Bitcoin BOMBS Away & Critical Targets! April 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis


Mark COLVIN Bombardier crowd reporting for duty. Let’s look at the next targets. Let me into my style and my style and my style. Let me let me to my story. Let me go or my. Welcome back to Crown’s Krypto CAVE. Yes, my software is working right now, so I’m very happy about that. After so much trials and tribulations, looking like we’re ready to go bombs away, baby, and get the day started with some good old cryptocurrency analysis and some tradition marks as well that you want to follow up on that as I believe there are some pretty damn important things going on in the world right now, as you probably know anyways. With all of that said, I think it’s time for me to. Oh, yes, that’s right. Say that twitch will be on again today. Same time, same place. Probably starting a couple hours after this stream. Does need to eat some steak and do a little bit of small exercise and then it’s all engines go for some more total war. Really looking forward to that. And of course, looking at immediate price action during that time as well. Been really, really, really, really, really fun and looking forward to it again today. The links in description below if you do want to join on in. Of course, we are looking at the crowd trading application which can be found at Abdol to dot net. It is free, so take advantage of it because well, I find it quite valuable. You might as well. If not, then. No. No opportunity costs loss except for the time. Anyway, it’s time. The most important asset in all of our lives, perhaps anyway, is looking at a metrics. Once again, we do see a a decent enough change in the open interest going down tube RSI going up to about 630 million still within the overall range. What we’ve been seeing, you know, as bitcoin kind of oscillates off the lows on this Nicaea, on this nice rally going all the way from about five million to about 650 million. So this is, you know, par for the course as we’re looking at right now in does tie into the overall greater analysis, as it does suggest that we are still looking at the same piece of piece of the pie, if you want to make that analogy right there. And I’m fucking hungry. So I would like I would like a better analogy. Piece of the steak. Because. Well, who can you just have steak? You need all of it. All of it. Plus more anyways. She’s Kretzmann. What’s going on this morning? Too many cups of coffee, perhaps as the bombs were let vervet were let very loose. I’ll tell you that. Anyways, what else we want to look at? Pretty much all other major metrics are more or less studied. Bitcoin dominance literally is rock solid right there at 6 4 percent. We’ll be looking at that perhaps today if if everything else is quite enough. Hopefully you can’t hear the construction going on in the background right there. It’s looking like there’s they’re redoing all the walls and all these apartments. So it is a little bit noisy for myself, but I don’t believe it’s coming through to my front. Lisa, I hope not anyway. So please do let me know if that’s the case and I’ll do my best to. I don’t know. Yell at them or something. Who knows anyways. Fear and greed index still at a 22 right now. Again, more or less same as well. I do find that rather interesting. You know, if building a bullish case right there, as you would expect, the fear and greed index to really be going up way past 50 back in to the either neutral or even slightly greedy zone as bitcoin literally does a 2x off the lows. That’s probably one of the better underlying market dynamics that makes me lean a little bit to the bullish side. However, I do have a lot of a lot of skepticism with with going over that side just yet as you’ve been speaking about for the last well, last like month, month and a half. I suppose the level is still to be hit and still be met. Have not been met. So I still hold on to biases that are still on the median hire term time frames. And I really want to take a second here to remind myself, to remind myself to be very, very, very, very, very clear, because I don’t think I do a good job. This perhaps judging by some of the comments of delineating between short term time frames, medium time frames and high end macro time frames, all of those analysis can be contradictory to each other because they are different pieces of the whole puzzle. Again, short term time frames really only relates to like, you know, the next day or sorry this day and maybe even the next day of price. Actually, no one to three days is what I’m looking for, medium term. Now we’re talking about a week, couple of weeks. Some like that hire term is where is what we’re talking about, you know, months out. And realistically, when we’re talking about market cycles, those don’t happen. They certainly don’t fucking happen in a goddamn day, as some people have you believe, or at least from some analysis that I do see. But they really happen over about a quarter of a year. So you really want to be judging that, you know, over three months. So real asleep, you know, the pyro term time frame picture doesn’t change all that often. It changes a couple times a year. And you know that probably to be true because Bitcoin is more or less trending very, very hard to one side. Just a couple time for the year. Well, then it spends about three months going sideways and a consolidation and then either continuation or reversal phase. So with that said, in that in mind, let’s go over to our good old price action and charts over here on Trading View and starting off with CMC. Is Action Day still looking short term to me? Like it probably is going to have another try to the upside. I do believe that bitcoin and all major markets are kind of operating together right now. We do see that bitcoin spi induce Dow Jones all major market across the world, plus even in a in a lesser capacity, commodities like gold and silver all looking around the same, although gold and silver are side not necessarily silver, but suddenly gold is the one that’s that’s looking a little more interesting. And again, this is you know, I’m I’m not a huge gold fan. I don’t I don’t own gold. I think it’s a little bit silly. But as far as charts go, it does have one of the better ones if you are looking for that for. Good old, as they say. Anyway, he’s looking at the corner right here on CMHC. It does look to me like we probably are going to give another test back up towards. Right. Right around this, right around this Autoblog right here. Some of what we see on spot price action, I think is just a little bit more obvious on semi’s looking at momentum positive. We’re still pointing north, although getting a little bit a little bit uncomfortable in this region, especially coming from the Daly as this has gone a lot of highs in the past, going all the way back just from this region right over here, going all the way back to essentially early May. That was literally before literally before this this pullback right