Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – April 5th 2020


Hi, guys. Thanks, Virginia. Another set of Nuggets news. Well, another huge Newsweek we’ve got so much of that macro news to get through as well as all the crypto headlines. We do welcome a couple of thousand new subscribers again this week. It’s great to see the channel growing. And I know plenty of you introducing your friends and family into this world and learning for the first time. So just reminder, we’ve got a range of free resources. I know we often use all these different terms. So we’ve got a glossary as well as in-depth guides on everything over on our Web site. And we’re building out that resources hub every day. We’ve also got our premium community. We get all our extra research in my daily write-ups and you get to be part of our discussions that we have every day around everything from what’s going on in the world finance and swallows everything in the crypto community. So that’s available as well. Here’s a sample of our premium research. These are the five projects that we covered in depth this month and you get all these reports emailed to you as well as daily emails to keep up to date as well. All right. So let’s get into the local news. And I want to, I guess, start off by saying that this is a huge positive, that the curve has flattened to some degree in Australia. But it’s really important that we don’t celebrate too early. And what I really want to highlight to people today is the curve of these unknown local infections is still growing exponentially. So we might have had that first wave of all the people returning from overseas. And now, because we didn’t go into a really strict lockdown for weeks, we had a lot of, you know, hairdressers, schools, this, that and the others to open it was allowed to spread through the community. And this is what is really troubling. This is just New South Wales and this is growing at 10 per cent a day. So that is what we need to get on top of. If that starts to flatten out, then we can certainly start to be more positive about the future. So more than 400 cases have been confirmed just from the Ruby Princess cruise ship alone. This week we had the leaked emails coming out that the New South Wales health authorities, they knew that those 100 passengers on board that were symptomatic, but they decided to let everyone off anyway. So I’m sure some heads are going to roll there, but hopefully this doesn’t get worse, because if it all comes back to what happened here and the failures of the authorities. That is a really, really bad look. Now, other countries like Singapore have got it under control, but even they are experiencing a bit of a second wave. China have had some outbreaks. You know, we don’t really believe the numbers coming out there. But other countries that people were saying, oh, look at what they’ve done. Even they are having to go back into more stricter measures. So it’s not like once that curve flattens, you just past the worst of it. Really important to understand. Now, I certainly do agree with people that are saying that some of the measures that have gone and been put in place are often, you know, quietly have gone too far. So we’ve got everything from police drones now monitoring people, big fines and arrests. I do think everyone does need to adhere to these social distancing and the quarantines for the time being. If they get too extreme when everything is going really well, then, yes, we’ll start to ask questions. And even the Australian police have said that they will repeal some of these new laws and rules and what not. So that’s a positive sign. But do we really need to be doing this? Cell phone tracking this week, Google and Facebook started handing over all our tracking data to authorities. And this really is becoming that surveillance state spy cameras and public doxing and whatnot. So, Alex gladstein, humans rights activists, we are going to have him on the channel soon. But this is the questions. And I understand why people have got all these different theories, because what is going on and how sudden it’s all happened is actually pretty scary. So now it becomes about supporting people financially if we’re telling them that they’re not allowed to go to work and what not. And I was critical that Australia weren’t doing enough soon enough. And this week we got to, you know, a lot more stimulus. So this is far bigger than anything back in the GFC. This is equivalent to 10 per cent of our GDP, our economy. But now we need to make sure that it gets into the hands in the pockets of those that need it most. And this is where we start to have these arguments about, well, is this like QE in America that it just went to the banks versus how much is actually getting to people. So we’re very quick to bail out these airlines. You know, $5.6 billion. Our Australian taxpayers going to be happy with this or should they get a share? You know, if we’re gonna bail out these companies, why shouldn’t we get, you know, equity in these companies so that when they get back up and running and profiting, we are the ones that benefit. It’s not just back to the old big corporate exact bonuses and, you know, huge dividends and whatnot. You’ve already privatized all those profits and. And once again, socializing those losses. Now, not everyone is fitting the criteria. So really unfortunate where we have a lot of what you would consider Ozzies people from overseas that have lived here for a while. And the Prime Minister’s told visitors and what not to sort of make your way home. Now, some people that move here, they need to say that they’ve got enough to support themselves in case these things happened. But I know we’re hearing a lot of stories of people that don’t qualify for some of these support bonuses that are pretty much Ozzies, by every way. We do look at it. So let me know those stories down below when you think about all this as well. Now, the banks have said