Bitcoin Bull Flag, Ethereum 2.0 Interest Rate, Lumens Tracking, XRP Banking & New BTC Whales


Hello, everybody, you welcome back for another video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having an incredible day to start things off. Bitcoin’s price has risen over the nine thousand dollar mark or the second time in twenty four hours on Saturday. That day, bulls managed to push the price of the top cryptocurrency to nine thousand and ten dollars. But the price quickly rejected at the top of the bullpen, and it pulled back to eighty eight hundred support before making another attempt at breaking out. The break out brought the price of Bitcoin to nine thousand two hundred, and at the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price has pulled back to around ninety one hundred. I think it’s currently like ninety one oh five or something like that, to be exact, if you will, where traders are attempting to establish support on these shorter time frame. Traders will note that the breakout occurred on a slight spike in volume, but purchasing volume has now returned to the levels seen earlier in the day. A few possibilities could play out over the next few hours. Bitcoin’s price could consolidate between nine thousand two hundred and the Bull Pendant trend line, which is also aligned with a higher volume node on the V.P. v r at eighty nine hundred. This is, I guess at the moment major news when you click around where new crypto news or what’s currently trending bitcoin just surged past nine thousand. Here’s why analysts think more upside is imminent. Bitcoin reclaims key logarithmic growth curve as the case for upside grows. A lot of people are, of course, estimating that it could simply be I mean, it could be a number of factors we’ve actually seen today. I think a number of other stock markets have not been faring very well. A lot of other, um, futures in stock markets have also, I don’t use the word plummeted, but they’ve gone down a tad. They’re not as high as people expected they would be around this time, especially with a couple of other places around the world announcing that they were going to try to resume operations on the economy, as it were. Apparently, the optimism just completely isn’t fair. And on that news, we keep getting little spikes in Bitcoin’s price and therefore the rest of the cryptocurrency market also moves up. But it could also just simply be that we are getting closer to the having. I believe it is currently nine days, eight and a half days away, depending on how exact do you really want to look at it? And I think that’s also causing a huge amount of momentum and price as well. I was just reading something, talking about the actual how many analysts are kind of bullish, if you want to say that, on the entirety of the cryptocurrency market right now, just because of how close to having is to a Theorem 2.0. And therefore, there’s like this huge. Ball of energy, if you will, that’s in the air. That’s kind of a multi month optimistic move within the cryptocurrency market. So as it stands right now, yeah, the the the pullback that we had a couple of days ago where Bitcoin went from seventy seven hundred to nine thousand five hundred and back to eighty eight hundred peers is almost slightly, completely erased. We’ll see exactly how the rest of the day ends up going on, I assume mid day. By the time we start getting numbers from the futures markets within the states and other places, if they’re not faring too well, I mean, what kind of. We’ll see. We’ll have to see how things go, because as of right now, there’s still no clear indication if Bitcoin is currently correlated to all of these assets. Stocks go up. Bitcoin goes up. Stocks go down. Bitcoin doesn’t go down as far as people thought. Like a lot of people assumed the last couple of days, I believe it was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as stocks were going down, that Bitcoin would also plummet back down. Lo and behold, it has not. Yeah, that’s the current Bitcoin crypto currency market price news. And without further ado. Next up, crypto analyst Adam Cochran has posted a massive one hundred and nine part tweet storm. You can read here. I don’t have it open. I was not. I’ll tell you right now, there was no way I was reading one hundred and nine tweets. It was not going to happen. Outlining his bullish thesis as the theory M 2.0 switch approaches, this update will launch the very long anticipated switch from PNW to P. S protocol to guard the Etherial Network. Cochran and a Herculean feat manually audited. K Ten thousand theorem addresses. In order to assess what’s going on with the network and where the money is flowing is takeaways are broken down into 32 separate items. However, we can be a bit more concise. Here’s part of his tweet right here. It says, At first glance, it seems like a theory. Supply is very centralized and thus dangerously subject to control and thus a cause for