here, we can actually go through all them right now are actually at Jouni, my lands on trued to accurately judge us. This was, you know, in an overall uptrend, a pullback going all the way from about nine thousand bucks to seventy five hundred bucks right here. Then this this point right over here, the next connection coming in right around about that. 14000 are high before fourteen thousand dollars down to. Well, you could say ninety five hundred or even say all the way down to realistically 5000 down here. Fair enough. You know. You know, just taking it one step at a time does still present some some some some interesting some interesting thought processes here on the higher term time frames. And again, right over here, our side note, not not in this high, but on this high right here at about 12000 bucks on semi’s. Then once again, right on over here before this inevitable doom’s drop all the way from ten and a half to well, you could say down around here, even then, I’d still say that quick 2000 move down to eighty five hundred, probably enough for me to be of concern. And once again, we are meeting this trend line coming up in this region relatively soon. Very, very, very, very, very likely will hit it on the next tick. And any time that we’ve really gotten into this more critical zone for the daily Stoke’s on one Siamese, it has suggested that momentum is mul is waning more or less. Now, I don’t really it, you know, in traditional marks actually expect stocks kind of like stay up there doing strong Trenny moves and and that certainly could happen. But for right now that it’s a signature that we’ve that we’ve been having for the last two years. So Intel, it changes around formally. I wouldn’t really I wouldn’t really adjust my own trading behaviors based upon that. Also looking at it from a Fibonacci such perspective, we do see that it is aligning pretty damn well with what we’ve been looking at 3/8 to come in and right around our bottoms port, which on spot we do say is somewhere around, let’s just call it between 70, 50 and 70 100. And this is, by the way, a bearish retracement, not point five, come in around 70, 750. The next sort of upside short term target. And these 6 when 8 coming in right around about 80, 400 ish region also in line up more or less with the gap coming in back from what was this early March about a little bit more than a month ago now. So all those levels aligning pretty damn nicely. And again, I should remind myself that that is that this is a bearish retracement. So it would actually align with the higher term timeframe. Still having a bearish tend to them and we’ll go over the higher term timeframes. Maybe not in super detail today. I want I really want to say that for the Sunday’s because, you know, that’s the time to really go deep into it. And I feel like maybe that’s where I might get misheard sometimes or maybe I don’t or maybe I don’t express myself very well as as as those don’t really change around all that often in real estate because there’s a lot of work to do before that even changes around here. Also looking at just just straight up trend lines, I’m not a huge fan of diagnose, but it is worth mentioning that we do have this this narrative coming down around here. This is on linear scale. I will put it on log as well. And it should be a little bit higher. It should be more of a RSI, less of a dramatic angle coming in all the way right around where? Right around right around the nought point five Fibonacci treatment right around here. Now, I do have this trend line right here that is not really relevant to what we’re talking about, to get rid of that one little bit more experimental than that than anything but more but but more importantly, with its diagonal trend line right here, I don’t really care too much for diagonal trend lines. But if they do line up with horizontals, usually that is a damn good indication that it will be a at the very least, a short term pivot point. And what do you know, blinding up with not just another horizontal, also the liquids own breakout from from what was it, late 2019 before this run from about 7000 to 10 and a half thousand. Pretty damn nice move. And also meeting up with an eight point five notch treatment. I do like that area more or less. And what, you know, at the daily 55 on Siamese is is is hanging out right above there as well. So a lot of things meet up in this region. And I do think that Bitcoin is more or less going to get a try. Up around there on the lower term timeframes. But what is the gatekeeper for that move? Well, it’s more or less the same thing as yesterday. In fact, we have the same low time timeframe range as yesterday. And I’m sure everyone’s kind of creaming their pants or all the bulldozers cream their pants at. This does seem to be an ascending triangle being formed here on the lower term timeframes. More importantly to me, we do see that the golden cross moving averages for the four hour are getting very, very, very, very, very close. So this offers of two major two major scenarios as far as I see it. First and foremost, if we do break above Sony for her to just said yesterday, or maybe even using the 3 7 7 as a little more of a conservative estimate on for our total closure, let me make sure that recording I am recording. My phone’s working. Good. Great. Awesome. Good. Oh, and it’s nice and dark here, too. So the lights look absolutely phenomenal. Oh, I love it. It’s like a strip club. Anyways, anyways, you know, at this point, does schools about this region on a four hour, the closure? I would look for I would like I would look for that. Move up towards around 70, some 50 ish region, which is gonna be in line with this box right over here. I do have it starting about Sony, some 50 going all the way up to 70, 950 anywhere within this region is good. You never know where liquidations take you. But more importantly, if we do take out this guy to the upside, if that if that confirmation does happen, then I would look for the Golden Cross, too, to inevitably happen. In fact, the longer that bitcoin just stays above essentially 70, 100, the more and more the more and more close that that these will inevitably get. I mean, that’s just the way that moving up just work. We had a really good discussion on Twitter yesterday about the relevancy of moving averages. And it really it really caused me to to to have to think because to explain it in the most basic terms, we have to go down. This is not to sound condescending, but, you know, you have to understand the basics of it. In order to understand why it’s relevant, but in order to go down to like the most simple of simple levels, I think breaking it down to just understanding that it’s a fucking average and looking at trend from a long term perspective, that’s a pretty damn solid mathematical way of getting it anyways. Anyways, I’m getting way off topic right now. Jesus Christ man. So as long as bitcoin remains about this region right here, it will happen. Now, a lot of the time when