What’s up, guys? Welcome back to In a Video. So in today’s video, of course, we’re going to be talking about the Bitcoin price breaking down and how I called it in yesterday’s video. If you haven’t already seen yesterday’s video, I basically put out a big warning that the Bitcoin price is going to somewhat crash or reduce in price in the immediate future. That has happened. So it was a great call on my behalf. We’re going to be taking a look at that in today’s video. We’re also going to be taking a look at my trade on Phoenix. We’re also taking a look at the Fed announcing 2.3 trillion in support for the economy and what impact this could have on the bitcoin price. We’re also going to be taking a look at national debt hitting twenty-four trillion as the bitcoin price marches on. So a lot of good stuff coming up in today’s you guys sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys, so welcome back to another video, I hope you’re sitting comfortably if you haven’t already, guys, yesterday’s video. We smashed the 500 like gold. Now I’m going to be setting the target for a thousand likes. So if we can hit a thousand likes what today’s video, that would be great if you can also subscribe and take that notification bell so you get notified when I next post my daily videos. Also, guys, if you haven’t already, what are you doing? Drop your comments down below to be entheta in that trades at storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin. It takes two seconds and you can win a free prize or free bitcoin. So why not? All right, guys, let’s jump into the video. If you did watch yesterday’s video, which many of you did actually put out a huge warning saying that the bitcoin price could be dropping quite significantly in price. And we did actually see a drop of around 6 percent, give or take. I do still potentially think the bitcoin price has a little bit further to go. We’re currently sitting right here, which is on the upper level of this, these Wix back here and around about here. So I do think we do have a little bit more to go. We take a quick look at the one hour chart. We can see what’s going on. So you can see this drop here quite happened quite sharply actually on the one hour chart all the way down to around about just below 7000. We did week above 7000. Very, very briefly, however, we are accumulating here a little bit. I do potentially think we could go sideways a little bit and then come down to this level here, which is around about six thousand eight hundred dollars. Now, if we do, in fact, reach that level, I’m going to go back to the 4-hour chart. Now, we do, in fact, reach this level. Well, this level is a reasonable level of resistance. If we go back on the daily chart and take a look, we can see that this level here is kind of the lower level of the support back from December of twenty nineteen. And if we go even further back, we can see that this level provided a huge level of resistance back in September, October of twenty eighteen. So this level of resistance back in twenty eighteen could form a level of brief support for us now. So that’s what I’m potentially thinking is going to happen. We may come down here and find a brief level of support here. Now what happens from there will be very, very interesting. I’m really excited. I’m actually watching the Picone charts pretty much all day because I find it really exciting. The bitcoin price from here. Well, we could have a breakdown down to this level here coming down to sixty-two hundred and falling down to 6000. Or we could go back up and test this lower line of the ascending wedge. Now, as I was saying for many, many times, ascending wages is usually a bearish pattern and we do usually see a bearish break to the downside. That is what has happened on the four-hour chart. We are having somewhat of a green candle after a little bit of growth, but it is nothing really to be worried about. I don’t think. I do think we will at least come down and test this sixty-eight hundred dollar level. If not, then I can see us testing back on the seven thousand dollar level, which is currently only $50 away from. So really exciting times right now with the bitcoin price. And I think it was a great trade. I’m currently in a trade right now. It’s at around $600 profit. But keep in mind, I’m only trading with 15 hundred dollars right here. So you can see I enter the trade with 15 hundred dollars. I’m not trading with huge amounts, guys, as these times are quite. There is a lot of volatility. So I personally am not trading with a huge amount. I don’t recommend you to either. As things can go south for, things can flip very, very quickly. When we are taking a look at the volume of bitcoin, we can see that even still we are having a downward trend on the volume, which is still not very good at all. And because of this downward trend, I do think that bitcoin is still volatile to a move in really any position with this that someone has enough bitcoin wants to move in. To be honest, I do think we will continue this downtrend. However, I am going to leave my trade open. I did enter at seventy-two nineteen, so I entered a roundabout. Here. So I waited until the confirmation of what actually happened that we did break out of the sun, so I ended up at about here 72, 19. So, I mean, I’m not even in that much profit. To be honest, I did trade this on 10x. I wasn’t trading with a smaller amount of capital, so I don’t mind trading on 10x. However, if I was trading with a normal amount that I trade with, which is usually between one to for bitcoin, I would not be trading on 10x as I am even riskier. So if you guys did not, in fact, join fee makes and makes them profitable trades, there will be a link down below and you can actually get between a seventy-two and one hundred and twelve dollar bonus for joining up with only a 0.2 deposit requirement. So, guys, the Fed announces 2.3 trillion in support for the economy. More support and more money coming from the Fed. This is absolutely crazy and that this is happening right