bearishness. Cochran fires back that much of that centralized stash is actually held in massive smart contracts, which exist because of the actual decentralized finance use cases that he theorem is servicing. Factoring in this or factoring this in. Okay. If your dream is also is almost exactly as centralized air quote, don’t go ahead and have a conniption in the comment section. If you dream is almost exactly as centralized as Bitcoin with about fifty six to fifty seven percent of all ether to Bitcoin going into the top ten thousand wallets the same. I think I also have a it has to be somewhere around here as well. I must have a chart. I think there’s also a chart somewhere. Nope. Not here somewhere else. So you don’t zone. Whereas Rosann. Where was I. Where was I going on? He finds that after compensating for wallets that are more than likely dead or lost for the ether wallets that are unlikely to stake their coins. Cochrane estimates that initial yields on a theory I’m staking could garner a juicy 12 to 17 percent per year. People are apparently noticing theory more value as Cochran also highlights the growing number of ether whales and that we we we we’ve been over that before. Remember the. The podcast I told you about a couple of days ago. I don’t know if any of you actually listened to it. Where they actually the guys had Vitaly Budarin on and they were talking to him and discussing the actual future upby Theorem 2.0. I was actually pretty happy that they were talking to him and discussing with him certain things that I had just assumed they would kind of tried to avoid. They were saying, well, you know, when everyone who has over 30 to eat their quick side note, a lot of people keep asking in the comments section, if you have less than thirty two ether, how do you steak? There will be staking pools. You’d better believe it. So at some point, if you have three ether, if you have 11 ether, if you have thirty one ether, you’ll be able to. I assume as this is how every other proof of state coin has worked thus far with the cryptocurrency exchanges, you’ll probably simply just be able to put that coins or those coins onto a cryptocurrency exchange and therefore you will receive money because you’ll be a part of a larger staking pool, which will then be that entire cryptocurrency exchange. So fear not if you don’t have thirty two ether. However, the the issue came up in the podcast, they were saying, well, you know, it’s one thing for someone to have 30 to ether, but they were talking about the the ETF. The Theorem Foundation. They said, well they have more than 32 ether. What happens if they decide to stake all of their coins and watch? They were pretty much asking about the decentralization of all of this that was going on. They were talking about the other corporations and entities and they said even potential world governments, which they also spoke about in the actual podcast as well, which was very great. They were discussing the actual future usage of it and they would need the actual testing. Of governments by governments. I’ll be theorem, and it came down to the fact that. Pretty much they’re not expecting rather the theory and foundation, I think, has stated that they won’t stake all of their coins and a lot of the other coins as far as the decentralization, because people are now looking through the numbers and saying, hey, this wallet has 18 million ether. This one has so and so. But they’re actually from cryptocurrency exchanges. So I think people are worried about the actual ideas of centralization as far as even like coin ownership’s within the market. But then again, like I said, we’ve also gone over that many other times before I decided to not have a tab or a real mention of it because I’m tired of that discussion. As far as like the I’m I have to have a tab up here somewhere about it. About the actual Bitcoin rich list. And how many people or how many few people actually own an entire bitcoin. And you kind of see as the wall that’s become fewer and fewer. There are certain while that’s out there that have over one hundred thousand to maybe potentially a million Bitcoin or thirty five thousand Bitcoin, you kind of get into that same exact discussion as well. So there was also the idea that apparently one of the podcasters was asking, he said, what do you do if an institution has been accumulating tons of etherial in mass? And when they can finally start staking, they use their stake to try and 51 percent attack the network and apparently their whole bunch of like attack vectors and all this other stuff that kind of like you’re you’re you’re decentralized yet is the word to attack the network. Because I think if you perform a 51 percent attack or attempt to perform a 51 percent attack on Bitcoin, I think it costs you like an enormous amount of money to be able to try to create one additional Bitcoin. It’s not worth it. I think Vitale’s said even on a theory, and when it goes to 2.0, it’d