In this video, Bitcoin is currently breaking out of this resistance that I was talking about in yesterday’s video. And Bitcoin is currently very, very close to my target area up here. I want to take a look at the Bitcoin price. I want to show you exactly what I think is going to happen. And I want to talk about why Bitcoin is currency looking so bullish. I also want to show you that Bitcoin is currently going up while stock markets are going down. This is an extremely bullish fact. And I want to talk about that. And I also want to take a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And I want to show you evidence that might suggest that the Dow Jones is going to crash 90 percent all the way down to three thousand dollars. I will show you two sets of evidence that will be very, very powerful. And you will think that this is mind-blowing. That is for sure. And this chart is a Bitcoin on Shein analysis chart. And I want to show you why this is giving us a huge buy signal for Bitcoin right now. This chart has given us two fantastic buy signals in history. And I believe that we are witnessing the third major buy signal emerging right now. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think that you should difficulties. Hello, guys. Welcome to the moon. My name is Carl, and I meant to bring you this Bitcoin video. And before I take a look at the Bitcoin price that is going to quickly mention that, yes, my video yesterday got deleted by YouTube and that’s why that video disappeared for a few hours. And I made a tweet about this. And thank you so much, everyone, for all of these three tweets and likes. This is an amazing engagement. I think it’s thanks to you guys that YouTube actually eventually reversed their decision and reinstated my video like six, seven hours later. Of course, the momentum of the video was completely gone. So the video was completely killed in that incident in the sense of getting rich. But at least the video is back. And they also removed the warning that I received. All right. Speaking of yesterday’s video, what I said in yesterday’s video was that if Bitcoin breaks through this EMV ribbon that you can see here on the four-hour timeframe, which was approximately at 9000. And also, if Bitcoin can successfully break through this green resistance box and more specifically, Bitcoin can break through this level, the upper level of the resistance box, which is nine point two K, then if this happens, then I believe that Bitcoin is going to go blueish and most likely we are going to see a feeling of the enemy futures gap. And so far, the call was correct because Bitcoin is going very, very bullish. Evers’s bitcoin broke through the E Reben and also, of course, the nine puts to K level. And let’s go to the see me futures chart to see how close we are to filling the gap. Well, here we can see that the gap if we were to fill it, we have to go all the way up here to ten thousand seventy approximately in D.C. we got a chart. Some people calculate the gap from the beginning of the week. And in that case, it’s nine thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. But regardless, we are getting closer and closer. And so far, so good. We’ve seen a very bullish turn of events since yesterday’s video. So what happens now? What happens if Bitcoin breaks above 10000 again? Well, if we break above this previous high, then that is, of course, a very bullish sign. So far, we’ve seen a bearish divergence here. As you may remember, that’s why I said that I think a correction is very likely here. And then we did see a correction. But no, I think this divergence has already played its role. And it’s not necessarily the case that we have to see a continued correction, even though that’s still possible, of course. But if Bitcoin breaks above this previous high, then that means that we’re getting yet another high. And that would be, of course, a very bullish sign in the beta timeframe. But as I’ve said so many times before, I think the most important level in terms of the result of resistance is the ten-point five K levels. Let me just zoom out here and show exactly why. As you can clearly see by this level here, Bitcoin has tested this level several times before. And Bitcoin is actually getting very close to it right now. And the upper band here, or the upper level, the ten-point five K is the most important towards all the resources that I can find in the chart. If Bitcoin breaks through here, then this would be a very, very bullish turn of events. And as long as we’re below this level, I think it’s still possible that Bitcoin might actually get a big correction in the next few weeks and months. But I’m leaning more towards the bullish side because I think that having has just taken place and look at this crazy fact since the having, we can see that Bitcoin is going up while the Dow Jones is going down. So as you see, Bitcoin is going up in the past few days. This is the having while the Dow Jones is going down. And this is, of course, an extremely bullish sign showing us that even though people are bearish on the financial markets, people are bullish on Bitcoin. And this is a great sign showed us that Bitcoin might be decoupling from the financial markets at last, just like we’ve been talking about so much in the crypto space, just like I have been calling for for a very long time. I still think it’s going to happen. This is the first sign that maybe we are going to see it in the next two weeks and months. Now that the having has taken place. And the interesting part is that when big investors see that their savings and their investments are going down when they look at the stock markets and all of these people, they will see that there is a wonderful thing going up and that’s Bitcoin. They will, of course, be very intrigued and interested. And at the very least, they will take a look at it, make some quick research. And hopefully, some of these people will decide that Bitcoin is a great hedge against the financial system and the monetary system, and they will hopefully diversify some of their billions of dollars into Bitcoin, which is exactly what I think is going to happen in the following months as we see this financial crisis escalates because. The financial crisis is ongoing. The fact that the markets are going a little bit sideways now is basically only because of the fact that we’re seeing money printing out of nothing. Here we have the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And if you were following my videos when the Dow Jones was collapsing, what I was talking about here