BITCOIN BREAKING DOWN!! $2400 TARGET? Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning crypt only here on I will not take or of course broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm Sweden. And we do the show each and every day at 8:00 a.m. Central time but on weekends on weekends. It’s 11:00 in today Saturday today Saturday guys. Welcome welcome everyone who is watching this life. We do have some important news in the markets right now. We are breaking down from a bear flag. Many people are freaking out. Many people are calling for two thousand four hundred USD for a bitcoin in regards to the current situation in the market. We’re going to discuss that. Whether it’s true whether it’s not true and really how to approach this market because there’s so much psychology there is so much skill you need to have. That only has to do with the way you view things the way you viewed the market the way you psychologically make your way through this jungle through descriptive jungle. And we’re going to discuss it a lot. This episode is actually going to be a lot about psychology how to navigate all of this and how to think about this but at the same time also we’re going to discuss some specific targets that now people are putting out. That’s going to be number one. Number two actually we’re going to discuss how to make money within the FTC how to make money flipping and their fees. And you know that I have a long experience doing that not necessarily NFTE but flipping digital assets. And the reason is because as a kid I played a lot of Rusedski you know Rusedski plays this game game you can go around you for you fetch different things you you make different or more you go and you slay monsters. It’s a medieval game and I know many of you know this game. Let me know in the chat if you’ve played and you know a part of room Skip is that it has its own economy and an infinite sale a real escape economy is better than the national economy. We discussed just a few days ago how they actually stored their wealth in the room escape gold because look it’s more stable than when you Zealand currency but also you can flip a lot of things. So you look at for example different items like gold bar and you can also see the progression of the price of gold in room escape or you can see the progression of pricing like old clothes. I mean there are thousands and thousands of these items and as you can see some markets can be very volatile. So for example old clogs. They had the bull market up until December of 2009 seen that since then they enter the bear market and a moonscape. So as you can see there’s a lot of experience you actually get from playing games as a kid. That’s why parents by the way should never restrict playing games because I learned my first market mechanics in this game. I learned my first pump and dumps mechanics in this game because you see so much in crypto and you recognize that a lot people who haven’t played through an escape they don’t recognize that look this might have been a pump and dump but because I knew it from my early days I recognized all of them in crypto like we had during 2017 18. I mean I got my first experience being dumped upon in the in run escape because you see people pumping up prices of various assets here and this economy is truly a reflection of the real world. So we’re going to discuss how to do flipping in crypto and how to do it with NAFTA and how to do research and how people are really doing right now in this market. Also we haven’t introduced from Microsoft. Microsoft has now a patent on crypto mining with your body. You know that your physical human body. Now Microsoft can make crypto with you. It sounds a bit a bit dystopian. I’m personally thinking a bit about matrix you know that the matrix you have people lying in cocoons in the schools and then they are getting extracted their energy is getting extracted to power the matrix or to power this economy of machines and old people. They have this illusion in their brain that they’re living in the real world. In reality everyone is just lying in the cocoon and their energy is being extracted maybe for a bitcoin mining amendment that is what make us the strain to do. But we’re going to discuss exactly what that is. And so many other things many people are even talking about the hyper wave theory now coming back and we have been discussing it on the channel with Socrates for quite some time already. Guys I do see the chatter rolling. Amazing to see all of your life so good to see you guys. And if you’re watching on YouTube you have already missed our delight from your only watching a recording you’re not getting information first hand because we’re only a live streaming on I don’t like that com slash line. So go there and subscribe right now. And all of you who are here. CHARLES FUCHS Robert shield women Slavin and I will Shawn Hunter Rob. Welcome everyone. SLOBODAN Slobodan junior Jonah George Joakim manage you guys. Welcome welcome. How are you guys doing. I see a lot of money printer going out in the chat. It’s an amazing meme. It’s an amazing meme that is used all across the world and it is amazing because now people are starting to question how for how long can we go. But that’s for sure. That’s for sure. Hey guys let me know where you from. Let me know where you are coming in from this fine Saturday morning. And as always let me know what you’re drinking today we’re drinking black coffee no milk no sugar involved as always and there’s good. Good to be back to coffee also have some extra hydration here and I will need it because we have so much to discuss I’ll put my extra hydration here now looking on the markets we web the on situation we have bitcoin minus five point four percent were dumped even lower because I remember when I woke up it was actually even lower. Web e at minus four point six percent were X R B minus one point three. All in all quite the red day quite the red day especially because Bitcoin has broken some significant support. And looking on the big winners we do have some crazy action in EDC block chain. But remember the volume is basically nonexistent. So it’s just a bump. Could be a dump coming up. Could be a pump and dump so be careful and be absolutely careful thought next. One hundred and eighteen percent. These guys they have a bit more volume so that’s good. Did you buy it. Seven percent. Oh no not many winners only like this was official winner and maybe you can say this is a real winner. Two million in volume yet I guess I would be careful with this one as well. And looking on the top losers web eternal minus 17 percent Google and shares. So all in all mostly losers today. Not a lot of winners mostly mostly the losers. Now you should remember guys that we have released our defy. Course one. And this is the perfect time to learn about defy in this Coroneos situation in this situation of you having to sit at home so while you’re sitting at home and you cannot go outside at least try to learn something. So here with teach you everything about how rad the relay looping zoo idea excluding swap cable network work soon asks you I’m a microdot. I mean we teach you everything about