Is the bitcoin crash finally over. Was three point eight K the bottom. And is it time. To get this crypto. What is going on ladies and gentlemen. Crypto Kirby. He or your crypto currency expert. Back with another edition of The Daily livestream. Today we’re going to discuss the possibility that three point eight K was in fact the bottom. Is there any credibility to this. And if so is this a point in time where we could start thinking about hey is this actually beginning to look like the potential market cycle low here could we be actually looking to head into a disbelief rally at some point over the next few weeks to months. And could this be a time in the trend where maximum potential opportunity is presenting itself. So as a full time trader I’d like to discuss with you my strategy my game plan and how I plan to crush this market right now in the immediate term. So without any further ado you guys already know the deal. If you like these daily crypto videos and Nightly Live streams smack that thumbs up button click the Subscribe take the little bell and let’s get this crypto Moon the likes ladies and gentlemen. Moon em up. All right. So we’ll begin with our bitcoin technical analysis and of course before we begin. This is not investment advice. This is not trading advice. These are only my own opinions ideas and speculative hypotheses on the market. Always do your own research in your own due diligence before investing or trading. As this market is extremely high risk and I am not your financial adviser I will never tell you what to do with your trades or investments. That being said let’s begin right here on the one day timeframe. Now clearly we all know Bitcoin week down to three point eight K and has shot right back up. I mean the week down to where we’re trading now is insane. Bitcoin is trading roughly 40 percent higher than where that bottom actually was stuck in it. Now it’s not so much where we’re trading at now that concerns me. It’s where that we could be trading. You know in several weeks from now and this is where it starts to get interesting here we are on the 4:00 hour now and you could see I mean ever since that we’re down to the wake. Right back up. I mean all we’ve done now is trade sideways and I think it’s warranted because for me ladies and gentlemen after a move of that magnitude it’s only natural that the market does cool off for a bit and that is actually what you want to see here. You don’t want to see more whipsaw action because to be quite honest with you if Bitcoin continued to go irrationally up and down at this region it would be incredibly difficult right now to actually paint the picture of what could potentially be going on with further price action for me right now. We’ve seen a wick down and now we’re consolidating that doesn’t matter if the consolidation was down near 4000 or where we are right now currently around fifty 400. It doesn’t matter. It’s just that the selling has stopped for now. Right. That’s all the price that we’re at. Doesn’t matter to me it’s that the selling for the time being has stopped now. This was a pretty serious drop here. I mean this was a capitulation ask drop and that’s why I was showing you guys here the Wall Street Cheat Sheet psychology of a market cycle. I mean capitulation generally ends the market cycle right. And these cycles generally pop right back down from where they once came. So keep that in mind. Make a mental note keep it in mind that this. Cycle. Started goes wrong thing this cycle started right here back at the breakout around 4000 took us up to 14000 and now we’ve popped essentially right back down to where we came from. I mean this shouldn’t be news to you guys. I mean I’ve been preaching it on this channel day in and day out that this was likely going to be one miniature market cycle. You know in and of itself. And the fact of the matter is here is that these cycles generally always revert to the mean and that’s why also I think it still is a little bit scary for the macro trend which we’ll discuss because certainly my friends this region here around 3 K doesn’t have to be the mean level of the market cycle that took us to 20 k it could be much lower than that. We’ll talk about that later. Let’s continue here with the potential bottom first. OK. So where we are at right now currently in this trend. We have to understand two things one the selling was of significant magnitude and it came with very large volume. Look at the volume profile here compared to the rest of the volume that we’ve seen from months and months on end. The last time that we saw volume even you know similar in terms of selling right. Was this massive capitulation down from 20000. OK. Now the thing is is that when you are looking for potential market cycle bottoms or at least a bottoming range you do want to see a climax in the volume that is a characteristic trait of a capitulation. The rationale or the thinking behind that is well if the largest volume came in when the largest amount of selling came in there may not be many more sellers left right. Because all of them essentially were capitulating at the same time. Now I’m not saying that has to be the case but I’m saying that this is a possible trait here of that volume profile mixed in with this excruciating debacle of a dump here. I mean it’s possible that the sellers are at least exhausted for a temporary amount of time here. Now there are a ton of overwhelming outside factors here. I mean we certainly have the global equities markets the stock markets crashing around the world. We have the widespread illness epidemic going around the world right now causing fear and panic. And my friends I do believe that is going to weigh on the Bitcoin price here. I mean you guys know I generally don’t like to talk about the news I mean it really high even put out a video on the news yesterday and I actually regret doing it because the thing is that many people here on in this space if there’s any negative news they don’t want to hear about it. Now tell me what you know you just don’t