Bitcoin Crypto Influencers Explain BULLISH Dump! April 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis


Every once in a while that T.A. hocus pocus works. My staff. Met me at my side. Let me add me to my story. Let me go to Moscow. Good morning. People off camera number two Welcome back to Crown’s crypto cave waking up for a little bit of a later morning over here and Saturday what does it sound. Yes it is Saturday. Hey have a happy Saturday in your life. It’s the weekend so it’s a weekend of thuggery and also opportunity and I want to fall for Mrs. analysis as we did see the mood play out that we were speaking about or at least the first portion of it perhaps. And I do believe that there is more to come. So we’ll get to that just second year. Of course always as always talking about massive triggering points and and and and the blue boxes the peace and prosperity and death and destruction upon which side that you’re on. Hey we here we here are mostly traders or at least that’s who this channel is focused on. So we really care about direction we just care about we just care about trading anyways. With that said it is more fun to be about to be quoted. So anyways with with that said we are we are on the ground trading up right now can be found at Apple Crown turned out that it is free and it is going to be built out more and more and more of which I’m really excited about this next update coming probably the next week or so where we’re going to have a chart for the open interest as well as some other metrics which is going to be incredibly massively useful for not only myself but I’d imagine other people out there as well anyways. With that said oh what’s this. We have open interest going up as price action goes down and volume kind of coming up on the lower term time frames as well. Volatility we’ll get into that in just a bit. Once we get to the actual charts but you can probably imagine where that’s going and this is operating exactly how we would expect it to operate although expectations terrible word choice right there for myself. But this is the proverbial response to that to that underline market dynamic setup. Anyways I do think that it’s also worth mentioning that the fear and greed index has actually ticked down to an eight from a twelve which is very very low. I think very few times in the history of Bitcoin we’ve actually seen it lower than this. So keep that in mind. Also Bitcoin dominance more or less steady here. And as far as the other market dynamics obviously going down alongside price action. So what we’d expect to see is pretty much presence so that see. So that says that there’s like unlikely any major you know crappy traps going on right now. And with that said let’s get to the live scene right here right now. I feel like I’m missing some sort of announcement or probably not. Anyways whatever we’ll figure it out later. Let’s get to some price action right here. And what do you know Bitcoin daily dollar closing below the critical levels that we spoke about yesterday 64 50 was shattered just ticking below their initiative the next move down the next to the next level what’s called Target down towards six ish dollar region. What do you think that we pride a little bit further south to go here but we did say that there is going be a short term time frame bounce somewhere around 60 100. I believe that we got pretty much right around there let me just check. Yes 60 70 on on GEEWAX what do we have on stamp. Stamp got down to 60 74 OK. That’s pretty much same. And we got Mexico coming down a 60 55. So all around the same area about 50 bucks less than what we’re looking for. But that’s all good. No problem there. More importantly now that it is the weekend what should we expect from this. What has been done to price action as we see all these things start to play out. Well first and foremost we are seeing more divergence between the between the death cross moving averages right here on the daily and more importantly as we reject the yellow 20 max Benjamin average and get a negative slope on it once again. There is a major implication that we are still playing this out at least for the time being. And the bottom now guys are on the sell side now more importantly we’re gonna be closing the two day tonight as well in the two day is or sorry to be closer to date tonight. Yeah. We do close the two day tonight in less if Bitcoin has a rally back above 72 hundred which I think is incredibly unlikely right now we’ll look at probabilities a little bit later. But unless we have a rally back above so I need you hunted we will inevitably get the death cross on the two day total timeframe confirmed tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time and and more importantly or not maybe not more importantly by going back to the daily right here with this last rejection and confirming this is a local high but taking out 60 50 ish region to the downside. We have done something that is very significant here. We have confirmed hate embarrassed divergence between this point at the 10th of March when Bitcoin was a little bit above 8000 and this point more recently right around 68 hundred ish region which I do believe is going to give us the ultimate moment to actually come back down below 6000 and probably down into the middle of five thousands. Anyways what’s what. What’s interesting here though and this is why I don’t trust this is why I look at so many different charts but spot price action. You see the hit embarrassed I’ve heard it’s present just between the 10th of March and we’ll be all right now. But actually if we go over here too I believe it