Today for the bitcoin price with the vintage F15. We will talk about Bitcoin because right now Bitcoin is breaking out out of the ascending triangle. As we mentioned here, two days back in this video and we will talk about the specific price target we can expect, which is all the way up here. We will talk about that with the vintage F15 Halter with that situation and what to expect in the immediate short term and intimate run. We will talk about all of that and also about the lofty theoryand we haven’t been talking about for a long time. But right now, crazy things are coiling up for a few as well. And you won’t believe the price target DaVinci J F15 is going to drop on our heads. So that being said, we want to come to the most important question of today. David G.J. Fifteen. How are you doing today, my man? Good day again. You know, I’ve been working out for the last week now straight. I’ve been walking leads to 10000 steps right on my treadmill every day. So I’m really trying to get back into shape and get healthy and stuff like that. So I’m really happy about that. How you doing over there? Are you trapped over there? Still trapped. Trapped in paradise here. It’s nice. I’m happy. I’m doing yoga every day and like workouts, but eating bananas, cold pressed juices. So I’m really trying to get my immune system as high as possible just to protect it. Protected in any case. So I’m doing well. Now the price is going up. The trade is going well. I might also show the trade. I’ve been showing the last two episodes here. We have open on Phoenix later on in the episode. So everything is fine so far. Thanks, DaVinci, for joining us today. I know it’s the late hours, but maybe we just pull up the charts and we check out what you have to say for bitcoin and ethereal. And I can tell everyone you do want to see that because bitcoin and especially theory m._t._a might catch you by surprise. Also, guys, I would really like to urge you if you are holding bitcoin, if you are happy about this breakout and if you appreciate this free content, please just go down, scroll down here, click the like button and really means a lot for us and you’ll help us actually getting this video. It’s complete for free, just as strolled on ticket to the like button and read. You make us the biggest, biggest favor ever get. Well, you know, if you’re if you’re if you’re done averaging. Right. You know, don’t worry about these movements and prices you’ve already been buying all the way down. Right. Hopefully you’ve been buying all the way down and all the way slowly up because you know what these are? This is a time to be buy in here. Then these big green boxes here. And I don’t have them shaded very deeply because it’s like it’s a little hard to see the charts. But if you’re in this green box on, that’s where you want to be. That’s where you want to buy, because that’s the best price action you’re going to get, especially when we see this single a lot higher. So that’s where you want to be accredited buyer and Hodler. You want to be in that zone. And the good news is that this is a two week chart. It doesn’t say that here, but here if we go back two weeks. Right. It says right here to a chart quite where we’ve created we’re slowly going to create the virgins on the two week chart. This is great news. The suit hasn’t confirmed yet, but most likely will confirm what it does. I mean, we’re going to say goodbye to all the lows, that there’s lows and we’ll never see them again, ever in our lifetime. And thank God I don’t want to see thirty four for four thirty four thousand dollars ever. You know, I do not want to see that again. Let’s all know that we have been targeting these lows, which we will hopefully never see again. DaVinci, what about the highs? What do you think? Right now that the price is breaking out out of this ascending triangle we mentioned back in the days here in this video. What do you think is the target for that? I think we mentioned nine U.S. dollars. Is that still in place? Do you still think we can reach nine thousand U.S. dollars? And what is what what do you think and what time are we going to reach it? Well, there might be a little bit of traffic on the way, but I think we’ll definitely get up to the nine thousand dollars level this month and sometime this week or this month. For sure, this is not on the four hour. There’s no divergence. So this has got a lot more room to run. Don’t be surprised if we roll over a little bit before we actually move up higher or we swear at least some consolidate before we actually move up higher. But man, this thing looks good. If you’re in this trade, right. This is the trade that you should be sticking all the way to one hundred K, I think you’ll definitely get paid on this one if you’re in that trade. This one also we mentioned on the show. Yeah. You were probably in it and you just took half of the profit you came up with from profit. And then of course it came back at you. And if you move your stops up to to break even. For the rest of it, you missed out on this thing, but you know how trades are trades are not always 100 percent. You know, we just best the best guesstimate and sometimes we stopped out. Right. But this one was not, you know, at least at least was a profitable trade. And that’s all that matters, right? You want to make some money on these things. Can you make more money on this? Can you buche buy this up here? No. Non-machine