What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, of course, we’re going to be talking about this crazy Bitcoin pump that we’ve recently had. If you didn’t see yesterday’s video, I actually said it could be pumping up to this eight point five to nine K range. We actually even went above that to around nine point five K. Very, very briefly here, we’re gonna be talking about that in today’s video. And where the bitcoin price could be going from here. We’re also going to be taking a look at a theorem and its journey to around about 250 dollars, currently at around 220 dollars. We are then going to be talking about my trade, which I’ve now finally closed out on Phoenix. I’ll tell you all about the profit. With that, we’re gonna be talking. Look at the Fed’s unexpected stimulus plans have potentially ignited demand for Bitcoin. We are then going to go on to talk about how data is showing that the ongoing crypto rally could be highly sustainable and what that has in plan and in store for Bitcoin. And then we’re going to take a look at Bynum’s actually breaking its all-time high volume records with this recent pump. So all that good stuff is coming up in two days. Video, guys. Make sure you sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys. So welcome back to another video. Thank you for joining me again. It’s good to see you here. If you haven’t already, let’s try and smush all those legs, guys, so we can get a one K likes on this video. They’ll be absolutely excellent. And if you are watching this video and you do enjoy my content, please consider subscribing and taking that notification bill. So you get notified when I next post the video. Also, guys, as always, drop your comments down below. If you want to be entered to in the trades at the storage device, simply leave a comment. You can say anything. The last winner said anything. So you can say anything without any further due, though, guys. Let’s jump into the video. First of all, let’s address this massive Bitcoin price you’ve seen here at the Bitcoin price, actually, just yesterday pumped around about 15 percent. Now, in total, excluding this little pullback, we’ve had it pumped over 20 percent in the last two days, which is absolutely crazy. Guys, if we take a look from the bottom down here, the price has actually gone up around 145, nearly 150 percent in under two months, which is absolutely crazy. Yes, I know we had this massive drop, but almost guaranteed the bitcoin is has performed the best this year without a shadow of a doubt. This is absolutely huge to grow from Bitcoin we are seeing here. And it is really, really nice to see. I’m going to be covering in today’s video what I think this growth could be from titre into the whole evening and go over some Bitcoin price analysis. So the first thing we can immediately know, guys, is that we all well and clear above this 200-day average. We’re currently around 15 percent above that 200-day average. But in the past, we have been around 20 percent above, which is really, really nice. I did warn in yesterday’s video, I really want to have a solid breakout above this 200 day moving average here just so we don’t see anything like this or anything like this. However, we are still not totally in the clear. I want to keep at it. Keep in mind. Yes, we had an amazing Pohnpei, which is really, really nice. But I do want to keep in mind, guys, that we have previously had a pompon around 20 fictive or twenty-fifth of October last year. And again, back in the early start of the year, we had a big pump over the 200 days. Usually, when the Bitcoin price is over the 200-day moving average, a lot of people say that’s bullish. Yes, I do. One hundred percent agree it is bullish when we are over the 200-day moving average. But just keep in mind, just like here, before we had this little fake-out on this massive dump, just because the Bitcoin price is over the 200-day moving average, that does not mean you should go and go ahead and open a 100 X longs by any shot of the imagination. So just keep that in mind with any sort of pump we have. For example, back here, we had a little pump here as well. All these pumps here, there will be some form of a correction coming where that correction may be, too, to well, most likely it will be around eight points five, maybe nine K. Something like that. It’s a fairly reasonable correction. If it’s not a great correction, we could be coming down. And in fact, testing this 200 daily mark. Now, of course, I don’t want that to happen, guys. I’m just being realistic here. This is a lot of growth in a short time. It would be almost silly if we didn’t see some form of correction if we were going to go further up. I would, in fact, like to see a correction to maintain that the opinion that we are in a healthy market bounce. I don’t personally think it’s all too healthy. We’ll be getting into that later in the video. If we go ahead and take a look at the volume, though, the volume is actually showing really nice signs. We can see here we’re having a complete downtrend in volume and we have this massive spike up here on this green candlestick here. And