they’re going to give a one time mortgage payment break to some of the mortgage holders. If you actually dig down a bit deeper, I think this was the equivalent of something like 40 or $50. Because if you delay these loans and these breaks you want not they all still accrue interest. So this is the headline that banks put out because they want to get all the good publicity. But you know, it really in the grand scheme of things, they’re not really doing you any favors at all. It’s always going to be a profit for them. Now, overseas, we’ve seen some of the banks be forced and told to cut their dividends and to cut bonuses and even salaries and whatnot. So you don’t touch the dividends in Australia. You know, that’s you know, that’s sacred to a lot of investors, particularly around the banks and property in that as well. So at the moment, offer a saying that bank dividends could be an issue for boards and there’s going to be some very tough decisions there. So let’s see if Australia follows suit after other countries set the rules and set a tone to say no more dividends if you’re going to be getting these bailouts. Now, superannuation funds are pleading for liquidity and support. So it’s this term liquidity that’s really frustrating me. It’s a bailout. If something was worth a certain price, there’d be another investor that was willing to buy. But because we’ve pumped everything up with all this funny money, as soon as something starts to go down, there’s people that want to redeem their investment funds or their super or whatnot. And there’s just there’s no buyers at any price. And now they’re saying, oh, please bail us out as well. So what ends and what means do we go to the central banks, go to the governments, go to hopefully people are getting educated around all this stuff because I just think it’s going to bring about a lot of political change and hopefully a new financial system as well. David Lindsay, we’re talking about triple A property only ever goes up. And we heard all those Australian terms, but now property investors want their version of the job caper. You know, if you bought 10 investment properties and you leveraged up what not, as soon as there’s no tenant, you can’t just cry poor. And these people that have got no assets and no job and they can’t afford the roof of the house. They’re the ones that need to be getting that first set of stimulus. So, yeah, these investors that have got all these properties that are crying poor, hopefully they can freeze their payments, you know. But we just can’t bail out everyone, particularly the wealthy that have all these assets. You know, investing is risky. Now, it’s funny that Australian BET company Betfair actually put out a combination of the two things that Aussies love, property and gambling. So you can actually bet on the housing market. And the reason I thought this was actually quite funny, because it’s it’s hard to short the Australian property market, even some of the investment products compared to in America and some, you know, the apps like a and that we don’t have good ways to short the housing market in Australia. So if you were to sell your property and there’s no buyers and there’s less auctions in that system in a liquid market using an app and actually betting could be a good way to hedge your investment from from going down. And it’s crazy to think that that’s kind of what it’s come to in Australia. And maybe that’s why Betfair have got into this market was they see a lot of demands. Now, another asset or commodity that’s really important to Australia, all our gold and silver and other resources. A hundred seventy six mines globally being shut down. So this is going to affect the streams of precious metals. We’ve spoken about the shortages in Australia and around the world really to get physical metal when these premiums. So I did a video last week, a week before about Hakan Arbitrages this opportunity. And this shows it really well. This is the price of a silver coin as well as the spot price of silver. And they only track pretty closely. But when the price of silver tanked and went down, the premiums actually went up. And you can see the percentage premium here just behind me. It jumped from, you know, 10 or 20 per cent. That’s normally how much extra you’d pay, jumped up to 80 per cent or still sitting between 50 per cent and 100 per cent now. So these 12 dollar silver price, you know, you’re actually paying $24 double. For a coin so you can exploit that using E Tauro buying the ETF gold, watch that tutorial if you want more information about it. And we’re still running that deal. It’s been very popular. We have extended it because so many of you have taken us up on this one hundred dollar free Bitcoin offer, because the reason we partnered with these guys is because you can short the Australian stock market very easily. You know, gold and silver bonds, investment bonds, junk bonds, all these products that you can trade very easily, which aren’t normally available to Australian investors and traders. Now, a bit of a positive here from the fall in oil price. Ninety nine cents per litre in Tazzy. That’s as lows as I’ve seen it since I was a kid. And plenty of you told me that it’s far lower in other states. So the lows we saw yesterday was 49 cents a litre. I think that was in Adelaide, but really amazing. So in Tazzy, the average price was still nearly a dollar. Sixty a litre wholesale cost 90 cents per litre. So, yeah, there’s big margins there. It was great that one little petrol station owner sacrificed his profit. He felt sorry for a man that’s lost jobs. Yeah, there are still good people out there. That’s a lot of these petrol places are ripping you off. Our fellows. You want to trade oil. U.S.O. is the ETF that you can trade on a Tauro for zero fees. All right. So Putin and Saudi Arabia, we’ve still got this tension that’s keeping the price of oil low. And Putin really plays everything like chess, you