In this video, the Bitcoin Golden Cross is taking place right now as I am recording this video. As you can see, I want to talk about the significance of this golden cross and what we should expect in the immediate future. And also, guys, I want to show you some interesting charts from Glass Node showing us these on-chain fundamental indicators. And I want to show you this chart specifically because this chart is right now giving us one of the most reliable buy signals in Bitcoin history. And that’s not all big, big news from the U.S. Treasury. They are now launching a stimulus debit card. This is a card where you will get free bailouts directly deposited into your card and then you can just go and spend it. This might sound like a fantastic idea for you as an individual. However, for everyone involved in the global economy, this is a recipe for disaster. I want to talk about that. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think that you should difficult. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Khalid. I’m here to bring you this Bitcoin video. And it is no official. The Bitcoin Golden Cross has just occurred. It is actually in the process of happening right now. And tomorrow we’re going to see how this green line is now above the red line. But like I said previously, these golden and death causes, they are not very reliable indicators for the price in the short term. But on average, they do serve as a good buy and sell signals. But you can see, as we’ve seen before, some of these are actually counter indicators like this golden cross. We did see a big plunge to the downside here. We saw a deaf cross. That, of course, is that point. We’ve just been going up and some people claim that if these lines are moving to the upside, then this means that this cross is going to be more significant. However, I don’t think that this is the case because as you see here, this death cross would have been a perfect death cross. Both of these lines are tilting to the downside. Ask the cause is happening. But at this point, we’ve seen the prices go up. So, yeah. Personally, I think that we should, of course, say that this is a bullish thing. It’s not bearish. So what is my summary? Well, I think that, of course, it’s a good thing to see moving averages cross to the upside because it means that the price is going up, the momentum is basically shifting. But personally, I don’t a trade based on the death in gold and crosses. And if we zoom in a little bit, we can see that because is still in this potential diamond pattern that I talked about a couple of days ago. And, of course, you could potentially disregard this part of this pattern. And then you’re left with basically a triangle here, a horizontal or ascending triangle. And, yeah, you could just leave a comment down below. Would you think about that? But regardless, it does look like Bitcoin is moving in for a breakout as the resistance, as support is converging, making it narrower, narrower and narrower. And we are going to have to see Bitcoin break through one or the other. And next up, I want to show you some on Shein fundamental indicators from glass node. You guys know the glass node. They make these charts based on on-chain data, which is, of course, very interesting. But first of all, let’s take a look at this one. We have active entities with a seven-day moving average. And essentially their own explanation here is that the number of unique entities that were active, either as a centre or receiver entities are defined as a cluster of addresses that are controlled by the same network entity. So instead of entities, you could say companies or people, but they use the word entities to try to make sure that they get everyone involved under the under one name here. But basically, we can see that ever since this big plunge from eight-point eight K down to three-point eight K. We can see that the number of active entities has been going straight up here. So it went from two hundred and thirty-nine thousand all the way up to the current number of let’s see here. Two hundred and ninety-four thousand. And I think that’s a good sign. We’re seeing more and more people getting more active in this space. And if we zoom out, we can see that as the bitcoin price goes up, we are seeing more and more active entities in this space. And I think one interesting part here is that we can see that because of this big rise here, we came way above the previous high, which was here when Bitcoin went above fourteen thousand dollars. So that is significant. I think this means that the next top is the one we had in 2017 when baseball went to if twenty thousand dollars. So essentially, we can see that people are active. We are seeing active Bitcoin users. And the trend is to the upside. Even though the price has been going slightly down. And let’s go to the next glass node chart because this is a very, very interesting chart called the Puel Multiple with a seven-day moving average. And essentially, what we do see here is the minor revenue compared to the recent minor revenue. And interestingly, is that when this orange line comes down into this green box down here, that is usually a fantastic buy signal showing us that Bitcoin is bottoming out. For example, back here in 2015, we saw this multiple can’t come all the way down into green. That was actually the exact bottom of the previous bear market. And then we saw it happened was again, right there. And this was also the bottom from back in 2019. As you may remember, and currently, Bitcoin is once again dipping into this green area, showing us yet another fantastic buy signal for the long term. So this is something that we should definitely keep an eye on. And, of course, we can see that historically. This multiple has come even lower down. But we are in this green by zone and that is the important part of today. We can also see how this very nicely can give us these tops also. So back here was the top in this 2000 and 30s bite here. We had another top and also the top. So essentially, what this Puel multiple goes into this red area. It is time to sell so we can actually use this chart in the future to try to pick the top and sell the top and buy the bottom. And right now, we are getting this buy signal. And here we have something else from glass note. And by the way, guys, if you do want to sign up to the last note, it’s completely free. I have my link down below. You can upgrade into another version which is paid, but it is completely free. But if you use my link, I will be very, very happy. This means that glass node will see that I am able to give them some traffic. And I really think they deserve some traffic because they do these amazing charts and I think they are their best in this space when it comes to making these charts or it’s a glass node says here that the bitcoin difficulty just decreased by six percent. This adjustment was expected and accounts for the recent decline in hash routes after the having. This is only the third downwards difficulty, just adjustment in 2020 so far. So here we can see the difficulty adjustment. We got a big adjustment. And this is because of the fact that the hash rate has been going down. And as I’ve shown you before, we have this automatic adjustment. Bitcoin is a self-regulating system. That is fantastic. Next up, major news, guys. The Treasury is delivering millions of economic impact payments by prepaid debit card. This is from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. And basically, Americans will be able to get these debit cards, as you can see from this here. So here we have Steven Manoogian, the treasury secretary. He’s showing this debit card here. And basically, you will be able to get the stimulus checks directly into this debit card and you can use this debit card and spend it directly. And honestly, I think that this is proof that nothing about this is temporary. They are laying the groundwork for this basic universal income. And this will end in disaster because when you just hand out free money like this to people. People get lazy. And this is not good for economic activity. And also, you will see rising inflation. So you will see prices rise while people work less and will see a big disaster, essentially. And eventually, we will see hyperinflation. I mean, just look at how many tens of trillions of dollars we’ve seen printed globally of the worth of fiat currencies in different countries. This is not a good sign for the future. Guys, guys, let’s see if we can push this video to two thousand five hundred likes. That would be amazing. Thank you for watching. And if you haven’t seen this video, it right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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