What a surprise and welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, we’re going to be talking all about the bitcoin price breaking below this very crucial support level. Now we did have an ascending support level here and we actually broke it down around about 12 percent in the past few days. So really really interesting stuff not only that we’re going to be taking a look at the Federal Reserve printing one million dollars every second or the equivalent of doing that. That’s how much money they are printing. We’re also going to be taking a look at Donald Trump indirectly advertising Bitcoin. So a really exciting video coming up today. So definitely stick around and if you haven’t already definitely smashed those likes we haven’t quite reached 500 likes and video. So if you could smash those likes that would be great. Also if you haven’t already made sure to subscribe and take that notification bell so you get notified when I post my next video. Guys, of course, you know the drill by now. Post a video comment down below to be entered to in that tree’s storage device. Now tomorrow is the giveaway. So get your comments down below. So guys without any further ado let’s jump into the video so we can see it. We had this pretty nice ascending level of support here we took a step back here on the 13th on the 16th almost on the 19th on the twenty-third and then on the twenty-sixth we actually came down tested it and then on the twenty-seventh we finally break broke below it and fortunately now that’s really unfortunate because I was hoping that potentially we could have broken to the upside however that doesn’t always happen and we were going we’re going to break one way or another if we go ahead and take a look at the volume we can see that the volume just isn’t really that high we can see we’ve got a descending volume line here and the volume just really really wasn’t really that great, unfortunately. So I’d really like to see the volume kick up a notch if we were gonna see any test to punch back up here. However, I do think we could fall a little bit further before things get better. I’ve outlined a few areas here. If we go ahead and take a look on the for our child first you can see that we have this area here down around this area we could potentially go about down to just below 6 K that will be a reasonably probable area to go into next. If we were to pump upwards we could potentially test this six-point four K range which we have been holding a little bit of resistance there in the past. We could also go up and test this range here at about six point five. So between six point four and six points, five K will be the target for the upside downside short term probably around five points six to five point seven K. If we were to fall to the downside now if we go back over onto the one day chart we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this 20 day moving average because right now Bitcoin is sitting exactly on it. Yes we are still way below on the 200 days moving average I’ll bring that up now we’re even further below now we were making good grounds to coming back to this 200 day moving average. You guys all know I love the 200-day moving average I think it’s a great moving average to two to basically get great information from over the 20 days is also pretty relevant as well. We can see we came up here when you got rejected by we came further down. We came up we tested the 20 days here. We can’t get rejected. We came down tested the 20 there we jumped above the 20-day moving average and then we found literally we found to support all the way down on the 20-day moving average and that’s currently where we are sitting now. So we could potentially slide a little bit further into this five-point eighty-five point nine K range as I said that 20-day moving average is holding us there quite nicely. I’d like to see the volume increase a little bit. To be honest the volume is really low. We can see when we had these massive drops here. The volume was absolutely crazy of course we had that massive price drop. But nevertheless, the volume was still large even back here a few days ago when we had this minidump and pump the volume was still way higher than it is actually now. So that’s definitely fairly interesting guys that we are going to get into the news now. But before we do that if you haven’t already checked out the bitcoin Blueprint 2.0 it’ll be linked down below in the description basically in eight is a guide on how you can become a profitable trader with cryptocurrency even if you don’t know much about trading or you’ve not traded before the bitcoin Blueprint 2.0 will guy guide you through the steps on how you can be a com a profitable trader with the right steps tactics and methods have been tried and tested and there is currently a hundred dollar discount going on right now for the next few days. So if you were interested in that the links will be down below. I highly recommend checking it out. There are so many good reviews about it. Not only that there is also being a new three Commerce section added a full section on three commerce and then how you can profitably trade with that. And there’s also a seven-day money-back guarantee. So literally no reason to not jump on board and hopefully become