believe in Bitcoin still nod don’t give me that garbage you know day in and day out that it’s Don Don carbon HBO hitting you here with the realism if the news looks bad it looks bad. I’m not going to sit here and try and turn garbage into gold for you because it makes you feel better at night. Little James with his visa gift card a hundred dollars worth of bitcoins Terry you just up but you could chart that make clock at me like a chicken little James. But the fact of the matter is here is that Don Don Carbonite CEO is only going to continue to look at this market for what it is. And right now it is extremely high risk in my opinion. And until all of those outside factors subside. The charts here. For me right now are going to be subject to existential problems. Right. So keep that in mind that right now. You know my analysis here on this chart it’s it’s at a higher probability for outside factors to come into play right. And I usually I’m one that says you know let me look at the chart in the chart will show me what the outside factors are saying. And that still holds true. But I just wanted to be known that I’m here under the impression that if the stock markets continue to decline I mean Bitcoin could decline right with it. I mean we’ve seen the correlation thus far but you know moving all of that aside I think it’s possible that we are seeing some seller exhaustion here. I do think that it was also necessary and you know expected that we were going to fall down to this 5 K to 3 K region. Now ladies and gentlemen if you are subscribed to your you would know that I put out a video just three days ago my friends that pointed out the potential drop down to the 5 K to 3 K region. OK. And that was while bitcoin was still all the way up in this vicinity. Ladies and gentlemen let’s look to go back a few days bitcoin was right there and I posted that video before the 50 percent drop to the downside. The thing is is that many I even had comments on there. One of the comments that this is unnecessary Kirby unnecessary do you not get it. I don’t post this because I’m. I’m trying to you know spread FUD fear uncertainty and doubt. I post these videos because I it is what it is it looked like there was potentially going to be an end to a market cycle here after a downward sloping trend line on a failed creation of a higher high. Lower highs over and over and over and over again. Little James sitting here. Bubble Boy James say it. Oh is it James. And now listen up ladies. Germany’s crypto degenerates. Corey the crypto crackhead Moone Boy Montgomery average Joe and seems at the water cooler. They’re going to continue to be bullish on this price action no matter what. Bitcoin could fall to two hundred dollars a coin you’ll see Kirby the selling doesn’t matter. I’m just gonna huddle one day. Kirby one day you’re never gonna change the mindset of these degenerates ladies and gentlemen. So be careful on the analysis that you’re watching for me here. What I can tell you how I look at this market is from a perspective of the charts if it looks bullish I’m going to say that it looks bullish if it looks bearish I’m going say it looks bearish. I’m never going to tell you that the fiat system is going to collapse. You know Kirby it’s hard money. There’s only twenty one million corns the Fiat system’s going down. There’s plenty of other channels for that. Ladies gentlemen. But right here in the house that Don Don carbon HBO built what I can tell you right now is that this to me looks like the selling has potentially subsided. That we could be due potentially for a reaction rally bounce if the global equities markets allow for it because I am under the impression that if the global markets still continue to sell off bitcoin is probably going to sell off as well. That is just my prediction there it does not have to occur. But if that is in fact the case let’s go out to the one day here. I want to show you guys we do have the Fibonacci extension targets here. Let me make sure that this is let’s go to the regular chart here. Let me pull this. Excuse me where’s the bottom here. OK. We could see my friends that from this move down let’s actually use this move here the last swing high. OK that we do have a potential Fibonacci extension target right back up into this honey hole of Don Don carbon ratio right up here anywhere up to about 7000 right between the point five and the point six one eight between sixty five hundred and seven thousand really wouldn’t be that crazy in my opinion ladies and gentlemen to get to or even here we use the logarithmic as well. I just want to show you with the log fib here that de points 6 1 8 ended point 5. 4 right in the middle of this between six thousand sixty six hundred and we could see this is the line in the sand here. So for me this really this whole range here does have the potential to be a ping pong zone where Bitcoin could test up into resistance then down back into support over and over and over again before finding really what this market wants to do. This could potentially be an area of stagnation. OK. It doesn’t have to be but it could be. And maybe if this is going to be the market cycle bottom we could form somewhat of a U shape right rather than a V shaped recovery that I know every degenerate wants to see. They just want to see this moon moon. But the thing is my friends is that that doesn’t seem very realistic to me at this point in time. If bitcoin is going to recover for me the patterns are either going to look like a you like this with a lot of sideways trading or you know something like this before then going back up. But the problem here as well my friends is that right now. That type of shape and that type of behavior could just lead to this being one gigantic descending triangle. I pointed this out yesterday. If you’re subscribed and if you’re not subscribed already if you’re new to the channel my friends I’m telling you click the subscribe button now and take the little bell and select all you take the bell select all I post about once per day. This