be like a ten fold of this. So it’s like you trying to is like you spending thirty five thousand dollars to rob someone of five dollars. It just not completely worth it. So I guess even the more so, the main takeaway of this entire article is that calculations are being done very rapidly. Because I said that I believe that this was going to be a major factor. I think there’s a reason why institutions are starting to pay a lot more attention to a theorem, especially when we didn’t hear anything about a theorem for a while. The amount of it we spoke about this about a week ago as well. The amount of theorem that’s actually locked in decentralised finance projects is already massive. There’s a huge amount of ether just completely locked away in these projects. You have to be locked away in order to be able to use a product. Cool. Got it. Amazing. This is only going to continue as it cerium rises in price. The hiree theory rises in price. The more attention that it ends up getting in the way people and a building their platforms on top of it. Every theorem can then handle thousands, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of transactions per second as the more updates and that rolling out. You gonna start hearing more about this as well. So it’s a really weird, perfect storm. You have tons of material locked for a long time, presumably, if not years, inside of defined projects. You have the increase of transactions per second. You have the amount of people who are going to be moving their project onto the Ethiopian block chain should it be able to do these quicker transactions and therefore, more ether will be flowing back and forth as people are using the transaction fees. You have the staking the issuance rate dropping B, just this dissemble amount of ether that’s going to be locked away or staking and just the actual DFI is going to be probably over 50, 60, 70 percent. We’re gonna start getting those numbers when the actual update rolls out. And then you can also only assume, oh, this was all seasons ago. Yeah. Remember? So remember what I was saying when we were talking about the actual podcast a couple of days ago before I had even heard the podcast. I said it’s interesting because they are introducing a new like burn feature into the actual theory and block chain ecosystem, whatever you want to call it. So the same exact way if I’m sending you or you’re sending me X Arpey, a small portion of that SRP is actually burned as a transaction cost and is kind of poof goes away forever. Like this is why X Arpey in this way is deflationary. So they were asking Battalia. They said, what are the new proposals for this? And he was talking about the actual burn mechanism for your theory, M 2.0. And it pretty much goes if you are paying a transaction fee, let’s say your transaction fee, just a random number is a dollar. And as a transaction fee is going through the network, it’ll be split in half. Half of that 50 cents will then go to the miner as a thank you for validating the transactions in the other 50 percent will simply be burned. So he was saying the idea is, is that if their calculations are correct and the amount of people who they assume will be staking their ether on the network because they don’t assume that there’s going to be any point where 100 percent of the ether is actually going to be steak’s you’re going to have it inside of this project. You’re gonna have this out of this. You gonna have an all the defined things. You maybe have a good portion of it actually locked up in the actual thinking procedure. But people are going to want their money to also be liquid. So therefore, there’s going to be a lot the the new issuance rate of ethereal roughly depend on the amount of people who are staking. If you don’t have tons of people staking and therefore there would be a lot less coins actually being created. And this is where we got that number that there’ll be anywhere between, he said, anywhere between one hundred thousand to two million ether per year. But it’s estimated that is going to be far below the two million, if not below a million. He said if the issuance rate is low enough and their current estimates of how many people are actually going to be staking their coins to be able to creating new coins with the burn mechanism happening with the newer and quicker, faster transactions and more people and governments actually building on top of a theorem. That, my gosh, I’m out of breath. That ethereal supply will actually begin to decrease because, yeah, because of all the things I just said. The burn rate will accelerate faster because of all the transactions happening back and forth in the actual creation of ether. The by the end of years. A year. The next year after that, we’ll be able to see that. Ethereal supply actually went down even after new coins are being created. Finally got there. I hope you all understood that. I really hope you all understood that because it made