Bitcoin Cash to $20,000 in Bullish Cycle


Oh, and welcome to another video on Hailed to Investing. My name is Dowlan Anderson, and today I’m going to be sharing with you why I think Bitcoin Cash will reach $20000 per coin in its next cycle. Make sure that you guys hit that like a bond for me as well as a subscribe fund because I’m dedicated to posting five days a week all through 2020 to keep you guys posted and updated in the markets. I’m also going to be talking a little bit about X Arpey volume. First, the Mexican peso on a bit. So and talking about the monthly close on bitcoin. And without further ado, let’s get straight in the video. This is bitcoin cash on the top and Bitcoin on the bottom. Make sure that you guys are liking this video and sharing. I have a personal goal of reaching 150 likes on this video. This is bitcoin from 2015 on the bottom and the data is pulled from Coinbase. You can see where the price went from being worth about 400 down to really about one hundred and twelve dollars in this capitulation. Now, if we look at bitcoin cash on the top, it was being worth between 400 and 500 dollars and then down to about 80. And it’s capitulation. So it went a little bit lower and capitulation, but it’s a very similar price structure. We then see a bounce in the market and this accumulation type pattern and kind of around at the bottom. And we bounce up and start trending up and then trending sideways. We bounce again, reject and come right back down to that major support with more capitulation volume. So this right here is right about around $150 per bitcoin cash. Now, on the bottom here, Bitcoin bounced the same way, rejected, came back down to that major support level and went to about 200 dollars now on some exchanges. I was actually able to purchase bitcoins for under $200 at this price. And on some exchanges, it went down to about 150. So the price structures almost identical right there. And then we see Bitcoin breakout to 500 per coin and start an uptrend. Now, if Bitcoin cash validates this fractal, this comparison of human emotion, we should head up towards 500 and potentially even higher because Bitcoin cash went even a little bit lower and it’s selloffs. So it should have an even bigger spring on the upside. That is why I think Bitcoin will start a very bitcoin cash will start a very large uptrend accumulation cycle, just like how I believe in bitcoin SVR also believe in bitcoin cash. And I think it will follow a similar fractal of emotions that Bitcoin did. Now, if it goes on that same cycle, then it could be worth upwards of 20000 per coin. It could even go a little bit higher than that because of the fact that this bitcoin cash went a little bit lower in its fractal comparison. But overall, that’s kind of what I would be expecting in its next cycle in the same way that I expect a theorem to do that same thing. And a theorem has very, very similar price structure as well and a very similar fractal of emotions as a 2015 bitcoin cycle. The reason it was so easy for me to see this is because this is right around the same time that I initially got into bitcoin. So I’ve seen this pattern. It was one of the first patterns I ever saw in the entire market. And it gives me a lot of confidence to go ahead and see that pattern occurring in Bitcoin cash currently. Now I do have an alternative prediction, so I’m going to go ahead and pull that up on my trading view for you guys. If you don’t follow me on trading view on Twitter, I post regular analysis on those places that you guys can get updates when I’m not on YouTube. The Discord Group is another great way to do that. And the links are in the description box of this video. If we scroll down to my post about bitcoin cash shares. So if we scroll down to my posts about bitcoin cash, you guys can see that I’ve already shared this comparison before. In the past and this is bitcoin on the bottom, bitcoin cash on the top. And I have drawn the Elliott wave counts out. And the reason this is important is that you can see that my primary count is that this was a large ABC, just like how Bitcoin did in 2015 and that this is a one in a two-wave before the new bullish cycle. Now, the only way that that would be invalidated is if the support fails of a wave that’s about $75. If that failed, that would be a larger ABC correction. But for now, you guys, I think Bitcoin cash is an amazing buy. As long as that support holds, we’d have not invalidated the structure of the market. And this structure is something I have seen in the past and Rubén rewarded greatly for investing in this pattern. This is probably the most effective pattern that I see in bottom patterns because when you have this double bottom, you get this capitulation event, you get a recovery process, you get this large accumulation and then you get a secondary capitulation. It shakes so many people out of the market that it’s an effective buy strategy because almost nobody is in the market at that point. There are very, very few people that are still long except for the wells that have large positions. So you essentially become a well by taking the setup. And that is what I did a long time ago in Bitcoin and it changed my life forever and made so much money just because I was able to buy in this mass. Dip in this massive accumulation pattern extremely early in its cycle. So that’s what makes me excited about Bitcoin cash, you guys. Yes, I think it can reach 20000 per coin. I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches a similar fractal of emotions as bitcoin. Bitcoin ASV might still do a higher percentage than bitcoin cash. I still think that’s very possible. But with that being said, bitcoin cash is definitely one to watch and look at to add for your portfolio. Now ex Sarpy verse the Mexican peso. Here’s another thing that I’m watching very closely because I like to look at volume on all different kinds of exchanges and SRP is being bought up heavily, heavily in Mexico and actually a lot of countries that don’t produce quite as much economic value as places like America. China is really big into cryptocurrencies because this is a way for them to hedge against their fiat currencies, which are so unstable that crypto is even as volatile as some of those. So when you’re talking about third world countries and countries that don’t produce as much economic value ism as America, then then the Mexican peso verse ex arpey showing a lot of volume coming in. Could it be early signs that a lot of people in these countries are piling index R.P. and are buying this step up? And so that’s why I’m watching this chart very closely. As you guys know, I’m long term bullish on X. I also bought in this capitulation that occurred right here put some money into the markets. And I’m really excited to see where it goes and where the prices go from here. But overall, it is interesting to me that the Mexican peso versus SRP is showing a lot of volume on a bit. So. And so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some type of a reaction because of this volume and it could be upside reaction for ex г.р. I have posted a target on Twitter about ex arpey going to a dollar and I’ve posted that on my trading view as well. So that’s what I’m watching for it. Now, Bitcoin, last but not least, the mother ship has closed. This is on bit Max. On Coinbase. We actually closed below resistance on the monthly candlestick. But on Bit Max, my buddy at DIY investing showed me that we actually closed a little bit above the monthly candlestick resistance on BET Max. Now, personally, I do think it’s very possible for us to see a capitulation kind of Wyk. I mean, a bullish Schewick my bad bullish which down to about 5k. Before this could all become a bullish pin hammer candle. And that is very similar to what could happen along with bitcoin cash. We could even see bitcoin cash drop down to 150. Very similar to how bitcoin did right here in this little move, how it capitulated. It bounced and then dipped one more time. We could see that. We could also see that with X our P one more dip to support horizontal support. And that would probably all just be because of a result in bitcoin dropping to five K and then a bullish which occurring in the markets. That’s what I’m watching you guys. The only way that bitcoin would be invalidated as bullish is if horizontal support fails at 3K. We have to stay logical. We have to stay open to all possibilities. But right now, with this huge work right here, I think it’s likely we eat into the wick a little bit. But then this can become a bullish pin hammer and we can see upside continuation. We really do need to get above these resistance levels of 9000 and 14000 and 10000 though, because that is a huge major resistance on the monthly candlesticks. Thank you guys so much for tuning in today’s video. I really appreciate every single one of you guys again hit that like a bond for me so we can reach 150 likes on this video as well as a subscribe on because I have a personal goal of reaching 100000 subscribers on YouTube. I love and appreciate every single one of you guys, and I’m really grateful when you tune into videos like this. As always, stay profitable out there.


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