Joy Destroyer. Bitcoin is incredibly close to testing and breaking this six-year trend, you guys will have to show you exactly how far back and how important that line is. And a potential huge bullish Mack D cross on the weekly chart, guys. This is absolutely mind-boggling. Not to mention in terms of overall volume, we’re sitting right at the top of this hardest area to break that we talked about yesterday. If we can actually hold this level or break above it, then things could get even juicier then. Then a night at your best friend‘s mom’s house. So far, bitcoin absolutely shattering this 200-day moving average guys. This is the most important thing. The determination between a bullish and a bearish market, not to mention Bitcoin, is now completely erased all of the losses that we saw on March 12th. It took about a month and a half to get there, and it took about one month to lose it all. But, guys, we are finally back. What does this mean? What is the next target for Bitcoin’s price? And as well? April does it again, making it the fifth consecutive April in a row with huge Bitcoin price pumps. Let’s get juicy. What’s going on? It’s Mikie here. Welcome back. Another extremely exciting episode of Bitcoin guys. They’re going to just defying expectations and making the world go round. This is huge. So, guys, there could be some short term resistance, but there is a huge, hugely bullish sign on the weekly chart. And potentially maybe we’ll see those bearish people start to sink back into their depraved holes where they belong. Wow. Huge stuff. Cannot wait to get in today’s update, guys. So as well, we are going to be doing a giveaway for this ledger at the end of the video. And guys, make your job a comment for this bad worry. We’re going to give you giving away this one a little bit sooner than usual. And your boy will be stuck in back up, changing the world one leader at a time. Make sure to hit that low. Hit that ding. Hit that subscribe. Hit that comment brutally. Press that comment, guys, and live right into the content. Well, my juices are flowing today, you guys. So I want to start out here on the weekly chart. This is absolutely fantastical. So we actually did break the 21 week. Now, this is going to be key. OK. We need to be prepared because I want to say this first just so everybody doesn’t get to hype. It would be perfectly fine at the end of this week. Even today or about two weeks from now, if we would have some sort of retest to solidify those guys, because this is the biggest trend in the entire market, in my opinion, this is the biggest for overall momentum. And I want to switch to a different weekly chart and show you something else incredibly cool that we have going on for Bitcoin’s price, guys. Things just get absolutely bananas real quick. So we have that. Now, I want to actually show you. I want to show you that this is really important to show this, but on the weekly chart, this is everything zoomed out. So for like the past three years, we see the tippy-top of the last bull run in twenty seventeen, ending the end of 2017, beginning of 2018, which is pretty great. But as well, it shows all of the accumulated volume and everything. And so we talked about this yesterday about this being like the really boring zone. OK, now we are peaking. We are peeking our heads over the tippy top of this. But guys, this is don’t count this out. This is an incredibly hard zone. So I wouldn’t get insanely excited just yet. OK, reel it in a little bit, because we want to see probably some confirmation. It might take a day or two. It could even take longer than that. But we want to just get a really good confirmation that this may be actually is broken. And then if we continue up of higher things, get absolutely more insanely bullish. Now, this cross is a bullish sign for, you know, not immediate term, like not within the next five hours is a really good potential weekly sign. Building up here, guys, a nice cross here with the blue coming up above the red there. And you see this flashing a little green here. So that could actually be that could end up being huge potentially. We will see one of the biggest gainers of all time. Your grandchildren will be asking if you were alive to see the gainers. And not to mention as well, we take these indicators off, guys, and zoom in. This is important, too, because we break the final leg. In my opinion, of this descending channel. So this is the main dissenting channel. But these three red lines, we’re playing increasingly hard resistance as well. Now, you could actually argue that this is a very key one. OK. Just because these are sending lines are pretty universal. And that actually has a target right around like the 85 86, which again, is really important. I want to stress because just because we broke 8000 doesn’t mean a street moon. Big even numbers are really important. But a lot of the times there is a lot of wiggle room, especially when you have Bitcoin, you know, thousands of dollars, a few hundred extra dollars sometimes can still provide resistance. So we are getting a nice break. But we are going to come into a little overhead resistance, I think, in the short term. And if we don’t guide things, we get absolutely explosive. Not to mention on the weekly, we have the 50 week moving average right here, which has played support for which has played a nice bounce area here. Well, I’ve been chewing too much nicotine gum and getting a really big head rush right now. Well, let’s get juicing so we have the 50 day. So we have the 50-week moving averages, I think is important as well. That’s around 87. So all these little indicators, people are wondering, like, why are these pumps like we’re getting a little pump, maybe like one hundred dollars really quick. And then you might sit there for a while and then maybe one