so much sense in my head. And as I was saying the other day, I was like, that’s really weird. Why would they be introducing a burn mechanism? The I they’ve they’ve gone through all the calculations. It’s that if you can keep theorems, supply completely steady mathematically and some sort of waste, even with the new issuances and the actual burning of the coins, you still make a flat line trend of exactly how much ether there actually is out there. But the demand increases in theory as price goes insane. If you lower the issuance rate from two to zero point six and more but is being locked away and even more of it is being locked away and defined projects. And also on this taking it kind of leads to this. I mean, it was I mean, what was the name of the podcast? I remember it, I remember at all. I’m pretty sure if you have a podcast app, you can search like I even just search for Vitaly Budarin, like the last week. You should find it. I can remember exactly what the podcast was called, but was it like P v.. Anyway, if if initial yields of staking ether are going to be 12 to 17 percent. I mean, I don’t think I mean, like, if you have one hundred thousand worth of ether, you could be getting seventeen thousand dollars. Worth of ether, essentially completely for free. Even 12000. That’s that’s a thousand per month. I mean, I’m I’m expecting everything to go insane. We keep getting tons of ethereal news. Once again, what it all comes down to is the actual update. Let’s move on. Next up, lumens is in the news. If you had any inkling that using products on these stellar block chain could be done privately. Think again. The Stetler Foundation announced on Thursday that it has partnered with block chain forensics firm Elliptic to detect and prevent illicit transactions on the Stello network. Sounds like fun. Elliptic, backed by Wells Fargo, works with a number of big players in crypto, but its role within crypto is not without controversy. Nevertheless, Steller is going to be OK. Sellers joining its growing list of How Was I wish joining Steller is joining its growing list of partners. There is a little chart right there. For some reason, Elliptic analysts will engage in ongoing dark web research. OK, identification of money laundering patterns and the collection of high quality data linking lumens accounts to known entities. Sounds like fun. The company said in a joint press release said the lumens is the cryptocurrency that powers a stellar block chain. I would have never guessed that I had. I thought it was Bitcoin shock the heck out of me. Dark Web research. I’m fairly certain. I mean, maybe there is with that one person. I don’t think anybody’s using lumens on the dark web. Just just, you know, just going to. Just kind of throw that out there, here’s the actual tweet right there. The organization’s announcement of a lipstick’s lumin transaction. And while its screening was unclear as to whether developers and firms building on steller would have a choice in having their operations tracked by Elliptic. In response, a spokesperson from the Steller Foundation told DECRYPT currently only lumens transactions will be monitored. Which is still terrible. Business is issuing other assets on this telo network will not automatically be monitored, but the infrastructure now exists for them to take advantage of a lipstick’s services, or pretty much if you want to be tracked. You can be tracked and I assume in the future you are probably not going to have a choice but to be tracked. I think this comes on the heels of the very long he’ll because it’s been a very long time since we’ve spoken about this of lumens, stellar partnering with IBM and I think a couple of other. There was another big name who they partnered with. And the only one that sticks out in my head is the is IBM because they’re IBM. And if IBM is using lumens to build their world, why are block chain system where things will flow through lumens or steller or whatever? One can only assume these transactions will have to be tracked. I did not foresee a future where Stellar was. IBM was using anything, any type of block chain in the transactions would not be tracked in some sort of way. So this is not surprising, but it’s a I don’t want to use the word disappointing. I don’t I don’t have any lumens. I don’t care about the project. I told you all that in 2000. Seventeen. And yet here we are once again. I assume that’s lumens will probably in some sort of way. I want to say a bright future. I assume they’ll be around for a while. You don’t partner with a company like Elliptic for no reason. They probably have a lot of partnerships or maybe some partnerships in the works behind the scenes stuff. They can’t simply disclose at the moment and are therefore trying to make sure that they are. Adequate enough for their partners, if that kind of makes any sense. This also then goes back to that same question of. Then burning the lumens high assume this was also done