how they actually work how you can use them and how also you can utilize them to your advantage. You also learn about insurance protocols like Nexus mutual open con vexes you. This is all decentralized insurance protocols and you not only know how to use them but also how they work and you are instructed by Amadeo brands and he’s from maker Dow. That’s important. We’re teaching you and our instructors are the first hand source. So this guy knows so lot because he’s literally makers. So that’s very important. And as always we do have our collaboration with Bybee so if you use the link below you can trade Bitcoin a theorem iOS SRP you can long you can sure we can make money when the market goes down or up or up and you can do it with these currencies but you’ve got to be careful because only for professional traders use the link below and you can get a small capital to get started but use the link below. Now let’s get into the main situation because many people are right now freaking out and maybe I can start with this. The moon went out saying that hey the next target is approximately two point four A.D. it’s already a few days back on the twenty six. But the reason why we’re covering it right now is because his scenario is now playing out because we’ve broken this bear flag that was forming we broke into the downside. Now we are at approximately six point one six point two okay. And many people are very similar. I mean now many people are turning very bearish. For example Don alt is now comparing the situation we had right before the previous breakout and now comparing the situation to right now and there are many similarities. Many people are now starting to freak out for real and look at the end of the day. You can either you can either look at the day to day movements like you like we’re doing right now or you look more long term and obviously could it happen that would go to two point four. It could it could. But at the same time you’ve got to realize that what we’re seeing right now is unprecedented action by the central banks. So no prices really really matter at them. So either you have bitcoin which is sound money or you have confetti. That’s basically the main question we need to be asking ourselves because in reality we don’t know the prices right now it’s all artificial in terms of for example the stock market as well. But what’s important to see now is that we’re still seeing the sell off this run for a safe seat in the global world in the global world of finance. And what’s important to note is that we have never seen this kind of mad money creation ever in modern history that we’re seeing right now. So I think the better question to ask yourself is not whether we’re going to go to two point four in the short term which might be the case which might be the case. At the same time you’ve got to be thinking do you want confetti or do you want sound money. This is the most important question to ask in the long term because we understand that all all of the fiat currencies that we’re witnessing right now being hyper inflated once they enter the circulation they become confetti and circulation has to do obviously with money velocity like we’ve been discussing with Mike Maloney on this channel and that is why when you’re seeing something like this you get to understand that this is a measurement against the dollar. And while it is very significant for all of us obviously to see our portfolios go up dollar wise you also get to understand that at the end of the day that metric will become outdated sooner or later. And so when when people are starting to become super bearish number one you get to realize that most people are usually wrong. Most people are usually pointing in the wrong direction at the same time. This could happen absolutely. That would go to two point four. I don’t want to sugarcoat it could happen. But at the same time looking long term it doesn’t really matter how it is two point four or 2.5. What’s important though is that we do see our most important models still holding like stock to flow. So if Milken goes down to two point four that’s when stock to flow will be tested and that’s maybe the biggest importance of us not breaking down too low. So the stock to flow model breaks because I can assure you that if stock to flow model is no longer statistically valid that the integration breaks does going to be a very very bearish event for the entire crypto space. And the reason is because too many people follow Plan B and too many people follow his account and they’re looking out for the having. And if his model breaks if we’re no longer following stock to flow that’s definitely something that’s going to cause a lot of confidence and a decrease in our community. That’s no question about it because it’s the most important model that many people know about right now and many people follow. So that’s why it’s important to really do to really really have a very cold blooded approach to this because most people they only have two modes in their brain either formal or fad which means that they formerly and at the top at the very peak and they fad at the bottom they sell everything at the bottom and that’s always like that. That’s always like because somebody somebody sold a three point nine K just a few a few weeks ago when we had this huge collapse someone so sold there at the same time someone bought up forcing came in in the in last year during the summer when we reach those all time highs in them two thousand and nineteen for all time high for 2019. So get understand that somebody did did that and you get a bit more cold blooded and you got to look at this more and more calmly and you got to understand what kind of approaches you can take in terms of psychology and this is really how I want to transition into this next topic about psychology how to treat this kind of environment and how to not lose money by being too emotional. And we have this great article from bank lists and this is a blog run by Ryan Shawn Adams that we have featured him on the Channel several times. And so now he had the guest on his blog from the poker space you know that poker space is very like crypto. It’s very like crypto in many cases in many regards and many perspective. I mean one big similarity between poker and crypto is that it is this mostly mostly young people who are trying to do something something that is completely new and something that is completely different from everything else. And you have the disconnection. You have the disconnection of people doing something online that is fascinating they’re using their skills just from home and they’re doing something that is very very isolated and also something that many people see as some kind of grey area some kind of grey area. So online poker basically went through the same stages that that group is going through right now. So you might remember from the early days who did use online poker sites. Well it was mostly people who were early to the internet who were early users who trusted the payments method on interest in the early days because right now people are trusting the fact that you can just put in your credit card on the Web site just