you do see a major cross like this in the works in the fall, it’s kind of like the lowest time frame that I’ve found in cryptocurrency and not not relig- other markets, but in cryptocurrency. And that does seem to hold a bunch of weight with price action, as we can show in just a second here. You get one of two major snares you to get a big bad breakup, which will show past behavior and or you get a big bad fake out right before they kiss. So what’s happening here from a more well, I guess algo perspective is a lot of the time, the more sophisticated both Nabil’s other market will try to bait other less fits. Kateb boss now goes who, if you know, don’t have the best programming or maybe just don’t understand Marks’s. Well, maybe they don’t make mate, you know, maybe the new whatever. Who knows? But they’ll try to bait them into you getting a position on the opposite side. So in this case, what could happen is you do present the illusion of a golden cross and the more aggressive less I would call them less sophisticated bots will wait will not wait for that to be confirmed or maybe even take a little bit more of a what’s called of a preliminary position. And then right at the last second, you’ll see a massive attack, you know, with a quick pick up, then close major down the cross will just be kissing each other and then the inevitable doom’s drop happens right after that. We can look at a few examples of this in the past. And I do think that this is very much of of relevance here, just because I do actually think that Bitcoin could very easily have a spike up close down. And that would be a very, very, very, very, very good indication of of, you know. You know, if an actual trade, at least in my opinion. Of course, it’s not fun. It’s Vashon, my French reviser bites. But looking at the past behavior, would you see a death cross running over here that took bitcoin all the way essentially from, you know, 90, 400 all the way, you could say all the way down here. But even then, just the more the more concerted way of looking at this all the way from about 90, 450 on this on this pump up right here down to about 70, 700 ish regions. So a nice move nonetheless. Before that, I want to find a few of the fake outs. Of course, this woman was not a fake out golden cross. Perfect. Very, very, very, very good cross right over here. In fact, in this one, I do think similar to what we’re looking at right here. So it is there. There is a good potential is actually does complete itself. Death cross one over here. No fake out. Give me a fake out, motherfucker. Jesus Christ. This one over here. No fake out as well. Although a lackluster response. I’d say this one was more of a failure, even though from next test to the 55 to next high was a 78% percent move. You know what? You know, though, you know, those past examples should show you what’s more. So on the menu. As far as that goes. Okay. Now we get to our first fake out right here. So Bitcoin gets the death crosscutting over here, spends a little bit of time shopping around, but inevitably comes down. Then to the untrained eye, it might look like it actually has a fake cross right here. However, it is not right at the last second. Right at the very last second, when bitcoin was about to get a golden cross, meaning the green 55 cross the upside of that purple 200. The inevitable doom’s drop happens and they kiss, but no cross, no confirmation. And after that, it’s slowly but surely gains more and more devons wait for each other, saying that the market is slowly but surely turning to the sell side on the especially on the more powerful bots. Now goes. And then. Well. All the way down. She’s pregnant, that’s loud as fuck outside. I need to close window. You can certainly hear that. I’ll just be one second here. I do apologize. I can’t actually walk over there because my lower half is naked, so you’ll see my peepee. All right. Well, you know, I just have to deal with it. I don’t have any pants here. All right. Well, whatever. That would have been really funny if I didn’t realize that one. But I’m on the ball today because I had enough coffee. Probably not. Anyways, looking at it before then, couple of good examples right here. Again, not, you know, the pristine example that you really expect. She’s like have fuckin like those things that you drill in the ground. But what are they doing? What are they doing? Goddamn it, ma’am. Anyways, you know. You know, even on these failures counter to the overall trend, these do get some nice airtime from from signal given to next high. This one’s a fifteen and a corpse and move. Pretty damn nice. This one over here. You know, not the picture perfect, but but does get a nice 13 percent move. The downside as well. And then we have to go back to really 2014/2015 to get the next set of kind of failures. But looking at this guy about it over here. I mean, from the laugh break out, this Golden Cross lettuce us all the way from, you know, thirty six hundred to fourteen thousand. Right. Anyways, going to 2018, we have several examples of getting the Golden Cross in counter to the macro trends. So the macro trend here, obviously to the downside, we see lower lows, lower highs. Well, more or less the lows are kind of consistent, but lower highs. Ah, ah, ah. The name of the game. So it’s good enough for me. And we do have several examples here. So even on these failures of cross’ and by the way, our site, before we get to that, there’s several examples here where it hints at a golden cross. Many times, many times, many times. And no cross has actually it is actually confirmed. And then doom’s drop happens. So even in these examples here of the counter to the macro trend, we actually do get some nice moves. The upside, although they all do inevitably fail. This one about, you know, almost 10 percent, this one over here from a signal given, you know, even just not even hindsight trading this, but like getting this at a worse price point still. Sixteen and a half percent to the upside. Pretty damn good. This one over here again, same thing. I’m not going to make excuses for it, but. But even with a late entry, 20 percent to the upside, this one right in over here. Now, we actually do have a little bit of a fake out. In fact, our first real example of one, this one given you about 13 percent moves the upside. And this one over here. This one actually does almost confirm the upside. But then comes back down and then pops back up. That one is actually the one good example of what I’m saying, not being right. However, one example out of several is is is an outlier as far as I’m concerned. I’m looking at it back on over here. Same thing takes us all the way down from this part of this price point to. Our next major low, which is about 6 percent move. That’s obviously an outlier as well. So realistically counter to the overall macro trend. If we were to get a golden cross here, I would still look for bitcoin to at the very least get, you know, in line with what we seen on the prior ones