in an effort because they probably have a number of institutions who seen that they are working with IBM and therefore who are like, hey, we want to acquire some, but your supply is a little high. Anyway. Yeah, lumens is going to have transactions untracked now, which is so much fun, I love that. I’m sure we all love being under the magnifying glass all the time. And anyway. Let’s move on. In. Sure. News. The U.S. Department of Justice is seeking the owners of Krypto funds that were held on a crypto exchange known as Quoin Gather. A small crypto exchange that was seized by the FBI in March of 2018. The seizure came months after the exchange had abruptly ceased operations during November 2017, prompting rumors to circulate that the platform had conducted an exit scam. If you are not around in August to December two thousand eight seventeen, I want to say count yourself lucky. It was. It was it was a very. It was. It was an awesome time. I was doing more traveling than I had ever done. I was extremely upbeat. I was I was more upbeat than I currently am. However, there were. Is the word egregious where an enormous amount of cryptocurrency scams all over the place. There were new crypto exchanges that were popping up daily and then three weeks later, they were gone. There were ISO’s that were making 15, 25, 30 million dollars. And then like a week later, the CEO is taking a photo of him on the beach. The Web site went down. This money completely disappeared. So there were a lot of things like this happening. A lot of crypto exchanges that we just will never, ever hear from again. Had tons of money on their exchanges, 30, 40, 60, whatever. One hundred, a couple of Bitcoin, millions of dollars on it. Poof. In a matter of seconds, the U.S. government is looking for individuals who may have a claim to the crypto holdings on the now defunct coin gather exchange a warren shows that the cryptocurrency is currently reside on a Dahla power edge server. Neither the value of the crypto held on the server nor the sum is being said or willing to be forfeited or disclosed by the Department of Justice. Individual seeking to claim cryptocurrency is held in the exchanges. Former server for former server server former have thirty five days to contact the Eastern District of Michigan’s Justice Department without having to read much further because it continues going. If you happen to be one of the people using quoin gather in 2017 and you lost your money. Well, this might be your chance to potentially get it back. And I said, like, I made a noise at the beginning of this article because they are this is not a first of all. There were many Web sites that were seized. During the course of 2017 and 2018. And we don’t get news about those coins being rereleased, so I just assume a lot of those are have gone poof. But this is I’m trying to silver lining it. This is nice that they’re, you know, willing to give people back their money because there have been other instances where they have simply just, like, auctioned it off. Yeah. Anyway, that’s that news, and if you used quoin gather, go get your money back. Next up, the popular messaging platform at Telegram is offering refunds to investors who participated in its one point seven billion dollar billion with A, B, i, c o in 2018, the ICAO initially promised investors it’s Graham Token and a launch date for its decentralized network supporting the digital asset. But the platform, the Htun the Telegram Open network reportedly ran and not enough. I mean, they were not a delay. They were they were smacked down by the FCC. Its latest launch date has now been pushed to April of next year. The ICAO met swift regulatory rebuke when the U.S. Exchange No. S.E.C. Securities and Exchange Commission moved to stop the Graham project last year and charged telegrammed with running an unsafe registered security sale, which was also complete nonsense because in a moment, according to a letter to investors on Thursday published on a Russian forum, Smart Lab Telegram’s, they said the project is on hold. I I’m going to assume an in indefinitely at this point. They said, unfortunately, in light of the recent U.S. District Court decisions, we are unable to issue grammes to you by the 30th of April deadline. Date Telegram’s says participants can now choose one of two refund options. They can either immediately claim 70 percent said that they can either claim 72 percent of their stake’s. Why? Why can I read today? Seventy two percent of their stakes. Or they can wait another year or 110 percent of their investment, which will include a 10 percent bonus. That’s a really that’s that’s actually quite interesting. There’s a it’s not a riddle. I forgot what it’s called. It’s the idea that someone imagine someone walks up to you and they say. I can give you one hundred dollars right now or you can wait five days and I’ll give you one hundred and fifty. People usually is really weird. People usually choose