know, turning it between the Saudis and the US, trying to crush US shale. That whiteboard video, hopefully it’s coming out this week and then explain all that in great detail. And who would’ve thought of negative oil prices? So there’s lots of different types of oil or grades of oil, depending on how much refining it needs and blending and whatnot. And one type here. seÃor the price actually turn negative. They’ve got so much it’s going to cost them actually so much to store that they’d rather give it away or even pay people to take it off their hands. You know, if you had told someone negative oil prices would exist, they wouldn’t believe you. But that’s just the upside down world of investing we live in these days. This is the change in high yield credit spreads. So normally we’ve got these, you know, US Treasury bonds very safe, then corporate’s and then high yield risky bonds. And I did the video. I might link that down below about how this spreads really compressed and you weren’t getting paid much extra to take a heat, more risk. Well, that’s all blown out again now. And energy sector in particular, it’s jumped fifteen hundred basis points, so 15 per cent. So suddenly junk bonds that were maybe, you know, four or five per cent the yield on a junk bond. Now it’s 20 per cent. It’s so, so risky. And as $171 billion of those in a higher risk of default. So let’s have a look here. This article saying that could start to attract the big investors back in because those youths are so high, particularly when you compare it to an S&P or other stockmarket earnings and what not actually saw this article saying it could attract people back into the stock market because stock prices have now fallen so far that relatively that yield is now attractive. So, again, less people actually having to chase those junk bonds to get a good yield because stock prices have fallen so far. But the Fed, once again, they swoop in and say, well, we’ll just buy it. We’ll just buy these investment grade bonds were buying us treasury bonds. And sure enough, the investment grade bonds that all these companies issued, they said, well, if you’re going to buy all these, then we’ll issue them and you see this huge spike. So $270 billion of investment grade bonds were issued because they companies know the Fed is going to bail them out and give them free money. Don’t fight the Fed. And this was something that I mentioned. If you’ll get us short junk bonds or whatever, you have to be aware that this was the possibility. I think David mentioned this last week that it was likely we’d see the Fed come in and buy these. And sure enough, if you were shorting this, well, you know, the Fed basically wrecked you because your thesis was right, your research was right. But the Fed came in. There’s no such thing as a free market and they’re just buying things that should be going broke. So you should’ve made money if you were shorting, but maybe you got stopped out. We did see a short squeeze there. Now, the Fed of also had to step in because foreigners are dumping a record amount of US treasuries over $100 billion there. They’ve launched these repo facilities because they’re giving the Australian Central Bank US dollars. But so many investors are demanding US dollars around the world. All these different countries are just watching, you know, the Aussie dollar or whatever their local currency is. So they want US dollars and there’s not enough in the world. I did a long video about that on Friday night. If you want more information, but in dollar terms, Q1 of this year has seen a record amount of fallen angels, as they call it. So these investment grade bonds have been downgraded to high yields, around 150 billion dollars. So this is the sort of junk bond market that’s around a trillion dollars. And that’s where people are wondering, you know, is the Fed going to go there next and stop buying junk? Now, some of these companies that were issuing the junk were all these oil drillers. And this is what frustrates me, like we’re talking about before with the airlines getting the bailed out after they’ve had all those buybacks and huge bonuses. Five days before this shale or exploration company went bust, the exacts paid themselves 15 million dollars in bonuses and now they won’t be bailed out. So you guys, hopefully you are enjoying all this investing education if you do want to structure your own super and long term investments. We’ve got that partnership with New Brighton Capital. They’ve got a free consultation. Take advantage of that. Mike’s going to be on the show this week. We did try to record it last week, but the Australian Internet was a bit strange. We’re gonna be talking about how you can take out some money from your super. How that works, whether or not you should even do it. Is that a good idea? So, yeah, New Brighton Capital, a great friend of the channel and members. You guys get an even bigger discount as well. Now, let’s talk about the actual case numbers here. 1.2 million. The death ratio has increased, but we know that’s because we’ve got so many people that are just not being tested. Now, it’s kind of overwhelming the system. So, look, that’s not the actual fatality rate of the disease. Hopefully we’re going to have far more rapid or widespread testing in the coming weeks as we have those new formulation tests being rolled out. But either way, we have to admit that globally, you know, this is still growing cases and deaths on a logarithmic scale. So there’s no real reason to celebrate yet. You know, this can still run through countries, developing nations. And Sweden was another one where people were saying, oh, look, you know, they’re being really sensible. They haven’t gone into lockdown. And sure enough, I think that they’ve got more deaths than a lot of these other neighboring countries combined. So they’ve had to bite the bullet and go into lockdown now. India are actually trying to sue China for, you know, Corona