Bitcoin Core commits to splitting from segwit2x. Which chain will win?

* Matt Corallo’s pull request for Bitcoin Core to automatically disconnect from segwit2x has been accepted:
* Full nodes and miners running Core will disconnect from 2x nodes
* They have a culture of “never hard fork”
* But the entire industry backs 2x.
* Poll: Which chain will be called “bitcoin” on Dec 1, 2017:
* Core devs trying to make segwit2x look like an alternate coin by pitching btc1 to change their address type:
* singularity87 comments in the crazy censorship of r/bitcoin,, and theymos’ central role in controlling communication
* Kraken enables Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals
* Purse to support Bitcoin Cash withdrawals
* Mempool situation on Bitcoin Cash is much better than Bitcoin
* Rusty Russel’s article that fees on bitcoin will continue to rise
* Tom Zander’s response: Fees on Bitcoin Cash will not increase, and may decrease
Samson Mow’s article: “Bitcoin Cash was a Dangerous Trick”:
* “If bitcoin were a city” –
hilarious commentary on what it feels like to be involved in bitcoin right now




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