the hundred immediately because they want the the the immediate gratification of having the money. And most people don’t want to wait. I like the idea of waiting the extra days to be able to get the one hundred and fifty because the extra days waiting kind of don’t mean anything to them with what they could do with that hundred right now. Interesting. So, yeah, the. The land of the ice CEOs and their entire epic stories. They they they’re they’re just completely gone. We no longer hear about ISO’s unless it has something to do with the S.E.C. breaking them down, tearing them down, shutting them down. We now have Io’s. You realize you no longer hear about S T O’s. Those are probably not going to be a thing for. Ever again in some sort of way. If you were part of this. And you want your money back. You can get it now or you can wait a year, a year seems a little excessive. But I mean, you do. I mean, that’s a one hundred and ten percent is kind of a good incentive. But then you also have to once again think like, what could you have done with that money right now? Like, imagine you get the money back and you can invest it in crypto and make three, four or five times your money, as opposed to just getting an extra 30 something percent, 40 percent Jimerson. Back in your money. Yeah, it’s I mean, it kind of is what it is. The S.E.C. knew exactly what they were doing. But those of you who were not here, the S.E.C. waited until these things were going to be launched. And they told the companies the day before that they had done something illegal, like actually the day before, not not jokingly the day before. The S.E.C. had been looking at them for years as to what they were doing. The day before I was going to launch, the S.E.C. told them, hey, you’re doing something wrong and they shut the entire operation down. Anyway, yeah, that’s the telegram news. Singham Bank Segan, them signal Crypto Bank, which is the world’s very first digital crypto currency bank based out of Switzerland, has announced the integration of the world’s third largest cryptocurrency ex Arpey, where withdrawals, deposits, exchange and other banking services on Thursday. The signalmen crypto bank announced that it had successfully integrated SRP into its digital banking platform regulated by Fynn Ma, of course. And now users will be now able will well will now be able to better expand their crypto investment portfolio through SRP tokens the bank’s users can use of deposits from fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Swiss franc or Singapore dollars to purchase, store and trade ex Arpey crypto currencies. Additionally, customers can also boost their liquidity and fiat money by moving their SRP tokens into the deposit account. I have a shirt. Why not co-founder or known as you know, I’ll get Matteus embark loud at the partnership and any announcement by saying that REPL has shown promising growth prospects in recent years with over 300 banking and financial institutions under his belt. The whole concept of being able to send money anywhere in the world at low cost instantly is revolutionary. Cool. We normally and I guess it’s ironic in its own way. We normally don’t hear about the integration or the custody being of SRP through banks. Hardly ever. We normally hear that institutions and major banking corporations or whatever, Almira, are usually accumulating Bitcoin and most recently we get a lot of news about ether as well as very far and few in between. We hear about partnerships. But as far as the actual integration of withdrawal deposits, exchanges and other banking services for ex Arpey, very far and few between. I also there’s no news as well. If this bank also offers already Bitcoin. And ether. This is very cool. Let’s see how this ends up working out. We see I see the trickle of ripple SRP news is slowly beginning to return. There were a couple of months where we really had nothing. I’m not sure if it was simply the market downturn, if there was simply just maybe no news. A lot of non-disclosure agreements. But alas, they’re returning once again. The news is normally heavily focused on the top three coins. Sometimes you’ll get news about other coins kind of popping in. But even when you look around, they’re real. I mean, listen. There really isn’t a lot of news about other coins unless they shoot about like thirty five percent or something insane happens anyway. Yeah, that’s the SRP news. Congratulations to them for the integration. I also gave it to the end of this year. We’re probably going to hear a lot of banks discussing or openly stating that they’re going to also be supporting other cryptocurrency as well as far as, like the actual custody ing of or transferring of or depositing of, which is completely insane. If you’ve been here for years because banks used to hate us and now they all love us because they realize. Anyway, yeah. Let’s move on. And to finish things off, according to recent data, crypto