under 10 years ago just 10 years ago. Think about that Justin. Years ago it wasn’t the fact most people were still a bit worried to pay online. Who knows if my credit card will get stolen. So to be an early adopter of online poker you had to be early adopter of the Internet. So that’s something we’re witnessing right now as well. That to be encrypted also going to be kind of an early adopter and have this mindset of exploration. And at the same time you saw the regulators really take very harsh actions against against online poker and from the beginning there were no KYC you could just play and win money however you want. But then it became more and more and more regulated kind of like crypto right now. But what’s important is that we’re seeing a lot of similarities also in terms of psychology and in terms of culture. And the countercultural cultural aspect is quite big. For example in poker you do have your own culture in terms of means in terms of different ways. You speak about each other so you have for example fish regulate recreational players who play for fun and usually lose against pros and you have like bad big bad run under a lot of these poker specific terms and the crypto industry is the same that you have a a whole situation with verbs with different subjects. How do you even say it like subjective verb adjectives that are only grouped are related. You see whales for example you see all kinds of others follow the formal funds are safe for such stuff like that. It’s only Krypton. But what’s important is that the behavior of crypto people is also very like the behavior of poker of poker players and poker owners. It’s jargon exactly jargon jargon. Exactly. So for example many poker players they are behaving in the manner that is like intraday traders in crypto. They start with a capital each day they tried to trade. They tried to make some money. And the psychology is very very very like in crypto. And something that is different obviously is that in poker you basically have to be an intraday trader. You can not really huddle like in group tossing crypto would you have another level of huddling where a lot of people reside but also a lot of people try to time the markets and try to ride the waves. Like in poker. And so this guy gives basically some important mental mental tips and mental advice how you can handle this Marcus and how you not do not go mad and become too emotional on base again. Then of day you lose you lose your money. So no one. Is ditch result oriented thinking for example just because we lost two aces against some crap hand a yesterday we shouldn’t consider giving up the next time we we’re dealt with two assess losses from poker obviously but this is like in crypto just because we made money on Verge verge days in 2017 it doesn’t mean that trading shed Elkins is a good thing term a long term strategy we should pursue. So just because something was yesterday or a day ago or a year ago doesn’t mean that it will work in the future. So just because some something gave you results in the past doesn’t mean that it will give you results in the future which is an important and important aspect of this. So just because the price of ecstasy went up doesn’t mean that it is fundamentally a good investment. And we’re seeing this a lot in crypto because fundamentals on price in the short term are very very different in the long term. They converge. But in the short term they are quite different in many cases. Now another thing is to focus on the game and not on the score. And this is key. I mean this is my favorite advice of the mall this number two because we’ve all been there. We’ve all been there when we’re new to this industry where we’re checking the portfolio each and every hour and we want to see exactly what happened and it’s okay to check portfolio I mean even experienced them traders and experienced participants of this industry the check portfolio quite often. But the difference is that you don’t get this energy drain energy drain. And I remember from early days when I was doing this industry you could really feel this energy drain coming out of you when the numbers go down when the numbers go down and look and they go up and down all the time all the time. And it’s important to keep it to keeps up some track of them. But it’s important not to be affected energetically. So no go up no go down fear greed charter anxiety these demons drain energy occupy our precious mental space and distract us from what’s important actionable stuff. So when you start blindly on the chart because you’ve made some kind of big bet or because you’re just psychologically not really trained for this industry yet you understand that you will only be staring at it. You will not be able to do anything else you’re staring there and you’re hoping for an exact candle to be better than the last one. And it’s very understandable understandable because I think most of us have been there at one point or another. Now many online poker players he says counted their winnings losses only once a week. So this is very good advice for everyone in the space as well. If you’re checking too much and you’re getting worried and you’re getting affected you will not be very efficient in this industry because you’re basically based on emotions you’re based on emotions 100 percent. So would you rather want to do is read make notes about what’s going on learn and try to analyze instead of just blindly looking at the numbers and calculating basically your losses or your winnings each and every second each and every minute. Now. Another important one is thinking about the bets. So this is basically expected return that you want to calculate. But it’s a bit more complicated because you have to basically create some kind of model how you think you’re going to perform in this market. But you can read more if you’re if you want for yourself. I will link it in the description. It’s all about the fact that you can basically create a statistical calculation that will show you how you’re likely to perform and then you can adjust it as the time goes by. And another one that is key is to not bet the farm and have bankroll management. The only guys the only the only loyalty you have when you are in this market at the end of the day is true to yourself to your family to your business. What you’re doing and this indirectly means to your capital so your loyalty is to your capital. And two million people in this space they get to be tribal eyes and the other be tribal eyes. So that means that they might be in some kind of delusional state really believe something and they become loyal to something that simply doesn’t make sense. And they do not follow bankroll management rules. For example the fact that you should not bet more than a few percent on different all coins that you should very very very big be thinking a lot about your capital and that you respect it’s respect your capital don’t respect some kind of project more than your capital because you might get disappointed that project is not as loyal to you as you are to them with your capital. So number one respect your capital that’s number one. Everything else is secondary. And so