was CMBS it’s revealed no sorry it’s not it’s not rebuild on C.M. is what was the chart. Oh yeah that’s right Japan. Now I haven’t done this in a very long time but someone brought it up last night and that made me realize that it’s actually once again relevant. So. So Bitcoin versus yen has actually been a really really really really really good insight in foresight into the future as they typically do get a little bit more obvious signals on their charts. This was really really a big deal in 2013 than in most of 2019. I stopped kind of watching it a little bit because it is more or less same but now it seems to be that the it seems to be that Japan is once again kind of foreshadowing moves here. So not only do we have three Black Crowes kind of in the making yesterday which which once we looked at it we actually even took out the low much sooner than than than U.S. spot price action did yesterday as well. So we’re looking it’s on twitching. That’s that’s what I’ve got to mention. We’re gonna be doing twitch later tonight and it’s gonna be another long stream. Yesterday was like a five or six hour long stream and I feel like we can do it again. I just need some food and enough caffeine to keep me going baby. I had a lot of fun playing total war and just kind of shooting the shit and watching price action and and doing a little bit of trading here and there. Anyway it’s on Japan. We actually do see massive hit and Bear Stearns going all the way back over here. What quite literally when Bitcoin was above what would have been nine thousand dollars about ninety two hundred on spot price action. So I do believe that that’s going to give us three drives of this and that’s very very likely going to give us the momentum to come back down to the lows out of the range. I don’t necessarily say that there’s going to completely shattered to the Loach below our current lows but that’s when we go back to the U.S. markets right over here and we look at the bigger picture of which we’ve been following up for the last you know for the last couple of weeks and still as long as Bitcoin is kind of riding these at the writing these two trend lines writing these two diagonal trend lines this one to the bottom which is currently meeting up with our low timeframe our side our lower blue box of support and perhaps even another death and destruction drive right there and our upside resistance right over here as long as your plane between that we are in the confines of a rising channel technically bear flag as well although I don’t think it plays as the Bear Flag because it would have a different implied move but but but the rising channel does have a pretty damn good hit degree of playing out and if we actually do break below which would be conveniently right below our next blue box which we kind of test it into a little bit last night although I do think that we’re gonna get a formal test into it sooner rather than later probably sometime this next week if we do break it again below about 59 50 ish region on at the very least a four hour total closure that would initiate a measured move actually to our prior lows somewhere right around about 40 200 ish region to forty one hundred region down here. So putting all the puzzle pieces together what we are seeing is essentially playing out or sorry what we’ve been kind of talking about is essentially playing out and I don’t say that sound arrogant I don’t say that sound like you know I call I called it I knew what’s going to happen no it doesn’t matter. Only the only thing that matters is trading but just to that people who have been tuning into this content for a while can follow up on this and see that while these signals you know do flash right in front of your very eyes sometimes they take a little bit of time to play out and that’s all well and good anyways remember open interest going up about 40 million 40 million from yesterday to today is a good first start. I think that we’re gonna see that continue to rise as bitcoin does work its way onwards and forwards well to the south side most likely. And I would now be bearish on bitcoin especially as well especially as long as are below 60 700 but that’s that’s not very relevant for our even or even our low timeframes. But even more aggressively right. Right is right. As long as we’re below 60 400 as well on a four hour total closing basis as long as are below there Jubilee pressure is down and I do believe that we will see more price action to the downside. However right now playing out a little bit of anaemic an anemic bounce which I do think is perhaps going to take us a little bit higher actually maybe even test 64. But like I said as long as we’re living below there on closing basis I am bearish I am bearish and I’ve been bearish and I am excited to be more bearish in the future if can be. Anyways. That’s this is the time when all of the when all the holders tune out that’s fine baby it’s just you and me now you and me and all the traders who are watching this this crazy content anyways I think it’s also worth mentioning as well that whenever you see something like this where you’re going to get a death cross almost on the next tick and then at the very last second price action just fucking read deltas this way through. Well. Well that’s usually a good insight. I mean it’s usually get inside they’re going to see more price action in that you know in that direction as it’s very very obvious that the bottom in August were kind of presenting the illusion of short term bullishness maybe maybe another push back up to like 70 choose every 300 this region as you said what’s possible but still you