participants known as Bitcoin whales have been steadily accumulating Bitcoin and not selling it since. Since Black Thursday, which happened on the 12th of March. I hate when people. So whatever, you know what I’m talking about. People keep trying to make this a thing and then it keeps popping up. No one on Reddit, on Twitter, on anywhere else is using the term Black Thursday except for people and articles. Unchained Data and block chain analysis firms indicate that the number of Bitcoin Wale’s with 1000 to 10000 Bitcoin or more on a single address has increased significantly. And the crypto world investors who hold a large number of digital assets are typically called Wale’s. There are almost all types of wells like Bitcoin, whales, ether, whales, Bikash whales, please. The definition of a Bitcoin whale would be a person or organization with around 1000 Bitcoin or more considered a small whale that I would have a. Here’s the actual list right here, I think is a even better one as we kind of scroll down on chain data from December 17th, 2018 shows. At the time, there were 91 addresses, 91 with ten thousand Bitcoin or more. Today’s statistics show there are now 106 addresses with ten thousand Bitcoin plus. And while that, you know, the ninety one from 106 doesn’t seem that significant, they have accumulated 10000 per address. That’s a lot of bitcoin. The data highlights that Wale’s with ten thousand bitcoin or more have grown by sixteen point four eight percent since 2018 on the 25th of February 2019. There were one thousand seven hundred and nine addresses with a thousand Bitcoin or more. Since then, the increase of smaller whales has been around seventeen point four percent. Similarly, on the same day, there were 100 addresses in the increase of one hundred and six, approximately six percent. Here’s the actual yeah here. This is what I was thinking of earlier. Here’s here’s the Bitcoin rich list. There are currently only three addresses. Three. That have anywhere from one hundred thousand to a million to a million Bitcoin. However, the bulk is always roughly around here. There are a massive amount of people who either have no Bitcoin or have up to around zero point zero zero one. And this is also a number that has also been increasing the last couple of weeks as well. People who are actively trying to at least accumulate and get an entire Bitcoin, because I think that’s usually the dream anyway. Yeah, it’s I mean, this is also something to be completely expected. If you expect a values asset to go up, you are going to start accumulating more. Dingess More so the. The conversational topic that the wealthiest people continue to accumulate massive amounts of Bitcoin and ether, and it has to do because money, if you see that ether is 200. And you are expecting to at least go back to fourteen hundred and you put in a million dollars while you’ve made seven million. If you start accumulating Bitcoin and you see it’s at eight, nine thousand, you expected to go to one hundred thousand. That’s ten times your money. So, yeah, it’s only logical. But it’s interesting to see because this in my mind is still going to play out to be something very dramatic. I said years ago that normal people would not be told to get into Bitcoin, into the cryptocurrency space. When we start hearing more, this is why I was very excited a couple of months ago and even last year when we started hearing more information about retirement funds and retirement accounts, getting into cryptocurrency, which we did last year, is going to be very significant because it’s only when normal people are told to start. Yeah, allocate a portion of your money into Bitcoin. They’re not being told this right now. Bitcoin, whenever it’s on the news, is highly speculative. They make sure to talk about whenever there’s a very huge drop, when Bitcoin hits over 50 to 100 thousand per coin, we’re going to start seeing banks and institutions talking about that. They’re opening up. Like Bitcoin retirement accounts or like some type of a custody thing for their customers, for the long term proposed growth of where all of this is going to go. But at that point, if people are having an issue trying to accumulate an entire Bitcoin at 9000 per coin, imagine that one hundred thousands of these people will only have five hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin and is during this time. Right now, the amount of people who are accumulating these coins in mass, once again, very finite assets. There’s not really a lot to go around. So the rich and even you share part of this as well, making sure that you accumulate as many cryptocurrency assets as possible because you understand where all of this is going and therefore you want to be way ahead of the curve. But, yeah, it’s all fascinating to think about. I’m waiting for. Normal people to get into the market. But at that point, Bitcoin will be so large, like what if we if we ever do end up hitting half a