if you trade go for 1 2 3 percent of capital per position. If you invest in else you should go for three to 7 percent in one position. But obviously bitcoin if and others could be higher. But once again just double check. So sure number one loyal to capital number two loyal to cryptos. So that that’s important. Like as Leighton says dollar cost average. Exactly. Now mental game is very important. You can read more yourself about exactly the ins and outs of this point. But another thing is this. Number seven. Number seven that I want to focus on and that is that look we’re still living in the very very early industry and it is early days and it’s a small industry. This is amazing because it means that the potential of this industry is huge. And you’re here early so you can make your positions you can make your bets. But at the same time it’s also good if you know something else. If you have some kind of other hobby as well now it’s a very difficult tradeoff because personally I don’t really follow that. I’m all encrypting mentally psychologically with my skills and everything but I am coming from I.T. I’m coming from software so I’m already diversified in my skill set so I’m already diversified in whatever I’m doing. Look I still have my HCM programming skills. But if you only if you’re only out of college I think you should definitely go all in crypto because this is the biggest opportunity of your lifetime. In many cases but try. But try also do it in a way that if it is the case that you have to live crypto for one one reason or another look life can really be unexpected. So if you really have for some reason live crypto that you have something you have something else you have something else and that is why it’s important to for example learn a bit of programming. Eamon Seth Schilling me. Absolutely. So that’s why it’s important to learn a bit of programming. So when you’re learning for example how to become a developer in the crypto you also learn how to do javascript how to do C++ and that is applicable even outside of crypto. So this is important you learn basic web development together with if you was smart contracts and how to deploy everything and do and do it in the right way. So definitely check out the academy or to learn in some other way by the Academy is better because you get all structured and all really really thought through and it doesn’t have to be development. Look maybe you can learn something else maybe you can learn about macroeconomics more but you’ll learn it from the crypto perspective because I think it’s important to bet on crypto a lot. But you can also think about it in the way that you have something else you can rely on. If if you have to leave crypto for one reason or another and you don’t know. I mean something could happen with the family I mean you don’t never know. You never know something could happen in your local country something you’ll never know. So that’s that’s why you should never go bust or basically. And something really happened with Boca. I mean the reason why I’m telling you this is because we’ve seen that happen with poker. We’ve had the poker Black Friday because overnight the USA banned online poker and shut down one of the biggest poker rooms. So if it is the case that you only played poker without doing anything else then obviously now your whole industry has changed. So this poker room later turned out to be insolvent and we had a Mt. Gox situation and the same issue also occurred a bit later on when the majority of fish. You remember this Rich Rick recreational players that lost most of their money because they just played for fun they weren’t professional. They also basically could not play anymore because they only played for fun while professionals played as a living. And so these guys that play for fun obviously they could they could just do something else so they could find another hobby while you if you’re only a professional poker player. Now you cannot do anything and now you’re basically stuck with skills that are not relevant anymore. So that that’s very important. And while it’s important to see the grand future of crypto and really bet on it as I always always tell you and I’m betting on it with my time with my skills with everything but also try to do it in the way that you get something else as well that you know and you’re capable of doing something else. So and look at the similarities to just continue we’re lucky to be exposed to answer those fully remote and digital is to provide alternative to failing financial system offers a lot of different roles for people to fill. So basically what’s important is that you try to broaden your perspectives. It’s still small enough for everyone to make it without harsh competition. I’m always telling you that is the biggest arbitrage in the history. If you work in crypto you are squeezing low hanging fruit. You have the biggest unfair advantage in your lifetime right now because this industry is literally transforming finance and you’re here already and has untapped opportunities and inefficient markets which is huge as well. So I understand that if you judge by just your being in crypto you automatically will learn a lot of other things. But I think you also need to be serious about that mentally and understand that you need to learn a lot about of other things to really really be a long term for yourself. Now yes it’s a lot to discuss in this article I will link it in the chat. I’ve already done it before. I will do it again and you can check it out more in detail. Now I want to move onto this which is a system for mining crypto using your body. And to me it seems like they’re doing something that will basically encourage people to move or do exercise or something. This is a pattern by Microsoft where you have the cryptocurrency system so basically a blocking network. Then you have communication network basically Internet and then the users are having a device and with a sensor and this sensor can basically see what you’re doing. It can measure whether you’re running or what you’re doing it can see your game. And basically they now patenting this system of mining where the device can tell the person what to do. And if you do you will be rewarded. So they’re saying that a server may provide the task to a device over user which is communicates civilly coupled to a server and sensor communicates evilly coupled to or compromised in the device of any user my son’s body activity of the users and body activity data may be generated based on the sense body’s activity on the user. So the sensor will basically see what you’re doing. This is what they’re saying. There should be a currency system communicate civilly coupled to the device of the user may verify may verify if the body activity data sites satisfied one or more conditions. So basically your data that you produce in this sensor by moving it goes into the block chain here and there is a small country that basically verifies that you’ve done your your exercise for example and are worried that crypto currency to the user whose body activity data is verified so could be some kind of fitness thing some kind of fitness coin could be just the