know cautionary lights kind of flashing in the midst. And and and at the very last second you know you know negating that so it was a it was basically a trap for the less sophisticated bots actually is what typically is going on there. Now I can’t speak to like the general market because there’s a billion players in this market. Well maybe not a billion players but quite quite a few players in this market. But that’s but that’s that’s essentially what the more sophisticated bots are doing towards the less sophisticated algo traders here and they are gonna be paying it with spades on the weekends. So with that said let’s check out our time frame also does are looking like right now for our I’m sure people are calling this a higher low and I see all people on crypto Twitter talking about how you should be buying like fifty nine hundred well good luck with that. Is this is is this potentially high or low. It could be a higher low in place and we potentially do have hit in bullish evidence here in play as well. Would that be good enough to send us back up to six or seven hundred perhaps. Yeah I think 64 her is not very far out of the reach out of reach. I think that we could very easily test that but some for me. I this does make me really consider that Bitcoin could pop back up around here especially considering that it is a weekend. Now keep in mind that we actually did confirm a reversal right before the closer on Friday so that means when the weekend happens. Now counter to this week’s direction is going to be to the upside. So it actually would make sense that if we are going to have a hunch to the upside once again it’s going to happen probably during this weekend as you typically do see very very very annoying price action during in weekend. So I wouldn’t mind if we if we had a move up to six forward over the weekend I wouldn’t mind if we had a move up to sixty seven hundred over the weekend but I’d probably be looking to faded assuming that again Bitcoin is more or less closing for our dollar is below. I mean conservatively eight hundred aggressively sixty seven hundred ish regions. So I do think it’s possible we could pop back up around there but in plat this hit in bullish evidence here. But I’m not convinced that is going to flip around to being bullish. I think that that last rejection on the daily 21 is quite quite telling. And I do think that we’re gonna head down you know. You know what. You know whether Bitcoin plays out a little bit of a bounce here or not. I mean we kind of had a little bit of a bounce to more than 20 bucks is decent enough. But you know that’s that’s really all since said about that actually it’s just I just I don’t really mind have you back up here. But if it happens over the weekend I think that they’ll be pretty damn insightful that we’re probably going to probably begin to sell into it and in turn back around relatively soon. Also remember when we were looking at historic volatility until yesterday on the 4:00 hour especially with with specific interest to we are starting to see this expand once again. So we’re seeing this expand slowly from a very low level which have denoted you know multi thousand dollar moves in the past as we as we spoke about yesterday definitely definitely reference yesterday’s video if you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you’re just or if you’re not interested then don’t. But more importantly we see that rising up alongside volumes actually now can be really rising too much right here. Volume is not going to spike until we actually break the rising channel that we’re in but we do see that interest creeping up a little bit as well as people put on short positions and that really confirms that the last move to the upside was mostly shorts closing. It’s really not that bullish. It’s really not that bullish when you see short when you see upwards price action based off of shorts closing yes you can get a nice move and we certainly got some nice moves but that was always the thing in the back of our minds I reminded ourselves saying hey you know I I’m looking for signs of exhaustion here because I do. You know the underlying dynamics are more are more so on the bear side right now and we’re starting to see that play out. So yeah let’s see what the three hours looking like right now we see three elements moderate is still pointed south although there’s still plenty room down there. And same thing with our RSI. We could have. I mean we could very easily play out a little bit ahead and bullish evidence but I don’t think that I don’t think that’s going to be any sort of meaningful reversal. Just another test backup to former support and test it has resistance most likely to our show resistance right around 60 400 ish region. We also see to our momentum all it is more or less the same as the three and four hour. So they’re all coming from the same direction so if we are going to play out a little bit of a bounce this weekend or so if we’re going to play it a little bit of a bounce I think that it does happen this weekend actually and probably somewhere around 60 400 ish region. I think is quite reasonable. However if if it pops up there I’ll look for extension actually all the way up to like 60 700 ish region that’s where things actually could change around. So I should talk about what’s going to now revert my bias from being bearish overall on the medium and higher term time frames to once again bullish that we kind of already discussed it but. But getting back above about sixty seven hundred now would be a little bit more of an aggressive way of doing it. I think it actually probably would