an interesting situation with bitcoin and eith we have this bridge now the keep network raising 7.7 million in order to build their solution. And what’s interesting right now in 2020 is that we have a lot of action in terms of token sales still, but we don’t talk about them as much because they are all very, very high quality. Now, I don’t want to say that Keep Network is the project that I back. I need to learn more about them. But it seems that we have seen very significant, very significant success stories. And one of the most important ones that I can say that I can definitely say has been a success in syntax in synthetics network. I mean, these guys have really been reshaping the way Defi works with their decentralized synthetics. And as you can see, if you just look at the yearly gains in this, over a thousand percent, I mean, in the big bear market, a thousand percent in bear market. Why is it so? Well, because you have a lot of use case for for synthetics. It is definitely an important part of the fight. And even though it lost 17 percent in the past month, look at the yearly. It’s insane. And they did start as a token sale. Obviously, they DSR has a token cell. So we’re going to see how keep performs. I still need to do more research on them. But what’s important is that right now they are working with TI BTC and see BTC is launching soon. Like Retallack said, we need to have good bridges between Ethan Bitcoin in the de-centralized in a decentralized way. And so that’s coming. Another important project to keep an eye on is Ren Ren protocol. Now let’s actually check how Ren is performing because Ren is also an important piece of this whole DFI situation. And as you can see, Ren is also performing well, not as well as Fantasticks, but also in the middle of the bear market. It’s plus sixty eight for the past year. It’s. Same. It’s insane. And even though they lost 21 percent in a month. Still, if you look at the whole year, it’s it’s insane. So it’s another part of Defi and everything that has to do with defeat in one way or another. If it makes sense. If it makes sense. It’s it’s gonna probably perform well. What about Guibert? Yeah, let’s check Kibre. Kibre is a project. I also like. But I’m not sure exactly how they’ve been. Yeah. 50 is about 55 percent over the past year and month, minus 30. So not really good on the monthly, but yearly. It’s also a very important project that’s going to be here for long. And is just that you that you look at defi pulse and you’ll see why you’ll see exactly why. Because all of this projects that are here, they are important. And Kibre right now is number 13. I want to have Yuni swap, but they have no coins. They have no coin a compound. I think they will have a coin. Synthetics is number two already. So I’m trying to look at the smaller ones. So Kibre is one of the ones that are a bit lower down. You see, for example, D-Wade X performing quite well, but many of them don’t even have a coin. So that’s the issue. And you should all have a coin if it makes sense. And many of them don’t make sense. But some 2 like Rand, like Kibre, like usopp also make sense. But we’ll see if they add it. But it makes sense. Why buy those make sense? Well, because you have an ecosystem, you have network effect, you have ecosystem. And the token holders in Khyber are basically thinking the whole idea with Kibre, for example, is that you will be getting a portion of the success in terms of fees. So that’s important. Dusk still needs to grow. Dusk still needs to grow. And soon we’ll see bidle top 3. We’ll see with by the. Absolutely. We’ll see. Really, BIEDO is an important piece in the Bynum’s if they really keep working and if they really keep building. But it’s in the very, very early stage. It’s one of this early stage that is very risky, still very risky. But business I think is going to have something in effect. Banker seems good. Well, yes, it’s is good. Of course is good, of course. But the best thing with bankers is that they really introduce this whole topic of automated market makers to this space. And even in 2017, banker was the first one to really have a big project that is ADX with automated market makers. For some reason they did not catch on like Younus. What? Because doing so is basically the same. But but they perform much better. So I don’t know. I don’t know why exactly. Bankers did not lift like unions. Well, because doing so is so similar to what contracts in crypto are enforceable in traditional law, says bernau. Well, it depends on which country the laws are different and the way the judges will see is different. But a lot and a lot has, of course, to do with the fact that when you have a deal on the blockchain, like you have some kind of condition, you have oracles on the blockchain. It’s just that they can be executed faster and you can be doing business with whoever and you don’t necessarily need the paper contract if you can just write it in code. And yes, I mean, they could sue you if they know who you are. They can still try to take you to net, not normal court. That still can