as well, because we are still in a macro downtrend. Right here we are in a macro downtrend. As long as we are closing, especially Weekly’s book. Well, the problem the problem with a weekly right now is that we’re technically in a downturn as long as we are making lower lows and lower highs. At what point we make a higher high well back above ten thousand one hundred. So Bitcoin could technically rally all the way back up there and the higher term timeframes would not have officially switched around to an upwards trend. Now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get bullish before that price point, but it does put perspective in place that we’re dealing with big numbers. And when we’re dealing with big numbers, it’s very seductive to see, you know, quite literally a 2x off the lows that we’ve already seen. But perspective is trying to sell down and it’s still it’s still very well. Switch shift around. So as far as, you know, real trading goes, there’s still a lot to be done. Doesn’t mean they can’t make money off the upside right here. In fact, bulls been making money, you know, for for for the last month and a half pretty damn nicely. But perspective once again. So looking at the four hour, if we were to get that golden cross, assuming that this does not turn into a fake out, let’s just play around with numbers and see where we’re adding, you know, about 10 percent from this signal next given to, you know, to the next. I would be. And what do you fucking know? It’s right around seventy nine hundred, which if I could remind myself to remind you. Well, that’s literally right in the back into this Bluebox territory. Also meeting up with this ascending trend line right here. Also meeting up with if we were to throw a Fibonacci on it as we showed before, that would be the hour. Which which one was it? Let’s go back to semi’s. They’ll be the sixth. Sorry. They’ll be. Yeah, round the 6 1 8, of course, on spot. It’s going to look at it’s going gonna be a little bit lower numbers and there is a premium on them right now. But more or less the same you know, the same idea there in the premium in the premium should go up as well. Not only that, but as you can see this the the the outline of this would be right around the purple 200 expansion on average on the daily. So a lot of things within this region. That does make me very, very, very, very skeptical of any sort of a move up into that region. Not only that, but Bitcoin does have a damn good history of being allergic to the white 200 simple and more, and to a lesser extent, the purple tune, the next Benjamin average on the daily during these long term downtrend back to 2018. Very, very similar. And fought, you know, by. Same token to the upside as well. Great buy points over here. Great sell points. Once we get wrangled below it right here. Reject 1, reject 2, reject 3, reject 4, 5. And then he gets more aggressive towards the twin attacks, Benjamin Average. As you know, out, you know, as you imply so wise. So again, if Bitcoin did hit into that region, I do think that that that that area is of interest here. So while I am looking for some short term upside to be very deliberately clear, because perhaps I’ve been being misheard on this for the last couple weeks, I actually have been bullish ever since this upright here, especially from six thousand or fifty nine hundred ish region. It’s time to it’s time to be a little bit more reserved. As far as at least my pain as far as playing the upside. But until that price point happens, you know, I do think that Bitcoin can trade a little bit sideways here and that’s more or less okay. And the only way that I really get short term bearish is that Bitcoin does the same thing that we spoke about yesterday. The breaks below this blue box territory, at the very least, that’s $7000 on the more conservative than seventy one hundred on the more aggressive end on at the very least, affordable timeframe. As you’ll notice. That will also very naturally be lining up at the opportunity expansion. We have it right here. Probably sometime later today as it does kind of crawl its way up there. So if Bitcoin did come back down below here and really close a girthy red dollar below, that would be a damn good indication that this will turn into a fake out very, very likely. And we will come back down at the very least rather quickly into the sixty six hundred sixty seven hundred dollar range. Another $340 move, again at a $600 price point. That’s no more than 5 percent move, which is very much tradable. Again, we’re focused on trading here, not fucking moon boys and doom boys. That’s a whole nother conversation which I don’t really want to get into because she’s fucking crazy. It’s like the lowest common denominator. God anyways. People still saying that bitcoin is a hedge. Looking at just year to date price action once you take it from the last fucking high. Huh? How about that? How about that, man? How about that? Just very, very, very, very, very, very, very cherry picking of data. Anyways, I won’t get to that right now. If you want the information side, if you want the if you want my take on the long term correlations. Go check out my Twitter thread. Shipwright. She pinn that maybe anyways. Anyways, anyways, now if bitcoin did actually hit down below in this Bluebox not not the seven thousand one but the six six hundred six seven hundred region right here, that would also be in line with breaking a mother fucker. That’s not what I meant to do. Let’s go back there. Nice one. That would be in line with this trend line right here that’s been governing all of a motherfucker. I did it again. And why is this not lining up? I must have done this on a different time frame. Think it’s on a two hour, actually. Yeah, something. Something like that. It should even be a little more aggressive, too. Okay. Can you not do this time? Maybe. Yes. Mother fucker. I gotcha. Now I got you now. In fact, this one’s actually coming up more aggressively now, so maybe I should be flipping that around. As you can see, this rising turtling has been getting all of our lows ever since the century. March 12th, mark, 13th jump right here, low at 40 to 50, which does imply that we are still within the confines of this, as you want to call the rising channel. Do you want to call it a bear flag? You want to call it a rising wedge. I’d say it’s more of a channel than a wedge. But overall, these same implication is made that that is a redistribution pattern and with a voice in a show going steadily declining from left to right right here. That is so fucking obnoxious outside. I do apologize, but with you know, with instead of steadily declining vines and a chair going from left to right here, that would suggest that this is again one piece of the pie. If we go back to our open interest, it we do remember that this has been awesome in just between 500 million as a base and 650 million as you know. You know, as the upper branch range of that bounce. So as long as you’re kind of caught