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Kevin Svenson should not be held responsible for any losses that may occur. You and you alone are responsible for deciding if you are comfortable accepting the risk involved in trading. You should only trade based on your knowledge, experience, and risk as a trader. This information is for educational purpose only. Kevin Svenson is not a licensed financial planner or adviser. Any and ALL content published by Kevin Svenson should be NOT be considered financial advice. Invest at your own risk and as always, do your own research!

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  1. You are spot on bro, you have been mentioning about S & P quite alot on Bitcoin price impact, so it obvious anyone who is against your contents needs to go to school about Bitcoin.

  2. BTW … Bitcoin is still in an uptrend. We just created a higher low. The S&P also has not broken below key resistance either. Keep that in mind.

  3. If whales were smart they would be pumping BTC right now when stock markets are crashing. That would've created an image of BTC being a safe heaven uncorrelated with stocks and even bigger pump would've occurred!

  4. So if stock market repeats the great depression, we could get years of bear market from now on. That will be interesting to see how bitcoin reacts to that. Since it's the first time that would occur. Hopefully bitcoin will manage to survive better than the stock market but I am afraid we could go really low. If there is a multi year long stock market crash. What do you think?

  5. I am really getting tired of bitcoin ideals .. and the traders too, always scalping it !! I hodled for over 2 years .. soon as it reaches 12 or 13 i am selling and done !!!!

  6. Makes a lot of sense Kevin. Same kind of traders with same greed and fear are in crypto markets so why should it have a different behavior?. Great video.

  7. It’s not traditional markets. You have to see a bigger picture. Bitcoin is an enemy of the traditional fiat system. The higher the price the more interest it attracts and becomes more mainstream. So by surpassing the price governments keep the interest low and 10k is a psychological level for many people. So thats why governments set up a sell wall at 10k. It’s so f easy and simple. Your traditional market theory doesnt work. Traditional markets had a 45% growth in the last 50 days but it didnt affect the price of bitcoin. See a bigger picture. Stop clinging to narrow views Kevin. You are much smarter than that

  8. Ticker CSTR on the TSXV ( Cryptostar ) located 1 hour from HUT8 in AB, Canada! Just obtained 120MW power contract.

    This is not investment advice as I am a fictional character.

  9. The S&P market back on Dec.15 was $2675 while BTC was close to $20k. The S&P is currently at $3,000 while BTC is less than $10k. There is a high chance BTC will double to $20k by end of this year while S&P will probably not double to $6000 by the end of this year. I don't think the S&P and BTC mirror each other unless you cherry-pick times when it looks similar. If you look at the 5-year chart of S&P and BTC, it looks completely different

  10. Not correlated bro. Just cos the charts line up doesn’t mean they’re correlated. Stocks derive value from the profit and growth of the company. Bitcoin derives value from network security and production cost. To say one is related to the other is silly. Plus the stock market is in a broadening wedge while btc is in a triangle. It’s easy to walk the price down when the stocks tank but here’s the difference. Bitcoin will be back to 10k within 12 weeks. The stock market will continue to bleed for months from here. All in my humble opinion. I’m just a guy.

  11. all these jump on, get quick rich schemes and models like S2F are just fairy tales. since wall street joined the party, the power for btc went off. they used to work as long as tether printing helped it…but now the wall street boys buy cheap, get net short after pump and dump their coins

  12. Another example of why crypto TA is a total BS! Stock markets crash and BTC follows… so if we are getting in a long recession period BTC will not see ATH for a few years and $100K is unlikely happening anytime soon…

  13. Good video, I agree with the vast majority of it and it is rational information for traders. The one major distinction I would make is that – although both Bitcoin and the stock markets will be higher decades into the future – I think BTC is likelier to be undervalued and the stock markets are likelier to be overvalued. But in the short term the correlation is unmistakable for the reasons you give i.e. market participants in one global financial system. For a very long period of time small cap altcoins were heavily correlated with BTC – but at a certain point were found to be grossly overvalued. Then they “unpegged”.

  14. If all sentient beings ceased to exist, then Bitcoin and tampons would no longer have any value. Therefore, Bitcoin and tampons are correlated. Q.E.D.

    There is always some level of correlation relating things that humans care about. When we say assets are "correlated", we are referencing a much tighter linkage where the movement of one necessarily causes the movement of the other. There are degrees of correlation. When we say assets are "correlated", we are explicitly referring "high degrees" of correlation, not just ANY degree of correlation.

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