do it but but more conservatively and obviously would be just this last local high right here a little bit about six eight hundred ish region. And then I’d actually target to move into the low 7000 is anywhere between 70 72 and something 300 would be very very likely you know what we pointed out before is still very much relevant this blue box right here which is now accurately in between the two and simple and 2 in the next century damage on the 4 little timeframe. That’s strange how that T.A. a weird hocus pocus works out sometimes in lining up is usually you know it’s usually why Knight is usually when the good ones happen anyways. Okay. So while we are here let’s actually go back to the two day and let’s just look at the last few death crosses and golden crosses that we’ve seen coming from this timeframe. Let me get rid of all these major moving averages except for the except for the green 55 the purple 200 in the yellow 21. So here’s the thing and here’s here’s a way that I play this here and here’s a way that plays. So this is actually a very good potential death cross in the making. As again you know it needs needs to be confirmed later tonight but we do have it. We do have a nice dodge double reversal right here confirmed by continuation below and we’re just waiting for tonight’s closure. Now if tonight closes like I said anywhere below about six 700 we will we will for sure see these two crossed to the downside and confirm the death cross. And this would be essentially on your last test your last chance for love before the inevitable. The the the inevitable doom once again and as long as we’re below the yellow 21 I think from an average I would say that this thing I would be overall bearish on this asset now going back in time. How does this work. We do see that. Well let’s go find some examples. We do see the last time we had a golden cross bitcoin was coming out of this consolidation right here rides at 21 the 21 was a great buy. Just like the 21 over here perhaps even a great great sell although not just necessarily just yet. And bitcoin goes all the way from sunny 500 to about 14000 then before that we have 2018 of course. I think that this one this one’s a damn good example right here. We get the death cross as bitcoin gets rejected from this high right here then slowly but surely at the end of 2018 bitcoin gets ground down below the yellow 20 max Benjamin as you can see that’s just showing you that the Bolton elders are slowly but surely intensifying their sell programs. And what happens at the very end. We had our last slow rejection and then Doom’s doomsday drop to the floor and that’s essentially what I’m looking for and by the way it wasn’t until we regained the 20 21 on an open and closed basis where really the momentum took back up to the upside. Even though the low was in you know about about 500 bucks before then comparing thirty two hundred. All the way to thirty six hundred and we can go all the way back to 2014 2015 right and over here and another similar situation as well getting the death cross during this price action. Bitcoin gets a little bit of a of a of a bull trap soon after that rejection and then back down below the twenty one as long as it’s death crossed and below the twenty one I play it bearish and this one right here was very far away from price action by the way this one over here. You know a little bit more efficacious obviously as well after that soon after that we get a pretty nasty move from top to bottom about 60 percent and that’s also very similar to what we saw in end of 2018 as well. I think this was more so a 50 percent ish move from from last kind of high to next low. Yeah 50 and a half percent. So let’s just kind of play around with the numbers here. Let’s just say that you know what if this does happen with this lineup with anything assuming that this is gonna be our local high which is technically not confirmed just yet although it’s quite likely if we were to shave 50 percent off of price action you know at the very least where that sun is back down to 34 50 ish right now wouldn’t it. That’s that’s kind of our last accumulation zone from from from essentially a year ago. And what do you know this gap is gonna love this one Hello gap boys if you had been getting dressed by your mommy in the morning well this is what you should be paying attention to. Hello hello. Thirty five hundred gap thirty five fifty gap actually right here you know is this the natural gap I would say it’s actually not but it’s funny that people always want to talk about the eleven thousand five hundred gap but not about this one down around here this is so fucking important if you’re in the T.A. program especially for the new people in the two year program make sure before falling into the fucking meanie of gap analysis which is actually very very important to watch the the. Bonus module in the TIA program on Gap Theory and Gap trading analysis. So so looking at this right here you know as always when it comes down to gaps there’s no time component implied. Which one gets tested first or foremost is just about which one is more relevant to the current price action. So what’s more relevant right now. Well obviously that one but neither. I mean well actually neither of them are really relevant right now. What’s more relevant is the fact that what’s more relevant is just the fact that we are. Well actually that’s completely irrelevant price section right now. We’re nowhere near over fucking here. There’s there. There’s no way to kind of kind of judge that. Looks like we have some messages on Trading View. That is the absolute worst place to