within that, it does suggest that we are still, you know, playing out the same move. And if this is the same move, then my first temptation of it would be a rising channel. Funny thing about this is that the rising channel, especially especially if we look at it from like a higher term timeframe perspective, I think a four hour probably get to some like this going to have a more aggressive trend line here. This is obviously more of a wedge as well. We do see that the tops have risen since all of this comes right in line with the blue box as well. So it’s really not until big one gets above this region on the on like a daily maybe where I even get excited for a move, probably towards 9000, maybe even 10000 bucks. That’s what that’s where things are to really look more interesting. Still would have to be aware of the essentially ten thousand dollar number. But, you know, that’s a that’s a fifteen hundred. I move. I mean, that’s very, very treatable as well. So I just want a kind of outline the overall the you know, the overall areas of interest here. And then, of course, there would be a measured move on this on the information as well, which if we did break down now the now now to actually be much higher. So it actually pointing down towards 51 50 ish region, not 48 50. The longer that Bitcoin stays within the bounds of this, the higher that the measured move actually does go. So it won’t go as low. So Bitcoin may not be making a new low. In fact, the low might actually be in, although you’d want to see, you know, what happens after that and then read judge if need be. But you know it. You know, at the very least, I would be prep’s some more company and thought for some out there. There would very likely be bounced along the way if we did break to the downside, of course, you know, 60, 200 deanery of interest. Fifty nine hundred nery of interest. Fifty six hundred an area of interest. Also, the choice is simple on the weekly. And then, of course, the full I’msure move all the way down at 51 50. If you know after that you’d want to come back and and reassess and judge, you know. OK. We’re coming down here. We come down here or it’s a low end. That’s that’s compensation for another time now. But I should say that now that Bitcoin’s really held its own for the last month and a half, just crawling its way up or up along here, I do think that that aside, I do think that that’s a more comforting thought that, you know, the implied move would be not as low, not as low. So so Bitcoin’s resiliency is, you know, you know, does does set it up for a greater, you know, side does set it up better over the long term. I guess what I’m trying to say. OK, cool. So we spoke about the lower term time. Francisco, look at lower term time frame, much more serious. And we’ll go look at expected moves for our stocks coming down, by the way. Let’s go check out what reverse Stokes Cross would say. As far as turning these, backup’s the upside. We need to go back above 73, 68 on a four hour dollar closing basis in order to crossy back up to the upside. Definitely possible and more or less aligns with the critical sundy 400 ish region that I do have a line to the upside as the next sort of breakout territory. Going over to the three hour, what do we see here? We do see its problem be coming down. Oh no, it’s actually up right now. What would cause it to come back down? Bitcoin would have to close the next three Augello below seventy to sixty nine and a half hour spots for if you want to get super exact with it. So technically speaking, as long as remained above there still it still you know, still trying to flag out or side, not flag up. But it looks to me like trying to create a an ascending triangle on the lower term time frame. So you know, it’s competing narrative, short term time frames bore information media and from time frames. Well, skepticism. But again, those sunshade around all that often to our same point as the four hour, about 70, 350 backup to the upside. For right now, it is down. We do see a trend line. You know, you can just imagine a trend line right here, Eddie, forming. So if it does come back down around, I look forward to probably bounce around here and give another try to the upside. So I don’t think that Bitcoin is breaking down like right now if if we are going to see a fake out and then come down. It’s first going to be it’s very likely first to be followed by a sigh, spurned by a quick move, the upside. And then they close down. So if you see a big wake up and then close closer down, that’s a damn good sign here as we get very mature in this for the hour. The same price point as well, 73, 69. So we see very, very good confluence with all these low term time frame moments. mossadegh’s around our next breakout point to the upside. This is added incredible layer to my game and I can’t think Bolly enough for his fucking ingenuity with this sort of thing. I didn’t I wouldn’t ever even have thought of something like this, but he just. He understands my style and myself and he’s so brilliant that he just he just will. He’s like a this might be useful. You. I’m like, yeah. Yeah. Actually it’s pretty fucking useful to me, man. Thanks. Thank you. And really appreciate that. Jesus Christ, man. It’s amazing for a lot of people are asking where you can find this. You cannot find it publicly right now. I do think that Bolly is considering releasing it most likely for a subscription, but that’s up to him. And, you know, it’s it’s his code, it’s his everything. So that’s not you know, if you’re coming to me for access, you’re talking to the right and you’re talking to the wrong person and not all. Just maybe, you know, not invading his inbox as well. I do know that to be a little bit of an annoying type thing to do, especially when you try to try to do your best on on video and everything, you know, and try and try to track, you know, try to keep clean anyways. OK, so, yes, you know, this area right here. Really? Site. The reverse autocross, reverse autocross. Really helping confirm the relevancy of the study funded discrete. And if one gets back above it all, the Metropol cities will turn back up north. We will also have a clean break above this. What do you call this, a liquid zone? I suppose it’s more of a liquid zone right now. If you go to the if you’re in the history, you should be an order block. And they are you know, they they they kind of operate in a very similar vein. So I really, really like that. And it would align with another move up all the way up here. In fact, because we are making an ascending triangle right now, we can make a mesh move on that one as well. And just doing a little bit of an eyeball. It looks like it’s gonna be about a turn hour move with force. This one up to the upside right here. That point is right around about seventy seven hundred ish regions. So just, you know, just on the lower echelon of this. Bluebox I might be doing it. I might not be doing it. Justice right there. But you get the idea. Just for demonstration’s