virus, what it’s done to their economy and whatnot. This is a country that I’m really worried about where social distancing is basically impossible. So fingers crossed for those developing nations. A very harsh approach by the Philippines leader here ordering police to shoot, shoot dead, anyone that’s violating that, the lockdown orders there. So, again, human rights really being trampled with everything that’s going on. But these tensions between the US and China is where the trade walkin’ far up again. So half a million Chinese people entered America over those recent couple of months. And that’s probably how we had a really widespread throughout the community. COVA cases before they even started testing in America. Now, a lot of people were comparing these different stats and saying, you know, the flu kills this many people a year and what not. But it’s very clear now Cauvin, 19, is the third leading cause of death in the US now that we’re actually breaking it down into per day. Now, that’s up to 13:00 today. Time recording. If it keeps growing at 10 percent a day, it’s probably gonna be the leading cause of death by the end of next week. It’s just insane and people are still comparing it to other diseases in other countries around the world, hunger and things like that. But guys, this is a disease that needs a lot of care and attention. It strains the hospitals. It’s contagious. It’s spreading and 10 percent a day. You know, it’s not fair to make these other comparisons. It’s a bit of a stretch. This is something that we can prevent and get on top of. Within a few weeks, if we all come together and do it well, we don’t want to be the leading cause of deaths in every country if it’s preventable. So Donald Trump has definitely changed his tune. This week, he’s actually come out and said that he won’t be wearing a face mask, even though the CDC actually backflipped and said that they don’t wear masks. They can even make it worse. And now they’ve said, well, yeah, we recommend everyone wear masks. Funnily enough, in Australia, they’re still saying that don’t wear masks, they don’t work. So, look, some polls are saying that Donald Trump has really surged in terms of his leadership. I try and keep these videos politically neutral, but it was interesting that FDX have got the presidential election tokens ways for people to bet or trade on the outcomes of different presidents. It doesn’t look like he wants to load here, but Joe Biden has really jumped up in the polls and. Trump has fallen so at one stage. Trump was around 50, 65 percent, I think, and it struck down to about a 50/50 rating at the moment. Some of those videos coming out about Biden. He doesn’t talk well from what I’ve seen. So I’m not sure what FDX isn’t loading there, guys, but dumb head over there. Check out the presidential odds, if you like. Okay. So Matt, BARRIE here has come out with an interesting tweet about this personal protective equipment. And Australia has banned exporting of all this equipment back to China. But I don’t think we realize that China actually make all this. And they’re probably going to stop exporting to us if if they don’t like the games that we’re playing. The US has invoked that defense act as well, blocking the export of masks to Canada and Germany. So people have different stockpiles. A lot of manufacturers have now started making cotton mask, 3D printed masks. It’s great to see these other businesses that are really pivoting ventilators and that as well to really give the healthcare workers what they need in this time. A lot of research going on. Forty nine diagnostic tests, 30 different treatments in clinical trials are five vaccines. The world has really focused all the smartest minds on this problem. And I’m really hopeful that we’re going to have some solutions. And as you throw mice in combination with the hydroxy chloroquine and zinc as well, that looks pretty promising. So compared to where we were two weeks ago, I certainly think there’s reasons to be positive. But we’ve just got to flatten that worldwide, spread that curve next. So the US labour market is in freefall, 10 million Americans filed in two weeks. You guys know that our predicted unemployment would likely hit 10 per cent in the next two weeks. And it looks like we’re gonna be pretty on the ball with that number. We won’t get the Australian stats for a couple of weeks because they take their time compared to the US, but simply jaw jaw dropping numbers, 3 million last week blew everyone away and now 6.6 million. This week we’re seeing these lines. I mean, what do you say? There’s these people lining up in their cars for five hours at a time and then food banks was still running out. People live paycheck to paycheck. I think the studies, 70 per cent of Americans don’t have $400 for emergency. And now this is the emergency. People can’t eat. I hope that they do their best to get that money in the hands of the American people. We’re hearing horror stories like this might take, you know, weeks or months to get it through this system. So I hope they sort that out the same in Australia with the Centrelink lines. Great to see someone like Jeff Bezos donating $100 million to help feed Americans. I don’t know about you guys, but it frustrates me when people say, oh, he’s worth X billion dollars. This is only point one percent. One hundred million dollars is $100 million. If he didn’t give that, now that’s a huge amount of people that might not be getting fed and whatnot. So you just realize when people are wealthy, they have that wealth tied up in a lot of assets. They can’t just sell at all. And sometimes the numbers are twisted to speak. Tankful $100 million is doing a lot more than most people out there like US box office sales. This is a fantastic example of the reality for so many businesses. 