now in the market. The Federal Reserve on Thursday set up new loan programs and blustered existing ones in an effort to provide 2.3 trillion in support for the economy. Essentially shut down due to the Coronavirus. They wanted to provide as much relief and stability as they can during this period where Americans are staying home to stop the spread of the pandemic. So, again, providing support to the economy, which is fine. However, this is going to lead to inflation, if not hyperinflation in the future. The cornerstone of today’s action in a new $600 billion Main Street Lending Fund to offer support for small and mid-sized businesses who will have to pay between 2.5 and 4 percent above the secured overnight funding rate, which stands at zero. The loans will be organized by the banks, who will train a 5 percent share and sell the rest to the Fed’s facility. Another facility set up Thursday will purchase up to 500 billion dollars of short term notes directly from states, countries and cities. Though the Fed said it details on the cost of borrowing, it will be released later. So this is absolutely crazy news and the article does go on to say down here a few more interesting things. And really, I want you to leave your comments down below about the Fed printing or the Fed lending 2.3 trillion in support for the economy by doing that. It will also enter you into when the trees at a storage device. And I really want you to answer the question, how long how much longer do you think this will be going on with? With the Fed and with the economy? Of course, the bitcoin price, is it taking a hit now? I do still think long term bitcoin will be one of the best-performing assets, if not the best. So I really think long term that the bitcoin is gonna be absolutely great. So I wanted to let you guys know. Of course, guys, the bitcoin blueprint 2.0. There are only five days left now with the sale is a huge discount. And I actually go through in this in the Bitcoin Blueprint 2.0, a full section with five, six videos in it with me trading live. Entering the trade, exiting the trade and all my thought processes basically throw my brain out into the video about why I make every single move to make trades like this. Five, six hundred dollars profit only trading with around fifteen hundred dollars. That’s a forty forty-two percent gain in profit in a few hours, which is absolutely crazy. So the bitcoin blueprint 2.0 is available down below link down below in the description or the comments section. I really recommend using the discount to the best of your abilities. Once it’s still going on and there is still a seven-day money-back guarantee as well. So guys, let’s go on to the US. Debt here is twenty-four trillion. This is absolutely insane. And the US national debt has surpassed 24 trillion. The largest nominal amount is ever been according to U.S. Treasury Treasury. This is 8 trillion more than it was a march twenty nineteen of last year. So a year that in eight trillion dollars worth of more debt, the national debt has increased sharply when the Fed pumped trillions into the economy to stem the tide of the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has caused an unprecedented amount of unemployment in the US and the entire economy has ground to a halt. I don’t currently know the unemployment rates in the UK but in the US sorry and the UK. I know in the US it’s just broke all records pretty much for the unemployment rate and its millions. Analysts at Bank of America say that the Fed’s actions could cause its balance sheet to reach over 9 trillion by the end of the year. So an extra trillion worth index over 40 percent of the US is GDP, which is ridiculous, 40 percent of the GDP in debt. The analysis expects it could reach as much as 12 12 trillion by the middle of the year or 60 percent of. The US is GDP, which again is absolutely staggering. It goes on to say here the mike. The CEO of Crypto Fund, he says, I have a big position in Bitcoin. I continue to until it adds to it, partly because I think it’s an amazing environment for both being long gold and long on Bitcoin. Well, I hope you said a large Stop-Loss body because the market is not doing too favourable right now. Of course, medium to long term, it’s gonna be fine. I don’t think this will be too much of a large correction and long term we will still be fine. I’m just talking very immediate short term. If it doesn’t go up now, I’m. I’m not sure when it will, he said. Well, unfortunately, we are not going up now, and that’s fine. It’s not the end of the world. We’ve had a fairly decent growth over the past few months. We’ve got an 87 percent growth in the last 28 days, which is just ridiculous. Yes, I know the market did crash like 50, 60 percent. However, an 86 percent growth rate in the past month is definitely something that we can be confident with. And even if we do have a correction down to the worst-case scenario, six thousand dollars now will still be a growth rate of around 50 percent. So it’s nothing really too much to be worried about. And it provides great opportunities to be trading this kind of situations. If you didn’t want to get involved, the link is down below. So, guys, that’s pretty much it for today’s video. I’m really happy that I managed to get yesterday’s video out in time. I’m warning about potential dump which is going on. Let me know down in the comments if you did trade. Of course, I don’t recommend trading based on these videos. They are mainly for entertainment purposes and I would not want you to make a trading decision based on what I say. Always do your own research before entering a trade. Thanks for watching this video, guys again. Don’t miss out on the bitcoin blueprint sale. One hundred dollar discount is ending in five days and that won’t be happening again for quite a while. So links all down in the description guys, and the comments help support the channel and make some money on the way. And I’ll catch you guys in the next video.


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