contact me of all time ever so I would not suggest that I in fact I just I just completely ignore those anyways so let’s go over here to the weekly I’m here’s how how how CRM is closed the weekly CND closed the weekly. A little bit on a sour note I wouldn’t say this is like not obviously bearish share. It’s not it’s it’s also not obviously bullish either but more importantly begin to see the yellow 21 the green fifty five across the downside. And this to me looks likely like a rejection as that’s kind of your implied test of it. Same thing on spot price action right here especially if we close the weekly tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern it’s a standard time below 6000. We will this you know this is going to be a very obvious rejection and that’s going to very likely give us the impetus to head back down below 6000 our site not just below 6000 but actually probably below 5000 overall but I’d still take it one step at a time. And speaking of one step at a time let’s go back onto our lower term timeframes and talk about what this what this how this could look like if we do actually initiate the next sort of targeted region which let me let me by the way put in the nice horizontal for a low timeframes bouncy bounce area right here at 6 at 61 which I think we had on Mexico before. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We only have it there again I guess this one works just as well. But I have my rising channel on my energy tax chart anyways. So for right now looking for a little bit of a bouncy bounce. However if Bitcoin does come back down and test this blue box formerly at 59 50 ish region and breaks it where would I look for price action to come down to next. Well I’d look for the next blue box of death and destruction to get to likely get tested this one’s down around fifty five hundred which is by the way the two and it’s simple on the weekly I believe it is a look for a small bounce there or even maybe a medium term time frame bounce there is a lot of people like to play the tune it’s simple however coming back down and test that for a third time in three weeks is not bullish in any way shape or form do you believe that that test. Ah sorry. I do believe that that bounce. What you know probably a low timeframe bounce at the very least we’ll get sold into maybe we pop pop back up to TV and test the channel all the way back in the low six thousand. You know nice even number. But overall you know I don’t have a strong opinion that I have a strong appeal on that bounce failing and then bitcoin will come down very likely to the 51 50 ish region right here at which point I think we have another chance to salvage is this one that one down one very likely is gonna be a medium term time frame bounce. But I do believe that at that point we will initiate the measure move on this rising channel and that and whatever bounce that we do see from this region maybe brings back up to the tune in simple on the weekly at 35 we’re getting way into fucking you know T.A. hocus pocus. This is even tighter right now. This is this. This is Crystal Ball bullshit. So understand that I’m just doing this for you know for fun right now. This is you know obviously price action matters more. And the way that I traded. Well well you pretty much know the way that trade based upon these blue boxes or at least private good idea for the people or create about them. But but yes you know I would believe that we’d probably initiate the move the full and move all the way down here. Next bounds probably somewhere around 48 hundred on short term time frames then again at about forty six hundred and then all the way down here in that point out. You know I potentially could look for a major reversal down around them could potentially make look for a major reversal right around here as well. It’s always a possibility right. But the bias would be more and more set in what we want to see as well maybe not the bulls of this market but what what traders want to see is they want to see open interest go up with that as long as and as well as volume going up with it. Now I don’t expect volume to spike up here Intel we actually break this area at about fifty nine fifty ish regions so for right now the channel does look efficacious as we do see a nice parallel lines in price action action well through them and more importantly we do see that volumes and it sure is confirming that as well as volatility signature as well confirming that and that tells me that it is more or less likely to play that way. Okay. What else you want to look at. Oh it’s the greatest secret of the world. Here you go. All right so now that we got on the fucking moon boys and Game Boys out of this bitch are actually the Dubois prize still here. But fair enough. Hey there you go have some fucking twelve hours Stokes in your life and what do you know we have this trend line still playing now I think I had this trend line marked off on Mexico yes indeed it is. Now here’s a thing we do have a competing trend line for support levels down around the low side right here and that looks like asymmetrical Triangle over the long term now doesn’t it but that also does imply that we’re gonna come down all the way to the bearish control zone and test around there. So we got plenty of room to the downside here. And I would be looking for that to likely play out twelve hour RSI back below the exponential and plain out massive hit and bearish divergence going all the way back to the eight thousand dollar level I gonna think is better seen on that daily and to day perhaps but same you know same sort of synopsis. OK. What else