204 million dollars of sales on the same week last year dropped to $5000. So basically every cinema is shut. Is this an industry that’s going to bounce back once more and more people, you know, get familiar with their Netflix and all the different options you have these days? The home cinema is I think going to movies is still an experience for, you know, a big box office smash movie. But there’s going to be a lot of changes that come about from what’s going on. Small businesses, again, a lot of these people are now learning that they are not eligible for these bailout loans in Australia. I know the measures that we’ve put in place. Some businesses don’t have enough money to pay the wages to the staff or a few weeks, even if they know the government is eventually going to pay them back in and backdate it. So we’re running into these issues in the real world. And that’s where I really hope that we can sort those out and and have these discussions, because it’s not a perfect system. And I know they’re scrambling to do everything they can in a short period of time. This is another one where tensions are flaring between the landlords. We’ve just seen a lot of businesses say refusing to pay rent, and that puts a strain on the landlord. A lot of those are investors. Some of these people have now gone to banks and the banks themselves, like Wells Fargo, is scaling back on their different refinancing. So at the end of the day, even though, you know, the Fed or the RBA in Australia sort of printed this money and made it available. To the banks to give out loans, the banks still don’t want to give out bad loans. So we’ve heard stories in Australia of mortgage customers go into the bank and trying to refinance or even apply for that six month freeze. The bank says, well, you’re going to have your job back at the end of the six months. And they say, well, you know, I don’t know. And they say, well, sorry, we’re not going to refinance or freezing line. We’re not confident you can pay this back at the end of this period of time. So some of those stats I’ve read were anywhere between 30 and 50 percent of loans being rejected. So I’m sure the government is going to have to do something to make it directly available, because that is going to bring down the housing market. The corporate property market as well. Those are the leases and whatnot. There’s a lot of chapters of this story to play out yet. I guess that’s the message that I want to get across. And a few days after the Fed came out and told us that all U.S. banks are strong, there’s going to be no failures. We’ve seen the first bank go under. So this was an FDIC insured bank. We know they don’t actually have enough money to insure all deposits on all banks. If we saw, you know, a wide collapse, but the Fed began to print money to oblivion, to infinity before they actually allow these banks to collapse. So I don’t think the banking system collapse is now the main worry. I think it’s the the inflation that’s going to come from printing so much money down the line. Goldman have warned of the significant adverse impacts on stocks. It was basically buybacks that that kept that stock market roaring and then a retail sort of blow off top towards the end here. And we’re seeing massive, massive numbers in terms of the corporate that won’t be there. So we’re talking, you know, billions or trillions of dollars of buybacks that aren’t going to be propping up stocks anymore. So the world’s largest hedge fund might have to sell their assets. Now, this is Norway. They’ve got a 25 billion dollar withdrawal that they need to make in order to pay some of their bills. So a trillion dollars neily of assets under management. These are the, you know, the Swain’s and what not. Some of these guys have been printing money out of thin air to buy stocks. But the difference here is that the U.S. can continue to do that without, you know, their dollar sort of plunging. They can print money and prop up stocks and assets, whereas someone like like Norway. Other countries around the world, they can’t necessarily just just keep printing money to prop up these other assets because their currency is far more likely to enter this death spiral around the world. And that’s where the U.S. dollar having this privilege is upsetting people and is leading to a new financial system. Again, I spoke about any more detail on the Friday night video. Warren Buffet, watch what they do, not what they say. So not that long ago, only a few weeks when Warren Buffet said he won’t be selling any airline stocks. And just this week, we saw the numbers in where Berkshire Hathaway, his fund, have sold out. A lot of us companies, including airlines there. So whether or not he says all that’s my fund or me personally, why put this mission message out in public and portray that you’re not going to be selling airlines if you turn around and sell airlines? Now, these are the forecasts that are coming out from some of the leading analysts in the banks, Morgan Stanley here. And this is what we kind of, I think, still expecting a lot of ways that people are going to see this V-shaped recovery, that it’s going to get bad. Grew GDP might go down 4 per cent, 5 per cent for a quarter. Then we can have a huge rebound because all this demand is going to be there. But I don’t see that as the case. I see maybe a U-shaped bottom, possibly an L or a slow grind higher. But these systemic issues that have come to the front, I think they need to be solved and people like it by the B.S. that was going on and all the funny money that led to the bubble and caused all these issues. All right. So we’re into the crypto news. We’ve had a number of companies slapped with this lawsuit. So this happened a little while ago now yesterday. And the market didn’t really react badly. So I don’t think that this is something to be worried about. You know, it’s the usual stuff. A lot of these allegations are thrown around and it just takes so long. They’re going to be delayed, pushed back. How do you get all these companies in the one room from Kilcoyne to Tron to iOS and BLOCK, one of