Today, for the bitcoin price, big, congested, broke down here approximately to the level of six thousand six hundred U.S. dollars. And this shouldn’t come with any surprises. If you watched our last episode with Jeff F15 here in this video where we actually mentioned he at seven thousand three hundred U.S. dollars that we are expecting these price levels. However, guys, the question everyone is asking right now is the bounce, which actually happened right here. Going to continue and we see higher price levels all the way up to 8000 U.S. dollars. Or are we going to break down and find lower price targets, even below 6000 U.S. dollars? We will show you a very, very interesting data points. Also, guys, we will be zooming out and showing you the most important bitcoin indicator to consider right now before the Bitcoin half. Because what you can see here on the R.S. I4 Bitcoin on the weekly that Bitcoin has never, never, ever been that oversold directly before the half-inch. We will show you exactly what that means for the bitcoin price here in the immediate short term and also in the Metron and of course, as to towards the end of the episode. We want to show you our favourite statistic to consider during that financial crisis because this one shows you the Bitcoin risk-adjusted returns versus U.S. stocks versus gold versus bonds, oil and so on. And it will show you that during the financial crisis, bitcoin is by far the most profitable asset in the world. If you adjust for risk, guys, that this will certainly blow your mind like crazy. And we showed you also here our new position on Phoenix, which you just open up today once we hit the price level here. Also, we will show you our last position. You can see right here where we were stopped out in a profit approximately at six thousand U.S. dollars. We will talk about all of that guy. So make sure you take a seat, make sure you smash up the like button to at least 2.3 trillion. Likes the amount of U.S. dollar printed by the Fed, the Federal Reserve right now. And that being said, welcome friends and welcome back time. I’m crypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight to content. OK, so we are here on the far canvas for the big comprise. And if you remember correctly here in the last episode and this one here with Dave interject 15, we were approximately hovering around here around the seven thousand three hundred U.S. dollar levels and the majority was bullish actually. And even though it was very out for us, we were leaning a little bit more to the bearish side. In fact, we actually sat here at the price levels of approximately seven thousand three hundred U.S. dollars, that the odds are more towards the bass here and that we will most likely break down to the six thousand six hundred to sixty US dollar levels. Actually, guys, let me show you this quick segment here. And so as you can see here, right. We are trying to make a decision here. We’re going to go higher or are we going to break down? We can easily break down to thirty eight points two. But most likely what we’re going to do is head to the six thousand six hundred sixty six somewhere around here. That’s probably where we’re going. So how did we come up with this price target? If you zoom out here and you go from the swing low here, approximately at sixty-three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars to the swing high, you can actually see that approximately the level of six thousand six hundred sixty coincides with a twenty-three point six Fibonacci retracement level. And we have mentioned that in the last episode with the vintage 15. And as you can see during the night, I mean, we were already losing the hope here. But during the night, we actually had the breakout. And then also we were rejected. And as expected, we hit the level of six thousand six hundred sixty US dollar. So the question is, what is next? Was this year already the end of the breakdown and the bounce will continue? Or can we expect lower price levels right now? Well, guys, first of all, if we are zooming out here from the macrostructure here, of course, on the weekly, we are in a downtrend on the monthly. We are in a downtrend. But if you zoom out on the floor or the data, you can see that ever since we hit this bottom here, this was a higher low. This was a higher low. This was a high low. This one. Yes. Well, and also this one. Yes. So far it’s high. A low, guys. So the key market structure here on the full hour on the daily has not changed so far. Also, we have put in higher highs, but this one year was a higher high. This one was a higher high. So far, we have to wait here that the key market structure changes, because if we were to go down here on the volume, you can see that still, even though we had this breakdown, the volume was underwhelming so far. So this breakdown so far has not all too much significance since the volume is is still underwhelming so far. We are still on the daily on the four hourly here looking for higher price targets. In fact, the price targets we are