sake. Okay. All right. All right. And then also we can we can pull this back out. One more step for the relevancy of the of the upper 7000 low eight thousand dollar number as looking at the two day deltatime from right here. I do think that Bitcoin’s a little bit of a ticking time bomb once again. If Bitcoin if bitcoin fails, really take a leg up today above 24:00, at least on of lower term time frame basis, actually. Do you think that this is going to get a little bit anemic and we will come back down? So I do think that if there is gonna be an up move, it very likely comes today, tomorrow. Some like that within the next 24 hours worth with. Period. As as Bitcoin did close the two day back above the twenty one, and we have seen a very similar signature to this in the past, getting a death cross right and over here between the Green 45 and the probe, which one of which, by the way, even with bitcoins rally up here, have actually been gaining momentum away from each other, which is which is very important. And where do they come around? It comes around 70, some 50 on the low end and Sony, 900 on the high end. Why is that relevant? Well, the last few times that we’ve seen a death cross on this time frame in the past, bitcoin, whereas back on over here, green and purple cross on the downside, Bitcoin is slowly but surely gets ground to the downside as he’s gained more and more momentum away from each other. Bitcoin testi 55 right here perfectly and then gets ground down below the 21, at which point boom massive doom’s drop to well to two new lows. As you already know. The time before that that we have an example was back on over here. This one very similar. What we’re doing right now, I think as bitcoin gets a death cross right here, rather far away from price action, it is below the twenty one at the same time. And then it kind of chops around it regains the twenty one right here and gets catapulted up to test the 55 immediately and also the 200 by you know, by happenstance. I do think and then once it gets back down below the twenty one and an open close basis, massive doom’s drop of again 50 percent to the downside, you know, occurs in the same thing for twenty eighteen drop as well if we go back on over here. You know, back off back after this next tide and next Loeb about 50, about 51 percent drop right there as well. Anyways, right here, this looks quite this looks rather similar. Death cross happens. Protection very far away because it begins at 21. Does it test 55? Is the last two times have implied? I I think that’s very much within the cards. And what would happen if we shaved off 50 percent from that price point? Just play again, playing with numbers where that put it’s around. It actually put us around 4000 da low, which is of interest because that is around our side 30. I mean, if you take it if you take 50, 50 versus 51 percent is going to be a massive difference. But it’s actually to put us back down around like thirty six hundred ish region, which is up interest as well, because that is one of the gaps on the CMA chart. So, you know, Bitcoin did get down around there. I would be looking for a big Batlow to be put in and I’m talking about this guy right here, a nice little gap, B gap price action. You know, I don’t really think that there’s like a huge one or anything like that. However, for all the Gap boys who like to talk about the upside ones, while you might, you might as well mention the downside ones as well for a little bit of a somber and thought. So with that said, CMBS have actually just officially death crossed as of yesterday for sorry day. They have not. They will on this next tick, which happens tonight at I believe they close at 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. So that is of interest as well. Although I wouldn’t trust a death cross as much on CMBS is just not as much price action history here. And of course, he’s moving have to still, you know, right around the 8000 level. So I do think that Bitcoin. You know, it’s very is it could very easily get to move back up there. I just would be cautious around that area. And. Yeah. Anyways, what else do you want to look at while we are here? Why is my phone going crazy right now? Jesus Christ, man, this thing just doesn’t stop. Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on, man. There we go. Okay, cool. All right. Jesus found too many fucking messages to deal with. I know. And I don’t wanna be an asshole to people who message me. But, you know, there are there are appropriate messages in there on appropriate messages. And I trust you to decide for yourself. I trust you to decide for yourself. Anyway, as always, go look at GBC, GBC undoing. It’s actually no, not undoing its inherent bearishness. Yesterday, closing on the D-O-G. Ditto after Barash and golfing. I mean, this is just this is just hard to read, but it is still living below, I think the weekly 200. No, it’s actually above right now. If it does want to take a leg up, could very easily test the 21 right here very, very easily, in fact. So again, I do think that there is a legitimate threat of an upside move. I would just be cautious within that region. And of course, it’s not funded by some. I’m not a financial advisor. Just sharing my thoughts on these markets as they come about. Let’s go check out tradition marks now. Let’s go check out Japan. How’s Japan doing on the day? I think they’re more or less following world markets, but looking looking for some uppy up here, taking it back to the tippy top. Maybe not the tippy top, but maybe back around 20000 ish even is what I’d be looking towards. DACs closing pretty much launched yesterday. A little bit of an up note following a D-O-G is still the right. There is reversal, is it not? I think that U.S. markets are leading right now. Again, I understand that it sounds like, you know, the the arrogant, condescending American telling the rest of world that the U.S. needs markets. Well, I you know, I understand, but. But to call a spade a spade. U.S. typically leads, especially in times like this. And tradition marks look like they do want to look like. As I said, yesterday, looked worked their way up into the low, 28, hundreds or 280. If you’re looking at just spots by this is this is E! This is E! Many features right here and a very, very good close up today. So a lot of people are probably faked out by the down close of. Of the six. We said that, no, that’s not the time actually to get bearish until makes you really start to take out this area right here. Did not happen. In fact, that acted as a phenomenal support. We spoke about it yesterday on the on the twitch stream that is likely to pop back up to the prior high and a little bit beyond. That’s what we’re seeing right now. But you will notice a very so much heart here to what we see in Bitcoin. So I would be looking for these guys to more or less act the same. And what do you know? We have the same sort of formation going on as well. Actually, this this is not this