fact that we see a dystopian matrix situation but it’s more likely to miss some kind of fitness item not some kind of fitness maybe it is the fact that we’re witnessing right now this viral outbreak and maybe just the fact if you stay home you get reward that maybe I don’t know yes it’s really up to up to you and to everyone else to try to deduce what kind of use case it will be. Now what surprises me is that you can patent this. I mean this is surprising to me how can you patent this because it’s so simple. I mean you have an app that collects data and sends to the block chain. And yet they have pattern that it I don’t know. Yes it’s it’s a bit strange that you pattern that because it’s basically common sense like anyone can build it. It’s not so revolutionary anyway basically we’re replacing proof of work with expensive sorry. They have expensive batteries but you’re replacing that with your body movements basically anyway. Anyway we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’s about mining encrypted while watching ads. It could be. It could be but I’m surprised that you can ban something that’s my number one thesis. OK. Yes it’s a yes. I don’t want to say it but I see Maxim. It’s a sad application for adult industry exactly. Ivan must do more push. Yeah I’m gonna do after this. After this stream go to go to gym time to go. And now they’ve opened again because the gyms have been closed for two weeks but now they’re back online. Soon Microsoft will patent oxygen. Exactly. I mean it’s like it’s what it feels like. When they’re patenting so it’s so obvious things so simple things Nate any updates on Swedish hospitals and Coronas. Well yeah. We’ll have some updates. I mean a big update is the fact that now you’re not allowed to meet more than more than 50 people just a few days ago it was 500 so. And still to date 500. But tomorrow will be the new rules with only 50 people so you cannot have. You can not have a gathering more than 50 and you also get help from the government when it comes to taxes. So if you are a company you can get the 5 K maximum per employee. They’re basically cutting the social security cost and you can deduct up to 5 or sorry it’s 5 K Swedish crowns is 5 minus 500 dollars. Basically you get 500 dollars per person for four months. So really right now they’re saying you get to the two thousand dollars because it’s 500 dollars for four months. So altogether it’s two thousand dollars per employee that they’re giving you now. Obviously if you have 10 employees suddenly it’s 20 k. If you have 20 it’s 40 k. So yeah I mean it can really help a lot of restaurants and stuff but for us for our business that doesn’t really help. But also it’s not that we’re hit a lot by cronies. To be honest but I really hope they would do more. Maybe they will do more but yeah Corona is really hurt hurting everyone including us but the restaurants are obviously hit much harder. Everything is calm in Belarus but you have some infected. I saw aswell I saw swell Ivan which errors some computer science are most important for crypto. To be honest with you you need depends on what you’re doing. If you’re building apps then you need obviously knowledge of basic programming like British thing in our academy. So for example need to know either JavaScript or C++ or Python really basic programming or basic object oriented programming and then you can create your first normal. Easy easy adapts but if you want to take it to another step and you’re asking computer science like what is in computer science if you’re just building the apps you should know about security. I mean you should know about formal verification. So if you really want computer science terms you should start the formal verification. That is key. That is absolutely key. What else is important. Any type any type of time complexity analysis is important. If you truly want computer science related deep knowledge any type of time complexity experience. Basically you can look at a piece of code and you can say okay this is or do and or or the end squared whatever you know that because it’s all about efficiency. So in order for you to build efficient smart contracts that are not utilizing a lot of gas you need to know time complexity and how to optimize your smart contracts for time complexity. That’s very important because if you are operations then the better the smart contract in terms of cost. Gas cost and user experience fake names as is advanced math important. No no no. You don’t need advanced math you will need if you are creating protocols but you don’t have to. You don’t have to. I mean most of the positions are not creating protocols is building on top of protocols so that I would say form of reflection number one and time complexity. Number two now if you want to build the on Kara Daniel you obviously in functional programming. So functional programming is needed for Kasdan on the end Tasos. So that does the areas I would I would check out. And would teach you most of it in our academy. So go to academy the times that come and enroll if you want structured way of learning. But now yes I want to move into NFTE and I want to talk about flipping items in in crypto. I don’t like how can a novice Boston developer get sufficient practice to build confidence in the field Sonic. You build stuff. So in our academy it would show you how to build stuff and build small projects. So that’s can be a first step. But if you know already how to program just build your own hobby projects deploy on the test net. Show them to the community and get people to use them. Build something useful so that is how you get sufficient practice and sufficient confidence you’ve got to be building on the end of the day. You can build however you want. Like you can construct the boat however you want but to truly test the boat you have to put it in the water meaning that you can do as many tutorials. That’s why so many people when they’re learning they get stuck in this tutorial Heller because they’re just building you know small kind of things. Exercises but in our academy we teach everything from scratch and we actually show you how to build real things so you can test your your skills in the wild because as I tell you you can build the world’s best boat but until you put it in the water you don’t know whether it has holes in it. So yeah that’s a good that’s a good point. So look I once again I want to start with my experience as a kid because here’s where I learned a lot about markets. I was tracing these kinds of items and there are so many items here and I think it’s not even is the most rated last seven days but you know root escape it has so many items it’s thousands and thousands and thousands. And as I told you this is here’s where I learned my first first economical experience from for example market cycles or pump and dumps or the fact that you have manipulated prices things like that. So for example if you go to some asset like solar room for example let’s see if it works. If you go to six months view or is it is it bugging out. It just works yeah. Here you see that the price are changing all the time. Some markets are more illiquid than others. So that’s