In this video, is it possible that Bitcoin is in for trouble and that Bitcoin could get a big break all the way down here to 4000 dollars? Well, maybe. I want to take a look at the chart. I want to show you some support and resistance and some very, very interesting things that I know that you haven’t seen before. I want to bring it up in this video. I also want to talk about the fact that big cash has. It’s having today. That will be interesting. I want to compare the bitcoin hash rate against the B cash hash rate. And look at this. Jack Dorsey is donating one billion or more than 30 percent of his wealth. But the big story of this video is the following. A previous Federal Reserve chairman says that Congress should consider to allow the Federal Reserve to buy stocks. And the fact that the Fed will be buying stocks soon is something that I’ve been predicting for a long time. I want to talk about that. And if you think that that something interesting, then I think that you should definitely see. Hello, guys. And welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl and I’m it’s been with this script video. And let’s take a look at the big comprise. Yesterday I talked about the declining volume, this rising wedge and the fact that it’s likelier that will break down rather than up. And more specifically, it’s a 40 percent chance to break up. And it’s a 60 percent chance to break down. That’s why a rising watch is called a bearish pattern. Now, I also showed you this line yesterday because we are basically running into this resistance that kept us from breaking through it once, twice, three times, four times. This is the fifth time we are running into this resistance. But I want to show you something very interesting. We are seeing also this 50 daily moving average. You can see here how it’s perfectly lining up with the the end of this rising wedge. And also there’s declining resistance line. So this green line here is the 50 day moving average. And you can clearly see when you look into the past here that it has previously acted as some resistance here. See, when we broke through to Europe, it’s kind of nice run. And you can also see where we broke below it here. Of course, we saw a big run to the downside. And I think this is a major, major point. And especially now that we are seeing it in councillor’s with this descending white resistance line. This means if Bitcoin breaks through this this resistance, then this is very, very bullish, in my opinion. This confirms that the bulls are taking back control. This also means that the bulls have broken decisively through this previous support area, which now should be turned into resistance. And also, of course, we need to see the volume rise if that happens. So if Bickell breaks out to the upside, I mean, we need to see the volume come up. And if we do see those two things happen at the same time, then we are seeing a very, very bullish scenario play out. However, like I pointed out, it’s likelier that the bearish scenario plays out, but the same goes here. If we break down out of this rising wedge, we need to see the volume rise. If and if we see high volume at the point of the break. Then we are going to see a better performance and we will probably see Bickell come down much lower rather than if the volume is not very high. And now I want to zoom into the four hour rally and give you a very detailed target analysis out of this rising, which. Let me start off with the bearish targets. Well, if we if we draw the wedge like this, then we should have the bottom of the wedge as the target. And as I pointed out previously, this is the $4000 level. However, I do also want to point out that in my opinion, I think that may be the more accurate way to point to pull a draw. This line is from this point and to have this one. Something like this or maybe even like that, because now we have very clear points of contact. And the problem with having this line like this is that basically we’re getting a lot of black space here, essentially. There’s a lot of black space here and we want to avoid that. So I just want to point out that if we were to draw this line like this and have the wedge drawn like that, then the target is the bottom of the wedge like that. And this gives us a target of approximately five point eight to six thousand dollars. And maybe that’s a more reasonable target because this is above the two hundred weekly moving average. Remember that the 200 weekly moving average has never been decisively broken in Bitcoin’s history. And basically this target is below the 200 weekly and this one is above the 200 weekly. And maybe we’re even coming down for a retest of the 200 weekly. That’s also possible. If Bitcoin breaks for the upside, then I think that maybe this zone up here is going to be a major test for Bitcoin. And I think that we might very well see pop up here if we’re back to the upside. And this is approximately the seven point eight to seven point seven thousand dollar level. Please leave your comments down below. What do you think is going to happen? And also give vote in this poll right now. Do you believe that we’re going up from here or do you believe that will go down from here? And if you were looking to make a quick buck off of this breakout and if you are an experienced trader, I suggest that you go and try by with fee mix or prime