Verde had one settlement there. So, look, I don’t think this is anything to be too worried about at the moment. But yeah, there’s always investors trying to sue exchanges and projects and whatnot. These days, it’s part of the crypto community. Some positive news. Once again, power ledger. They continue to power forward, pardon the pun. But every week throughout crypto winter, they’ve had good news. And this is the world. First, so choose your own energy source in France so you can actually choose your allocation. Whether or not you want to get your power from solar or wind, they might have a different price. But, you know, you might be happy to pay another cent or two per kilowatt hour if you know that it’s coming from wind instead of coal or a different energy source, for example, or supporting a local wind farm and local jobs. Either way, I just think that the decentralization of the energy grid and being able to do this kind of stuff through software. It’s a really bullish investment theme with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment. Another local company, Horizon State, have put out their update. The takeover by a team, Goggin and the guys sees the new CEO of Horizons to the state talking about what’s going on there. Their aims, how he first got involved and the benefits of the platform. Had had bit of a re-jigger on the website just to give customers an idea about the services that they’re going to be offering and what not. And still, the hope is to use the blockchain or honor token holders in some way. I know they sort of haven’t forgotten about the community and those that really supported them in the early days. They’re synthetics. Another one of my favorite Aussie projects. These guys have added some more equity indices. So the idea here eventually and the reason that I fell in love with this company is that you’re going to be able to trade indexes. At the moment, they’ve got the footsie and the Nicci eventually. Hopefully it will be the Australian stock market. The US markets, they’ve also looking to add oil, I believe, very soon. So they work with chainlink to get price feeds. Then they create these synthetic assets and it’s almost like a decentralized broker or trading platform. So at the moment there’s not a lot of liquidity there and it’s still a little bit, you know, hard for the beginning user. You need to understand mega-mosque and all that is going to get easier as we go forward. And it’s very exciting to see this is a sort of stuff that’s going to underpin the crypto markets and the world of DFI is exploding. We do have a bitcoin grant. So if you guys don’t know how these worked. Basically, if you donate a dollar to our grant, it’ll be matched by the smart contract anywhere up to $100 in some instances. So you send us a dollar if you’ve got to get going to account or anyone can donate and you you might end up sending over 100 dollars our way. So at the moment, I think we’ve raised a couple of hundred dollars thanks to. They donated our largest donation so far. But this is going to go towards me being able to pay someone to do more research for you guys for our free public. A theorem, a monthly update episode. Now one of the busiest daps who has been working hard in the off fear and community. This was some research from sentiment. All our favorites on the list here, projects that I really love. Aragón is one that Tim Draper invested a million dollars in recently. I’ll give you a bit of a tip. As members know, this is one that I added to my portfolio a couple of months ago and has performed extremely well. A MRGO. They’ve had a bit of a comeback recently, which is great to see. Sentiment also put out a research piece for paid members only. Now, obviously I subscribe to a range of pay research and I can’t share it all for free. That wouldn’t be fair, but a Macie go was top of the list on the projects that they are most bullish on from all their fundamental research. So if you want that, we do have some links and some discounts for everyone, for the public. And again, members, you guys get bigger discounts with all our affiliates Coinbase who invested a million dollars in pull together the De-centralized Lottery. I’ve done a tutorial on that. It’s very cool. There’s no losers because of the way the DFI works and Eudy swap as well. So Coinbase are definitely going to be looking to integrate more and more of these projects. And their app is going to have ways for people to earn rewards without even knowing that they’re using crypto theorem. The dice table coin, for example, and that is where the next wave of people come into the crypto world. Shapeshift have enabled customers to buy with crypto debit cards as well. Sorry, by crypto with your debit card, it’s never been easy to buy crypto. And I’ll talk about in a second how my thesis on how the next bull market is going to play out. Australian crypto exchange coin spot of one this ISO security accreditation. So this is basically one of the top standards in the world for securing digital systems in crypto. Basically saying that, yes, their cold storage methods, how they do everything, setting it up and off line, their crypto is is very safe. So awesome to say. Obviously, if you know how to set up your own hardware device, that is safer, but we’re getting more and more of these, I guess, practices and standards in place. So hacks are going to be less likely in future and coin spot. You guys know that we do work with them. We like them. They recently put out those D5 bandos, a great Aussie exchange. Right. REPL have engineered a way for private transactions to take place on X up a ledger. Again, I’m not sure how that’s going to work. REPL to me is someone that wants to really comply with all financial regulations and at the moment regulators aren’t real crash hot on privacy. So hopefully we get more details about that. Sam and I will talk about that when we next get together. It’s cool to see privacy basically