another important thing you learn in in the game that is very different. Let’s see molten glass maybe has a more natural. Yeah. So as you can see many asses the enter bull and bear markets all the time and now you do have a similar opportunity in crypto because you have a very important industry that is growing which is the collectibles industry. And you can make money obviously if you know how it works. And if you know what’s hot or not and if you have a strategy for that. And here I want to give you a strategy for that. So you understand that number one this will require consistent work because you need to do research and you need to know what’s hotter and not in them in collectibles and the return on investment is also immense because as Ryan says he made up to 30 percent on the money and in some cases even 400 percent. But you got to really find the right items. So right now we have inefficient markets. So this is what I’m telling you. One of the biggest opportunities in crypto are inefficient markets. What does it mean. It means that the prices are not optimal. Some things are missed price. You can buy and see cheap and sell is expensive. There is no real efficient market with a lot of participants trading all the time and arbitrage ing away all the opportunities because this market is so small and new. And as you can see right now this guy has basically collected through using non-functional dot com. Different the flippers and people are making real money here. So if you just look at the Central Land you have this address who flipped to a total profit of eighty one thousand dollars. You have this address just flipping land making thirty three thousand and this address flipping land in the Central Land flipping all the way to Twenty eighth at twenty eight thousand. So that scheme. So people are really really making their profit here but it’s not it’s not easy. You have to study but there are many opportunities in some cases it may be easier than just raising the markets because here you’re not competing with professionals you’re not competing with algorithmic traders you’re not competing with bots to the same extent because it’s such a new market and still there are many opportunities now. And if these are obviously collectibles different game items different items on the blocks that are used in different games or adapt people collect them and each item is unique each item is unique. So for example each land. In the Central Land has a unique coords in it. It’s real. It’s it’s located in a specific and unique location. So it’s very very like nothing else like nothing else. The same with cryptic tickets each cryptic city is unique. The same with the chests in different games and cars and car games and so forth. So first and foremost what are the strategies you can you can use one big strategy is to buy in bulk and sell individually. What does this mean. It means that when you have a new project like a new NFC game or a new NFC universe launching the developers or auctioning a lot of items and then you have big whales coming coming in and buying a lot of these items wholesale because they’re early investors just get it a lot of items very early and they’re taking a big risk. And so now they’re sitting there with a lot of this answer a lot of these items. Now this whale is not interested in learning the ins and outs of everything that he bought and how different items are are unique. So this whale. He will sell his stash to somebody who can just buy everything because he already made a profit. He invested early. Now he just wants to sell and cash out and move on to the next opportunity. And here is where you come in because one strategy that Ryan recommends is to buy wholesale from these whales and then sell each item individually because then you yourself can spend time. You can learn about different items how they’re important and really try to maximize profit for each item. So that’s not something that these whales will really do. And this is a good strategy. You can have. So that’s number one. Another strategy that is important is that you can do something that is that is more in terms of you trying to each and every time the price pumps or dams trying to ride the waves trying to see momentum. That’s important. Another one that you can have is just accounting for new opportunities. And did the whale yourself be that whale yourself that purchases early and and the sales later but that’s more risk. And so basically as you become better at scouting opportunities negotiating fight finding buyers getting connected networking and keeping on the top of the strong markets you’ll make more money. And this is a much better strategy than to simply hold all manner or other clients to do these kinds of things because they’re so inefficient this Marcus. And there is a lot to gain kind of like I did as a kid in rule escape because here you can for example take a vial you can fill it with water you get water vial and you sell it more expensive for example and people who don’t have time to fill their vials with water. They just want to buy a vial of water because rulers gave it so much you have to do. You have to do manually. And by the way adjusting the article and the same as for example with gold bars look an easy way to make money and escape was to take gold ore and then melted into gold bar because you need to do this action. And people who just want the gold bar they don’t have time to melt. So that’s kind of the same mindset you need to have what kind of time can you save people by being active in the NFTE space. And it can be different in different markets. It can be different in different ecosystems. So the mindset the framework I would like to have is number one study the different games and the different ecosystems. It’s crazy how passionate these communities are. Each of these protocols it has a lot of community and they are extremely passionate go to for example non tangible that come and do your research. Number to try to find pain points for example as I told you when I was a kid a big painful painful for people was to just create these items that they needed for questing or four or more or something and creating these items took a lot of time for them. So you had an opportunity the market was not efficient because the price between a gold bar and gold or was quite big. So the same is for you if you’re in in non fungible world of crypto How can you close the gap between the different the different people and the different items that they need. And one big gap is as I told you in the beginning it is whales just wanting to sell everything they have because they bought earlier when the game just started. So some tips some advice and all in all you have little competition because we’re very new and the lefties are even newer if you compare to other crypto. It is a huge moneymaking potential if you know what you’re doing. Obviously if you’ve spent time a few people have made six figures profit within a year just doing NFC flipping and pioneering completely new and emerging industry and you got to realize this is only only the start. And it depends obviously on your interests whether you’re interested