Bitcoin BIGGER than Russia!!! The 8th Largest World Currency!!! + $70 Giveaway

Today we have a few pretty fantastic news items to share with you.

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Now, let’s see how the crypto market is performing. As you guys can see it’s a bullish market today for the top 10. We have Bitcoin still in first place with a 1.6% increase. Then we have Ethereum rising by 1.1%, and then Ripple’s XRP token, going up by 1.54%. Now if we look at the top 20, you can see a mix of greens and reds here. While Dash and Monero are gaining by 2.04% and 3.41%, Tezos witnesses a 2.62% decline.

Now, let’s have a look at what we have picked for today’s news. First up, according to, at the price of $8,940, Bitcoin surpasses Russia’s monetary base and become the 8th largest currency in the world.

Coming back to Bitcoin, with a market cap currently at $162 billion and with some analysts predicting a BTC value of over $40k by the end of 2019, after just 10 years of its creation, this is definitely a pretty big deal indeed.

Now moving on, as you guys can see here on Beincrypto, Russia has announced that it would make some digital assets legal. However, Facebook’s Libra is not going to be included in this scheme. This process is expected to be done within just 2 weeks.

What about the attitude of Russian authorities towards Facebook’s Libra currency? They joined the chorus of the political elite around the globe expressing a fierce criticism against it.Russia has no plans to legalize cryptocurrency instruments based on blockchains like Libra as it may threaten the national financial system.

And finally, the last news item for today. Per a report on CryptoNinjas, ICON, the Korean originated blockchain network, announced that it has partnered with blockchain Infinity Stones, an infrastructure company, to provide insight into the governance and economic structure of ICON.

So guys, what are your thoughts on these news situations?
How do you feel knowing that Bitcoin is now bigger than Russia’s monetary base?
Do you believe that it will surpass others currencies in the near future?
Do you think that ignoring Libra is a good decision?
And how about the partnership of ICON and Infinity Stone? Will it really help ICON?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!
Once again, please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to go in the draw to win $70 in Bitcoin. It’s Cindy with CryptoPig, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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