coming to all the top three assets now. Bitcoin, a cerium ex-hubby, also a nuther Costa custody firm, Anchorage Trust Company. These guys are one of the original members of Libra as well. Adding LSP to their list of cust. The assets for their institutional clients and finance have been moving and shaking. And it’s these sort of downtimes in the market where we see a lot of acquisitions happen, 400 million dollars for quite a market cap. Look, I think that’s a lot of money. I think quite market cap is slightly less reville relevant than it was back in 2017 when retail investors were checking coie market cap one hundred times a day. But I think finance knows that it gets a lot of eyeballs and actually more traffic than the Bonanni Web site. So hopefully they do the right thing and they don’t end up fudging numbers. And what not depends on how much you trust Bonanni. I guess they have partnered up with FDX who have a volume monitor that calls out all the B.S.. So yeah, hopefully they’re going to work together and we get some more accurate numbers from quite market cap. A lot of people have asked about alternatives. KOIN GEKO is probably the leading alternative to Koine Market Cap. There’s heaps of them out there these days that actually have more digital assets as well. So KOIN Gecko if you’re interested, or Missouri is the other one I like the bitcoin cash halving is actually in three days. In eight hours now. So what’s that? It’s going to be about 1 a.m. Australian time in a couple of days on late Wednesday night. I think this is going to be a bit of a preview. We will see some fireworks. Whales love to splash around in these other markets. We saw what happened with Litecoin. I’ve done a lot of write ups for members around Bitcoin cash. I did that free video for all you guys about how I see their bitcoin cash hardfor actually affecting the bitcoin hard fork. I believe that bitcoin s.u.v. Hard Fork is the day after this as well. The other thing that a bornand are getting into is by the looks of it now is mining. So mining is going to become less profitable after the halving. I think we’re kind of seeing this real corporatisation of the mining world where those firms with a lot of money, you know, becoming the winners and we’re sifting out those that are unprofitable. So has rights been dropping a bit? I still think the network’s strong. And as soon as we get into a bull market, I think we gonna see far higher prices. And all those miners that have dropped off are going to be profitable and they’re probably going to jump back in. But bonnets have just got a finger in every pie at the moment. All right. So some more research sentiment. They’ve had they have shown us that active addresses continue to climb on Bitcoin and theorem. Despite all this bad news, we are definitely heading in the right direction. It’s very different to that crypto winter in terms than numbers. We’re seeing bitcoin exchanges reporting record amounts of new users this month. So this is only from a few days ago and crack in reporting these huge increases in doubling for some exchanges. So I know a lot of people are at home and Googling what’s going on in the financial world. And some investors are taking Bitcoin far more seriously than they used to because of what’s going on with all the trillions being printed. Our brave browser, a million new users this month alone. If you haven’t got brave, download it. It blocks all the ads. It’s absolutely brilliant. And you can import or you’re bookmarks from Google Chrome. Vitaly has come out and said that he expects a lot of enterprise applications to move to the thearea main net because it’s a great way to disrupt how some of these other trading platforms work. And I completely agree with him. So this is an article by Banquo’s just saying that theorems going to a Wall Street, that whole settlement layer, that’s just software, but software that has a company behind it and exacts and all these people want to make a clip in a fee and it takes time. All these. Be replaced by cerium and it’s already happening. This is a cool little project called Balance. This is a non-custodial portfolio manager, so they can help you balance and create a portfolio on the ethereal minor. Using things like, you know, Yuni Swap and market makers and whatnot. So it’s already here. The technology is just a matter of now. How long does it take to eat? Wall Street’s lunch and capture market share? I am J. We’re very touched on them recently being one of the projects that’s in the top 10 for development on a theorem. But this is a cool little article about everything I’ve learnt from version 1 of on the test net. So Ruxton is one of the theorem test nets where you can play around on and they’ve partnered up with a company. Where was the name of it here? Let’s go back to their blog, Hojo Labs. So they’ve chosen O-M-G for their high throughput transactions. I definitely think that RJ fell out of favor and soda plasma as a scaling solution. But some project hydro crypto currency system. Head over to the MASC Go blog and I have rebooked that interview with the MASC Go team to have them on the channel for good chat very soon. CRM 2.0, the new chain phase. Your multi-client test net likely to go live this month. So it’s all coming together. Metallics been doing some big picture roadmap stuff as well as the move to prove state that’s going to be happening soon. And the older theorem chain that we’re on now is going to continue to be updated. What’s the Theorem 2.0 video I did if for more information on that? We’ve seen this theorem, Enterprise Alliance launched that that test ground for all these different blockchains being interoperable, particularly for the corporate world. And that’s the whole point of the theorem Enterprise Alliance. And we’ve seen so many businesses come there and really trust the ethereal name, its track record and the projects in the technology building on them. Ernst and Young even open