a more profitable trader. So guys moving on if we take a look at the crypto fair and index we can see. Yesterday was absolutely crazy. We were actually at eight last month. We were out of fear and we were at 30 yesterday we were actually at an eight which is crazy. Last week we posted 10. And today we are on a 12 probably because the drop slowed down a little bit. So people’s fear slowed down. But we can see the crypto Fear and Greed Index chart has actually taken a complete pummeling. And of course, it is in correlation with the price when the price pumped. People are not scared when the price pumps. People are very scared. It’s pretty logical, to be honest. Moving on now and if you guys don’t already follow me on Twitter is crypto Jack with two Ks at the end. Watch out. Don’t get scammed by someone. This is the only account I have. Crypto Jack with two Ks and actually tweeted something out which many other people also tweeted because it is just huge news. The Fed is actually printing one million dollars per second. This is absolutely insane and I’ll get on to some more articles about this in just a few seconds. But the Fed FED printing a million dollars per second. This is exactly why we need bitcoin. I’ve covered in previous videos that Fed pretty much admitted they have an infinite supply of money which we already knew they did. And they’re willing to print whatever they need to keep the economy afloat. So if you did want to see more nice tweets like this definitely give me a follow crypto Jack with two Ks on Twitter. So the Federal Reserve is printing ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY SECOND the United States Federal Reserve balance sheet has increased by 586 billion to five-point to five trillion in the week of March 18 to 25th according to the official report. This means that on average the Fed has been printing roughly nine hundred seventy thousand dollars every second during that time period and its efforts to keep the market alive amid the breakout. This is just ridiculous. In fact, the Fed has been printing the equivalent of Bitcoin’s market cap every thirty-five hours just that doesn’t blow your mind every thirty-five hours the Fed printing the equivalent of bitcoins market cap. It’s just ludicrous. According to Bloomberg, this is the first time ever when the Fed’s balance sheet has topped five trillion. So yeah that’s at an all-time high. It might seem a lot apparently it’s just a drop in the ocean or the drop in the bucket. The president of the Fed Reserve on the 22nd said that they have an infinite amount of cash. I’ve covered that in previous videos but it’s still a very crucial point. Speaking on 60 Minutes it basically said there’s enough enough enough enough cash in the financial system and there’s an infinite amount of cash in the Federal Reserve will do what it will need to make sure there’s enough cash in the banking system. And then the article goes on to say if the supply of USD is infinite doesn’t that make the dollar worthless. Of course, it does. Leave your comments down below. They’ll also enter you fought the trades a storage device. Do you think the dollar will become worthless? Or do you agree with that statement that the infinite supply of USD makes the makes it worthless? Let me no doubt in the comments below. Moving on to the fundamental article now guys stay with me. Donald Trump just advertised bitcoin after the Fed creates six trillion dollars. A beautiful image thereof Mr Donald Trump himself. Bitcoin game ironic support from the United States President Donald Trump on March 27 after he appeared to say he supported manipulating the dollar which is just absolutely crazy. This form of meddling in the money supply that forms a central tenant of Bitcoin as a financial solution. The epithet epidemic emboldened its supporters who watched on as the Fed admitted it had infinite money. How much would we? How much did we pay? Trump to advertise bitcoin. Of course, that is indirectly advertising bitcoin. It goes on to here to say for scale six trillion dollars is the equivalent of the U.S. GDP in 1990 or enough to buy almost 70 percent of the world’s gold supply at a spot price. So the Fed pretty much just blows my mind how people just I don’t even know it’s just crazy. Let me know what you think down below in the comments section below. That’s pretty much it for this video guys. I already outlined where I think the price may be going to potential options. Well, of course, we are holding on this 20 day moving average 200-day moving average is still quite far away. It’s not all doom and gloom is Bitcoin as we are still increasing. We are in a reasonable uptrend from the bottom, of course, we are the bottom was crazy at around thirty-eight hundred but I would be interested in your thoughts below. If you think this is the bottom or sorry this was the bottom at this thirty-eight hundred here or do you think we have lower to go. I’d be really interested to know your thoughts down below. And as always guys if you haven’t already check out the bitcoin blueprint 2.0 without seven-day money-back guarantee T. And the hundred dollars off right now. It’s pretty much a no brainer. So, guys, I’ll catch you in the next one.


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