in this because you got to have this collectible mindset that you would like to collect things and you would like to stage these things and that. And if these have only grown since the rise to fame with group tickets from digital land to digital pets to everything and is just growing as we are speaking as funding comes in innovation will thrive in creating all sorts of mechanisms like Rocket NFC for example. Now you can even take out loans with your with your let’s see rock get. Why is it not working rock rocket and FC because I also read about rockets and FC maybe they’re still in development basically you can get loans backed with your end of. But maybe they’re still not haven’t launched yet land rocket virtual Yemen it’s it’s still not like or it’s not working or what rocket and the rocket nifty Yeah I don’t know yes maybe they’re still have they still haven’t launched or they already closed down we’ll see it we’ll see I thought they launched and but this is one of the big things that is going on right now that will will have collateralized loan with NFTE in the near future if not rocket and if someone else will do it someone else will do it or I guess that’s it for today. To summarize the final thoughts and also yeah I forgot this one group dot com. Our collaborator will collaboration with them now they’re expanding to Sweden. So if you’re watching this from Sweden you can get these gift cards with crypto. And if you go to AMC the concierge deals you can get this 50 dollar bonus if you just go to the console shields and click this link and they’re launching in all kinds of different countries. So that’s important. And I really like that they are tailoring their offering for the local market. Like here you have Ticketmaster city on things that Swedish people recognize next story because otherwise if you have gift cards to international companies that are not really really really recognized in Sweden as much as this local and native companies it’s not going to be as effective to launch a business. So that’s key that’s key. Yes. All right. What’s going on in the shop. I want to invite everyone right now in the chat. How are you guys doing. Can you do a focused e-mail on your academy talk about the market. Carrier and more that we do monthly QNX in our academy. So if you are in the academy you should already you know when the next one is. And if you did not get notification just e-mail support that I’m under attack and would do monthly you know it’s always of course. Be careful about nonfarm payrolls Ivan. Do you remember when you spoke of beating like a platypus. Yes of course. And that was that was not that long time ago. It became broke to 2.5 level. It means that Bitcoin failed that store of value. Maybe the other parts of camera are still in play. Look I mean store of value is more measured long term. So look yes if you are watching year to year between these volatile it is volatile. Now whether it will break to 2.5 and lose this store of value it’s only something that the history will tell because it’s not that. OK. We reached 2.5 and now it’s no store of value. If we are 2.5 I think stock to flow Mondale will be tested. It only says how much we usually go up in terms of the halving and that will basically rise exponentially after each halving. That will be tested whether bitcoin has failed as to our values not something that one price level will tell you is through time through time and how the fundamentals of Bitcoin really hold with the real world. And I think it’s so important to release that bitcoin today because we see a lot of artificial markets I mean all markets right now outside of crypto are so so artificial because of money printing. So that’s important. Dino says defect courses are fire. I started yesterday. I hope you like them. I hope you like them because this guy created a AMA. You did a great job. And he’s from makers. So basically you’re sizing course made by maker and you’re learning about all kinds of different protocols like the rather relay looping the way they experience what Khyber. And you also get practical practical not only theoretical where you learn how they work exactly but also practical you use them you use them. What will happen to the BTC price. When the world decides to switch currency. So good question because what is the price. What is the price that we measure bitcoin then. I think a better way to keep track of bitcoin is to measure it in gold to measure it in something something more tangible to measured in commodities. Because what we have to understand is that what we’re witnessing now is something we’ve never witnessed before. Just look at this. I wanted by the way to show you this a bit earlier. So in 2010 the M2 money stock was eight point four trillion. And that is when Bitcoin really started to grow in 2010. Now in 2020. The M2 money stock is already fifteen point six trillion because obviously the same in 10 years probably is going to go to 30 if not more trillion and Bitcoin flow business supply is exactly the same. So while short term we’re seeing these crazy markets moves in bitcoin and the stock market as well. The thing is that Bitcoin is now less less volatile than the stock market. S&P 500 is more volatile than bitcoin because right now the S&P 500 has volatility that is so high compared to its average. That’s insane. Basically jumped to 200 percent on Wednesday nearly 10 times the average reliability of 27 percent. If you look at the past 12 months in the stock market and so we’re we’re witnessing something we’ve never seen before. And they do think that at the end of this mess Bitcoin will become victorious will come out of this victorious because the fundamentals are speaking for themselves. What about glass note are there any signals is basically the same signals. I mean most of the signals are the same that we discussed yesterday a lot with the glass node has to do right now with unchanged metrics and by the way if you go to I went to the com slash deals. You can also get all of this on chain metrics and you can get them for free if you go to islands that com slash deals and you click here on glass not on chain so you will get all of this for free at least most of it but it’s more than enough. And so one of the most important indicators in these times that I would look I look at is for example software and a supper this indicators so you can definitely check them out but it’s not something that significantly significantly has changed in any of this. And when we do see significant changes that’s when we cover it here. But for now nothing significantly is different. Also for old clients like I showed you with Khyber one of the most important and indicators is half in dollar half in the index because this shows the distribution of the different old coins. So for example if you look at the rise of different all coins you can try to correlate them to this to this index. And right now what we’re witnessing in Khyber for example is the fact that when the hurt in the index fell in January it it means basically that the coins are becoming more and more distributed that’s when the price rallied. And when it started to fall the price basically