million dollar Bitcoin? It is going to seem like a complete dream to billions of people on the planet to be able to even have fractions of a Bitcoin and going to have to have that awkward conversation with your friends. Oh, yeah, man. Well, that’s crazy. I wish I also had some bitcoin. Good thing I do not. Well, that is crazy. It is going to be really uncomfortable in a couple of years. And I’m telling all of you, I could I can see it clear as day. If Bitcoin hits tons of money. Your friends go. So I’ll even put it to you this way. And like the nicest way. I remember getting into Cryptome, I remember getting into all these other things, and I had a couple of friends who started getting into Bitcoin and into ether years ago, and I remember them. I don’t know if they were bragging to me or what it was that day. I remember one of them told me he had zero point zero one Bitcoin. And he kind of was like, yeah, have more Bitcoin than other people. But he kind of like made it seem like he had more than me. And also other people I remember somebody had bought like a tenth of an ether. And he was also kind of bragging. So get ready for those people in about five to ten years who are gonna be telling you, man, I have I have I have five x Arpey. Isn’t that crazy? Going to be like, wow, that’s. Yeah. You have a whole five x Arpey. That’s. That’s something you have. You have an entire aether whoof. All right. I mean, don’t break the bank now anyway. You all know what I’m saying. I know what’s going to happen and I’m done rambling on, so. Yeah, let’s go. As always. A very special thank you. Well, not yet. Our special thank you to my patriotic supporters. All right. I hate that when I unlock my phone, all the messages start flying in at the very top and then I can’t read anymore. Very special. Thank you to my Patriot supporters. Professor Walli from Gunbower University, Utopia. Five, six, nine. Yoshihara out a Moonman hi x. Arpey, the Pothen Joshua Viniar and Martin Steuer Tongala load song. Lolo knows Romo John Saurus in the animal. Rita a biblio phobia bare bones mining. Todd Mollis Adam Gracing Maham Ronie Massive in Thailand. Brady Nields Gerrish Niner Wyse Night Owl two for two to the World Crypto Joe Banquo Network Crypto Artist Cold 3D. Make a list one with one piece of a love Damiens set Zuna Nick Kanigher which you did there. Vlad the Impaler Cryptome. Be a shipmate. Where am I? Praksis. Nick Manjula, Brody, Anthony Charles, Jim Garner. Fox minting coins. Really vicious everyday encounters like day. Yes. To crypto body. Make boldface anytime fitness mongst. Warner staff are medic 17. Make me a cake ticker a motto NESA on Crypto with Lino Prioleau. Michelle you are l and hold on, I have to sneeze. Thank you all very, very much for your support. Thank you to everyone who is a member of the channel. Thank you to everyone who is a clicker of affiliate links. You’re awesome. I’m I’m very tired today. Sorry if I sound fatigued or if I felt like I was like rushing through it. I don’t I’m like my my brain’s kind of all over the place. Like, I know that feeling. Like when you sleep for too long, you have that like that fogginess. Yeah, I I’m I’m pretty sure I slept for, like, a bit too long and my brain is kind of like all over the place. Even looking at the screen is like annoying. Like I’ve been like looking away from the screen as I’ve been talking to all of you at the moment. Where is it? There we go. Bitcoin is currently up by three point four percent at the time of me making this video. It is at nine thousand one hundred dollars. Ethereum is up by one point six X. Arpey is up by three point to like COIN is up by four point seven or four point seven seven. No actual idea as to why. He theorem classic is up by 12 percent. Sure, maybe as the day goes on, we’ll get some type of news as to why this is happening or maybe someone else in the comment section can scream at me and then enlighten me as to how I don’t know what’s happening with ethereal classic and therefore. Yeah. Tripto dot com chain. I mean, a lot of these coins. It does. I mean, it could also be nonsensical. Like Dogecoin is also going up and is like a a quintillion dogecoin. Anyway, it’s nice to see the market going up, especially on a Sunday, which doesn’t typically happen. Most people kind of stray away from the markets until Monday, but maybe there’s something happening that we just don’t know about. Maybe something is going to take place or it could just simply be a future optimism for everything that’s going to be happening over the next couple of months. Either way, it’s all incredibly exciting. I do hope that you all enjoyed. You all are having a great day, a great morning, a great afternoon, a great evening, wherever you are, whatever you might be, I do hope that is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening. And I will most certainly be talking to you all soon. See you.


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