In today’s episode we’re going to talk about this chart right here and this number right there three hundred and nine thousand and thirty three big corn were bought by Wall Street so far that a more intercepts sold also we’re going to have a look at the price of big point in some technical analysis it looks so far that big point is still be coupling from the traditional markets for the second consecutive day in a row a very interesting development and we’re going to have a close look at some on chain metrics and now let’s jump right into it and with that said what is going on over one sunny decree here and welcome back to another episode let’s start off on the big point the daily chart recently we have been talking a lot about this white trend line that you can see right here but we’re not really looking all too much and horizontal resistance and support levels and that is exactly what we’re gonna do today and how we’re going to do that we do that with the volume profile the volume profile is not aggregating volume by days in this case here on the daily chart like the candles that you can see on the bottom right now the volume profile is aggregating volume by price range and that is very interesting and a very good metric to see at what levels we can expect resistance but also support and if we zoom out in here a little bit and go back to the linear chart we can see that we currently have strong resistance and support exactly at the level where we are right now if you want to draw a rectangle in here real quick B. side that volume spike in here to bother bring spike in here you can see that we are currently trading exactly in that area where we have a lot of resistance but also support and that level would be between seven thousand three hundred and approximately sixty dollars all the way down to approximately seven thousand and fifty dollars so yes currently we are at a very important level and as long as we’re not breaking out significantly above seven.

Eight thousand three hundred and fifty dollars to the upside I personally do not really expect significant moves to the upside or more significant moves to the upside and as long as we’re not falling below seven thousand US dollars again I do not really see lower prices right now in the short term as very likely so big point is still ranging for some of you that is not really big news for all the traders out there you’re probably missing the volatility already by now that is also why on social media people are getting a little bit bored again kind at least that is what it seems to me personally on the one hour chart you guys know we have a very close look how big one is correlated to the stock market and what we have seen yesterday already once the stock market going down correcting to the downside but big point was actually going sideways in this area right here and what we have seen today so far of course we have to see when a real spot market is actually opening up for S. and P. five hundred but forty futures right now we saw a rise in the futures but become was actually going down during the exact same time so right now it looks like that we have the second consecutive day in a row we’re big point is at least slightly decoupled from the traditional markets which would actually be a good sign although I mean we do not really like it when because it goes down in the stock market goes up but it’s just about the de coupling okay as long as big point is just another correlated asset well that it cannot serve as a safe haven so every couple of more every approach for any couple is positive news in my opinion and just real quick before we gonna continue if you guys like this kind of content in one support this YouTube channel for free make sure that you leave a like thank you guys very much for that if you want to support even more you can check out my affiliate links down below in the description and also comment section here for example can find the top three eight leverage exchanges I’m personally using wood all the best bonuses you can get one hundred twelve dollars on Pfenex one binds futures you get a ten percent discount and on by but you can get the regular ninety.

Dollar bonus thank you guys very much for your awesome support and now it’s getting interesting and we’re going to start off with two charts from glass note and both of them are indicating once again that a pump in the price of bitcoin in the mid term is way more likely than a dump and I’m not even talking about the whole thing I’m just talking about some very interesting on chain metric and the first of one is well that’s actually not an on chain metric more and exchange metric which would be a second later but anyway the big coin balance on exchanges just reached a six month low and why are big coin held on exchanges well to sell them because everyone who is invested in big point already knows not your T. not your big coin so smart investors they’re not holding their big coins on exchanges and if we have a six month flow imbalances on exchanges means less investors are interested to sell big coin that’s great that doesn’t tell us anything about the miners and what they are doing but that tells us something about investors and the second glass no chart also very interesting the big coin number of addresses holding zero point one big point or more just reached an all time high not a local high and all time high of three million three thousand two hundred and fifteen addresses this is absolutely phenomenal a new all time high in addresses holding more than currently seven hundred dollars in also the lowest amount of bitcoin on exchanges since six months but now it’s getting to the Wall Street part so what we’re talking about is GBTC the grayscale bitcoin trust this is the only way for institutional investors right now to speculate on big corn on physical big corn on Wall Street and this trust is holding currently believe it or not three hundred and nine thousand big points how can we calculate that I’m going to show you that right now so those are the stats for the grayscale bitcoin trust you can find them on grayscale dot C. O..

Slash big point minus trust and as you can see here we have the amount of shares outstanding that’s a little bit more than three hundred twenty million and you can see the big points per share and investors obviously day can buy shares now if you multiply the shares outstanding with the big point per shares you get a starting amount of three hundred and nine thousand and thirty three physical big coin those are physical big coin not the relatives physical big coin held by the gray scale big coin trust so yes guys Wall Street is opening currently more than three hundred thousand big points now there’s a Paul popping up on top of his screen right now do you think that is good for big coin or do you think that is bad for big coin made up to long term I’m also very interested in your opinion down below in the comments section the most interesting part is that the accumulation from institutional investors is just going up I mean there’s so many people out there who are just saying well Wall Street is only interested in shorting bitcoin with the CME futures for example were they were announcing that they’re going to pay in bitcoin but this is the only big coin trust would physical bitcoin with over three hundred thousand big point in it and guess what you all probably remember to big drop in price that we have seen in March this candle right here the twelfth of March two thousand and twenty but if we go back to the gray scale Q. one report you can see clearly that even in March two thousand and twenty the grayscale bitcoin trust was going up so despite this big drop despite all the fear despite all the bears calling for one thousand two hundred dollars two thousand dollars or even sub one thousand dollars Wall Street institutional investors are ramping up heavily on big corn and so far overall they bought more than three hundred thousand big points and it does not look like that this growth in here which almost turns into an exponential growth if you have a.

A close look at this chart is going to stop anytime soon a very interesting development and yes institutions are buying big coin now for those people are not that experienced or you’re in the market why is the price of bitcoin not going up then why is it not going up significantly well this is OTC trading over the counter trading the most BTC they’re not seeing the regular coin base or crack in spot market keep that in mind but that isn’t already for today’s episode just in case that you are an experienced trader and you’re looking to diversify your leverage trading platforms where you can leverage trade bitcoin Ethereum ripple chainlink tassels like corn and also gold make sure to check out the feminist platform be due to toil popping up by my side right now with my son to bring down below we can get up to one hundred twelve dollar bonus and you’re supporting the channel thank you guys very much for that and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow in the next one bye.


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