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What is going on guys I hope you are having a fantastic day. Where are we taking a look at Bitcoin chain-link antes I say analyzing some of the medium to high timeframes to see what could possibly end up in the coming days? Now very excited to be NC out for you guys because there’s some very interesting and bullish things to be taking a look at on the high timeframes for chain link. Now I rarely ever say things like that but there is actually a very very good case for the boys that could possibly take us back to the highs or kick start off that run back to the highs that we made a few months back. As you can see everything is around the same area as it was about 24 hours ago. Bitcoin is actually at six thousand seven hundred dollars. It did have that push to the upside that we’ve talked about in yesterday’s video and it fell just short of seven thousand dollars. But some of the targets on the three-day timeframe did actually meet and it was very very good to see we’re going to be taking a look at that in today’s video as well. We’re going to recap that really quickly Tasos is actually down point three percent and chain link is down a 1 percent right now. I hope my answer is working because as you can see there is some internet difficulties that I’ve had today. So hopefully when we’re on the charts nothing bad does happen. As you can see we have almost reached 5000 subscribers so thank you guys so much for that. That is actually amazing. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel already go ahead and subscribe We make videos here every single day on bitcoin chain link and Tasers and other old coins as well if you guys request them. And I have stayed very very active over the past few months. I only started my channel about four months ago says ABC amazing to see how much growth it has had. So thank you so much for that. I do really appreciate it and I’ve actually been loving making these videos and it’s been an absolute delight. So thank you for that. And without further ado let’s get right into the technical analysis. We’re gonna be taking a look at Bitcoin right now. Let’s go into full screen here. We are on the four hour time frame and we can actually notice is we did get a little bit up here on the four-hour time frame. Stochastic and we are coming down right now. Now how much we actually do come down before getting picked back up. Well, we do have a trend line here to actually act as support for us if we do come to the downside. And remember this is Bitcoin. We’re going to be taking a look at chain link next. Excuse me. So we actually got this 200 really averaged a yellow 200 moving average working its way down to that 7500 dollar target which we talked a lot about in yesterday’s video. I do like this area. It’s a very liquid area from over here as well and also from over here. You can just go back to the price action and you will see a very very high confluence area in the 7500 region especially with moving averages on the high timeframes as well but we won’t be concentrating too much on the lower timeframes but you can see how well Bitcoin has been playing around in these levels that we do have we came to the downside and before we actually do gone I want to quickly recap why I’m still kind of bearish on bitcoin because of the fact that basically we have a volume declining here and loss on our volume was declining. We’ve had this massive pump to the upside and I just wasn’t feeling it. You know we did pick up long positions or our target was if we close above 50 600 we long all the way up and that is exactly what we did. But I was still not bullish because I saw the volume basically on the decline as you can still see and I didn’t see any major bullish volume come in which you still don’t see any major volume come in and you can see we actually pumped to the upside and from six thousand nine does dumped all the way down to five thousand six hundred dollars and it actually hit the resistance zone and came down about 20 percent. Very very nice to see and then we got picked back up and now we’re around the same area we were around the same area and we still haven’t seen any significant volume. So this is concerning and I do believe that it will be a little bit it will have a little bit of a problem coming up even if we go into the 7000 region but it will give us a nice opportunity. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the high timeframes. Firstly I actually do want to concentrate on not sure why I can’t. Because my daily right here. Let’s see if this works. Okay. So we’re on the one-day timeframe right now we’ll be taking a look at a three-day timeframe as well by the one-day timeframe is actually closing some candles above the 21 year May 21. EMI is right at support right now and is starting to get a positive sloping. You see the 10 SMI have a positive sloping as well which is good but these high period moving averages obviously still have a negative sloping as we are below it and the 55 BMA will be working its way into that 7500 dollar region. I will be showing you guys a lot of confluence in that region. So we’ll definitely be a sell for myself if we get there for the first part at least. So we’ll be taking a look at that and that is a very very big area of interest for me. You can see the RSA did break the EMEA all the way back here on March 18th and that basically kicks out of here. And the RSI basically got some really nice bullish momentum come in on this. And then we had this absolute huge candle after that after the RSI basically breaking to the upside. You can see the stochastic have worked their way into the neutral territory like we talked about in yesterday’s video the two day timeframe is actually on its way of doing that as well. It is trying to work its way out of the out of the bearish territory into the neutral territory. You can see the RSI actually did break the EMEA to the upside as well. And once again you can see that the in the 7000 China area just like we talked about NSA is within the three hundred seventy-seven EMEA is there to act as resistance. Are we