we want to talk about. I do wanna make this video a little bit on the shorter side. What about a three day. We did close a three day three day deal last night as well. I do like this look for the bears on a three day delay confirming a local high right here. It looks like although it’s not actually it’s not it’s not as local high ish as it do as a daily would look like but actually you know no actually no it’s not but we are seeing the other 20 on cross the downside of that of the to an index punishment average. That’s what that’s what kind of sendoff puts boxes that’s what sent off bitcoin back at 6000 from November 2018 all the way down. So we’re what we’re looking at before and I do believe we might have another example in 2014 2015. Yeah. Very very similar one right over here. So a little bit more of a long standing moving average which you know typically is going to hold a little bit more weight but basically operate in the same way as a two day death cross that is kind of impending later tonight anyways. Bitcoin rallying up now let’s see if we can test that 6 400 ish number and then play play by year after that. All right cool. So what else you want to talk about. Already 23 minutes in. Let’s go look at it probabilities lining up with these areas and let’s see. So yesterday yesterday was the first time or actually like the last week or so the probabilities and my analysis I’ve actually not been meeting up all that well too with each other but I’m happy to say that I’m better than math. No just kidding of course not. It just so happened that time you know more often than not I mean math is going to be. Well I mean it’s it’s just math. I mean the probability for the downside was still pretty significant as well so it’s not it’s not that it didn’t work. It’s just that I was saying that the upside was a little bit more likely I said the downside was more likely. And and realistically. Well well I think we know it happened anyways. Ok. So let’s get back onto this right here. Let’s see. So remember the critical areas that we want to be cognizant of going forwards here for the big downside is going to be about 59 50. So I don’t think that there’s going to be very likely that we break this day. Let’s see what it looks like on a 12 hour probability going to be less than 15 percent in this next two hours and 51 minutes when the next closure happens. That’s what’s going to the fall as well. Now we can see that the rings are starting to squeeze to the downside so what do you think that that Angle’s probability sorts of downside overall but it does say that it’s quite unlikely that we get that move today. And I would more or less agree if you go if we go out the whole way to the Daily Double close it would be about a little bit less than a 30 percent chance which is pretty fucking massive actually. And that actually does look like something that I mean that that’s that’s a probability that’s worth paying attention to. So probably not in this next on this next twelve hour closure but perhaps yes on this next to a Daily Deal the closure. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities what is a picture that I’m painting right here and more importantly we’re seeing these guys squeeze back to the downside which I do like now to the upside. Let’s talk about this as well. The upside is a little bit more tricky because you know we have short term 60 400 but that doesn’t really that doesn’t change round any of the biases from the medium and higher term time frames only low term time frames. And if we do look at on daily it’s gonna be a quite a high probability of 40 almost 44 percent. So I do think that we’re going to test it. The question is do we actually exceed it. And I would say probably you know you know unlikely. Let’s go to the one that actually does matter. Let’s cut it to the middle because I’ve been saying 67 and 68 hundred which is called 667 50 although technically speaking a price should be sixty 800 ish region just to be just the air on the side of caution because trend is now confirmed to the downside once again and we do see a little bit less than 26 percent chance. So the probabilities are on the downside here. And I and I would agree with that more or less I think that would be quite unlike that we do had backup around here even test around there to be quite honest with you I think 64 hundred’s really really like that. And if we break above 60 40 then yes 60 70 60 800 is within sight but I would be I would be skeptical there. Again I’d look at that as another opportunity perhaps as well. Okay cool. All right. So we got that. Let’s go check out traditional markets traditional markets spy closing on a little bit of a down note yesterday. I do think that we’re going to confirm a local high here as well and I do think that this is a rejection of the yellow 21. And I do think that next week we are going to come all the way back down to 230 ish region. So this week we said that Bitcoin was our site SPI was likely to pop back up in test around 265. We actually almost got that too. We got up to 2 6 3 and that’s close enough as far as I’m concerned. And then more importantly the weekly closed not the way that you’d want to see for continuation the upside. We got a rejection of the 20 simple Antoinette index Benjamin average all the same price point. To me this looks very very bad and I do believe that we will be testing back down at the very least 235 coming into next week. And I don’t have a I don’t while I would wait for that to happen and wait to analyze it. I don’t have a strong. I don’t I don’t think that it’s going to. I don’t think it’s going to. Just