was that there will come a time very soon when this index will be going up and going sideways, basically, and everyone will be saying that this is the return to the normal. Everything is fine. Everything is back to normal, basically. And we can go back and people will start to cautiously get bullish again. However, this was this will only be short term, is what I’ve been saying. And I still think that’s true. And we are eventually going to see this continue to the downside. And this is something that always happens in these massive crashes. This is exactly what happened back in the Great Depression also. Let me actually go back and show you the Great Depression. We saw the exact same thing here. Look at this. The Dow Jones back in 1929 had a huge collapse in the beginning and then a return to normal and then a continued dump down. And I think something like this is going to happen, which means that the Dow Jones could go down. Let’s see. Actually, it will go down more than 90 percent because that’s what happened back in the Great Depression. Let’s take a look at what happens if this happens today. Well, we are seeing the exact same thing happening as you can see. We did see a big initial collapse and then a return to normal. And soon we will see something like this happen. If the Dow Jones collapses 90 percent, then basically the Dow Jones will have to collapse all the way down here to approximately 3000. So that would be an insane collapse, of course, from thirty thousand all the way down to 3000. Imagine a financial disaster. This would mean and actually back in the dot com bubble, I believe that the markets tried to correct down to three thousand. Also in the 2008 financial crisis, I also believe that the financial markets tried to correct down to these levels. But what they did was just they lowered interest rates here and they lowered interest rates, printed a bunch of currency. And this, of course, pushes up this artificial bull run and. But you cannot stop the inevitable from happening in the free market will eventually always win. And I believe the free market, it’s going to come down and retest these lower levels because that’s exactly what the free market has been trying to do for the past decades. And guys, now it’s four years until the next Bitcoin having. And I would love to know what you guys think. Where will the Bitcoin prize be at the next having? Leave your comments down below right now. And next up, I want to show you some interesting charts here from Glass Road. And if you don’t know glass, though, as they do on Shein analysis and for example, this orange line here is the Bitcoin active supply. For the past two years, three years. And why I think this chart is very, very interesting is because when this active supply in the Bitcoin addresses goes up, usually this happens before the next big major bull run. Just like here, as you can see, this orange line peaked right here at eighty dollars approximately. And then just a few months later, Bitcoin shot all the way up to a thousand dollars. And then you can see once again here, hold this orange line topped out up here when Bitcoin was at four hundred dollars. And just a few months later, the bitcoin price shot all the way up to twenty thousand dollars. But look at this. We’re seeing the exact same thing happening once again. Look at this orange line. It is once again spiking up just like it did before the previous All-Time High. And from four before this All-Time High. And in my opinion, according to this chart, this is showing us that now that Bitcoin is at nine thousand dollars. We are right at the beginning of a huge bull run, just like this top indicated. And like this top indicated. And I think the next top is going to be somewhere between two hundred three or maybe four hundred thousand dollars. So, yeah, massive buy signal, according to this glass node chart and other. We’re already talking about glass. Now, let’s take a look at another metric that they are showing us here. Total addresses with a balance of more than one hundred Bitcoin. And before we talk about that, if he wants to sign up to the last note, you can go down into the description or the PIN comment and click the link and it’s completely free to use glass note. And that said, let’s take a look at this because this maybe could be seen as a bearish sign, but if anything, I think it’s quite neutral. But we are seeing that ever since 2017. The. Tails above one hundred Bitcoin have been declining in numbers because, as you can see, the numbers are going down. And its currency at approximately a five year low. So in five years, we have never seen addresses with more than 100 Bitcoin being these few in numbers. And this could be because of different reasons. First of all, some people might have split up their holdings. For example, an address with one hundred and fifty Bitcoin might just split up into two addresses and it could still be the same holder. But now this metric will no longer show us an address with 100 Bitcoin and also the vehicle price is going up in value. So eventually the future, when Bitcoin reaches millions of dollars, I think it’s going to be very, very rare to see addresses with huge amounts of Bitcoin because even the people with huge amounts of Bitcoin today, they will eventually start to liquidate Bitcoin because it’s just too much money to hold. And of course, he wants to use the Bitcoin to invest in other things. This is my plan also when Bitcoin reaches hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. What I want to do is basically convert my Bitcoin into cash yielding assets like real estate and stocks and other things. So Bitcoin is merely a vehicle to be able to accumulate a bunch of other types of assets out there that are currently overvalued. And I believe in the future these assets will maybe be undervalued and Bitcoin will be overvalued at some point in the future. And that’s when I want to try to convert. Basically, we’re riding these wealth cycles and trying to take advantage of wealth cycles. And I think we should all strive to do that. And if you think this was interesting to take a look at these metrics, make sure to go down to the description and click the glass node. Very interesting. All chain fundamental analysis they do over there. You can also follow my friend M-m Crypto. He’s doing a lot of this on-chain analysis on his channel. Big shout outs to him. And this is it for this video. And if you haven’t seen this one, they click right there right now. And LC gets to move.


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