going to get there and reject? That is definitely that is definitely possible because the 21 EMEA is working its way down as well so you will have a nice rejection area from the three hundred seventy-seven EMEA at seven thousand one hundred and seventy-three dollars all the way up to 21 EMEA at seven thousand three hundred dollars. Now the three day time frame very very interesting. I told you guys that I’d be watching this area very very closely if we get up pivots back on. This is actually our resistance at S3 resistance and we’ve got the 200 and moving average the simple moving average right here at seven thousand sixty dollars around that area. And we also had the 10 a.m. here as well. So this area was a high confidence area that we were looking at a flat rejection on the first pass at least in the group for the past few days and also in the videos. And you can see we actually came up and I would count this as a retest or as a test of this resistance. Now, are we going to break it on the next pass and actually work our way up to 7500 or 7300 region where we can pick up our short to the downside? That is very possible but right now we did get rejected at this area. So I’m just waiting for bitcoin to make a move here and then I would decide at what trade I’m going to make. I will tell you guys that on the shorter timeframes what I’m actually going to be taking a look at. But firstly let’s take a look at the weekly The Weekly does have the 89 EMEA right at that resistance area at 7500. So once again a very high confidence area that I’m gonna be taking a look at and possibly taking a trade out you can see how high confidence in this area is how many weeks right here have been caught in this area like right here as well this week to the upside this week to the upside and this these weeks all the way rejection all the way down. So it is a very high confidence area even over here so highly illiquid area. These are the areas that you will be wanting to take a look at so seven thousand five hundred dollars will be an area of interest for myself for a scalp short or even possibly a swing short if we make it up there. Now you can see that the stochastic are still very very bearish here on the weekly timeframe we do have a trend line for support from December 24th. We do have our RSI basically losing the EMEA and coming to the downside it has bounced around the Bollinger Band. And usually, when you see something like this it will work its way back up to test the EMEA. I do want to take a look at chain link and put the concentration on that for the rest of the video but I want to be quickly showing you guys bitcoin and my targets and what I’m going to be looking for. So if we actually get a close below this S1 support at six thousand five hundred we could possibly end up working our way all the way down to the US to support six thousand three hundred eighty if we get any to our closes and possibly even a one hour close below this area at six thousand three hundred eighty. I will be shorting this down to possibly the six thousand dollar range and possibly even below that as well to about 5800. So I do believe that it’s going to bring a very very nice trade if these pivots do get broken and then to the upside I’m actually going to be looking for us to break this high and I’m definitely not going to be making any long trades at the current moment. I will update you guys if I do. But right now I just don’t feel confident in a long position especially seeing all the especially seeing the volume and a lot of other factors in the market. I do not want to be longing and if I do I want to make it a quick scalp position. So that is what I’m looking for for the downside to give me a possible nice trade-off about a few hundred dollars which will be very very good. So without further ado let’s go ahead and check out chain link. But firstly let’s quickly talk about Tasos. I don’t wanna spend too much time on it but you can see how beautifully these levels are being respected by the price action we actually have our top resistance right here which this week got caught out. This is the area that we’re gonna be looking at if we get to our close above this area will be longing all the way up here. And right now we got stop that resistance on yesterday’s price action after making the video. So if you guys did short this area you would have been in for about a 9 percent gain and without leverage guys. So that is very very good for the people that actually did pay attention and copy these levels because I put it out and I basically put it out for you guys for a reason. You know and I said this chart up just so it’s easier for you guys to see and remember all the numbers are on the right side so you can basically go ahead and put them in the same areas you can see how well the bottom of the range is being respected as well. So keep playing this range until it stops working. Then if we get a close below here on a two-hour basis which I don’t believe it will happen just yet but if we do get it to our close under this area then I will be shorting it all the way down to one point two for the first stop. So it’s very very simple way of trading very very simple way of looking at the charts and the momentum indicators on the high time France will allow us to know if we’re gonna be going to the upside and if we should be taking another short for example right here which will we be taking a look at in the group and I would be giving guys updates so it’s good to be taking a look at the momentum indicators and also other market things other market sentiments. At the current time but play the range until it doesn’t work you can see how well it is respecting the price action so let’s go ahead and take a look at chain link. As I said I’m very excited to be talking about this because chain link is showing some power once again. And if my internet would load that would be perfect. Let’s see if we can do it over here. Let me okay. There we go. My answer is seriously being very very weird today. But as you can see we are in an ascending triangle and ascending triangle is typically when you’re in a bullish formation