put it bluntly just just fucking say it. I don’t think that the lows are in for traditional markets. I don’t think that the lows are in for Bitcoin as well. And I think that I think that both these markets are just a a massive conglomeration of of retailer induced hope Yum. We have some like this coming to kind of do actually just come play around with with trend lines are less important that you know than the over implications of this. Remember we do have the monthly closed coming in in 2 days I think it is the last trading day of the month is gonna be this is gonna be the thirty first. So we will be able to see the monthly closed relatively soon. Let’s see how it’s shaping up right now. If it were to close like this I would not look at that as good. I would look at it look at it as still a continuation to the downside most likely Keno can play a bounces in between. I was look at Bitcoin as well. As far as that student concerned. As long as are below the 21 I am overall bearish on the macro time frames long term time frames. Okay what else do we want to look at. See Germany closed the week pretty nasty as well. Looks like another rejection to me as well. Fair enough. What about gold. How to gold close weak gold close we quite well so gold is really the only one that’s acting as an actual hedge right now. Gold closing above all major move nowadays. I do think he’s going to give it another test to its prior high at seventeen hundred ish region over these next couple weeks and probably going to give it it. I think I think this this is this. And I’m not a gold fan. I think that Peter Schiff is kind of silly but but hey. Good chart is a good chart and have to call a spade a spade and this one is this one is a spade. I got a lot of shit for being bearish on bitcoin last week so I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that. Just kidding anyways. Dumb dumb social shit man. All I should care about is my piano at the end of the day. I’m breaking my own rules I’m breaking my own rules so I’ve got to call myself out and please you in the comments you and you watching this video feel free to be the one to call me as well because I do think that it’s important that is a big benefit of having community when people can say can can like check. You know like Crown you’re getting a little bit too arrogant Crown you’re getting a little bit too silly over here crown. I like what you said over here crown. I hate you and your hair sucks that I don’t wanna hear it anyways. What else you want to look at. I think that does it. I think that does it for that. What about GBC. Closing as a rejection of the two and a simple and short and expensive on average pretty nasty as well although not as bad as the spot price action close funnily enough. Let’s go check out some of the other market leaders and then call this call. Send this baby off. Let’s go check out Mr. beta all first and foremost. I said this one’s coming back down to 122 we got down to 125. You can see very obviously that is still playing out some sort of a rising wedge rising and rising channel bear flag. And while it probably does pop back up maybe even test round 1 30 to one maybe even 133. I think that would be playing this one to the downside as long as we are below the twenty one on the daily. More importantly the weekly is not looking hot baby not looking hot. By the way I do not have log scale on right now which is why the charts look extra shitty because that’s exactly what these charts should be. That’s exactly what they should represent right now because they are so shitty right now. You know people want to look at it like this. Realistically it’s actually like this. Now the reason why I think that this is more important I think that this is less damning for bitcoin is because bitcoin is actually kind of stood the test of time now and it has been holding in this range more or less OK. But you know really think about what moving average means. You know when we’re looking at a 200 week moving average we’re looking at the average of price action over the last 200 weeks on a simple moving average just as simple as it gets like quite lately closing price plus closing price will slowly rise to an at times divided by 200. And there you go. What is it. It’s about fifty five hundred so we can say that consistently bitcoin for the last. I mean we got 50 weeks in a year so it’s for the last I got four years. Bitcoin has been on an average price of about fifty five hundred bucks which is is quite relevant and I do. And I do think that the linear scale accurately represents us now. But if you put the linear scale on you know like coin or beta all or pretty much any all coin it looks something like this which is significantly less impressive I think. But again that’s a little more of an opinion related thing. Let’s go back into Mr. Boudreau and tear this baby apart. Looks very similar on the lower term time frames to Bitcoin maybe POS back up to like 1. Like I said 132 it bitcoin gets the get gets another test up to like sixty seven I would look for beta or 137 region but still kind of kind of with the overall bearish bias even though we do have him in bullish evidence on this one so it probably does pop up a little bit more. To be fair. Same thing with misses like when it looks like a little bit more on the weaker side to be fair. Let’s see what is a daily life like yeah. Daily closed below all image we would have just so it is the weakest one of the bunch right now can still see the same sort of rise channel bear flag right here. And I do think that if Bitcoin drops below 6000 you’d see this one come down to 35 and a