expertise to get this baby bonus. You have to deposit 0.5 bitcoin to get the fee mix bonus. You have to deposit 0.2 bitcoin. And next up, I saw this tweet from M M crypto. He says, despite the financial crisis, Bitcoin made it once again to the best performing asset in the world. In 2020 so far. So Bitcoin year to date is up 1 percent. The S&P has negative returns of 18 percent. The real estate is down. Oil is down. Commodities are down. Corporate bonds are down. And just like M.M. Crepeau says here, bitcoin is a safe haven. And of course, we need to see this continue over a longer period of time. But so far, this is looking quite good. And by the way, if you’ve never watched any of his videos, make sure to go over to his channel and check his videos. You will learn a lot about these on chain fundamentals, indicators. That is basically his thing. Make sure to subscribe to watch. This latest video here. And next up, the Bitcoin cash having is happening today. And one interesting point here is that the Bitcoin hash rate compared to the Bitcoin cash hash rate is just much, much higher. Just look at this chart here. This blue line is the Bitcoin hash rate. And this almost horizontal line down here is the Bitcoin cash hash rate. So the bitcoin hash rate is all the way up at one hundred and five X hashes, while the B cash hash rate is all the way down at three hashes. Remember that hash rate is a measurement of the security of the blockchain. And this means that it’s much more secure to use bitcoin rather than be cash. And this is one of the many reasons why I don’t pay any attention to the B cash having at all. And next up, Ben Astronaut, a famous sports personality. He has three hundred thousand followers on Twitter. He changed his name on Twitter to Bitcoin having made 13. And this is not a surprise because he is a known bitcoin bull since a few tweets we’ve seen from him. He has basically been tweeting a lot about bitcoin, actually, even just six hours ago. He referenced Plan B, one hundred truly USD. And essentially he is tweeting about bitcoin every now and then. Of course, this is not big news. I just thought this was interesting is a small step towards mass adoption since he has a lot of followers. And next up, as you know, I use block fi. I lend out some bitcoin and some a theorem to get some interest. And the news that they have no is that they are going to raise the interest rates for a theoryand deposits. So now you get 4.5 percent per year regardless of how much a cerium you deposits. And if you don’t know what block y is, if you lend out crypto to them, you can earn up to 8.6 percent annually on your crypto. This obviously this is a very, very good return and you’re getting paid for the risk. Of course you are taking a risk whenever you lend out money to someone else. And I know that there have been some shady products in crypto before, but this is not one of them. They don’t even have their own token. And we see Jemini and the Winklevoss twins. They are heavily involved with BLOCK Phi. This is as legit as it goes in crypto. Personally, I am making a few hundred bucks per month simply by by keeping some of my crypto in the BLOCK 5 platform. I will leave my affiliate link at the top of the description down below. You can sign up and you can try it out and let me know down below in the comments. If you already use the platform and if you like it personally, I’ve grown to love it. Next up, Jack Dorsey vows to donate one billion dollars to fight the Corona virus. And that is a huge amount of money. And even in relative terms for himself, because he says I’m moving one billion of my square equity, approximately 28 percent of my wealth to start Small LLC to fund Global Cauvin 19 relief after we disarm this pandemic. The focus will shift to girls health and education. And you? It will operate transparently. It all flows tracked here. And of course, this tweet has gone completely viral because this is, of course, huge news. And if you don’t already know, Jack is the CEO and founder of Twitter and he is also a known Bitcoin bull. Actually, Jack Dorsey is the reason why the Bitcoin hashtag now has its own little emoji on Twitter. And this is because of the fact that he is basically a Bitcoin enthusiast. And this was a nice little thing that he wanted to do for the Bitcoin community. Next up, guys, you know that I’ve been talking about the fact that we will see heavy stimulus in the coming financial crisis. Well, the financial crisis came just as expected. And now we are seeing heavy stimulus also just like expected. And remember that I’ve also been telling you that soon we will see the Fed and other central banks start buying stocks by printing money and just going out and buying stocks from the open market. And now Janet Yellen says the Fed doesn’t need to buy equities now, but Congress should reconsider allowing it. So basically, we are now seeing them starting to talk about this on a very high level to start buying stocks. Now, if there is anything that we should. From Zimbabwe, the Wymore Republic and Venezuela is that printing money and buying stuff is not going to help. Printing money out of thin air is never the solution. So why are they talking about doing these things? Well, they are desperate and they are desperate because the economy is completely collapsing. I want to show you this