is not working out. I’m just making fucking finger paintings right now. It’s what it looks like to me. Maybe something a little bit more like this is sending and is sending broadening wedge still a distribution pattern. I do think that this is going to take another leg up probably towards the low to 80s for a 4 4 mini, which sprog puts us spot or not spot, but bets by some around prop some around, you know, just 10 divisible by that. So, yeah, I do think that it’s on a collision course for the 55. Would look for a short term pullback right there. And then we’ll come back and reassess to see if if this rally has more to it. A lot of people are asking why is traditional markets rallying right now when all the news in the sphere is pretty negative? Well, the problem is, is that we’re not the problem. But the idea is and what people need to understand about Tricia markets is that they are not pricing in today’s action. They’re pricing in 30 years of price action. So naturally, the low for the stock market will happen much before, maybe not much before, but but at least not before, you know, a couple of months, perhaps before the actual worst of the epidemic or pandemic or whatever the fuck you call it occurs. And this was the same thing in 2008, 2009. You know, the worst of the markets, the worst of the reports were coming in. We’re coming in like two, three months later after the bottom was actually put in. And that’s why that’s you know, that’s why this this is going to be pricing in 30 years where the price action, not just today, tomorrow, the next day. So, you know, really keeping an all encompassing view. And that brings me back to kind of my open statements on Bitcoin. It’s like I really need to be careful with how I talk about this short term, medium term and long term, because this gets massively misheard. And I think that I think that maybe in trends or intrinsically, people might not know that knowledge, but that is the way that market typically operate. Looking over here at spy. spot, pretty damn good close to the upside yesterday. I do have a nice rise in watching here as well, although I do think can have a chance to break to the upside here today. However, I will look for an initial pullback, perhaps back down to about 267 and a half. But but, but but if it can take out well, this is where it gets a little bit diabolic there. There’s not really any obvious areas here. Maybe if we’re talking about not yesterday’s, but the days before that high right around the 7th of April at 2:35 and 3 cents, if we do take out that, I would look for an extension all the way to 283 ish region and I would look for a pullback there and we’ll come back and reassess after that. And for the downside, I really don’t get bearish on this until it takes out the same thing as yesterday. Really? I need to see it take out the seventh low at тебе for a spot. 8:09 and I look for test all the way back down the lower end of this part right here. If it actually breaks this lower end of the support at chief is 2:58 region, which I don’t think you would do on the first pass. I think it probably bounced on the first pass. But if I were to break it, then to look for a full on extension all the way down here to the 235 to 240 ish region. And I actually the more that I look at tradition art some more that I do think that it potentially could have bottomed at the very least this this rally up will, you know, assuming that Friday closes above 265, 266, we’ll get another extension, you know, over the next coming weeks, all the way to like to 80 to 90 ish region. But that’s obviously, you know, continued upon the week. You know, the weeks closing again. Now I’m getting now I’m kind of mixing a short term and long term analysis. So so please be cognizant of that. Before you leave a condescending comment, sir. Anyways, so obviously speaking to someone in the fucking comments to fight you, man, I mean, sometimes I make a mistake of just reading the comments since like 99 percent of them are massively positive and and I want to be grateful for it. But for whatever reason, Matt, it’s just like it’s whatever I should I should I should just leave the topic. Who cares? Okay, cool. All right. So looking at the weekly right here, the weekly actually ate some air time, especially we can close if we can confirm a close above 2 6 6. I would look for an extension coming in the next couple weeks. We’ll look we’ll look pretty damn good to 285 or 290 would be the proverbial targets. I suppose maybe even all the way up to 3 in a box. So yeah. What else are we looking at on the lower term timeframes? No, I don’t I don’t see too much of interest on the lower trim conference there. What about E.S. Mini Futures? Yes, maybe futures look a little bit more like they want to pop back down to about twenty six seventy ish region. And I do think that traditional markets sorry spi will pullback to around the same number as well. Does it really imply anything for me though. Just kind of plain out, you know, technically still playing out the rising wedge if you want to call it that, which does have a lot better pedigree in traditional markets. So if that were to. HAPEN outlook for big when I come back down at 21:00 100 as well. But realistically, I don’t have a strong pain on that. Only strong have a strong point on which way it breaks this area. It’s so much her within this region now that, you know, to frontrunner decision could be just it’s just unnecessary. There’s so much edge on this next trade to the upside or the downside that a little bit of patients, you know, going from USA to today is likely going to do a lot of good. Now, of course, you could get a better entry by, you know, a couple hundred bucks. But what’s a couple of bucks when you’re looking for a decent sized move? And again, we’re traders here, not fucking moon boys who. Well, just hold on no matter what, I guess you will look at. Do we want to look at Nasdaq really quick? We can look at Nasdaq really quick. Decent enough closed yesterday. I do think that this is going to be another try. The upside, probably a small pullback. Start the day at like 80, 200 and then real askey this this one actually looks the best of the bunch. I do think if we can take out the 7th of April High at 83 05, I will look for a big move up actually all the way up towards eighty six 50ish region overall over the next few days or weeks. Whatever it’s been looking at the weekly though, we do have a problem here. So, so, so, so there is competing narrative from the higher term time frames. That’s why it’s contingent upon the low term time frames taking out this high right here. You can do it looks good if can’t then look for it to pop back down in limits by at the very least to 8000 even. And that’s going to start to look a lot more like redistributions. So we’re at a really critical point right now. And and I do believe that U.S. markets are going to more or less lead it. So probably gonna be a quiet day until U.S. markets open back up again. Until