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In this video yesterday Bitcoin had its second-biggest difficulty adjustments day in the history of Bitcoin and look at this very very interesting set of data where someone put together all of the previous huge reduction days and also the price increase. Three months after six months after and 12 months after this big reduction. Well, I’m going to use this data to show you exactly how Bitcoin can reach eighteen thousand dollars in the next six months. And also how the average price change in 12 months should put bitcoin at approximately eighty-one thousand dollars in one year. But I also want to talk about the financial markets and the fact that three-point three million Americans are filing for unemployment. Look at this chart. I mean it looks like this chart is broken right but it’s not. This is actually the current unemployment claim. And I mean this chart looks completely ridiculous and like I said it looks broken but it’s not. And just to give you some perspective this was the financial crisis of 2008 the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And this is where we are currently in terms of unemployment claims. This is completely insane. And if you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should definitely hello guys and welcome to the moon. My name is Carl and I’m going to bring you this cryptocurrency video. Let’s take a look at the bit comprise in the fact that Bitcoin seems to be running into some resistance here. If you look at this zone here where we saw previous support from this range. Right. However, if I were to pull out this V.P. we are showing us the volume traded per range. We will see that actually where Bitcoin is now. If anything is a lack of resistance according to the V.P. we are the real resistance will be up there as you can see clearly illustrated by this cluster of volume traded and this zone is approximately between seven thousand one hundred and fifty dollars all the way up to seven thousand three hundred and seventy dollars. This is the next technical big resistance for bitcoin to breakthrough. And let me just bring out the moving averages on the daily timeframe and we can see here how Bitcoin has actually broken above this purple line the 20 daily moving average. And this is historically a bullish signal. And just like I talked about yesterday we did also just see the death cross happen between this green line and the red line. It is called a death cross when the 50 daily moving average breaks below the 200 daily. If you want to know more about the death cross go and watch. Yes, it is video because I go through all of the previous historical significance and I share my thoughts about what I think that this is going to mean for the bacon prices so go watch. Yes, it is a video if you want to know more about that but other than that if we go into the four-hour timeframe we can see here that Bitcoin is still holding above this upward trending support and Bitcoin is still below this horizontal resistance. And just like I talked about a couple of days ago it looks like bitcoin might be forming this ascending triangle and we’re still within this range. And we did not break out yet. And looking at the volume we can see that bitcoin is clearly experiencing decreasing volume. And this is, of course, a sign that we are about to see big fireworks and I mean if you’re one of my subscribers then you should already know by now that when we are in a consolidation phase just like we are right now and the volume is declining then you can know for sure that the lack of volatility that we’re seeing now will come to an end very soon. And when we break the support or resistance there will be a huge move. And obviously this is very very tradable. For example, there is definitely a case to be made for a short position. If we were to break this big support and there is definitely a case to be made for a long position if Bitcoin can successfully break through the resistance. So guys pay attention you can quote me on this in the next two days. We will see huge fireworks in the Bitcoin price. And if you are an experienced trader and if you’re looking for an exchange to trade Bitcoin you can do so on by bid fee mix or price makes Beatty and these are the current sign of bonuses that are active. And next up a record, 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment as the U.S. tries to contain the current outbreak. And just to get some perspective this beats the previous record and the previous record was six hundred and ninety-five thousand back in October 1982. So three point three million and this is obviously not an American problem. We’re seeing this globally how people are being put out of business and are left there without an income. This is a disaster for the economy. And let me just show you the craziest chart that I’ve probably ever seen in my life. Look at this. It looks like a bug. It looks like this chart is broken but it’s not. This is the reality right now. So in the week ending March 21, there was a significant increase in unemployment claims. So this is a graph of the weekly unemployment claims in the US and for the past 20 years here we can see how this is basically somewhere around 300 thousand five hundred thousand. And in the previous financial crises, we can see how this spiked up too. It looks like 600000 something like that. And remember guys like I’ve said so many times this crisis the 2008 financial crisis was the worst crisis since the Great Depression. And like I’ve also always told you what we are going to see in the following years will be much worse than the 2008 financial crisis and it will probably be much much worse than the Great Depression. And now just take a look at this graph. I mean the difference. It’s not only obvious it’s blatantly ridiculous in your face and this is just one of many signs showing us that what we are seeing right now is completely unprecedented has never happened before and this will lead to disaster. And it will lead to many people being completely broken down by the system. And if you think that your government will help you then you’re wrong your government whether it’s a good government or a bad government it doesn’t matter. It cannot help you. And just look at this. Under normal circumstances, 70-80 percent of all U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck. And this is very accurate for the global economy. People are living paycheck to paycheck. Only a five hundred dollars price expense could be disastrous for these people. And sadly most people of course right now they have no interest in bitcoin because these people are just trying to survive. They have no money left over to gamble on Bitcoin. But