happen. But if they don’t like the contract or if they change their mind, I mean, that’s a terrible thing that can happen. You have a contract with someone and then they change their mind in the middle of it. Been there, done that. And look, it’s not good when people have changed their minds in the contract. Look. And we’ve had to deal with that. With that. It’s not a good position to be in when like your counterparts is now like completely change their mind. But in Tripoli, it’s all like on the blockchain, like there’s no way to change your mind. It’s amazing. So, look, it’s it’s this it’s important from the fact that you know what’s going to happen. But of course, at the end of the day, anyone can take you to court. Anyone can sue anyone for whatever reason. So, yeah. And then it’s up to the jury. It’s up to the jury. And in many cases, look, is it’s like the question everyone had when DocuSign was a new thing. It has nothing to do with crypto. Obviously, it has nothing to do with crypto. But DocuSign was when they introduced people also. So if I sign something on DocuSign, will it be enforceable? Well, yeah. I mean, you can sign in many different ways. We can have a verbal or oral agreement, like you just have an oral agreement. That is also an agreement. Guys source an agreement. But how do you prove that in court? So it’s just like the different ways of proving so it’s very difficult to prove an oral agreement. Now, you might have an agreement that is on paper, which is kind of the normal standard in the world that is easier to prove. But still but still, how do you prove that you didn’t forge signatures for something? So it’s still not clear. Now, you could have an agreement on the blockchain. So that’s another way. But then do they still the court will have to look at it. So just like they can say that this paper agreement you have is not valid for whatever reason, because some paper agreements can literally be nullified by. Because if they, for example, see that, hey, you constructed in a way that is against our loss. So, for example, when you are employing someone, at least in Sweden, you can not remove their vacation package or whatever it’s called, like their vacation addition to salary. If you do that in the contract and it goes to court, they will say, well, this contract is wrongly constructed. So, look, there is no way to remove the kind of layer zero of the justice system is always going to be normal courts. It’s layer zero humans, exactly like similar success in the. But at least, you know, with a smart contract that the money is going to flow according to the code. And then if you want to take it in the normal court, we can go there as well. But at least I know, for example, if I do this and that and the oracle captures it, I will get the money like I will get them. And then maybe, you know, it goes to court and they change their mind on things. But at least I get the money first and then we’ll solve issues later. So, yeah, Bernard, I hope you like that answer, but this is how I see it. I mean, if preferrably if it’s practical contract on ethe is amazing because then you know that is going to execute. You going to get the money? I can get them whatever decode the does it will execute. And then if something’s no tapi someone’s changed their mind. Whatever. Yes. We can still go to court. They might reverse the decision of the smart contract, but at least everyone gets their funds. And then we solve problems later with a normal contract. It’s not like that with a normal contract. You don’t know if you’re gonna get paid. Like if people change their mind or they’re in Stockholm, they put me in jail for drinking at the party. Right. Yeah. ASAP. Rocky also got put in jail for not drinking, but. Yeah, very. It’s it’s a bizarre situation. How big that became ASAP. Rocky. Going to Sweden. How practical is mortgages being on the blockchain right now? Not practical, but is gonna come right now. Not practical. How is the contract verified? Paul Lee you mean smar contract is put on the blockchain? You, you and your country party verified. You put on the blockchain and that’s it. Did you listen to Sweden’s deejay, Abitur? Yeah, of course, of course. Of course. There is a documentary about him as well that I was just a few weeks back about his final year. And it’s insane how much he worked and how many concerts he did. Basically, I think it was above eight hundred in to eight hundred something. It was in just a few years. In just two years. SEISS 800 different concerts. And look, sometimes I feel that like I do a lot of work. For example, I have over a thousand vigils in the past few years as well, but you understand you cannot even compare it. Here I sit in my studio there. The guy needs to travel to fly, checking at hotel. Oh my God. It’s. And you know how depends on the person, obviously. But what I’m one of these people like you. As soon as I have to fly, I need to go from airport to hotel to check in, to pack, to unpack. It’s so tiring. So if I had to do to travel around and do one thing per day in different countries, it will