when let’s say we’ve pumped up a lot and we’ve pumped up and then we create an ascending triangle here. It’s usually a continuation pattern that will take us to the upside but it can also form at the end of a bearish pattern or a bearish market and it will usually be a reversal back to the upside. And that’s exactly what you see it does. It is respected by the basically volume signature here as well. And you can see a beautifully here and ascending triangle on the lows which will possibly be a reversal to the upside. Now this is on a four-hour timeframe but it could basically kick start off a very very nice run. I will be taking a look at the 2.0 7 area which we’ve been taking a look at for the past few weeks. If you guys do want to join the group go ahead and message me my Dischord user name is down below. I do have a VIP group that you guys can go ahead and join but this area has been respected very very well. If you put in a short position here you could have shorted all the way down to this trend line. If you put a long position in here you would have been able to long it all the way to where we are now. After we got a two hour close above 2.0 7 and that’s a 16 percent gain for you guys and even for our close would’ve worked here because we closed a four hour at two points 12. So you wouldn’t have got the bottom but you would have still got the break off this trend line and you could possibly take it all the way to the upside and even more than that. I would recommend taking your profits as much as you can. But if we come all the way down to 2.8 07 I will be another buyer down in this range. And if we break this area then I will be shorting it all the way down. You will be running a tight stop if you play this long position and obviously this not financial advice. Do your own research guys. But this is what I’m going to be doing now. We’re going to be going on to the one-day timeframe if you guys remember the one-day timeframe. We basically took a look at this in basically this area we were taking a look at from this peak to this peak. We basically had some bullish divergence form and it’s bullish divergence actually did help us have an absolute amazing pump all the way to the upside of this of this channel that we have all the way to the upside. And this gave us a nice short opportunity but it basically brought back power into the price action. If I put the e-mails back on you will be able to see that we basically have a lot of volume coming in on the lows and this is exactly we want to see you want to see buyer volume come in on the lows you see this beautiful candle right here or this beautiful volume up here and you do see a lot of volume coming in on the one-day timeframe actually do like the looks of this the RSA did break to the upside it wasn’t picking up too much momentum as you can see right here it was actually kind of flat lining and it looked like it was about to roll over and come back under the RSI but it didn’t do that. Or under the EMEA sorry and we actually did break to the upside and we always take a look at this as well. If you’ve been subscribed to channel you would already know this but I would tell you guys for the guys at a new when you are Bollinger Bands when you RSI worked works this way out of the Bollinger bands like this out of the Red Bollinger Bands usually you will see the RSI pick momentum back up and come and test the EMI. Now if we don’t break the EMI then that’s very telling of where the price action will go so it will be going back to the downside now. Likewise, if we break the EMI to the upside then that’s going to be very telling off where the price action will go. And what do you see? You see us basically breaking it to the upside which is very very nice to see I like the looks at that. We had bullish divergence right here and right now it’s picking up a lot of momentum ascending triangle on the lows. So this could be the basically bottom right here and I’m not calling a bottom just yet and I don’t believe that Bitcoin maybe is at a bottom but this could this could potentially be a bottom and if it is then chain link will lead us to to the upside just like it did last time. So as you can see right here the one-week time frame even more bullish and the stochastic are definitely bearish right here. And we have been seeing this I will be fair with that but we will be basically coming down to this trend line that will act as support for the upside. Very very nice to see you do see the ISI did lose its EMI right here. But you actually also see hidden and bullish divergence guys which is very very good on link and this could potentially be very very bullish that I was talking about this side of the video hidden bullish divergence may be able to take us back to the upside and to test these highs once again guys hidden bullish others on a weekly timeframe should be noted and it shouldn’t be looked past at definitely like the looks that you see the 21 EMI once again in this area. So it will be a nice sell again at least on the first pass if we get up here. This definitely is an area that is high confluence. You see the weekly 21 EMI there as well. And the resistance area and you see a lot of basically order blocks here so yeah that’s about it for me. I don’t know if I have to talk about anything else I will be making a video tonight as well. I was a little bit tired in today’s video so I do apologize if it wasn’t up to standard. I hope you guys enjoy. I hope you guys learn something if you have any questions go ahead and comment down below. I will be resting up a little bit today and then I will be talking to you guys in tomorrow’s video if you guys wanna join the group message me down below in on discord. My username is down below and description and I will send you guys over the details of how to join and what the payment details are. And if you would like to basically join the Free telegram group it is down below as well. Leave it like on the video. Let’s try to get to 100 Likes. Appreciate time. Have an absolute fantastic day and I’ll catch you guys in the next few.


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