I’ve always been saying it and I still believe it. Eventually, bitcoin will be used as a safe haven when people lose all of their confidence in the government‘s banks and the fiat currency system. It’s just inevitable that bitcoin will get a lot of this value when people have basically no other choice. So gold and Bitcoin they complement each other. They are both going to thrive off of the coming extreme environment that we’re seeing unfolding right now. But like I said everyone is on their own. Your government cannot help you and if you are an American and if you think of this 1200 dollars that they are going gonna give to everyone is going to help. You’re wrong. This is like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Just like all of the trillions of dollars that will be printed and given to banks and corporations this will not fix the fundamental problem of the monetary system. Actually it just further demonstrates the flaws because you have this central authority that can print money out of nothing and you have a central authority that can manipulate interest rates. And this is the very fundamental cause of the problems that we are seeing unfolding right now. So, in my opinion, medicine is not giving everyone free money. In my opinion, the medicine and the antidote to this crisis is bitcoin and gold. And like I said in the intro I want to show you exactly why this data here tells us that Bitcoin could be worth as much as seventeen thousand dollars in just a few months. But before I talk about that I just want to quickly talk about block fi. And as you may already know I am using block Fi and I am an affiliate of four block fi because I love the service that they provide. And if you don’t know what lock Fi is it is a lending service where you can either use your crypto as collateral to borrow money or you can. You can lend in money and you can earn interest off of your crypto. And I know that there are shady projects out there that you should stay away from but block Fi is not one of them block fi doesn’t even have a token. And people like the Winklevoss twins and Gemini are actually behind this project and are heavily involved. So extremely serious people are behind this. So basically if you deposit a bitcoin to block fi then you will be given interest over time. And of course not your keys, not your crypto. Always remember that. So if you give someone your crypto then at least make sure that you are getting paid for the risk you’re taking because you are taking a risk. And this is how the banking system is supposed to work when you lend money to the bank. They should give you interest for the privilege of borrowing your money. But obviously the banking system is not working as it should. And on bank accounts nowadays you get zero percent interest rates and even negative interest rates in some cases. And basically that means that you have to pay to lend money to the bank. That makes no sense at all. So in this crazy world there needs to be something like this where you actually get paid for the risk-taking. That was again not two keys, not a Bitcoin. This is very important because you have to understand that you’re taking a risk but you are getting paid for the risk. And this is where you have to make up your mind if you want to try block fire. You can use my affiliate link down below. But like I said the other end of this is to borrow money. And why would you want to borrow from a block? Well if you sell bitcoin at a profit then you have to pay taxes on these profits. However, if you give someone a bitcoin and you get a loan back you borrow money then you can get fields to pay expenses or to invest in something without generating a taxable event. And this is why people are using this service and businesses and projects are using this service for these kinds of things. These are collateralized loans. So if I want to borrow zero point five Bitcoin worth of fiat I have to deposit double that in collateral. So this means that the risk is very very low default because there is always collateral is there to be sold to cover the potential loss. And these interest payments are paid monthly. So, for example, this was my interest payments from back in January where I received 400 dollars worth of bitcoin in interest for the bitcoin that I had deposited and yeah I’ve been using this service for many months now and I really think that this is by far the most legit lending platform in crypto. Most of the other lending platforms they have tokens and they have all these weird incentive structures but block fight they have no token. They only focus on the actual service itself. And if you want to use my fill link I will leave the filler thing at the top of the description and also independent comments. And next up yesterday I talked about the fact that yesterday we had the second biggest difficulty adjustment in bitcoin history and some people think that this is a bearish sign but actually it’s the exact opposite. And this is exactly what this guy posted over on Twitter. So yesterday we saw this almost 16 percent negative difficulty adjustment and that is the second biggest when we see this huge reduction in the difficulty. This usually leads to big price increases in the following month. So this is the price change. Three months after these difficult adjustments and this is six months after and this is 12 months after. So the average increase after three months was one hundred and thirty percent. The average price increase after six months was one hundred and sixty-five percent and the average increase after 12 months was actually one thousand one hundred and fifty-three percent. So let’s take a look at where this would put us in three months. One hundred and thirty percent would put us at approximately fifteen thousand dollars roughly. How about in six months. Well, one hundred and sixty-five percent in October approximately that would put us at approximately 18000. So what about one year. One thousand one hundred percent approximately. Well, we can see here that this would put us approximately. So in March 2021 at approximately eighty-one point seven thousand dollars per bitcoin. Listen to that eighty one thousand dollars. And that’s based on all of this data all of this difficulty reductions. What do you guys think will we see Bitcoin at eighteen thousand dollars in six months. And do you believe that bitcoin can reach eighty-one thousand dollars in just one year? Leave your comments down below. I would love to know what you guys think. But this is it for this video. I truly hope that you enjoyed it. And if you haven’t seen this video then click right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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