my friends is going to be the most realistic technical analysis channel on bitcoin you will find. I do not sugar coat anything for you. The Don tells it houses how he sees it. OK. And for me right now this trend albeit we may have a short term bottom here I still am under the impression that this could be very dangerous. Now if you guys are subscribed you would know that I’ve pointed out the possibility of bitcoin maybe. Testing down to the 1000 dollar region just the same as I pointed out Bitcoin up here potentially testing down to the 5 K to 3 K region. Now what was the basis behind that. It was if we lost this support up here or above six thousand that there would be probably no support down until this region here where we could see a capitulation ask drop into this territory. And what do you know. Ding ding ding. Chicken wings for dinner tofu if you’re vegan. The Don called it to a tee nailed it to the wall. And right now it’s very much the same scenario that if we would lose this support here around 3000 my friends I don’t see much of anything here really until about the twelve hundred dollar area with this prior swing high blow off top. All the way over here to this consolidation and that’s it’s a loose range my friends. It is a loose range. I mean there’s not much there. And the fact of the matter is is that you know the mining right now could become troublesome in terms of profitability. It doesn’t have to it can all change I understand that but Bitcoin if we continue to drop here out of sheer global panic and the global equity selling off and applied pressure for market participants to just sit in cash. I think the sell pressure on Bitcoin could come back but. If the global equities continue to bounce back up. We had a nice close on Friday. If the global equities continue to bounce up I do see potential here especially with this volume profile being so high with the fact that we are seeing a nice potential recovery week there. In terms of buy pressure coming back. The fact is that we’re still oversold on the one day RSI. We are near oversold on the weekly RSI. I do think my friends that if the global equities don’t start crashing again that Bitcoin could potentially be forming a bottom here. But we have to keep in mind this whole red area here is still potentially the new ceiling of this market. OK just like this area here between ninety five hundred and ten thousand six hundred became the ceiling right. This up here. Just like that became the ceiling. It’s very possible that just how Bitcoin got stuck ping pong in here before it dropped. I do think it’s possible now that Bitcoin could get stuck in here before it drops. We really need to understand and watch for the developments inside this range. Right now I’m plotting strategizing to potentially crush this market like a two ton man on a tuna fish can. If you’re not already in my VIP in VIP post all of my trade set up ideas my entries my exits my targets everything exclusively in VIP. My friends today is truly the day. If you’re not already in my VIP you need to join today and I will see you in VIP right now after this video. I’m going to be strategizing for my next move here in this range whether it’s up or down. Right now I’m not looking to get caught like a deer in the headlights. I’m not looking to take that trip to wreck city with average Joe and James at the water cooler. Leave it. Let them stand by that water cooler. Let them sip out of that cone shaped cup because each and every morning ladies and gentlemen I’m going to wake up here. Scramble up some farm fresh eggs a couple of strips of Apple wood smoke bacon and a tall tall glass full of moon boy tears is gonna be filling up for Don Don Carbonite CEO because I don’t care if this market continues to fall I’ll look to shorted out potentially look to dollar cost in on a bullish entry as well. It does it needs to I need to see the developments and if this trend looks like it’s going to go up my friends I’ll be looking to play the long end of it to take emotion out of it. Take. Your bias out of it. Right now I remain neutral. Cool. Calm. And collected ready to strike like a cobra out of the grass. And get this crypto. And my friends I’m going to keep you up to date exclusively in VIP with every single entry exit target strategy etc. that I formulate here for this very specific range. So we’re going to need to see here my friends the developments are going to need to take place. I figured I would make this video here today to keep you guys just updated with what I’m seeing here. There hasn’t been much price action after this so there’s really been no development for me to to continue on right now. But the fact of the matter is here is that I can only be on YouTube once per day in VIP. It’s around the clock so. If you want to see all of my entries exits targets trade set up ideas strategies all of it VIP is where you need to be my friends. If there was ever a time today is truly the day it’s time to transform yourself from average joe into savage Joe let’s get this crypto. I will see you in VIP right now after this video. My friends if you could today smack a thumbs up. I really appreciate it. It helps with the algorithm and I really appreciate you so much. I hope that you appreciate me as well. If you could leave a comment as well. It really does help the algorithm. Anything. My friend‘s a smiley face. Thank you Kirby get wrecked Kirby. Anything you want. Post a comment. I appreciate it more than you know my friends I need to get back to my VIP right now. I’m going to be strategizing to potentially crush this next move here. If you want to see all of my trade set up ideas for the potential next move then I will see you in VIP right now after this video. Let’s get this crypto and my friends. Until next time. The Dawn has spoken. I will see you in VIP right now after this video. Let’s get this crypto in until next time. Be safe be happy be healthy. It’s your boy. Crypto Kirby. Peace and love my friends. Curbs.


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