clip. This is a very, very scary and eye opening clip. Personally, I have watched a lot of documentaries about the Great Depression and I’ve been reading about the Great Depression. And this clip completely reminds me of the setting and the scenario of the Great Depression. Let’s take a look at it right now. If there is one image that can clearly show us how this health crisis has become an economic crisis in this country, it is this right here. The Pittsburgh Gazette captured video of hundreds of cards lining up for the greater Pittsburgh Food Bank before it opened yesterday. Some waited five hours as volunteers distributed emergency supplies to fifteen hundred families and then they ran out a new reality for those in need. Rick Paulsons, the volunteer coordinator for the joined Hands Food Pantry. He says they’ve been holding the food pantry for 15 years, but have never seen it like this. I mean, so real. On this day, 70, 200 pounds of food was given away from the Chicago Food Depository and it went fast. Somebody calls on their first time people just moments ago. The Labor Department put out its statistics. A jaw dropping three million two hundred and eighty three thousand jobless claims were filed last week. Three million two hundred and eighty three thousand jobless claims. That number dwarfs any other week on record. Joining us now, former Treasury official and Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner. We are we are really in a major recession with major impacts on working men and women in this country. We’re not going to have their jobs. The highest we saw during the Great Recession. We were six hundred and sixty five thousand. And this may well only be the beginning. If you looked at the scene in black and white, you would think you’re back in the 1920s or 30s during the era of the Great Depression. The line outside the Bowery Mission stretches down that street in that direction. And it comes back in this direction as well. They say that the line is getting longer and longer each day that this coronavirus crisis drags on. This has always been a destination for the city’s poor and homeless. But now they’re seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd. They say people who have lost their jobs, people who are not getting paid. People who are here at a food pantry for the first time here. They think they have enough food for about a week or so. That number that we’ve been looking for just crossed. And you’ll forgive me if my jaw is on the ground. US Weekly jobless claims total six point six million versus 3 million expected six point six million. Unemployment claims remain in this country this week. Think of that in human terms of each individual. Most of them work hard and long at their companies. They have pride in their work and they have gone through no fault of their own. Well, we’ve seen through this Kogut 19 crisis is that there are so many more people looking for food assistance right now. It’s folks that are maybe from the service industry, from the hospitality industry, and they are seeing themselves being furloughed or out of work potentially for the first time. So, for example, our mobile pantry sites. Usually we have about 300 households that come in with these distributions that we’ve had in the last few weeks. We’ve had upwards of a thousand households come. So that is a huge increase. And this is not only in the USA, we’re seeing this globally. Currently, I am in Thailand and I see that everything is shut down. People seem desperate. People are asking for more job. They want more pay because they cannot feed their families. I am seeing this with my own eyes. And I know that it’s not only here. This is happening globally as we speak. And this is really sad. Everyone who was living paycheck to paycheck before the crisis now that they lost their paycheck. Now they have nothing to live off of. And here you can see a graph of small business in the United States. And just like Keith McCullough says, your small business way worse than any US recession you can see here since the eighties. And you can see some of these recessions like 87. We had the dot com bubble right there and then the 2008 financial crisis right there. And look at this graph. It’s just completely plunging. And yes, small businesses are one of the big losers here because of political decisions globally, where and where governments are shutting down businesses through rules and regulation. But that is not the whole story. It’s also because of overleveraged corporations. Cheap credit for a long period of time. The debt levels have been completely suffocating for people. And now we are seeing this all being unveiled. And there’s a great quote by Warren Buffett. He says, When the tide goes away, you finally see everyone who was swimming naked. And I think is a great analogy of what is happening right now when the support wheels come off. Then it’s obvious that the economy cannot sustain itself at all. If you enjoy this video, please leave with thumbs up down below. Let’s see if we can reach two thousand likes. And if you haven’t seen the video where I delete my most successful video, my bits mix deleted video, you should definitely go click right there. Right now. Go and watch it finally. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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