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  1. The 2008 crash when there was huge QE did not lead to hyper-inflation so there is no guarantee that everything plays out according to Economic Theory.Indeed the UK has had the most stable inflation rate i can remember in the last 50 years since 2008!!!Good luck everyone 🙂

  2. I have been bullish on Bitcoin since the 12th of March. Even more bullish when oil prices dropped below zero, even more bullish when I see the dollar being printed like it's nothing. I wish I had 1 BTC to hold for this next bull run.

  3. Hyperinflation doesn't occur simply because more money is being printed. Only when a printed currency is in circulation but can no longer be destryoed because it is outside the reach or the government does hyperinflation occur. Printing money for stimulus spending is compeltely necessary, and unless large amounts of printed money are used to pay foreign debts, inflation can be controlled and regulated.

    And if did happen, the value of bitcoin would topple over as everyone would likely sell, and without fiat, Bitcon is nothing but an idea at the moment.

  4. There wont be any inflation if they take the appropriate deflationary measures. Hyperinflation is a thing only when the deflationary forces are not equal.

  5. I think down with 10sma and 21ema on the 12hr and daily curling down. In a short at 9730. But if we can close 4hr candles on 9.3-9.4 level I’ll flip long.

  6. As for Russia, that is an example if US wants to make it illegal they will. Just like when they made silver illegal. And if they make it illegal it will keep btc from getting mass adoption which is what you will need if you want it to be a world currency. Otherwise we will stay the minority a small percentage of the world. Like a btc cult. If the dollar collapse people will go back to what they know works, GOLD! Bitcoin is just a speculative asset, and with more traders then hodlers it will stay a speculative asset.

  7. The key to trading success is knowing that panic selloffs and short term hype cycles are, by definition, extreme emotional outbursts or fear and greed events and calm, level headed, long term focus will always return to the market when the dust settles, which it always does. The market is hardening or being tempered like a Katana or Samurai sword. Each dip is bought by people statistically less likely over time to need to panic sell with each dump in price, as they will become fewer and further between. With limited supply, the hodlers become more determined than ever to accumulate whenever the opportunity presents itself. So the time to buy is when the market has just crashed to anything relatively extreme and generally unexpected. The time to sell Bitcoin is only to take profits after a sharp move higher that may not last short term if you feel uneasy about maintaining those levels. Given that Bitcoin's long term price increase is hard coded or built in, shorting is extremely dangerous in any market condition, as you're fighting the almost inevitable long term uptrend. Only a catastrophic network failure or majority market cap inversion to alt coins can stop or delay it.

    If the market tanks and looks like it will never stop tanking, buying when it settles down virtually assures profits when it recovers. You just need enough capital to wait it out and not panic sell if it dumps some more. Buying more on each dip will DCA or dollar cost average your losses on the way down and eventually you'll buy the actual bottom if you have any funds left. Once you get this into your head, you'll be wishing that Bitcoin would crash again to give you another buying opportunity. I was very disappointed to see Bitcoin recover so quickly from its recent panic selloff and I already bought at nearly ten thousand last year and only sold a small amount to pay the bills. Watch Trace Mayer's interviews on his philosphy. He loves buying dips! Bitcoin isn't like buying stocks. A rising price over time is mathematically programmed into the software and miners will have to charge more in the future. It's inevitable that they will simply set a higher selling price and buyers will be forced to rise to it. The numbers don't matter except in that the market capitalization needs to grow with price but it's also inevitable given the age of the industry. Market cap 2 years ago was roughly four times higher but Bitcoin is still the same price.

    This will mean that each buyer gets progressively less Bitcoin for their money year on year but it can't stop the price from rising. If Bitcoin was already 1 million dollars, as long as enough people think that it could make them a few percent gains over the next few years, they will still pay whatever it costs, particularly as it's one of the few positively yielding asset classes looking forward. The only difference is the quantity purchased for a given capital investment which is almost irrelevant, since the largest 'investors' and fund managers are only concerned with speculative value potential and will never actually use it as a method of payment, hence Grayscale and other institutional custody solutions etc. so psychological levels are only technical areas of support and resistance that make absolutely zero sense whatsoever in any meaningful way except in as far as other people and trading algorithms or bots will have been programmed to respect them as if they are fundamentally significant, which they absolutely are not.

    Think about it; Support becoming resistance? Resistance becoming support? Why? It makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever except that people think it does and it looks valid somehow on a chart because it's what people have been told. Most people don't actually think but merely respond to stimulus automatically according to a given set of so-called 'rules'. Those of us who don't consider thinking any great sacrifice wonder what all the fuss is about and why everyone else is so mentally lazy and ill-disciplined.

    Legal Disclaimer; That was financial advice, as if you claim to have lost money following it, you didn't actually follow it and you panic sold and took a loss unnecessarily when you should have just bought more or 'hodled' and if you shorted, well, I did warn you not to do so under any circumstances and I hereby do so again. Also, obviously my opinions are my own, (like, duh, who else's are they supposed to be and if they are someone else's, you can't blame me!). I feel flattered that you think that I have absolute power over your mind to the extent that I am responsible for your trading decisions and behaviour. I can barely control my own and if I could only follow my own most excellent advice I'd have become a multi-millionaire years ago and wouldn't be wasting time commenting on YouTube videos that no-one will ever read because they're usually more than one sentence!

  8. Every 10 Days: Breakout imminent! Triangle formed. It's either going way up or way down in the next 3-4 days. Once it breakouts either way and it's too late to invest, "see I told ya so."

  9. The results of inflation are not seen over night we will start seeing alot of the typical assets that people invest in sky rocket and then it'll trickle down to everything else over the next 10 years done be surprised if your paying 8$ for a snickefs bar at Walmart in 2030 and it's gonna come real gradual that we'll see it but if won't be too alarming cause the prices will slowly go up a couple cents every year and them they're gonna use marketing tactics like putting things on "sale" reality is all major corporations and bussinesss are starting to strategize how they're gonna get that extra 20-40% out of you. Over all the US is on track to a better a more United place. Of course only after this country crumbles and all the "elites" you know the handfull of people that decide what they're gonna do with us as if we're just some flock of clueless mindless chickens. Just cause they throw some chump change at you doesn't mean that everything is gonna be all hippy dippy whoptie doooo and everything is gonna slap back into place and our economy is gonna thrive and reach and all time high. The stock market might be going up but just wait till this 2nd round of ebola breakes out you guys haven't seen nothing yet

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