followed as well. And basically something that you definitely get to keep in mind or more correctly look when the terminal index is falling it is bullish because it getting more distributed. And here you started to see the first signal of bearish because it became it became more and more sold off the exchanges. So hoping that index was actually able to tell you that the sell off is coming. And and you can use it together with other indicators because when this green chart goes up it becomes that you do it means that you do have centralization in supply which for example means that people are selling off to exchanges when this thing goes down. Green one it means that the currency is getting more and more distributed. So yeah that’s how it is. Is a stock to flow model like Circuit Breaker model. I’m not sure really what you mean by that but the thing is so many people follow it. So if Plan B would come out and say that hey stock to flow is not longer working I don’t think it will be bullish for bitcoin at least in the short term. Ivan would you recommend to buy a stable coin with Fiat and then DCA everyday in small portions. Depends on which stable coin. I wouldn’t buy too much tether because you got to realize they can be frozen at any day. The US government or some other government could freeze their accounts up any day if they truly wanted to. Because at the end of the day it’s just a bank account that you are relying on that they have money in their bank account. I wouldn’t be really trusting that so I would diversify maybe a bit of tether maybe a bit of use to see maybe a bit of Di Di is the most trust list one but you still realize that the technology is new so I wouldn’t put bet the farm on die either. So you got to do a bit of both. And also have some some normal fear as well. Because really what you realize is that you never never are too safe in stable coins in crypto either. But the thing is the thing is that you can withdraw them to your wallet so the best thing that you can access them at any time you can deploy them into the market at any time while normal Fiat is obviously slow to deploy. And that takes time and stuff. Yeah. This is hot hash it will also halve as 50 percent of the miners will switch from PCH to Bitcoin. That’s very possible. By the way I’m betting the farm on Dice says women. Bill Gates for V.P.. Will be bullish for sure for DLC. Interesting. Not sure really how you mean with DLC and Bill Gates but now you even see people building and blocking applications for this viral outbreak which is interesting. Basically IBM wants to create a data repository. Where they tried to verify the integrity of the data where they ensure that it’s not been tampered with. So we’re going to see but a lot of this private belongings are not real blotches is just databases with better control of who has access and more stricter rules who can change and things like that. But at the end of the day you cannot even compare it to normal block chains. That’s why we have this discrepancy that this is somehow a block chain. It’s not really a blog. It’s more like a database. But with more people being involved it’s distributed running on several different machines. They’re saying that we need to kickstart a consortium basically kick start a network of different stakeholders. And while it has some similarities to a block chain in reality it’s not really it’s not really. But if people are are investing in blushing because it’s called blushing then good for them. Good for them. John McAfee is on a forum these days. I haven’t really followed him in the last days to be honest but he is always fun on Twitter. It’s always fun to follow him on Twitter. I haven’t thought about the besiege harming how will that affect BTC volatility or that it will not have relevant impact. To be honest I don’t think it will have too much of an impact because that ecosystem is not really significant for Bitcoin. What we might see short term is some miners switching to bitcoin because busiest hopping will happen earlier. So some miners might see an opportunity to earn some and some bitcoin because bitcoin still hasn’t halved. So that’s the only thing. What else guess what else. Bill Gates resigned to focus on philanthropy. Got it. How long will the lockdown be. Nobody knows. That’s the most scary thing and that’s the most uneasy things for the global markets because we don’t know and uncertainty creates volatility and creates fear and fear is never good for markets. So we’ll see yes we’ll see. Maggie he’s still talking like Coronas is less bad than the flu. Get it together it get it. I don’t really really agree with it because we’re seeing how serious it is. We’re truly starting to see how serious a serious this and my mom works in one of the big hospitals here in Sweden. And it’s not a joke. This is absolutely not a joke. So I’m guessing first hand reporting actually does I will share with you that I will share with you once we have some more news. Log down three months minimum phases phase release after all. But you did. Judith you don’t know if you don’t know how long it’s going to be because you don’t dictate the timeline. Trump doesn’t dictate the timeline. Your government doesn’t dictate the timeline. Nobody details the timeline except for the virus. So that’s the only thing that can dictate the timeline. You and I cannot do it. So that’s important. I haven’t. What’s your opinion on the old. M.A. markets for passive income. You could find some opportunities still. But unfortunately M.A. is quite it’s quite an efficient market nowadays. You don’t really have crazy deals on master nodes right now. And this usually expensive to get started so personally I would say that if you have any kind of interest go into any of these better go and try to flip NFTE that is going to be better return. But you got to have more time. It’s a bit more risky because you can actually lose money as well if you buy something that nobody wants to buy from you. But with marginals you have basic basically certainty that you will get paid but it’s not a lot. It’s not a lot. McAfee antivirus is almost useless. I never had it but I know it’s annoying to uninstall it because McAfee created the whole video about it. Have you seen it. It’s hilarious. It’s hilarious. I think it’s whole called how to uninstall McAfee. Oh. Have you seen this or not this one. How to uninstall McAfee antivirus nine million views. I’m sure you’ve seen it. I’m sure you’ve seen it and it is true that it’s a bit difficult to uninstall. Apparently apparently go go and watch it. If you haven’t yet. I don’t want to show too much as you’re going to go and watch it anyway. Thank you so much for being here. We will be back to morrow at 11:00 a.m. because it is a weekend tomorrow as well it’s Sunday and then on Monday we will be back 8 a.m. So 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and Saturday and then 8:00 a.m. on weekdays. So guys have a good day. Enjoy your day and I will see you all tomorrow. So thank you so much for contributing yet again. And goodbye guys. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.


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