looking out for, if we were to go here on the daily, you can see that the V.P. VRD suggests that’s a very, very clearly still the price target of eight thousand US dollars. As you can see it here at the point of control, seven thousand nine hundred eight thousand U.S. dollars is still the next price target. However, guys in the. Immediate short term, we are still kind of dependent on the traditional markets. It’s very, very sad. But the Bitcoin breakdown coincided you also with the Dow Jones breakdown here and which broke down during the night approximately 2 percent. Now it’s 1.2 percent. But that put aside actually right now we are still learning a little bit more to the bullish side here, especially after we hit our price target of 6600 U.S. dollars. So 8000 U.S. dollars. But what is the Barasch price target? What if this black swan event continues and Bitcoin is not able to decouple? Many, many people are really bragging right now and asking what is the bearish scenario? And if we were to go down here on the weekly and we can tell you we are not believing in the bearish scenario. But many, many people are waiting for double bottom here. We hit three thousand one hundred fifty US dollars at the beginning of 2019. And the question is, are we going to hit it again? Because this one has stopped actually way above 20 percent above at 3800 U.S. dollars. Well, guys, Bitcoin doesn’t necessarily on the weekly need double bottoms in the last cycle and also in the cycle before we bottomed out at 150 US dollars right here, as you can see it. And then actually the big countries broke down once again. But we actually have a halt here at night. One hundred ninety U.S. dollars. Bitcoin usually doesn’t need double bottoms on the weekly. Usually, we are breaking down once again to wash out the weekends and then we are just stopping before the previous low to also get all the money from the people who are waiting actually for bitcoin to have the double bottom. And also we are right now not on the Bialek’s, but if you were to go to the big leagues, the 2011 2012 lows have acted exactly the same. And guys, you know what? Let’s stay on the weekly and let’s pull out the hours I hear on the weekly because if we were to pull that up here and we are zooming out, you can actually see the vertical lines of the Bitcoin half-inch events that always when we had the bitcoin halfling in 2012, 2016. And also we will have it here approximately 30 days in 2020. We saw on the weekly RSI always slightly overbought levels for Bitcoin approximately here in 2012 at an RSI of 70. Then once again, an RSA of 70 in 2016. But right now, with that black swan event happening out there, we can see Bitcoin hit the low here at an RSA of 30. This is guys for sure. One of the most oversold values we have ever seen. In fact, guys, you saw in February and January, February 2019 at the low of Bitcoin, this RSI level. Then you saw also circling back to 2015, 2014. Bitcoin hitting the RSI of 30 here, also at the low. And of course, if you were to go back into 2011, 2012, we saw the exact same happening again. So these levels of the RSI actually not unprecedented. They are not mind-blowing. They simply point towards the fact that bitcoin is at historically oversold levels. And this coincides with the timing here one month before the half, guys. You can make up your own opinion. Do you think bitcoin being that oversold before the halfling is more a buy or sell indicator in the mid and long run? Guys, I want to tell you my opinion. I certainly think this is a bullish indicator in the mid and long run here, not looking at the four-hour timeframe anymore because towards the end of the episode we want to show you the risk-adjusted returns. And once we have shown you that, you will finally understand what we are talking about here when we are saying we are bullish, very, very bullish in the long run for Bitcoin. Even with that crisis and especially with that crisis. Okay, guys. And now before we go into this mind-blowing statistic here, before we do that, we want to show you one tree and we want everyone to participate right now. Please guess what we have shown is that there are five ways of spending the 1200 U.S. dollar and one-off that is, of course, buying Tesla ever since a dropped like 60 percent right now. Another one is buying an Apple iPhone. Another one is buying 900 to 10 euros or approximately a thousand euros. With that $1200 or buying night Yeezy. Well, guys, another thing is you could take that $1200 and you can simply go out there and buy 50 million bitcoins at Toshi’s because as you guys know, bitcoin is divisible in 100 million parts and with $1200 you can buy fifteen or even 16 million bitcoins. Satoshi skys let us know in the comments section on below, guys. And also follow us here on Twitter. I mean crypto. Let us know in the comments section below. Which one are you choosing? I certainly think you would choose the fifteen bitcoin satoshi sky, but I’m very interested to know what you guys are choosing right now. And no guys, let’s go into this. This is the most mindblowing statistic, especially in the light of the financial crisis we are actually facing right now. First of all, guys, before we go into this mind-blowing statistic, I want to know from you guys, do you think we will hit the. Three thousand eight hundred US 311 next. Or do you think we will hit the eight thousand U.S. dollar next for the Bitcoin price? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Are you bullish or bearish? Three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars or eight thousand U.S. dollars for the bid comprise sentiment. This is always very, very interesting. Now, guys, look at this really well. Your big, big credit to Charleston, blue dot com. Really? Well, you’re amazing on an analyst. And you guys know we love on trend analysis. He’s also showing the Bitcoin risk-adjusted returns towards other assets. And he’s comparing bitcoin here to U.S. stocks, to real estate bonds and gold and also oil. And if we compare bitcoin here with the stocks, you can see that there was never. And this is the sharp ratio. The sharp ratio actually shows you the risk-adjusted returns. And this one shows you that Bitcoin has never, ever crossed. And if there would be a crossover, there would be one single point of time where investing in U.S. stocks would have been more risk-adjusted, more profitable, rather than investing in Bitcoin. And in all the history of Bitcoin, there was not one single moment. If you adjust the returns of bitcoin with the risk we are investing in stocks would have been better than in bitcoin. And even right now, look at this. The Sharpe ratio dropped down from 2.5 to 0.6 during that financial crisis. But of Bitcoin, this Sharpe ratio only dropped down from two-point eight to 2.4. So in this financial crisis, even though the prices of bitcoin has also plummeted down. Bitcoin was a much, much more profitable investment. If you adjust for the risk and also if he were to pull that out here and now take out gold, even gold, gold plummeted from 1.6 down to zero points eight. This is a 50 percent decline of the sharp ratio whereas bitcoin went down from 3.1 only to 2.4. So Bitcoin was risk-adjusted. Even a better investment than gold because in these volatile times, big plummeted down much more than gold, of course. But once the tides turn, the upside of bitcoin is much, much higher. And this is what these risk-adjusted returns are all about. Guys, we will link you this one here in Dippin. Comment down below big credits for charts Ultrabook dot com Wyllie will because this one actually also shows us once again that Bitcoin is the best investment. If you adjust for the risk and guys, of course, many people have asked us how is it about your bid a trade? You also want us to show it. And yet once the prices are plummeting down, well, guys, we told you we are going to put a stop loss here below the ascending trial or the rising, which, as we told you, bitcoin broke below. And as you can see, we have been actually here, closed out in a profit approximately at zero point nine. But look at the timestamp if you want to check it out yourself, which was only unfortunately six U.S. dollars. But we took the profit here and we opened a new position as we hit the six thousand six hundred sixty US dollar level, as we discussed in this video here. And we opened it here once again, of course, with a lower position, but once again here at a 10x leverage and approximately 10 bitcoin here in margin. Guys, check it out. You can see it here yourself. And of course, guys, we are very transparent. If the price were to break down, it’s fine. I mean, the last trade alone already made up for all the potential losses we can get over here. Guys, thank you so much. And of course, if you also want to trade on BYB it or Phoenix as we are doing it, and if you own experience trader only in that specific case, scroll down to the PIN comment and you can trade on BYB IT and fee mix just as we are doing it here with up to 200 $2 profit PIB. It is the first link fee max is the second link, but it is our main exchange. So make accounts over here by clicking it. And after 0.2 bitcoin deposit you can get to $90 for free and one hundred twelve dollars for free on BYB IT and fee mix and trade there as well. You can, by the way, only treat the trade. The free margin if you want and withdraw the profits from that. Thank you so much for watching, guys. And as always, we are so grateful for all your likes. We are always getting like 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 likes even sometimes. Thank you so much for that. So make sure as much of the like button for that video as well. And we will see each other very soon at the next of mantrip. That as always, guys, click the subscription box right here. If you’re not clicking it, you can be missing out on time-sensitive content in the future and click the button to forages popping up right here. And as always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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