never work. I mean, the good thing is here in the in the office, in the studio, I can do however many of e-juice I want without getting tired. So he drank, too. I don’t think he drank, at least not in the documentary. He didn’t drink? No, it wasn’t about that. Not at all. No, no. It was just stress. Stress and the psychological issues. Psychological issues about. Yeah. I don’t know really. But I can imagine about like not maybe feeling long. I have no clue. Look, the look of bullshit documentary. I don’t even remember exactly what it was, but was like psychological. How do you say anxiety? Anxiety. Yeah, something like that when you’re gonna do is to do tour. Well I mean if you want we can do. How much time we have. How much time we have or we have a lot of time. But the thing is, I don’t want to break the illusion, guys. I don’t want to break the illusion. Because if I move the camera, you’ll see you’ll see the room. And it will not be as grandiose as grandiose because you know, this camera and this frame with the screens and it’s like framed perfectly to look professional. So it’s like The Wizard of Oz. I don’t want to to break the illusion of our professional studio guys. So that’s why we don’t have to do. It’s like, you know, socks lying up. Now as Yoki I don’t have socks lying around the house. Ivan, show us. Guess what we’ll do someday. Will do. Yeah. We know you’re talking in the kitchen. Before long. Exactly. What else, guys? But you’re right. Don’t break. Yeah. Exactly. I want lol. I am wearing pants. Ambron pants. It’s like it’s called the in Swedish. It’s called like soft t pants. Soft pants. Okay. They’re they’re soft. They’re like this. Cozy pants. Yeah. OK. What else. You will see the man behind the curtain. Exactly. Is like the how soaps are recorded. How do you mean. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. Soap opera. Yeah. Her boxers sweat. Yeah. Exactly. OK. Yes, I think that’s it. I think that’s it. Guys do the best. Yes, exactly. You’re the best guys. Remember when everyone thought Ivan wore lipstick? I had this thought. Should I do it for for April or not? I decided not. But you can go and you can watch Ivan Lipstick video on YouTube. It’s find him. Okay, guys. That’s it. Thank you so much for being here yet again. Thank you so much for contributing. And guys, it’s so good to see that our community on multi-dose com slash life is growing is growing. So go hit, subscribe, hit bell alerts, hit notifications. And we’re going to see you all tomorrow. We’re gonna see you all tomorrow at 11:00, guys. That’s at 11:00. So please remember with this eight weekends, eleven. So three hours later today. Tomorrow. So please remind everyone in the chat, like if you see someone seals thinking it’s 8:00. It’s 11:00. Oh, wow. Nate, you did the timestamps. Amazing. Thanks, guys. Thanks, guys. Thanks, guys. Thanks. Great. I’m gonna get a big shout out to Nate. Lot Leavelle for doing the time somes. And I think many of you did the timestamps also. Thank you so much, guys. I truly, truly appreciate that. Somehow we should organize it. Somehow we should we should organize this better so that you know, so that because I think many people did like at the same time now. But yeah, Slobodan, I did, too. Thank you, guys. So, look, we should go and subscribe to Netflix notifications in Telegram. I will put out put up a group for all of you guys who want to be timestamps of certified timestamps. I will put in a group so that like we can decide. So not like five different people do timestep by the same time. So you get you we can decide them on each other. Okay. Today I do timestamps. Then another day. Okay. I do timestamps. But the most important thing is that there is always someone doing site timestamps. OK. Brutus chat. No chapter’s not locked, but we have issues with scrolls. But we still haven’t found like the perfect way to reproduce the bug. Crypto Yoda. What about the coin? You’ll see. You’ll see, ok. You’ll see. So you guys have. Oh, Brittingham Manola. So Chat’s should not be with brave like chat should work perfectly and brayed because I’m using it and brave too. So you guys OK. Thank you so much for being here. I see old tomorrow. And if you figure out when the chat stops scrolling, when it should should scroll. If you figure out the pattern so that we can reproduce the bug and we can fix it, please email us as well. Contact at Ivan Ontake dot com because I know like v v u f birley you had the issue, but I can not reproduce it for me. The chat scrolls like it should, but some of you guys say that it doesn’t scroll. After a while. So I just want to figure out exactly like what is the batter? Maybe as the browser. Maybe it’s like when you do something. I will figure it out because as soon as we can figure it out, we can solve it very quickly. Very easy to solve. But for now, just refresh the page like Dimitar says, refresh the page if it stops scrolling. OK. Thank you so much. I’ll see all tomorrow at 11 a.m. and goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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