then, you got bitcoin to look at, which is probably go sideways and gold, which I think is the most interesting of the bunch. This one is one of the few L6 to close the door, please. These people are fucking using like jackhammers or some shit like you don’t needed. Hey, hey, hey fuckface. Don’t need to do that too early, man. Hey, she’s this mountain anyways. Gold. Gold. Gold is the one thing that is looking more or less interesting as far as knights. They’re actually stopping. It’s great. Nope, they’re not. All right. Well, there goes that anyways. Gold did hit our target back up towards almost seventeen hundred hit up to sixteen twenty five. So maybe not exactly. They’re pretty good though. I mean I do think it’s gonna get another chance again today, more or less. My analysis for the past few days stayed the same as long as the above sixteen hundred. I do look at this as as likely to get be get some more bullish continuation. It’s the monthly that I do like. Phenomenal. I wouldn’t say phenomenal closed last month, but it does offer up potential for Kinne for continuation for long term, especially take out last month’s high at seventeen hundred. Even I would look for extension all the way to eighteen hundred essentially, or 1726 the year that America was start. Is that was that the year that America was started was at 16. Whatever. Whatever man, whatever, not whatever anyways. Or daily close above 60 80. Both look good to me and and be looking for expansion overall over the next month or two up to about eighteen hundred and now look more or less good. By the same token, daily close below, let’s call it fifteen ninety and I get and I get bearish remove all the way back down about fifteen hundred ish region, but the upside looks a little more like that here to me. Once again what else we want to look at. Let’s look at bitcoin dominance. I did promise to look at that and then we’ll look at. Oh my God. It’s forty two minutes into this bitch. Whoa. Hey. What happened there is why you don’t get this. Why don’t trade all coins? OK, so crown. Oh, actually, no, no. This is in line with what? Oh, same. So I did say that bitcoin dominance was very like they come down short term. But to. But to do it very deliberately differentiate short term between long term. I do think that this is actually a re-occupation formation here. We’re looking at a descending branching wedge. And I do think it’s progam to come a little bit lower. Maybe all the way down like 64. Even so, I think that this move still provides a little bit more to go. But after that, I look for a bounce in long term. I’m actually massively bullish on this, especially if I can take out this high right here at 68 percent. I look for a big bad move all the way back up into the into the deep 70 percent. And also going to get Apsley fucking cream pot is going gonna be a bukkake party left, right and center. And and I would pour went out for the all Kohane Hodler is out there. No, not Markhor Daniels, not again. How can I get ketone for three years straight. They told me this shit was gonna make me rich and now I’m you know I’m Richard Court Daniels but by and more. Hashtag d.E.A. Hashtag perseverence. Hashtag inspiration. Like all coin haulers have turned into like fitness and inspiration people. But with all coins, it’s like if you don’t huddle through a bear market, then do you really deserve a bull market? No, not really. It doesn’t work like that, man. You don’t get rewarded for fucking holding a downwards asset. This one seems to be creating a low arange on the lows. So, you know. You know, probably you probably know the. The upside point of the trade. The downside. But now we have a pretty easy way to be managing this one long term if if this one ever were to break back. But I’m not saying it’s going to break back above, but if it ever were to break back above 7 700, Satoshi is a damn good indication that this baby actually is going to go all the way to 900 and bitcoin is probably even lower by that point. So you’re going to lose even more U.S. dollars. What about Mr. β? All Mr. BUETER, all looking looking like he wants to some upside as well. You know, anywhere around 1, 90 to $20. If it does get some nice airtime here, it actually has been leading the charge. And for the downside, as long as it remains above 165 on a closing basis, I do still think momentum remains the upside set. You know, going to going gonna be confined by Bitcoin’s moves more or less like same thing, a little bit more overhead resistance. So not as strong. It seems to me that beta is leading the charge here. Support to the downside, 44 for our side, 41 results upside 46 and a half. Whichever one breaks first can be the next direction breaks the upside of look for moved. Forty nine ish breaks to the downside to look for a move towards well, whenever bitcoin starts moving about like forty two bucks, probably. Overall, I’m back on a bitcoin. Let’s wrap this bitch up. I didn’t look at probabilities. Probabilities. Let’s actually just look at it really, really quickly here for the daily. For the daily. If we take OK price target for upside and downside going to be a lot different now though. Upside, upside, probability suddenly study for an ID. So that is forty five percent downside though we could actually move this to we can move this seven seven thousand four. The more possible downside if we do keep it at 67 though, it would be twenty six. And of course a both are relatively high. But if we do move it a little bit up towards the 7000 our reach and then 38 and a quarter percent. So both you know, both moves are pretty damn likely the these bands start to squeeze. The upside, as I did say, was like the yesterday. So I do you know, I do think that they are going to, at the very least, try again to the upside and then we’ll judge it after that. So I do think that that’s a good place to let go of this baby. Go back home over here, actually. S. you know, pretty much same thing as yesterday. This is now way too small. My blue boxes have collapsed on each other side about that. Seventy seven thousand, a downside, 74 under the upside to the downside to look for quick move towards six, six fifty to six, seven hundred to the upside. I’d look for likely a move towards seventy seven fifty to eight thousand ish region somewhere. Some around here would be very defensive against the fake out. If you see a quick look up plus close below, not going to be not could be interpreted well at least by myself. And I think that’s a good place to leave it off. So I’d like to wish you well. Once again, it’s time for me to go eat a shit ton of steak, maybe do a little bit of working out and then it’s twitch time, baby. And oh, do have a surprise for you because I actually just downloaded the biggest fucking mod of all time and it makes the game even more enjoyable. So with that said, take care. And until next time I am signing out now and I don’t know what else do I say. Have a good one.


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