that’s actually really, really nice for Bitcoin. It shows that when we did have that pump, we did have a breakout in the volume and the volume did, in fact, break out above the descending level here. The declining levels of volume. So it’s really nice to see. And followed by the next candlestick. We did have a nice little volume, a bit of volume here, which is currently today. So it’d be nice to see where that volume ends and to see if we can maintain above the average level of volume over the past few months. So the volume is looking good, the price is looking good. We’re over the 200-day moving average, which is looking also very good. We’ve got the hovering in around 14 days, give or take, maybe 13. I will probably go over that in tomorrow’s video. So really, really bullish things coming up for Bitcoin. I do want to quickly talk about my book on trade. I have actually closed my trade. I believe I closed it with around about zero point eight one Bitcoin in profit. I will put a screenshot up on the screen right now to show you the USD amount roughly of what it was. It was about seven thousand five hundred dollars to eight thousand dollars somewhere in that range from a profitable trade. And that was on Phoenix. I was actually only trading with two thousand dollars capital and I made an eight thousand dollar profit. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the power of leverage trading. But also keep in mind, leverage trading is extremely risky. I was trading on high leverage of 20 acts, which I do not recommend anyone does. I’m only doing that because I’m a more experienced trader. And the capital I had in that account I could afford to lose. It wouldn’t affect me in any negative ways. So if you did want to sign up for Phoenix and you are in fact a more experienced trader, if you deposit only zero points to Bitcoin, to your trading account, guys have to beat your trading account, zero points to Bitcoin, you’ll actually get a 112 dollar bonus completely for free if you mix is a really nice way to trade. And I’ve been using it a lot recently for my trades. So without any further ado, guys, let’s move on to a theory and a theory. Again, we are seeing a nice break up of this 200 day moving average. We found support and resistance on it multiple times, and it’s around 31 percent. It has been over 30 percent above this 200-day moving average, which is really, really nice. I do still think a theorem could go up to test this 250 dollar mark in the near future. Pullback wise, we could see a pullback to around 200 dollars. This 200 dollar is a very, very solid level of support and resistance for theory. So if we did see a pullback to around this range, that 200 dollar range, maybe after a test on that 250, that wouldn’t be really too unexpected. So that’s pretty much a theorem. It’s looking really, really bullish now on a Thieriot, 250 million is still really cheap. Guys, before we had this drop, we were up at two eighty-three hundred dollars for a theory. So 215, 220 dollars is still cheap for theory. Let’s go over here and take a look at this article. The Fed’s unexpected stimulus plans ignite demand. And we scroll down here and pretty much everyone is covering this. I thought I would call very briefly as it is fairly important. It’s the move. Bitcoin’s move uphill came as a Fed. The Fed and the Fed painted a gloomier medium-term economic outlook led by the fast-spreading pandemic. Chairman Jerome Powell said in a press plea brief on Wednesday that he expects the US economy to shrink further on three factors. The uncertain virus here, the loss of productive capacity based caused by social distancing and the crisis global dimension. It goes on here to say that he’s basically the Fed is going to do whatever they can, and they pretty much admit that they are pumping up the stock market right now, which is kind of crazy, to be honest. Meanwhile, the federal operation, the Federal Open Market Committee, added that the Fed would act forcefully, proactively and aggressively to safeguard the U.S. economy. And by that, they just mean printing more money. The Federal Reserve is it is committed to using its full range of tools to support the U.S. economy in this challenging time. It said at the end of its two-day meeting on Wednesday, the central bank keeps interest rates near March 15th, 15th levels between zero and zero point to five percent and promised to maintain the range until it sees the U.S. economy achieve its maximum employment and price stability goals. Goes on here. Does a Bitcoin draw that bitcoin draw high demand from traders ahead of its mining reward? Hovering on May the 12th roughly. The event will send the cryptocurrencies daily production down from eighteen hundred BTC to 900 BTC, a complete opposite of what the Fed is doing by printing more dollars. So that’s actually really, really true. Bitcoin is going to be doing the complete opposite of what the Fed is doing in just a few days time. Let me know your thoughts down below what you think about the Fed printing more money and basically doing whatever they can to prop up this stock market and prop up the US