sourcing some of their privacy technology, fourth area. So into the final parts of the bitcoin use here we’ve got reveler, which is a huge company only learned about recently, where you can sit in any different fiat currency around the world and move money and it’s very, very low fee if not free. So they’ve rolled out crypto and gold holdings. So much competition. So I talk about the pay powers and the stripes and a lot of competition with all the stable coins to something like LSP. But now we’re seeing these other companies going the other way and getting into crypto and letting their customers pay a bill from the U.S. to Australia by moving bitcoin first and then paying in the currency. Or I just love what is happening, that the banks are getting a massive, massive shake up. And it’s about time the ex royal meat team are providing security for Civic crypto wallets. Once again, FDIC insured. So there’s no excuse anymore for people to say, I don’t know how to set up an account or, you know, I just don’t want to manage it myself. Big, big investors have these trusted, familiar ways and even mobile wallets now that they can get insurance on. So it’s just awesome to watch this happen. And someone like Emily Diosa. Emily, if you’re watching, if you’re friends with Emily, tell her I say gidday. She is the the head of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance. And she came out and said, look, I bought my first bitcoin today. So it’s these professionals from a completely different world who are waking up to bitcoin today. So I just love it. Six thousand likes and plenty read tweets. She couldn’t have imagined the Bitcoin community getting around her. This is the good side of the Bitcoin community. You know, I hate the toxic stuff, the maximalism. The more people we can welcomed with open arms and respect others opinions. The faster this is going to happen. More people are going to come into this space and that is going to push bitcoin off and get rid of those those banks that are fleecing everyone. Finally, if you haven’t listened to this podcast, it was one of pump’s. So it’s on YouTube and he’s off the chain podcast. This is with Shamas Polly Happy TR. So he’s a billionaire. He is the CEO of a venture capital firm, Social Capital. He’s done extremely well. He’s an early adopter, but he’s just so bullish on Bitcoin. He wants the other he said he’s been buying more lately, but everything that Bitcoin was designed for, he’s happening trillions of dollars. You can’t make this stuff up. Negative views. Banks failing. We saw more withdrawal limits in places like Egypt this week. It is just the perfect, perfect recipe for Bitcoin to go up now in the short term. I know it’s been painful. This is what I’m watching now. Last week we did have another falling wedge playing out. Sure enough, once that did break down, we got a decent trade there, but it got bought up. And I think that shows that there’s a natural buying pressure that’s picking up. My theory was that we got down this low because the cascade and the liquidations of BMX, I don’t think that this was fair value and it didn’t even get down this low on some other exchanges. So you are very lucky to pick Bitcoin up under $4000. That the thing that was different from this rising wedge to what we’re watching now is, you know, during the top, we didn’t really see much buying activity from the bulls. Now, that’s kind of changed a bit lately. And I think we do have a. Better chance of breaking up rather than down. See, as we get towards the top of the wedge here, we’ve actually got bullish volume increasing. So I still think it’s it’s a bit of a 50/50 at the moment. Only experienced traders should be trading this. You know, it wouldn’t surprise me to see another fight break down and then whipsaw higher. We’ve had some big whipsaw is up. And we know that this is the the weekly resistance that I’ve got marked on here, the three lines. So we do have that resistance overhead once we get through there. If we can come back and retest it, I just think that that sets up a very, very strong launch ramp, as the Harvey is now only, you know, thirty five, thirty six days away, something like that. So how painful has it been, guys, since we got this teaser, this huge rip up to forty thousand dollars and we’ve gone all the way back down to three, but really in the grand scheme of things, let’s just finish off by looking at a bail X on that really long term time frame. Let’s go on that long shot there. Nothing much has changed. I know it looks and feels like this is really horrible, but, you know, in a few years time when hopefully we are somewhere right up here. No one’s going to remember this week and this cycle is going to look very, very similar to previous cycles in terms of our altcoins. Let’s just finish off on eigth here. This has all been really healthy. Still big picture stuff. Eith tends to be a good barometer for altcoins if we’d go from the bottom here to the top. We’ve had a perfect retracement into that sixty one point eight Fibonacci there. So this is what I want to hold. Nice weeks and buy here if we can hold that. I think that gives us a great chance for altcoins to really be strong performance here. But lately it’s been all about bitcoin. All eyes, the new money. That’s where it’s going to go. There’s a lot of interest in DFI as well. But I think we need bitcoin to make a really positive, decisive move and then we can let these other projects play out. So, guys, there’s plenty happening there. Don’t forget to get your friends over to our free education. If you want more, we’ve got our premium community. It’s absolutely awesome to see that you guys are respecting each other. The conversations in there, it’s been fantastic. So I hope you’ve enjoyed that video as always, guys. Place it there like bundes. Subscribe to an already. Share these around and I’ll talk to you again soon. Geez.


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