quarter and probably lower over time. What else we have maybe ripples ripples nipples over here react back. It’s a bad and we have hit and bearish evidence all the way back over when it was literally above 21 cents. That’s problematic should we do more. Hello Quinn boys. Do you want to do some more. Let’s go look at link because people get really mad when you don’t look at link after looking at it for a while but link actually does fair enough. Two different things. There are at least the most likely coin to do a different thing than the rest of the market however is it doing some different right now over the long term. Yes absolutely it’s got it it’s got one of the most phenomenal charts long term however short term is it. No it’s not in as long as and as long as it’s below the 20 one at 250 or 255. Really. I’m overall bearish on it looking for a retest the prior lows and probably beyond over time I’m all right is that pretty much do we cover everything Cardon yo Cardona is rallying right. It’s got it’s got new technology it’s got the block chain it’s got smart contracts it’s got a shitty as fuck chart it’s got a whole lotta wait. My volume wasn’t on. Oh. OK Crown don’t you think. Don’t crown. You’re going to be so wrong about Cardone. The shit that I’ve been hearing for the last two years. Well it hasn’t gone as low as I thought it’s gonna go but fair enough. A dead heartbeat of a chart. And it probably actually does move up here. It actually probably is gonna rally a little bit to five the the overall I think it actually kind of isn’t. You notice it is it is in its range but this is versus she’s in with bitcoin going down that means that its dollar value is going down as well. All right great. Okay. Cool let’s go look. Let’s go to source some more shit coins why don’t we now that we have better things do you like laundry. Oh God damn. I’m curious where Japan is on the weekly as well. Let’s go back to this. We don’t. We don’t actually have enough data but I should remind myself that weekly momentum monitors are so bullish that they forgot to turn up OK. All right. It’s video is already been 34 minutes long. I think we pissed off everyone enough already and let’s go back to the lower trim time friends start to make this baby off so you know does Bitcoin play it a little bit more of a of bit of a bounce bounce here to the upside. I think I think that’s quite likely actually. Sixty four hundred sir that’s certainly very much within reason if Bitcoin starts closing above sixty four hundred even like an hourly dildo I will look for extension all the way up to sixty seven ish region that’s where the medium and the higher term time frames could change around but I don’t I don’t think that that’s happening but because it is a weekly hour sorry it because it is a weekend do you have to be cognizant of the fucker that could be around now Bitcoin did close above sixty eight hundred you call it then I would look for an extension all the way up five hundred dollars more to seventy three So seventy two it is only three hundred bucks and fulfilled the topside trend line test up here by the same token assuming that that doesn’t happen and we pop back down around here I do believe that the next test on sixty one hundred probably well I don’t have the striping on for weather breaks now overall I have a strong opinion on whether breaks but maybe on the next test but the that the crux of this message is is that this is the critical level right here at around fifty nine fifty and rising so it will be six thousand likes early next week I think and if we do break that one I would look for ultimately big Bitcoin to come all the way back down of forty two under this region with bounces along the ways could things change around along the way sure yes but we’ll take it one step at a time as it does happen so for right now you know congratulations to all the bears congratulations to all the shorts more importantly congratulations all the traders just making shit tons of money absolutely fucking love it. I love hearing stories like that I swear I sincerely actually do my favorite type of messages is when someone says Hey man you know I just you know I’ve been studying technical analysis for a while now and I’ve been and I’ve been learning how to trade for a while now and I’m finally seeing my my efforts come to fruition and that’s fucking cool because well that’s that’s like that’s what life is all about it’s like picking a skill or getting better at it and then feeling good because because that’s basically how you’re autonomous reward systems are kind of built up so yeah man really really happy for those people it’s a lot better than the mess just like hey man could you tell me what to do in this situation like fuck me anyways that’s gonna do it for me right now are you signing off I’ll be on Twitch earlier today as well you’re more than welcome to join on in I understand that you know the focus is on gaming although we will be looking at price session as well you know on the interim we got we got a good game to kind of float in between but you know I said that some people are just like me and some that and that’s fine to play well but so but hey if you are and you just want to hang out and you just want to shoot the shit more than welcome to join on in the LinkedIn description below I will be signing off now I want to wish you well once again have a happen amazingly excellent rest of your Saturday afternoon from myself over here and Helsinki Finland it’s nice and bright we can’t go outside one quarantine take care and until next time.


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