economy. And do you think there’s gonna be a huge market crash coming? Let me know. Your thoughts on all of that will end due to winning that at the storage device. Let’s go on to the next article now. Data shows an ongoing crypto rally could be higher, could be highly sustainable. This is a really, really interesting article. And it goes on to say, Bitcoin’s uptrend reaches a boiling point as its retail investors drive massive movement. There may be some fundamental factors playing into this movement as well with bitcoins or coming mining halving reward Kobo with the ongoing recovery seen throughout the traditional markets, both playing in favour of the bulls. This one, I don’t technically agree with the recovery in traditional markets. I think it’s a pretty much just a complete fake recovery, and I agree with that at all. But you guys know my opinion on that blockchain analyst platform glass node spoke about this phenomenon in a recent post explaining that profitability of a circulating BTC has increased by nine percent from the last time it was trading at this price. So it’s basically saying the last time Bitcoin was at this price, the profitability is up to nine percent, which is great. The overall Bitcoin market is now more profitable, is now in a more profitable state than it was prior to the crash. Indicators are indicating that investors bought the dip. Let me know down below. If you guys bought the dip as BTC breaks past eighty-three hundred seventy-three percent of circulating BTC is in a state of profit, nine percent more than the last time we saw this price. This will be higher because this is only based on. Eighty-three hundred dollars, as we know, the price went up to ninety-five hundred dollars. So this is definitely going to have changed. But he’s still a great article to bring it on. Jim, metrics point to a notable retail investor, base growth. This is really, really interesting stuff, guys. Data from blocking intelligent platform intelligence platforms skew shows that open interest on popular crypto trading platform bit max has been dwindling in recent times. Plunging today as a result of the extensive short positions liquidated. This suggests a lack of engagement from active crypto traders. Couple this with a massive growth of BTC wallets with non zero balances per data from Glaslough glass note and it shows a clear it grow. And it grows clear that retail traders were primarily the suspect behind this rally, which is a really, really nice to say. Passive investors during driving this movement does bolster Bitcoins mid-term outlook. And it still suggests that this trend may be more sustainable than those driven by margin traders. So it basically shows that this could be fairly sustainable growth in Bitcoin. I really do hope, as I said earlier, I do think there will be some form of a pullback before we do, in fact, go higher. This would be only normal and it will be fairly, fairly solid if we did see a little bit of a pullback. Let’s tie this in now to buy announced trading volume, which is All-Time High. I mean, the bitcoins price surge and the crypto exchange buying that actually hit 11 billion in trading volume over the past 24 hours. This number is considered an all-time high for the exchange, according to Seizes Post. Is the CEO of Bynum’s. The last time the exchange came near 11 billion was in early 2018. Guys, we all know what happened in early 2018. This was the absolute parabolic bull market that we saw Bitcoin going up to nearly 20 K. And the exchange is now showing more volume than back then, which is absolutely crazy. Today, they reached new record terms in terms of the trading volume. Crypto traders responded positively, positively to this news about the all-time high volume of violence. Some believe that the trading volume will increase even more in the days to come. Well, the major exchanges were reportedly having issues handling high volumes during the Bitcoin pump. That’s why it’s really, really important to have the correct exchange. If you are trading on something like Bemax, you can potentially lose money because of a system error. So far, that hasn’t happened of the mix and it hasn’t really happened on buyback either. So they’re the two that I mainly recommend as they pretty much have the best track record. So, guys, that is pretty much it for today’s video. I hope you have enjoyed if you haven’t already. Make sure to use the links down below. If you do want to join theme X and you are a more experienced trader, you deposit zero points to bake on, you’ll actually get a hundred twelve dollars for free. The link for that will be down below. Pretty much everything. Today’s video, guys, as I said, the bitcoin price. I really do hope we can, in fact, stay in these levels and keep this volume. And if we stay in between this box here between nine points two K and eight-point five K, I’ll be reasonably happy as this could show a little bit of sideways movement before we have a big pump out again. Hopefully so. Thanks. Watching today’s video, guys. As always, I’ll catch you in the next one.


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