hundred dollars. There’s a lot going on this area, guys. I think that’s one hundred percent responsible for what is going on or here. There’s still some overhead resistance. But this is really important because we’re basically right at the top of some of the hardest, actually the hardest resistance, in my opinion. That exists on Bitcoin’s chart currently. Now, again, this could end up playing a role because it’s where we came into some resistance for three weeks, actually. Right here, you can see three weekly candles found that as resistance descending there. So he could see that around here with perfect lines up with the 50 weeks. So, again, guys, I think it could be a slow crawl up. And I wouldn’t be surprised in the short term if we got a little bit of, you know, we’re gonna get rejections when there are pumps, there are dumps and when there are dumps, there are pumps. So, again, keep an eye just because things might swing a few hundred dollars today and over the next week. This is still a really good sign, primarily. Again, Mack D. Some really bullish weekly indicators. Now, if we switch to the daily, this is really important here. So this is the chart that I’ve had in the for our for like the past month and a half here. So this is really this is really important here. But now we’ve actually broken up to the tippy top of this, actually broken out of it for right now. Again, don’t be surprised if we had to retest this going forward. But more importantly, this is absolute breakout mode. So if we want to get absolutely bullish, this is still, in my opinion, the most important thing. For about five days. We tested this for support before absolutely plummeting on March 12th. You know, cutting Bitcoin’s price 50 percent. As soon as we broke this line, basically with some other key moving averages, they were there as well. But I think this is the most important thing is you like one, two, three, four candles here, touching here, trying to find support there. And it failed. Now, this level right around like the eighty-five hundred, if we break above that, that and if we maintain that, that to me is the ultimate bull mode. So what exactly is this Bulan guys? Let me actually zoom out here. I put on the daily so I can get as much of it in as possible, OK. This blue line, not only was it support back here during the, you know, the beginning of twenty-eight, nineteen and the end of 2018 when we had that ascending triangle, that absolute moon us from about 3000 to 14000. But as well guys, we go back years. You can see this thing just played support for year. This is all the way back in 2015. I believe it actually goes back further than that, basically. Yeah. So it’s been a huge trend line, in my opinion, and it’s actually been holding up really well. So we get back above that, guys. Not only is the 21 week a huge bullish weekly indicator, but the 200 day is also really bullish. But as well, this trend line, I think is insanely bullish. So we’re not there quite yet, but we are just inching our way up there and that’s extremely good. So far, this thing has been proving more bullish than even people’s wildest imaginations. Not to mention we still have a gap up here to fill that gap would actually be right around like the nine thousand dollar mark. So that would actually be insane if we got a pump up to 9000, maybe got a rejection, found supports. This would be my ultimate case. Maybe we got to pump up to over the next four days that pump up to like 9000, came back down, tested this for support and continued guys. That is ultimate bull mode scenario. Absolute barn on, hands down. Without a doubt, the craziest scenario that we could be seeing here. And just for another picture, you can see on the daily here, we have this 200-day moving average now being crushed. So, again, we want to stay above this. We could come back to eight thousand retest that. I think that’s probably going to happen over the next few days, but absolutely crucial. This is a really good sign because for a while we didn’t know which way the market was really trying to shift. And it looks as though now we see which way it really does want to push. It really, really has decided that it wants to push up. And we’ll just have to see if we have the momentum to continue or if we have to come back sooner than expected and test for support. And as well, guys, this is awesome. Bitcoin actually jumped above 80, 100. Today is actually above 83. So this article is just a few hours old, but making April gains for the fifth consecutive year. All but certain. So look at this, guys. This is the performance of Bitcoin in April from 2012 to 2020. Okay. Massive gains here in 2013. But look at the last five years. April has been absolutely key. Last year’s April was insane. It began the rally from like three thousand five hundred thousand to fourteen thousand U.S. dollars in the summer of twenty nineteen. And it looks as though this month has been absolutely beautiful as well. So we’ll see if that continues. I think it’s a really good indicator of the market. So, guys, let’s copy and paste this. Chunder longer in here, get YouTube comments and let’s see who the winner is. There’s my computer running. What is this? Okay. Amount of unique commoner’s 241. I think that’s what it was last time. I don’t know if the site’s glitching or something. Let’s see who the winner is. John de Ridder, Jandi Ritter, I always enjoy your videos. Awesome. Jan, make sure to shoot me a message and discord on Twitter. Just comment below or something. Awesome stuff. Guys, thanks so much. And remember, we’re still going away. There’s other leisure fairly soon, guys. Make sure to hit that. Let me know what you think. What do you think Bitcoin’s price will be doing? This is absolutely bull mode.


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