want to lose money? Right. You want to make sure you set yourself up cause this thing. Right. Most of people I know that, you know, if you’re saying if you’re buying and hold it is different. But if you’re if you want to do leverage trading, do not be a buyer up here, please. Because you’re going to get wrecked. Yes or no position on leverage trade. You want the market to come to you. You shouldn’t just be running in because you see some green candles. That’s why we all and more many people in them and crypto community, we went in at lower prices, by the way. Let us know in the comments section, if you took this trade, you somewhere in the five thousand eight hundred six thousand six thousand two hundred six thousand four hundred areas. And you are writing it to what’s the upside? Let us know in the comments section down below. So the real area that you want to probably put some any kind of leverage trade if you’re going to do anything like that is right at the thirty eight point two. This thing can hold the point to from where it pivoted here. I think you can draw your fibs from this level or from this level is fine. And the thirty eight point two basically is where you look for a an entry point to to go along here. And then with the stop loss is sixty one point eight because I don’t think it’ll work all the way back there. I think. Well, we’re going to plug the third 13 A.M.A. for quite some time, and especially if we do this to daily. Let’s go to the daily. Daily has it nice Dabhol I’m making that, which is that into the confluence of events to make us bring us to the thousand area again, be careful. Don’t know. Leverage, leverage lung’s here at this top point because it’s too dangerous even if it does continue up straight up all the way to the 9000. The best thing you could have done is not trade up here because that’s not a normal thing to happen. Let’s just say it went straight to 9000 tomorrow. Yes. That was not Norm. That was just a fluke. Right. And it should not we shouldn’t have done that. But, you know, you missed out and you don’t worry. You’ll get it. You’ll get the next one. But normally the market will behave and try to shake out the most and take the most amount of money from the most modern people. So don’t be one of them. Exactly. Yes, exactly. Exactly. So everyone who wants to see what this nine thousand dollar target is about, watch the last episode we met with the vintage F15 where we set the bitcoin prices with an 80 percent like you’re going to break out. And our target is nine thousand. Also, we made another video afterwards without having you, Jeff. Fifteen showing other areas of confidence which all were at nine thousand dollars. Just awful. All guys, I want to remind you, if you saw it in one of the last episodes, many people were reaching out to us on Twitter. You wanted to see the trade. So here’s the trade. We are having on on fee mix. And of course, guys, if this one is going south. I will still show it to you if this one is going to get stopped out in a profit. I was still show it to you. However, this was the first profit I accidentally showed public. So I might as well just continue with that. It’s going well so far. You can see here we are at a 150 percent profit. Eleven thousand dollars. And yeah, the size was sixty thousand dollars, approximately 10 BTC here in margin, which we opened to you on free margin. If you also want to open a trade on free margin, you can get a small amount of free margin on fee mix and also on buyback if you go to help in common. You click these things and 20 seconds each you get the account only if you’re an experienced trader because as already said, lavage trading is risky if you don’t know what you are doing. So make sure you only sign up in that case and you get ninety dollars and one hundred twelve dollars completely for free for zero point two bitcoin deposit, you know, up in common. So yeah, feel free to take advantage of that and you can only trade with a free margin and sort of inch. Yes. Do you have anything else to say about bitcoin before we go to a theorem which would be mind blowing as well. Yeah. I mean this is this is nice. This is good, right? Try it. Mack truck through this. Oh, yeah. Oh, good. Always come up with that stuff. It is actually a massive gap. Yes, exactly. So I’m looking forward to filling that gap very, very soon before I go on to to the to the ether area. And I wanted to I saw this earlier today and I was like, wow, wow. This is this. This is called an island reversal. This is like a looks like a capital take charge. Within two gaps as an island by itself, this is a big, big indication that something extremely wrong with the market. All right. So that means you see this kind of the candlesticks. That means that the market’s going to reverse and reverse heart. And not only that, this is also called a dirge D-O-G gap. When we broke out from from this love to Hear and in the Gap. And so that’s a don’t called a dodgy gap. And man, that is very powerful. And look, that we’re going to we’re going we’re going to leave this gap wide open right here. There’s a gap here. Little bit of a gap there. And that it’s just going to it’s not going to come back here. Something’s brewing in the gold market on on the climax here. And I really think we’re going to see some serious fireworks. I think the dealers to get gold into their into their stocks that this thing has to be $500 more. Wow. So look out. Thank you so much for that. I am very sure on a bitcoin and crypto channel, the people are very interested in that. So thank you so much for that. It is actually mind blowing to see how gold is still at $1700. If you want to try to buy physical gold, try to get it for $1700, guys. It is nearly impossible, if not impossible. So thank you. Thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And what about a theorem? Is it just as bullish as bitcoin? Is it more bullish or. Yeah. What is your outlook for that and what’s even more important? What is your price target for thearea? Well, a theorem is like has like a blast lost its mind. And it’s it’s gone friggin bonkers. And it’s it’s outside the bones. Your band here is opening outside the Bones band on the daily here. And it’s looking really gets up to the 200 day moving average. Might see a little bit of consolidation here before it actually starts to take off. But I really think we’re going to get up all the way to the golden pocket, which is that two hundred and ten dollar, 220 dollar level before we actually see any kind of pullback and consolidation, really heavy consolidation before we go even higher. So I’m looking forward to seeing this fully outperform in the long run bitcoin, because this is this is acting like a new currency and a new cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin was at the very beginning stages and it’s moving wild. So you’re going to see some serious, serious fireworks if you’re a holding theory. You might see it go up to well below well above a thousand dollars and in the coming 18 months. So look out for that. That is a massive, massive statement. And oh, no, of course, guys, don’t go in with your life savings. Things can always go different, especially with all these exogenous risks out there. Make sure that you are hedged and make sure that you can take the losses if the market is going in the other direction. However, things are not looking all to bet here. So, yeah, I want to know from you guys, first of all, before we continue here with some very, very important things, do you think that we can hit the price target of 9000 U.S. dollars with an April? Yes or no? Click the pull on that, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. I can remember many, many people who are bearish the last few days. I want to see what the sentiment is right now. So click the poll and say yes or no to nine thousand U.S. dollars as a target in April. And yeah, that being set up in. I’m pretty sure you have some updates to share. Also about Pandora’s Wallet and what is it about that I saw you have many, many happy members already in your telegram group and many happy users of the panelists wallet. Are there any updates you would like to share? Yes. We’re going to be doing every Sunday when I do like for three hours, maybe in the end they group the telegram group. I’m going to do some trades with anybody that’s in the group. So we did. We did last night. I had a lot of fun. And I want to do that every Sunday evening, because that’s when the market actually starts to do something crazy. We pretty much do a trade into that that event. As far as the what’s it called the CMA Futures opens and everything. So it and the week, of course, it closes. So we’re going to see some fireworks during most of time in that timeframe. So might as well trade it. So, yeah, if you guys want to trade it with me. Yeah. You just have to subscribe to Pandora’s Wallet for a limited time. Only four. We will allow you to be a part of that group permanently. If you just buy even one month’s worth of subscription from Pandora’s Wallet. So chill and get on that if you’re interested. Make sure to check that out. The link is in the pin common. And of course you can do one month if you wanted to support of India and also get a hold of the most amazing product out there. You can also just do the one year subscription. Of course, all the information in Dippin Common. Down below and W W W Pando US wallet dot com. Make sure you check that out and Geiss. I completely forgot to incentivize you to smash up the like button. So really, if you appreciate this free content, if you appreciate the big price going up, you’re out of the ascending triangle. As we mentioned it recently and yeah, maybe if you are right now holding bitcoin, just smash up the like button. It really means a lot to us guys. We are reading trying to get you every single video above 3000 likes. So that would be really amazing. Thank you so much for participating at this Pinn comment at the at the comment section at the poll. Liking the video. This is all we are asking for. So we are very happy for you guys. That being said, DaVinci, it is very late right now. It is 9:30 in Chile. Thank you so much for taking your time, dropping your knowledge bombs on us. And do you have anything to shed before wrap up today’s episode? Yeah, I’ll play for a president of strength. And don’t get rekt. Do not get great, guys. Thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other very soon at the next one of them. Krypto, make sure you click the subscription box right here. And also the baby detergent, which is popping up right there. And that being said, we would see each other very soon already to marvel at the next one. Mantrip, Vernice, always, guys, as always. Bye bye.


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